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Godzilla Minus One

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Godzilla Minus One for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Godzilla Minus One
Gojira Mainasu Wan
Godzilla Minus One Japanese poster.jpg
Movie poster
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Directed by Takashi Yamazaki
Release Date 2023
Language Japanese
Studio Toho
Distributor Toho
Main Cast
Character Actor
Kōichi Shikishima Ryunosuke Kamiki
Noriko Ōishi Minami Hamabe
Shirō Mizushima Yuki Yamada
Sōsaku Tachibana Munetaka Aoki
Kenji Noda Hidetaka Yoshioka
Yōji Akitsu Kuranosuke Sasaki

Godzilla Minus One (Japanese: ゴジラ-1.0; Gojira Mainasu Wan) is the 2023 installment of Toho's long-running Godzilla franchise, written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki. It is the 37th film in the franchise and the the 33rd film by Toho.

The film takes place in 1947, two years after the end of the Second World War and the defeat of Japan. As former Imperial Navy aviator Kōichi Shikishima (Ryunosuke Kamiki) tries to rebuild his life and move on from his experiences during the war, Japan is beset by a new crisis: a massive, mutated creature known as Godzilla that is wreaking havoc at sea and has set its sights on mainland Japan, threatening to bring the down-to-zero nation into the negatives (hence the title of the film).

The movie was a box office success in Japan and overseas. It was awarded the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects at the 96th Academy Awards in 2024, making it the first Godzilla movie to be nominated for and to win an Oscar. The film also received a limited black-and-white release entitled Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color.

The following weapons were used in the film Godzilla Minus One:


Type 99 rifle

In the prologue, the maintenance personnel on Odo Island attempt to defend themselves against Godzilla with Arisaka Type 99s, which prove completely ineffective.

Type 99 rifle - 7.7x58mm
One of the mechanics with a Type 99 in Kōichi's nightmare about the attack.

M1 Garand

Period footage of General Douglas MacArthur features US servicemen holding M1 Garand rifles in the background.

M1 Garand - .30-06

Machine Guns

Type 93 heavy machine gun

The minesweeper Shinsei Maru is equipped with a single Type 93 heavy machine gun, used to detonate mines once they're brought to the surface. Their fellow minesweeping boat Kaishin Maru is also armed with a single Type 93, as is a boat of similar size (Kuroshio 12) seen later in the film. The weapon is correctly referred to as being 13mm in dialogue.

Type 93 heavy machine gun - 13.2x99mm Hotchkiss
Shinsei Maru and her crew: Kōichi Shikishima, Yōji Akitsu, Kenji Noda, and Shirō Mizushima. Note that the Type 93 is unloaded, lacking a magazine.
Yōji Akitsu, the boat's captain, looks over at Kaishin Maru, also armed with a Type 93.
Shikishima mans the Type 93 aboard the small, wooden minesweeper.
Shikishima shows his war face.
Shikishima opens up on Godzilla.

Type 97 tank machine gun

Several Chi-To tanks are seen attempting to drive Godzilla out of Ginza. In addition to their Type 5 75mm main cannon, each tank is also equipped with a Type 97 tank machine gun in the hull. Like the Shinden, the Chi-To was developed very late in the war and intended for the defense of the home islands, but extremely few were produced.

Type 97 tank machine gun - 7.7x58mm
A quartet of Chi-Tos make a stand against the behemoth, their Type 97s clearly visible in the hull.
One of the tanks fires its Type 5 main gun, casting some fantastic light and shadow.

Type 97 aircraft machine gun

The A6M5a Reisen fighter flown by Shikishima in the prologue is armed with a pair of Type 97 aircraft machine guns above the engine.

Type 97 aircraft machine gun - 7.7x56mmR
The rear end and charging handles of the Type 97s in the Zero's cockpit, as Godzilla walks past. This shot is taken from the trailer for the Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color version of the film.


Type 99 Mark 2 Model 4 cannon

Kōichi's A6M appears to specifically be an A6M5a variant, and as such has a pair of Type 99 Mark 2 Model 4 cannons in the wings; this was the first Type 99 variant to be belt-fed. Tachibana urges Shikishima to get in his parked fighter and blast the monster with the cannons as it walks in front, however Shikishima, paralyzed with fear, is unable to open fire. The cannons are referred to by calibre in dialogue, with Tachibana noting that the 20mm cannons should be far more effective than their rifles.

Type 99 Mark 2 Model 4 - 20x101mmRB

Type 5 cannon

The J7W1 Shinden interceptor is armed with four Type 5 cannons in the nose; the upper two cannons are removed from the aircraft in preparation for the battle. The weapons are again referred to by calibre (30mm) in dialogue, as well as correctly noting their capacity of 60 rounds per gun. The J7W was an experimental defense fighter which first flew only days before the atomic bombs were dropped. Only two were built in reality (with one preserved today) though in this universe it's implied that a small handful were produced before war's end, retained for defense of the home islands. A full-scale replica Shinden was built for the film, its high detail extending to the cockpit as well as internal components such as the engine and cannons. This replica now lives at the Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum.

The J7W Shinden finishes a strafing run with its two remaining Type 5 cannons in another shot from the Minus Color version.

20mm/70 Mark 4

The damaged and adrift Liberty-class cargo ship is armed with eight 20mm/70 Mark 4 cannons, the American development of the Oerlikon SS. The Liberty ship also features a pair of deck guns, one each at the bow and stern; specific IDs of such guns are difficult as a variety of surplus was used for these emergency wartime ships.

Balao-class submarine USS Redfish is mentioned as part of a War Office video briefing on the newly-mutated Godzilla's attacks on US Navy ships. The sub's gun armament consists of a 4"/50 Mark 9 deck gun and two 20mm/70 Mark 4 cannons. Redfish observed and photographed the monster, engaged it, and was sunk; the visual depicting the damage to the sub is taken the real world damage report for her sister sub USS Tang.

20mm/70 Mark 4 - 20x110mmRB
Real world USS Tang damage report. She was the most successful USN sub of the war, but ultimately sunk by one of her own torpedoes.
Shinsei Maru inspects a severely damaged Liberty ship, its bow and stern cannons visible here. A pair of Oerlikons sit just forward of the stern deck gun.
A closer look at the cargo ship. A 20mm/70 Mark 4 with a gun shield can be seen on the less damaged port side of the forward deck, with another two at the front and rear port corners of the bridge. Their three starboard equivalents have ceased to exist.

12.7cm/40 Type 89

In addition to her primary armament of ten 20cm/50 3rd Year Type No.2 cannons (actually 20.3cm) in five twin turrets, heavy cruiser Takao features four twin 12.7cm/40 Type 89 cannons for long range anti-air work.

12.7cm/40 Type 89 twin mount - 127x580mmR
Takao arrives to assist, preparing to fire a volley of ten 203mm shells. One of the Type 89 AA mounts can just barely be made out above the first trace of muzzle flash. Also of note, her starboard forward torpedo launcher is swung out, indicating the crew attempted to use them against Godzilla as well.
The cruiser's main guns fire, illuminating the ship. Two of her twin Type 96 mounts can be seen as well, on the platforms either side of the bridge superstructure.

Type 96 cannon

In terms of lighter AA, Takao also mounts several twin Type 96 cannons. Takao is noted as returning from Singapore, given back to Japan as a means of defending against Godzilla, rather than being scuttled (as historically happened).

Type 96 twin mount - 25x163mm
Godzilla attacks the ship's bridge, giving a good view of one of the Type 96 twin mounts, its barrels visible just to the left of the funnel smoke.

12cm/45 Type 10

Ukuru-class frigate Ikuno has a close encounter with Godzilla when the monster swims under her on its way to Tokyo. Although functionally disarmed like all Japanese ships after the war, she retains her forward 12cm/45 Type 10 cannon, albeit with the barrel cut off.

12cm/45 Type 10 - 120x708mmR
Though her name isn't specified in the film, its novelization (written by director Takashi Yamazaki himself) reveals this Ukuru-class to be Ikuno.

Operation Wada Tsumi destroyers

The named Japanese ships which appear in the film, Takao, the four destroyers (Yukikaze, Hibiki, Yuukaze, Keyaki), Ikuno, and the Sokuten-class minelayer Katashima were all among the few IJN ships to survive the war in reality, thus their appearances are very much appropriate; this is also true of the half-dozen No.13-class subchasers and the No.101-class landing ship. Japan's warships were disarmed after the war, with their lighter mounts removed and their main armament either removed or simply left in place with the barrels cut off. As they essentially always appear together, the destroyer quartet will be noted here in one entry. All of these destroyers were previously armed with varying numbers of Type 96 cannons and/or Type 93 machine guns, though all have been completely removed.

Kagerou-class destroyer Yukikaze retains her forward turret, its two 12.7cm/50 3rd Year Type cannons left in place with the barrels cut off at the forward edge of the turret. Akatsuki-class destroyer Hibiki also retains her turrets, originally armed with the same guns, though it appears hers were removed entirely. Minekaze-class destroyer Yuukaze was armed with four single 12cm/45 3rd Year Type cannons, however these have been removed. Matsu-class destroyer Keyaki retains her single forward 12.7cm/40 Type 89 mount, with the gun's barrel cut off; this is the same gun type fitted as twin AA mounts on the Takao-class.

Yukikaze, Hibiki, Yuukaze, and Keyaki on their way to the final battle. In addition to her guns, Yuukaze also lost her torpedo launchers.
A closer look at their forward turrets, showing the cut down barrels on Yukikaze and Keyaki, the missing guns on Hibiki, and complete absence of the mounts themselves on Yuukaze.

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