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Angels of Terror (Die Tote aus der Themse)

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Angels of Terror
(Die Tote aus der Themse)
Die Tote aus der Themse Poster.jpg
Original German Poster
Country GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by Harald Philipp
Release Date 1971
Language German
Studio Rialto Film
Distributor Constantin Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Danny Fergusson Uschi Glas
Inspeсtor Craig Hansjörg Felmy
William Baxter Werner Peters
Milton S. Farnborough Harry Riebauer
Louis Stoud Ivan Desny
David Armstrong Vadim Glowna
Antony Wyman Friedrich Schoenfelder
Sir John Siegfried Schürenberg
Dr. Ellis Günther Stoll

Angels of Terror (Die Tote aus der Themse ("The dead body in the Thames")) is a 1971 German detective movie directed by Harald Philipp. Despite the film is listed in Edgar Wallace film series, it isn't based on any Wallace's work. Myrna Fergusson worked for a drug organisation but after she gave information to police, she is killed by a drug dealer. Her body mysteriously disappears. Myrna's sister Danny arrives from Australia and begins her personal investigation of the case.

The film is the 30st installment in the Rialto Film studio Edgar Wallace film series (1959-1972). It was the last shot in Germany; two Italian films followed before the end of the series.


The following weapons were used in the film Angels of Terror (Die Tote aus der Themse):


Arminius HW-1G

Drug dealer Jim Donovan (Michael Miller) carries an Arminius HW-1G revolver in several scenes. One of Baxter's henchmen also holds an HW-1G revolver.

Arminius HW-1G gas revolver - 9mm K blank firing
Donovan draws his revolver in the opening scene.
Donovan fires his revolver in the scene in Myrna's room in hotel. Note the ramp front sight that allows to differ the HW-1G from the original HW-1.
Donovan threatens the hotel receptionist.
Same scene on a promotional image.
Baxter's henchman draws a revolver.
The revolver of the henchman lies on the floor. The ramp front sight can be seen.

Walther PPK

In the opening scene Myrna Fergusson (Lyvia Bauer) takes a handgun from the second drug dealer. This weapon is seen only in darkness but the promotional image allows to identify it as a Walther PPK. William Baxter (Werner Peters) holds a PPK during the kidnapping of Danny Fergusson.

Early Waffenamt marked Walther PPK - .32 ACP
I thought we were supposed to be unarmed. Myrna takes the pistol from Donovan's accomplice.
Myrna holds Donovan at gunpoint.
The pistol in Myrna's hands is seen much better on a promotional image.
Baxter holds Danny at gunpoint.
Another view of Baxter's pistol. The marking on the slide matches the early version produced in 1930s-1940s.

Rifles and Shotguns

Preetz Model 65

The shooter whose identity is revealed only in the final scene uses a Preetz Model 65, a German produced clone of Armalite AR-7. The gun is fitted with the sniper scope and the fake sound suppressor.

Preetz Model 65 - .22 LR. The screen gun has the barrel without cooling fins, like this sample.
Preetz Model 65 with pistol grip - .22 LR. The screen gun has pistol grip, like this sample.
The shooter holds his weapon during the first assassination.
The shooter fires from the car.
One more view of the gun.
The shooter assembles the gun.
The shooter assembles the gun.
A good view of the barrel and suppressor.
Die Tote aus der Themse-GunRack-4.jpg
Dr. Ellis (Günther Stoll) takes the rifle from the gun rack in the climactic scene.
The gun in hands of Inspeсtor Craig (Hansjörg Felmy).
Inspeсtor Craig (Hansjörg Felmy) takes the gun on the promotional image.

Dr. Ellis' Gun Rack

A gun rack in Dr. Ellis' apartments contains a number of long guns (from left to right):

Turkish Flintlock Musket
1960s Era Commercial Stevens hammerless side by side shotgun - 12 gauge
Czech vz. 24 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Otto Seelig O/U - 12 gauge
Erma Werke Model E M1 with 10-round magazine - .22LR. The screen gun has 5-round magazine.
Die Tote aus der Themse-GunRack-1.jpg
From left to right: three muskets, two shotguns, a Mauser rifle, an O/U shotgun, an Erma E M1 carbine, and partially seen Preetz Model 65 and unidentified carbine.
Another view of the gun rack. The muskets at the left aren't seen but other guns are seen better.
The carbine at the far right is seen better when Dr. Ellis takes the Preetz Model 65 gun from the rack.
The gun rack is seen on the promotional image. Inspeсtor Craig (Hansjörg Felmy) takes the Preetz Model 65 gun.


A row of Napoleonic era artillery piecies is seen on the embankment of the Thames.

Three naval cannons, a field cannon (at the left) and a siege mortar (in center).

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