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The Spy Who Loved Me

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The Spy Who Loved Me
Movie poster
Country UKD.jpg United Kingdom
Directed by Lewis Gilbert
Release Date 1977
Language English
Distributor United Artists
Main Cast
Character Actor
James Bond Roger Moore
Major Anya Amasova/Agent XXX Barbara Bach
Karl Stromberg Curd Jürgens
Q. Desmond Llewelyn
M. Bernard Lee
Miss Moneypenny Lois Maxwell
Jaws Richard Kiel

The Spy Who Loved Me is the 10th installment in the official James Bond film series. Roger Moore returns as Agent 007 for the 1977 sequel, as Bond finds himself reluctantly working with a rival KGB agent (Barbara Bach) to investigate the disappearance of two nuclear submarines. The film was directed by Lewis Gilbert, who also directed the Bond films You Only Live Twice and Moonraker.

The following weapons were used in the film The Spy Who Loved Me:



Walther PPK

James Bond (Roger Moore) continues to carry a Walther PPK as his sidearm. The pistol also is seen in the hands of Major Anya Amasova, aka "Agent XXX" (Barbara Bach).

Walther PPK in .32 ACP
James Bond (Roger Moore) at the pyramids with his PPK.
Bond turns to Anya, PPK in his hand
Bond puts his PPK into a gun tube.
Looking at the ejection port, it can be noted that Bond's PPK has a stove-pipe jam with a blank after he fires a shot into the gun tube. The pistol is seen being fired twice in this scene, and both times the pistol experiences the jam. Moments after this, Bond fires several more shots into Stromberg without clearing a jam or reloading.
Bond with his PPK while trying to escape Atlantis.
The pistol is seen in the hands of Major Anya Amasova, aka "Agent XXX" (Barbara Bach).
Anya's finger on the trigger of Bond's PPK.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

Sergei Barzov (Michael Billington), one of the KGB skiing assassins sent to kill Bond in the pre-credits sequence, carries a Smith & Wesson Model 10.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 with 3 inch barrel - .38 Special
Sergei with his Model 10 as he prepares to pursue Bond.
Sergei fires his Model 10 at Bond.


In addition to a Walther PPK and a shortened Beretta Minx, Maurice Binder's opening titles sequence features women doing acrobatics on a Luger and a Colt Pocket Hammerless.

Luger - 9x19mm
A Luger in the opening credits.

Colt Pocket Hammerless

In addition to a Walther PPK, a shortened Beretta Minx, and a Luger, Maurice Binder's opening titles sequence features women doing acrobatics on a Colt Pocket Hammerless pistol.

Colt Pocket Hammerless - .32 ACP
A Colt Pocket Hammerless in the opening credits.

Beretta 951

Sandor (Milton Reid) is seen with a Beretta 951 when firing it at Bond and when Bond chases him to the rooftop at Fekkesh's home in Cairo.

Brigadier - Egyptian licensed copy of Beretta 951 - 9mm
Sandor aims and fires the Beretta.
Sandor and Bond struggle.

Beretta 70

In a continuity error, Bond (Roger Moore) is seen with a .32-caliber Beretta 70 rather than his usual Walther PPK when he investigates the pyramids, looking for Fekkesh. This is also the weapon seen carried by Bond on promotional material and the DVD cover.

Beretta 70 - .32 ACP
Bond draws the Beretta outside the pyramids.
Bond looks for Fekkesh.

Beretta 950 Minx

Maj. Anya Amasova, "Agent XXX" (Barbara Bach), carries a shortened .25 ACP Beretta 950 Minx throughout the movie.

A nickel Beretta 950 Jetfire (.25 ACP‎) as used in The Spirit. The weapon pictured here was Eva Mendes's actual pistol in the film.
Anya holds her shortened Minx on Jaws.
Anya, Beretta in hand, bends down to pick up the microfilm at Jaws' feet.
Anya loads a magazine into her Beretta Minx aboard the U.S.S. Wayne

Astra Cadix

Jaws (Richard Kiel) fires a .38 Spl Astra Cadix target revolver at Bond and XXX during the car chase.

Astra Cadix - .38 Special. Six inch target model.
Jaws fires his Astra Cadix target revolver upon Bond and Anya.

Astra 902

Judging by the fixed internal twenty-round magazine, Jaws (Richard Kiel) fires at Bond and XXX from a car with an Astra 902 while riding with Stromberg's henchmen. It is also heard firing in fully automatic, although as this is never seen in close-up it could just be an illusion created by sound effects.

Astra 902
Jaws grabs an Astra 902 from one of his henchmen to fire at Bond. Note the extended fixed magazine.

Llama Comanche III

One of the other henchmen with Jaws in the car fires a what appears to be a Llama Comanche III at Bond and Anya.

Llama Comanche III - .357 Magnum
Another henchman (stuntman George Leech) fires a Llama Comanche III from the car.

Webley Mk VI

A British crewman grabs a Webley Mk VI from one of Stromberg's henchmen on board the Liparus.

Webley Mk. VI - .455 Webley
The crewman tackles the henchman, grabbing his Webley.


FN FAL (probable)

Some of the KGB skiing assassins sent to kill Bond in the pre-credits sequence on the Austrian Alps seem to be carrying some version of the FN FAL rifle. They appear to be fitted with suppressors, although the gunshots heard are not suppressed in any way.

FN FAL 50.00
Note the FN FAL characteristic holes in the forward grip on the weapon far right.
One of the KGB assassins with a suppressed FN FAL.
The KGB assassins prepare to pursue Bond.
Two assassins with FN FALs follow Sergei, armed with a S&W Model 10.

SIG SG 510 (probable)

SIG StG 57 Battle Rifle - 7.5mm Swiss
Bond (in yellow) slams into a KGB assassin holding a probable SIG SG 510. continuity error this KGB man uses a different weapon than the FN FAL he used during the chase. Note the shorter barrel and different muzzle brake compared to the FN FAL. These scenes were filmed in Switzerland.
Directly after the KGB man is hit the weapon is briefly shown in profile. Note the shape of the buttstock and the slightly curved magazine.


The British, Soviet, and US submarine officers and crewmembers also take several MGC M-16 Model Gun Corp Replica Rifles from Stromberg's armory on the Liparus. This assault rifle is also used by Stromberg's henchmen.

The MGC M16 rifle: a non-firing metal replica built by the Model Gun Corp of Japan and one of the most used non-firing replicas of the M16 in movies and television.
Stromberg's man on the far left holds his M16, while they encircle the U.S.S. Wayne
British, Soviet, and US officers grab MGC Replica M16A1 rifles from the Liparus armory.
A M16 can be seen on the ground, after the Stromberg-man using it is shot dead by a Soviet sailor.
One of Stromberg's men takes cover behind some barrels (big mistake) with his M16, while the others carry Sterlings.
Two US submariners on the left carry weapons: On the far left, there is an M16, the right one holds an unidentified weapon.

Submachine Guns

Sterling L2A3

Bond (Roger Moore) leads the British, Soviet, and US submarine officers and crewmembers into Stromberg's armory, where he and many of the sailors arm themselves with 9 mm Sterling L2A3s. It is also used by many of Stromberg's henchmen.

Sterling Submachine Gun 9x19mm
Stromberg's men guard the U.S.S. Wayne.
Stromberg's men hold Sterlings on Bond and Anya.
Close view of the Sterling's barrel.
One of Stromberg's men drops his Sterling when being killed by Bond.
Stromberg's men are shot while firing Sterlings. The scene is actually mirrored which is revealed by the magazines portrudes from the right side of the weapon.
A group of freed submarine crewmen take Sterlings from the Liparus armory.
Stromberg's men try to stop the uprising on the Liparus.
Bond fires a Sterling during the battle on board the Liparus.
One of Stromberg's men while dropping a grenade down a catwalk.
Commander Carter (Shane Rimmer) of the U.S.S. Wayne holds a Sterling on board the Liparus.

Sten Mk II

One of Stromberg's henchmen is seen shooting a Sten Mk II during the shootout.

Sten Mk II - 9x19mm
The man at the bottom left nearest the camera is using a Sten Mk II.


Mk 2 hand grenade

Both the submarine officers and Stromberg's henchmen use Mk 2 hand grenades taken from Stromberg's armory during the Liparus battle.

The ammo crates are UK military (painted in RAF-issue gray with black letters) and are clearly marked No. 36 MK 1 (DET MK 7), meaning the grenades are stand-ins for Mills Bombs. Although the box says it holds 12 grenades, the area in the middle for the MK 7 fuzes tin has been removed and an additional wooden peg added so it can hold a total of 16 grenades. The Mk.2 grenades are also too tall for the packing crate, as the fuze assembly would get damaged.

Mk 2 training grenade (the blue training color has been painted to look like live Mk II) and also note the slight difference between the training dummy's body shape and the real thing. This is the most common version seen in films since no movie uses live ordnance and many productions don't bother trying to get mockups that look exactly like the live Mk II.
Freed submarine crew members grab grenades from the armory
A grenade thrown by Bond (Roger Moore) destroys a personnel carrier aboard the Liparus.
A grenade rolls out from the hand of the dead British Commander Talbot (Bryan Marshall).


Table gun

Karl Stromberg (Curt Jürgens) has a launcher underneath his dining table for anyone who gets on his wrong side, with a perspex tube to guide the explosive projectile. It seems to be built on a speargun, possibly a Nemrod.

The tube end of Stromberg's table gun.
Stromberg reaches for his table gun.

The Gunbarrel

TSWLM 102.jpg

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