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The Grand Duel

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The Grand Duel
Il Grande Duello
The Grand Duel.jpg
The Grand Duel (1972)
Country ITA.jpg Italy
GER.jpg West Germany
FRA.jpg France
Directed by Giancarlo Santi
Release Date 1972
Language Italian
Studio Mount Street Film
Terra-Filmkunst GmbH
Corona Filmproduktion GmbH
Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie
Distributor Titanus
Constantin Film
Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sheriff. Clayton Lee Van Cleef
Philipp Wermeer Alberto Dentice
David Saxon Horst Frank
Sheriff. Eli Saxon Marc Mazza
Adam Saxon Klaus Grünberg
Bighorse Jess Hahn

The Grand Duel also known as: Storm Rider or The Big Showdown is a 1972 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Giancarlo Santi and starring Lee Van Cleef and was the first Spaghetti Western entirely directed by Giancarlo Santi, who previously worked with Sergio Leone in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West and with Giulio Petroni in Death Rides a Horse as assistant director.

In an unspecified year in the Old West, the film follows a grizzled sheriff who seeks justice for a young gunslinger on the run from the law after being falsely accused of murder.

This film is considered "Lee Van Cleef's last great Western".

The following weapons were used in the film The Grand Duel:


Colt Single Action Army

The Colt Single Action Army appears as the most common revolver in the film, used by several characters. Multiple variants are used, of which stands out a golden finish variant used by David Saxon (Horst Frank).

Colt Single Action Army w/ 7.5" Barrel - .45 Long Colt
A bounty hunter thinks he's killed Wermeer, but that's not the case...
Once cornered, Hole (Antonio Casale) threatens Wermeer into surrendering.
Hole fires his Colt Single Action Army at one of his henchmen.
Colt Single Action Army w/ 5.5" Barrel - .45 Long Colt
Wermeer (Alberto Dentice) arms himself with a Colt Single Action Army while noticing the arrival of a stranger.
An FPS view of Wermeer firing his Colt Single Action Army
The bounty hunters jury-rig a contraption to make a Colt Single Action Army fire and detonate dynamite. In real life, a .45 Long Colt shot would not generate enough heat to set off dynamite.
During Eli's flashback, Wermeer is seen with a Colt Single Action Army, then plants it following the murder of the Saxon family patriarch.
A close-up view of Eli Saxon'S (Marc Mazza) sidearm.
Colt Single Action Army w/ 4.75" Barrel - .45 Long Colt
a bounty hunter uses a Colt Single Action Army with 4.75" inch barrel.
Colt Single Action Army "Quick-Draw" w/ Golden Engraved - .45 Long Colt, for comparison
a close-up shot of David Saxon's (Horst Frank) golden Colt Single Action Army.
David Saxon prepares for the duel with Clayton.
David is the only one who was able to hurt Clayton during the duel.

Colt 1851 Navy

Adam Saxon (Klaus Grünberg) uses a Colt 1851 Navy with a nickel finish as his sidearm.

Colt 1851 Navy w/ nickel finish and wooden grips - .36 caliber
Adam Saxon (Klaus Grünberg) receives his Colt 1851 Navy from one of his henchmen when Old John challenges him to a duel.
A close-up shot of Adam's Colt 1851 Navy.
A good side view of the Colt 1851 Navy as Adam awaits Clayton's arrival at the corral to carry out the duel.
Adam cocks his Colt 1851 Navy before the shootout.

Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector

Clayton (Lee Van Cleef) uses a Smith & Wesson Model .44 Hand Ejector as his main sidearm.

Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector "Triple Lock" - .44 Special
The Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector holstered in his belt.
Vermeer robs and threatens Clayton with his Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector
Clayton fires his Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector at one of Saxon's henchmen.
Clayton appears in the corral for the duel against the Saxon family
Clayton fires his Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector during the duel, taking advantage of the fact that he is the only one who has a double-action revolver.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless

The Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless is used by bartenders in a few scenes.

Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless w/ Nickel Finish - .38 S&W
The owner of the Gila Bend saloon has a Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless on the table, just in case...
The Saxon City saloon bartender reloads a Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless.

Lefaucheux Model 1858

During the duel between Adam Saxon (Klaus Grünberg) and Old John (Giovanni Filidoro), the latter carries a solid frame Lefaucheux Model 1858.

Lefaucheux Model 1858 w/ solid frame - 12mm Pinfire
A close-up shot of the Lefaucheux Model 1858. Since this is the only clear view of the revolver, it may be ambiguous.


Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"

The Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" is used by several characters in the film, mainly by the bounty hunters.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" - .44 RF
Bighorse (Jess Hahn) yells at the bounty hunters for blocking his path and allegedly threatening him.
A bounty hunter aims his Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" at Clayton.
A close-up view of Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"'s receiver.
The same bounty hunter fire his Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" at Wermeer.
A Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" behind Adam Saxon's back.

Winchester Model 1873

A bounty hunter carries a Winchester Model 1873 with a mounted scope.

Winchester Model 1873 - .44-40 WCF
One of the bounty hunters (Remo Capitani) aims his Winchester Model 1873 at Clayton.
A distant shot of the Winchester Model 1873 that reveals it does not have a brass receiver, ruling out it being a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" like the others.
The bounty hunter with the Winchester Model 1873 laughs while his companions threat Wermeer.
The same bounty hunter aims his Winchester Model 1873 from a great distance thanks to the mounted scope of his inseparable rifle.


12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun appears in the Silver Bells station. Vermeer tries to arm himself with it, but Clayton (Lee Van Cleef) prevents him from doing so. No one gets a chance to use it, as it is revealed that it is not actually loaded.

J. Stevens & Company double-barreled shotgun w/ exposed hammers - 12 gauge
A close-up view of the 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun.
Clayton exposes Wermeer as someone dangerous to everyone and reminds them of the importance of leaving weapons in safe places.
Borghese (Gastone Pescucci) sleeps with his 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun in his hands until a gunshot wakes him up.
Clayton tells Wermeer that Borghese's shotgun hasn't been reloaded in a long time.

Machine Guns

MG 42

Adam Saxon (Klaus Grünberg) uses an MG 42 during the ambush on Wermeer's followers heading to the silver mine. This is an anachronism since the film is set in the Wild West and the MG 42 was introduced during World War II, two very separate historical periods. A similar error is seen in the film Duck, You Sucker!.

MG 42 with sling and bipod collapsed - 7.92x57mm Mauser
At the request of his older brother, Adam Saxon (Klaus Grünberg) must stop people passing by the silver mine owned by the family. Adam decided to solve the problem in the most violent way possible.
A close-up shot of the MG42.
Once everything is finished, Adam contemplates the landscape.

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