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Patlabor: The Movie 2

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Patlabor: The Movie 2 (1993)

The following weapons were used in the anime film Patlabor: The Movie 2:


SIG P210-2

At one point, Inspector Shinobu Nagumo goes to meet with her old mentor Yukihito Tsuge, who also happens to be the mastermind behind the chaos gripping Tokyo. As Nagumo prepares for the meeting, she takes a SIG P210-2 from the glove compartment of her car and later draws it on him when he flees, but can't bring herself to open fire.

SIG P210-2 - 9x19mm.
Inspector Nagumo readies her SIG P210-2.
Nagumo takes aim with her P210-2 as Tsuge flees from JGSDF intelligence agents.

Assault Rifles

Colt M16A1

JGSDF intelligence agents with the GSDF's Chief of Staff Special Intelligence Office are armed with what appears of be Colt-made M16A1s when they try to locate and arrest Tsuge in the Greater Tokyo Area.

M16A1 with 30 round magazine - 5.56x45mm.
JGSDF SIO agents arrive via boat armed with M16A1s.
A SIO agent prepares to take aim with the M16A1 at Tsuge's boat.
Taking aim with the M16A1's iron sights.
Here you can see the foregrip part of the rifle, which confirms that it is an M16A1.

Howa Type 64

Along with the Howa Type 89 rifles, at least one JGSDF soldier can be seen carrying an older Howa Type 64, which is sadly and ironically accurate since Type 64s still haven't been fully phased out and it is still being used by elements of all three branches of the SDF as of early 2010s, whereas the anime is set in the early 21st century.

Howa Type 64 7.62x51mm Japanese Service
A JGSDF soldier with a Howa Type 64 slung over his shoulder. The odd-looking device in the background is a Japanese Type 81 Tan-SAM launcher with no missiles mounted.

Howa Type 89

The majority of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) soldiers in the anime are seen armed with Howa Type 89 rifles. During a gas attack, one soldier panics and shoots out the window of a building with one trying to escape the approaching cloud.

Howa Type 89 5.56x45mm
JGSDF soldiers stand guard at the entrance of the JASDF's Misawa base as seen from an Ingram labor's FPS camera.
A squad of JGSDF soldiers run to take up combat positions outside the outskirts of the Diet building.
A JGSDF soldier with a Howa Type 89 clad in cold weather gear.
A JGSDF soldier in cold weather gear opens fire with his Howa Type 89 at glass windows.


Remington 870

As in the previous Patlabor movie, officers of the Special Vehicle Unit can be seen armed with Remington 870 shotguns. At one point, Asuma Shinohara uses one to fire a flare down a tunnel to blind a pair of remote-controlled robotic guns, though the plan backfires since most of the protagonists are blinded as well. Asuma and Mikiyasu Shinshi manage to flank the robots and use their shotguns to cut the control cables trailing behind the robots. Inspector Nagumo can also be seen with a Remington 870 when she confronts and arrests Tsuge at the end of the film.

Remington 870 12 Gauge
Asuma loads a flare onto his Remington 870.
Asuma and Shinshi fire their Remington 870s at the robotic gun control cables.
Inspector Nagumo confronts Tsuge armed with a Remington 870.
Noa carries the Remington 870 near the end of the film.

Machine Guns

General Dynamics GAU-19/A

During the montage showing the JGSDF's occupation of Tokyo after the declaration of martial law, one shot shows a weapon that appears to be a General Dynamics GAU-19/A door-mounted in a helicopter.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A .50 BMG with ammo belt
A GAU-19 unattended at the door position of a patrolling helicopter.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan

The primary armament of the "Ixtl" battle robots and "AL-97B Hannibal" military Labors is the three barreled version of the M61, the M197 Vulcan. Hannibals are sometimes shown off-model with a round tip to their gatling gun, but all detail shots show a three-lobed clamp.

General Dynamics M197 Vulcan - 20mm.
One of Tsuge's "Gong" Hannibal Labors carries an M197 Vulcan in a chin mount while retreating from an ambush site.
During the JGSDF mobilization in Tokyo after the declaration of martial law, two Hannibals stand up, both carrying M197s.
A JGSDF Hannibal on guard near an overpass in the Greater Tokyo Area.
Generally, you do not want to find one of these waiting in an elevator.

M242 Bushmaster chaingun

In the introduction, Tsuge's six-legged RADHA mech is equipped with what appears to be an M242 Bushmaster chaingun on the commander's turret.

M242 "Bushmaster" chaingun - 25mm
Tsuge's RADHA attempts to retreat under fire, showing off the autocannon mounted on the commander's mini-turret.
"Damn you!"
Tsuge opens up on the Tunguska with his cannon. Note that the line is an invention of the English dub: Tsuge doesn't say anything at all here in the original Japanese and 2006 English voice track.

M61 Vulcan

While there is never a clear shot of their cannon farings, it can be assumed the the JASDF's F-15 S/MTD variants have M61 Vulcan 20mm cannons.

M61 Vulcan 20mm
The two "Wizard" F-15 S/MTD variants; these are not based on the F-15 ACTIVE, since that did not actually exist when Patlabor 2 was made. While there is never a clear shot of their right-hand cannon farings, they presumably carry M61 Vulcans. One other "product of the times" in this sequence is the reference to the Wvyern planes as "F-16Js:" at this point it was known that the JASDF would adopt a variant of the F-16 but not what it would be called (ultimately it was the Mitsubishi F-2), and so the standard nomenclature was used.

Oerlikon Contraves KBA

A Komatsu Type 87 reconnaisance vehicle in front of Misawa base is armed with a Oerlikon Contraves KBA auto cannon, licensed in Japan by Japan Steel Works.

Oerlikon Contraves 25mm KBA cannon - 25x127mm.
A Komatsu Type 87 at the entrance of the JASDF's Misawa base as seen from an Ingram labor's FPS camera.
A side view of the Type 87's KBA cannon.

Oerlikon Contraves KDE

During the sequence showing the JGSDF mobilization, several IFVs are seen. These are Mitsubishi Type 89 IFVs, equipped with an Oerlikon Contraves KDE 35mm autocannon.

A Type 89 IFV mounts a KDE 35mm autocannon in the background as commuters go about their daily routines.

Sumitomo M2HB

JGSDF armored vehicles can be seen fitted with Sumitomo M2HB heavy machine guns, the licensed version of the Browning M2HB, as a secondary armament mounted atop the turret.

Browning M2HB .50 BMG in vehicle mounting
A Sumitomo M2HB heavy machine gun mounted on a JGSDF Type 90 main battle tank.
A Mitsubishi Type 90 takes up a combat position in the Greater Tokyo Area.
Even a tank transporter is no match for rush hour traffic.

Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B

The JGSDF "Hellhound" attack helicopters mount an enormous four-barreled gatling gun under their nose that appears to be a Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B gatling gun, as mounted on the Mi-24 Hind. The version on the Hellhound is much larger, scaled up to at least 20mm. They were used by Tsuge's JGSDF-marked Hellhounds during attacks on critical Tokyo-based infrastructure, including an assault on SV2 Headquarters, in order to create panic.

Yakushev-Borzov Yak-B machine gun - 12.7x108mm.
One of Tsuge's Hellhounds takes off, with the four-barrel main gun clearly visible.
One of the three Hellhounds opens up on Second Section's stored Labors with its gatling gun.
The Hellhound pilot surveys his handiwork; he's mighty confident to put his rotors that close to a concrete wall.
A Hellhound piloted by a Tsuge mercenary conducts a machine gun barrage on Tokyo Metropolitan Police Headquarters.

2A38M Autocannon

During the introduction, a rebel group has a Russian 2S6 "Tunguska" self-propelled AA vehicle, which is repeatedly referred to as a tank and appears to be able to fire heat-seeking anti-tank missiles. Regardless of this strange behaviour, the Tunguska's two 2A38M autocannons are present and correct.

2A38M autocannon 30mm
A 2S6 "Tunguska" AA vehicle spotted through Gong 2's thermal sight. Note that the HUD incorrectly labels it as "Cilka," a mistranslation of "Shilka," the name of the ZSU-23-4.

Sniper Rifles

Heckler & Koch PSG-1

At one point in the film, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department attempts to disable a large blimp flying over the city that's sending out powerful jamming signals and disrupting all civilian and military communications, tasking a helicopter-borne sniper armed with a Heckler & Koch PSG-1 to shoot out the pod the signal's being sent from.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 7.62x51mm NATO
A Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Special Assault Team sniper prepares to engage the blimp with his Heckler & Koch PSG-1 sniper rifle.

"Anti-Labor Rifle"

Second Section's "gentle giant," Hiromi, is issued this enormous overhead-magazine semi-automatic anti-Labor rifle; it appears to be fictional, though at least partially based on the Lahti L-39, and is clearly not the same rifle he was given in the first movie.

Lahti L-39 - 20mm.
Hiromi opens the case of the dismantled anti-Labor rifle.
An overhead shot of HIromi firing the anti-Labor at one of the Ixtls.
Hiromi fires the rifle in the underground tunnel, the recoil forcing him backwards.
Hiromi's sniper post when he sees the ceiling of the underground tunnel shot full of holes.

Labor Weapons

Revolver Cannon

The Type 98 "Ingram" labors used by the SVU are armed with massive 37mm revolver cannons as their sidearms, their design drawing heavily from the four inch-barreled Colt Python revolver, but on a much larger scale. The weapon has the Colt logo on the grip replaced with the Chrysanthemum seal, which is the de-facto seal of the Japanese government and royal family, and is stored in a compartment in the labor's lower right leg when not in use. One drawback of the weapon is that the pilot has to exit the labor in order to manually reload it, spare rounds also being stored in the same leg compartment.

Colt Python .357 Magnum with 4" barrel. The weapon is used as the basis for the Revolver Cannon.
Noa takes cover with her Ingram with the Revolver Cannon at the ready.
Waiting for the Ixtl battle robots to move closer, Ota pops open his Ingram's leg holster.
Shinobu aims her Ingram's revolver back down the underground tunnel as she waits for the elevator.

Riot Cannon

In addition to the revolver cannons mentioned above, the Type 98 labors can also use 90mm pump-action riot cannons which resemble massively scaled-up Remington 870 folding stock shotguns with high-capacity magazine tubes. These weapons are typically employed in situations where additional firepower is required, most notably during the tunnel battle near the end of the anime. Its folding stock design resembles the ones used by the Franchi SPAS-12.

Remington 870 folding stock 12 Gauge with high-capacity magazine tube. Parts of it is used for the basis of the Riot Cannon.
Franchi SPAS-12 with stock folded and butt-hook removed - 12 Gauge. Parts of it is used for the basis of the Riot Cannon.
Ota fires his Type 98's Riot Cannon in the underground tunnel.
Ota's Ingram charges towards the Ixtls with its Riot Cannon at the ready.

Labor pistol

During practice on a Labor-scale firing range in an old quarry, trainees under Ota's instruction are seen using a Labor-sized pistol, followed by Ota himself showing them how it's done. Unlike the revolver cannons used by the Labors in the field, the training pistol appears to be a magazine-fed, semi-automatic weapon with the magazine being loaded ahead of the trigger. It appears to be based on the "Obrez," a pistol-sized modification of the Mosin Nagant Rifle.

Mosin-Nagant "Obrez" with pistol grip - 7.62x54mm R
Ota aims the pistol at his target.

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