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The Next Generation -Patlabor-

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The Next Generation -Patlabor- (2014-15).

The following weapons were used in the film The Next Generation -Patlabor-:

Assault Rifles


An AK-74 outfitted with plum furniture is used by FSB liaison officer and SV2 Team 1 Leader Ekaterina Krachevna "Kasha" Kankaeva (Rina Ota) as her primary weapon when small arms are needed. Most of the time, it's outfitted with a knife bayonet.

An AK-74 with an attached knife bayonet - 5.45x39mm
Kasha seated on top of the Daimler Ferret armored SV2 command car in the Episode 1 movie.
Kasha examines the knife bayonet prior to attaching it onto her rifle.
A good closeup of the bayonet-equipped AK-74.
Doing knife bayonet CQC drills in the bushes near SV2 headquarters.

Labor Weapons

Revolver Cannon

The Revolver Cannon makes a return to the Next Generation -Patlabor- movie series. This time, it's depicted with black rubber grips without the Japanese chrysanthemum seal.

Colt Python with 6" Barrel and Rubber grips - .357 magnum.
SV2 Maintenance Team leader Shigeo Shiba inspects the revolver cannon in the middle of the Episode 0 movie.
A VR illustration of the revolver cannon.
SV2 Maintenance Team personnel load the revolver cannon in the Episode 1 movie.
Loading the revolver cannon onto the Ingram. Note that the grips do not depict the chrysanthemum seal.
The revolver cannon aimed at a rogue construction labor by SV2 pilot Akira Izumino. SV2 commanding officer Keiji Gotoda is seen covering his ears to prevent damage from the gunshot.

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