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Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn
Far Cry New Dawn cover.jpg
Release Date: February 15, 2019
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Series: Far Cry
Platforms: PS4
Xbox One
Windows PC
Genre: First-person shooter

Far Cry New Dawn is an offshoot standalone sequel to Far Cry 5 released in early 2019. It is set seventeen years after the (non-canonical) armageddon ending of Far Cry 5 in the vastly Hope County, Montana setting, albeit the county has been vastly reshaped and changed after the better part of two decades of nuclear winter. By 2035, the winter and fallout recedes to the point that survivors have emerged and are attempting to rebuild and restart again.

As with its predecessor, the protagonist of New Dawn is formally unnamed and their appearance is player-determined. The player character is a member of a group of post-apocalyptic survivors that have set about to help rebuild the continental United States. Their role is as a Captain of Security and are referred to in-game as "Captain" or simply "Cap." This group of surviving specialists has been called to aid rebuilding efforts in Hope County, but are ambushed during the train ride into the valley by the local chapter of the Highwaymen, a roving band of Mad Max style post-apoc bandits. The Captain is able to escape, but has to join forces with the resisting survivors to rescue fellow specialist leader Thomas Rush and deal with the Highwayman, led by sadistic twin sisters Mickey and Lou. Additionally, the Captain must also deal with the surviving cultists of the Project at Eden's Gate, who have reemerged as an independent, technology-rejecting primitive community in the northern sector near Joseph Seed's old compound.

Gameplay has generally carried over from 5 with some changes, most notably that weapons are now tiered RPG-style (akin to The Division series). Additionally, due to the lack of currency in the post-civilization world, everything must be crafted from raw materials scavenged and looted in-world. The resisting Hope County survivors have headquartered themselves in a large compound named "Prosperity," lead by the Rye family. This settlement has its own upgrade system that requires the player to acquire ethanol, either through stealing Highwaymen supplies and tanker trucks, or as an added reward acquired through taking over the Highwaymen's outposts in typical post Far Cry 3 fashion. Another new feature is "Expeditions," where a surviving Quebecois helicopter pilot that resides in Prosperity will take the Captain to locations across post-apocalyptic America in order to steal from particularly lucrative supply stashes kept by roving gangs of Highwaymen. New Dawn has the same coop and AI allied character system from 5.

The following weapons appear in the video game Far Cry New Dawn:


Far Cry New Dawn carries over the same style of loadout from its immediate predecessor. The Captain begins with a sidearm-exclusive slot and one standard slot; two more slots can be unlocked via perk points.

All firearms are grouped into an RPG-style tier system, with a Rank 1 (gray), Rank 2 (blue) Rank 3 (purple), and Elite (gold) tiers. As the Highwaymen are grouped into similar tier levels, the player will need to acquire ethanol to level up the Gun Bench in Prosperity in order to unlock each successive tier to Elite, and also have the needed materials to craft each weapon. Paid currency can be used to buy higher tier weapons if one desires to do so.

Ammunition is again determined by weapon subtypes, with generic "Handgun," "SMG," "Rifle," etc. types. It can either be found in-game or crafted from a weapons station or trader simply with the Copper raw material. Special ammo types can also be unlocked through upgrading Prosperity's Explosives Lab. These again are simply crafted from copper, but include AP rounds, incendiary, and explosive rounds. The lower tier weapons cannot change ammo types; unfortunately, the feature is limited to the purple and gold tiers. While roving tradesman will be found in the game world, they no longer can give the player weapons, only supplies and tradeable maps.

As with Far Cry 5's DLC, weapon customization is completely absent in New Dawn. Some low-tier firearms have upgraded variants in the higher tiers, and some weapons only exist kitted-out as late-game power weapon rewards. Once the Weapons Workbench is upgraded to level 3, the ability to upgrade weapons for a certain amount of resources is unlocked. This allows lower tier weapons to receive an increase in damage potential and be viable against higher-tier enemies, though the resource cost may become a bit prohibitive.


Beretta 92FS

A rather worn Beretta 92FS is unlocked at the Weapon Workbench's second tier, and serves as a straight upgrade over the dilapidated SW1911. It features a hastily put together reflex sight affixed over the front of slide, and is unfortunately stuck with a 10-round magazine thanks to New Dawn lacking weapon customization.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
The 92FS in the weapon menu. Apparently, the grips must've lost their texture hence the pseudo grip tape. Also note the replacement guide rod.
The Captain and his doge look upon a roving Highwaymen patrol in the trees.
Sighting in the Beretta's homemade sight.
Reloading the underloaded Beretta magazine after taking down of the bandits and alerting the other two.
Pulling the slide from empty while being left in the dust by a Highwayman bandit truck. The pistols aren't particularly great at roadblock duty, unsurprisingly.

Beretta 93R "Auto 9"

Properly returning from Far Cry 4, the Beretta 93R "Auto 9" appears again under the "A.J.M.9" moniker. It has two variants - the first, lower quality variant is unlocked in the third tier, and a properly suppressed Rex Power Colt variant is available in the final fourth tier. Both come in full-auto by default, but can use the fire selector ability to fire in semiauto and bursts. They also both use flush-fitting 20-round magazines.

Beretta 93R "Auto 9" - 9x19mm
The alleged "Optimized" Auto 9 in the store.
And the Blood Dragon variation, which apparently has "muzzle fire" as some sort of special attribute.
Holding the worn Auto-9 out at night. It only functions in DA mode; the hammer is always uncocked.
The view through the handmade optical sight, which somehow has a rather high-tech reticle reused from the last game.
Performing a non-empty reload - yes, the Captain fully seats the magazine in place..
Flinging out an empty magazine in a room with moody purple lighting.
Out for a stroll in the woods with the properly decked-out Blood Dragon A.J.M.9. It has the fancy lights again.
Spotting soon goons through the "Holopoint" micro reflex sight.
Reloading this Auto 9 from empty.
About to thumb the slide release. Note that even the uncocked(!) hammer can be seen through the slide cutout here.

IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

A Desert Eagle Mark XIX is available in the final Weapon Workbench tier. This time it still deals a ridiculous amount of damage but doesn't share ammo with the ".50 Cal" category.

Magnum Research (MRI) Desert Eagle Mark XIX, current production model with Picatinny railed barrel and different safety catch - .50 AE
Especially in regards to the PC version of the game.
The Captain approaches a group of comically oblivious Highwaymen with a Desert Eagle in hand.
Lining up the red dot on a target.
The reload animation is unchanged from 5.
Dual-wielding the DEagle along with a protective shield that's carried by the Highwayman's rusher type.

Luger Carbine

Also available as a gold-tier handgun, the same stubby Luger Carbine appears as the only Luger variant in New Dawn, having somehow soldiered on into 2035.

Luger Carbine - 7.65x21mm Luger
Frankly, it may as well have been a prop in one of the recent films.
Holding the Luger out in a cozy survivor's house.
The Captain stops to take a look at the twin beds, and reload his pistol.
Palming the toggle back into battery while out in the wastes.

SIG-Sauer P226R

The SIG-Sauer P226 returns, this time fulfilling the niche as a suppressed pistol thanks to the lack of an ability to customize other pistols with a can. Unfortunately, this also means the P226 is restricted to using 10-rounder mags.

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm
Previewing the P226 in the weapon selection menu.
The Captain holds his P226 up after discovering an unpleasant sight in the Alcatraz expedition.
Back in Montana, he sneaks upon a hapless bandit.
Aiming the SIG upon the next goon.
After having secured the wrecked pickup and branch, the Captain celebrates by reloading his P226.
Chambering the 226 during a night raid.

Smith & Wesson Model 29

The 4" Smith & Wesson Model 29 appears as an alternative to the SW1911 in the starting low weapons tier. Its 6" counterpart is absent, perhaps having not survived the apocalypse.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 with 4" barrel - .44 Magnum
A Rusty .44 Magnum in the store menu.
The Captain holds his Model 29 out near Prosperity's boat dock.
Aiming reveals the front sight is illuminated orange, and that the backplate is indeed rusty.
This particular frame of the reload animation reveals the telekinetic moment where the ejected shell casings travel back into the player character's hand so they can be reloaded into the cylinder.
With the non-empty reload, the Captain closes the cylinder in a civilized manner.
Nana prepares to teach a lesson with her Smith & Wesson while demonstrating notably good grip. This unique NPC variant seems to use the frame from the Model 629 below, with an inaccessible Sightmark style reflex sight from the previous game.

Smith & Wesson Model 629

The Smith & Wesson Model 629 again returns, using the same style of barrel as the "Cannon" variant from the previous game. It is available as a fourth-tier unlock.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter - .44 Magnum‎
If anything, the 629's finish looks a lot more like shiny carbon fiber.
The Captain holds the Model 629 out on a bandit. The snowy terrain is courtesy of a mod.
Aiming the revolver.
About to mash the ejector with the new speedloader in hand.
Locking in the new .44 cartridges into the cylinder.

Smith & Wesson SW1911

As in 5, the first firearm acquired is the Smith & Wesson SW1911 .45 caliber handgun. It only appears as a low quality tiered sidearm, without any advanced variants.

Smith & Wesson SW1911 - .45 ACP
The bog-standard SW1911 in the weapon preview. Expect to find this a lot in-game as friendly and enemy NPCs carry it throughout the game.
An SW1911 in the opening cutscene laid over a map, concealing the Texas-Louisiana border.
Observing some albino deer out on the road around Prosperity with the SW1911.
Sighting in the young buck.
Reloading reveals that the magazine appears rather low-detailed, and probably lacks ammunition.
The Captain also struggles when removing the mag given its worn status, although actually using the release button might help.
Somewhat awkwardly pulling the slide from empty.

Submachine Guns

Cobray M11/9

The same Cobray M11/9 is still around in 2035, still under Ubisoft's signature "SMG-11" designation. It is the first SMG unlocked and only appears in the gray tier. Lower-end Highwaymen specialists keep Cobrays as backups in case the Captain gets close. It is also stuck with a paltry 24-round capacity.

SWD / Cobray M11/9 - 9x19mm
The somewhat weathered M11/9 in the loadout. Even the strap has endured through.
M11/9 in hand, the Captain comes upon a Highwayman that's lost his footing.
After getting fed up with this guy's attitude, the Captain prepares to put him out of his misery.
Reloading the Cobray while giving the New Dusk the finger.
Locking the bolt back.

CZ Skorpion vz. 61

Another recent series staple, the vz. 61 Skorpion is available as a higher-tier machine pistol. It still has a functioning selector and has 30 rounds in standard 20-round vz. 61 magazines.

CZ vz. 61 E / Yugoslavian made M84 distinguishable by its black pistol grip - .32 ACP
A bit too wild as no one figured out how to deploy the stock in 17 years; rather a horrifying attempt at creating an optic has been pasted over top of the Skorpion. There is also an odd piece of wire wrapped between the barrel and the receiver.
The Skorpion sneaks upon a herd of post-nuclear elk.
Realizing that .32 might be a bit inadequate for large mammals, the Captain sends them on their way with a stern warning about blocking the bridge.
However, he turns and lets out a burst upon a conniving Highwayman.
Reloading the vz. 61.
Letting the bolt rechamber from empty. Again, this Skorpion is portrayed without its BHO functionality, although this could be handwaved by the fact that this gun has been around for at least 70 years by now.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The longtime standard Heckler & Koch MP5A3 of the series again returns in New Dawn. It also has the fire selector functionality despite the S-E-F lower, and is a fairly bog standard SMG held back by the lack of attachments. The MP5K from the original game is not present in this game.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 - 9x19mm
Previewing the MP5.
Observing a particularly odd puzzle made from fish trophies with the MP5.
Sighting in the MP5A3 during an actual base raid.
When empty, the Captain has to very deliberately lock the bolt back...
...change out the magazines...
...tug the new one into position...
...and palms the bolt home.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3

Additionally, the Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 is available as the higher-tier counterpart of the MP5A3. As the base MP5 can't be suppressed and is locked into the lowest tier, the MP5SD has a bit more of a fulfilled niche.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 with S-E-F trigger group and stock extended - 9x19mm
The MP5SD in the gun menu, looking a bit worse in terms of finish compared to the A3 but with the obvious performance upgrades.
The Captain holds an MP5SD out upon the Highwaymen's infamous blind patrol.
Reloading the SD3. It has the same faster animations from the last game.

Intratec TEC-9

The last machine pistol unlocked, the Intratec TEC-9 returns from 5 as an SMG grouped in the gold tier. It has been embellished with various visual tidbits, and has an oil filter suppressor and a similarly-improvised optical sight.

Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm
Apparently this TEC is somehow Christmas-themed.
During the Walking Horse Nuclear Power Plant expedition, the Captain sneaks upon a mook with the TEC-9 with a two-handed pistol grip.
From the hip, the Captain grasps the magwell.
Aiming the TEC at another bandit.
Reloading the micro SMG.
Palming back the charging handle out in the blinding early morning fog.

Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2

The PP-19 Bizon-2 reappears from 5's zombie DLC, as an Elite tier SMG this time around. It is still a classic Far Cry mirrored model and comes with a rudimentary scope. It also gets a near-LMG level capacity of 84 rounds in the standard helical magazine.

PP-19 Bizon-2 with side-folding stock in folded position - 9x18mm Makarov
The "BZ19" in the weapons menu. Note that the magazine appears to latch into that leather band just under the front sight. The original side-folding triangle stock also appears to have been lost to time and has an improvised replacement.
Observing a bison with the Bizon. It almost looks like some sort of Metroid beast with that bright orange weak spot - the bison, that is.
Aiming - the Captain realizes that despite the fact that both bison are of the same tier, 9x18mm might still be a little anemic for this.
Instead, the Cap decides to change out ammo types.
Latching in a new helical mag, the texture below the feed lips is completely solid with no cartridge present.
Karate-chopping the left-handed bolt to rechamber the PP-19. Ultimately the Captain decided to leave the beast be.

KRISS Vector

Another modern modern Far Cry staple, the KRISS Vector appears in game as the usual "Vector .45ACP" with two variations. The first is the "Space Force" Vector, unlocked either as a tier-II reward or from the Uplay/Ubisoft Connect store. The latter is in the third tier despite appearing to be far more worn and improvised, as the "Optimized" Vector.

TDI Vector SMG - .45 ACP
A Space Gun for a Space Force, though the VHS-D2 must've been a contender for this theme as well. Also note the unmolested ACOG scope.
And a Hammerhead gun for hammerheads. Note the full-length wooden rail cover over the top, the threaded pipe used as a foregrip, and that the receivers appear to be held together with hair bands.
The Captain holds the "Optimized" Vector while coming across an enemy scavenger.
Aiming with the homebrew sight.
After ending him with a 1200-rpm brrrt, the Captain reloads the Vector.
The Captain startles a fellow SVD-armed survivor by rapidly charging his SMG.
The Captain takes a moment to observe Carmina Rye maintain her AR-C at sunset in her parent's former airstrip.
Holding the Vector up upon some tires to get a look at the right side selector and ejection port.


The Steyr MP34 again returns, this time as a 101-year-old design that has somehow endured into the 2030s. It is a decent tier-two SMG and features a simple reflex sight and has a correct 32-round capacity.

Steyr-Solothurn MP34 - 9x19mm
Presumably a lot of firearms lore was lost to the apocalypse, given the colorful description.
The Captain holds his adopted MP34 while letting his adopted dog munch on a shielded highwayman.
Thumbing out the MP34's magazine. One would think these would be in short supply, and should be retained.
Back to the dog's antics - pressing in a new mag.
Locking the bolt back into battery.


Another Wehrmacht holdover that has somehow endured the end of days, the Schmeisser MP40 can be unlocked as a blue tier SMG in New Dawn. As with its side-feeding analogue above, it gets a hasty reflex sight as per many of the second tier weapons. It holds 48 rounds in standard 32-round magazines.

MP40 with brown bakelite lower receiver - 9x19mm
Either this thing has been given too much credit for its age, or there has been a World War IV sometime in the lore between 2018 and 2035.
Blasting a rooftop sniper with the MP40.
Reloading in the same manner as 5.
Locking the bolt back after a bout of Highwayman-tipping.
A confused Captain holds the MP40 in a low ready stance while observing a target-driven Rube Goldberg machine that's part of a treasure hunt quest.
After making it into the locked saferoom, the Captain gets a closer look at a film poster, showing off the open bolt and cartridges in the MP40. Note that the movie protagonist has an M16A1-esque rifle.


Baikal MP-133

The same alleged Baikal MP-133 (with a lot of elements from the more fitting Remington 870) is available in New Dawn as per most of Ubisoft's recent modern games. Both the default full length and shortened configurations are available.

Baikal MP-133 - 12 gauge
Baikal MP-133 with pistol grip - 12 gauge
The bog-standard Baikal, not too different from 5.
The "M133 MS" with some sort of improvised monocle sight. Note the nine-round capacity; apparently this thing uses the good old TARDIS magazine tube.
And for those who'd like a more conspicuous variant.
Holding a "M133" at the low ready after watching a traveling trader fail to outrun a post-apocalyptic bull.
Aiming the shotgun at a Highwayman. After all these years, the sights still have their illumination.
Working the pump after the bandit shrugs off a buckshot blast.
Upon empty, the Captain takes time to deliberately chamberload the MP-133.
Filling in the magazine tube.
The Captain observes a member of New Eden ignore a spontaneous blaze.
Holding the MS variant during a firefight at night with some Highwaymen truck patrols.
Reloading the short shotgun from behind the relative safety of the truck's angry grill and bull bars.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Appearing as a fitting post-apoc staple, a Double Barrel Shotgun is unlocked in the second tier. It offers a bit more damage potential over its counterparts, but at the obvious expense of having to reload a lot.

L.C. Smith shotgun - 12 gauge
It's hard to imagine needing that much greebles to keep a simple break action shotgun together.
Approaching a roving bandit with the Double Barreled Shotgun.
Aiming reveals a set of illuminated red sights.
Reloading, as in the last game, the player character holds the shotgun in the crook of their arm.

Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun

The staple "D2" Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun is again available with a few variants. It is classified as a sidearm and can be used while piloting vehicles and with the improvised shield. The first variant, the "Sin Eater" from 5 is unlocked in tier II and is available early on to those who have played the previous game. Two more variants are available in the Elite tier, featuring fairly ludicrous damage potential.

Screen-used Victor Sarasqueta sawed-off shotgun from Mad Max: Fury Road - 12 gauge
"I'm still in a Bliss dream, Sin Eater?"
As the name implies, this one requires a hide from the elite-tier boar to craft for whatever reason.
"Blissful Agony" is probably how most players would feel about their resource reserves after crafting this variant.
Wielding the Sin Eater together with a metal shield.
Cracking open the barrels after firing both shots.
Thumbing in two more.
Holding the "Boar" variant dangerously close to a battered ethanol tanker.
Aiming - the two gold tier variants have some sort of gutter-style rear sight.
Reloading also seems to not require thumbing the substitute release lever. Note the struck primers on the shells.

Franchi SPAS-12

The classic left-handed Franchi SPAS-12 is again available in New Dawn as a final-tier shotgun. It has the same monocle sight as the shorty MP-133s, and has an oil filter suppressor for the discerning stealth shotgunner.

Franchi SPAS-12 combat shotgun with stock removed – 12 gauge
The SPAS in the loadout menu. Note the magazine endcap appears to made from a ball valve joint.
The Captain holds the SPAS-12 during a less-than-stealthy close quarters engagement.
Looking through the odd gunsight after demonstrating that the rusher's shield was no match for 00 buckshot.
Unlike in 5, the Cap will right-hand the first shell into the magazine when empty, and then give the pump a dramatic rack to rechamber the shotgun.
The normal shell-by-shell reload is also unique in that the Captain will stage one shell in the loading gate...
...and then push it all the way through with a second shell.

Winchester Model 1887

Far Cry 5's live-service reward Winchester Model 1887 is unlocked as a purple-tier reward. It features some kind of scope, a kitchen knife affixed to the barrel as a usable bayonet, and an extended 9-round magazine tube made somehow made from piping parts. The sawn-off variant is absent.

Winchester 1887 shotgun - 12 gauge
Apparently bayonet drills are part of this "new-age wild west" era.
The Captain shows off his M1887 while getting shot.
Cycling the lever action; a struck primer on the new shell is quite visible here.
Chamberloading the 1887 out on the road.
Reloading the magazine while getting flagged by an ally's SW1911.
Thrusting the bayonet against a marauding feral pig.

Assault & Battle Rifles


The exact same franken Mega Arms MATEN-Daniel Defense Armalite AR-15 type carbine returns as the bog standard assault rifle wielded by survivors and Highwaymen alike in New Dawn, the latter have a corresponding paint scheme depending on their rank (usually red as seen with standard mooks). It is fairly beat up and held together with various improvised elements, and is rather held back compared to its previous iteration due to the lack of attachments to kit the carbine out with. It also has the same multiple firemode functions, and fires at a rather fast 900RPM.

A significantly improved variant is available in the Elite tier, featuring something of an actual scope and something of a bayonet. The "AR-CL" sniper variant is not found in New Dawn.

Emphasis on the dogs actually retrieving a lot of these things for you. The front end sling strap is gone.
The "Rock-Paper-Scissors" AR-C. This one somehow requires an elite cougar skin to craft. The bayonet seems to be one half of a set of garden shears.
A group of Highwaymen in the opening cutscene, proudly upholding the Far Cry villain trope of wielding unusual AR variants.
Approaching a Highwaymen scrapyard encampment with the AR-C in hand.
Aiming with the makeshift iron sights. The green light isn't actually an illuminated front post, but the light from the enemy reinforcement radio box that the Captain is aiming at.
Reloading the AR-C at the local inferno. The animation has been completely redone; the character brings out the new magazine first and presses them together...
...swaps them out, with the old one now pointed skyward with the muzzle...
...and if empty, the carbine is turned over and the charging handle is fumbled with until the bolt drops back and is ready to feed a new round. The Captain must still be searching for a guide on how the bolt release functions.
During the weapon workbench upgrade cutscene, a Prosperity woman is seen inspecting her AR-C.
The fancy "Rock-Paper-Scissors" AR-C. It is held with a magwell grip thanks to the bayonet and weird metal construction under the handguard.
Its scope appears to be one of the same models from 5, with some external addons.
When empty, the Captain does a dramatic flick to discard the magazine. Hang on, is the bolt locked back in there?
Mashing in a new mag...
...and clapping the bolt release. Perhaps the Captain's gravestone will commemorate that they finally uncovered the mystery of what a bolt release was.


As with 5, several AKM variants are available in New Dawn. The classic model is unlocked in the blue tier, the "Optimized AKMS" variant comes next in the purple tier, and lastly "Radiation Pink" is unlocked in the gold tier. In true communist fashion, all three feature bayonets, and in true capitalist fashion, they all somehow hold 40 rounds in 30-rounder-sized magazines.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
This one actually has something of a bracket on the left side of the receiver, although it appears to be helping hold the Avtomat together.
Good thing the Captain is a legend. Note the Zastava M85-style pistol grip on these variants.
A Radiation Pink shortened AKM to go with your radiation tan. Presumably, the bayonet was a pair of shears split between this and the "Optimized" variant.
The Captain and his AKM observe an unusual siege tactic of the Highwayman.
Reloading the AK, the animations are identical to 5, much to Carmina's dislike.
During the actual siege of Prosperity, a Highwayman runner finds his jaw as a receptacle for the Captain's bayonet.
Crouch running with the AKM out on an Expedition to a Highwayman outpost over the Colorado River near the Grand Canyon. Here the missing rear sight is visible.
The replacement rear sight is a bit too low to really be of use, not that it'd really help anyway.
Charging the AKM back in Hope County.
Watching a Highwayman stuck in a swimming animation with the "Optimized" model.
Kicking out a magazine while the game attempts to become very pink.
Sneaking upon a mook struggling with his quad bike.
Rocking in a new mag.

Colt M16A1

Hours of Darkness's M16A1 appears as one of the gold-tier assault rifle unlocks. It has various embellishments, including a permanently-affixed optic atop the carry handle, and a screwdriver bayonet affixed at the seven-o'clock of the front sight/gas block. It still feeds from standard thirty-round STANAGs and has an overgassed 900RPM rate-of-fire.

Colt M16A1 with 30 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Emphasis on the Giant Tool that is the flathead turned into a bayonet off this thing's front end.
Flanking a patrol of Highwaymen with the M16A1.
Sighting in one of the mooks.
As with the AR-C variants, the M16 gets a whole new reload animation in this game, where the Captain rapidly drops out and pulls a new STANAG into the rifle.
Upon empty, the Captain right-hands the charging handle to rechamber the A1. We'll let this one slide given all the junk attached to the receiver.
An armored Highwayman finds himself the unfortunate victim of the Captain's attempt to turn the M16 into a Colt Model 605.

HS Produkt VHS-D2

Once a live service reward in the previous game, the HS Produkt VHS-D2 is available in this game as an Elite tier reward. It fulfills a niche as serving as the suppressed, scoped assault rifle. The VHS gets 40 rounds in thirty round mags, and has the full fire selector functionality.

HS Produkt VHS-D2 - 5.56x45mm NATO
One of those modifications being covering the 1913 top rail with a piece of balsa wood to affix primitive optics to. The suppressor is the same tarp-covered model from the Luger Carbine.
Wandering upon a bandit mortarman with the VHS.
Given the rifle's suppressor, the Cap opts to use Croatia's Touch rather than perform a stealth takedown.
Flicking out an empty magazine during the VHS's reload.
In with a new one.
Pinching the bolt release. The animations are again the same from the previous game.

Marlin Model 1894

The Marlin Model 1894, specifically the "45/70-T" variant from the last game, is available as a rifle in the blue tier. It features a primitive optical sight made from some sort of threaded valve, and a similarly ghetto sound suppressor. Given its early unlock status, it is especially handy for stealth raids on Highwaymen bases, Expeditions, and some story missions.

Modern Marlin Model 1894 - .44 Magnum
The shortened 1894 is a bit hard to properly snipe with, but is better suited for sneaking up and picking off Highwaymen sentries. Despite the valve added under the barrel, it is unfortunately limited to a meager four shots.
While not available in the game proper, some original wood stocked Marlins can be seen during the game's introductory cutscene.
On the prowl for pigs with the Marlin.
Aiming though the optic.
Ejecting the last round at the start of the empty reload. The animation is the same from 5 and still lacks an actual chambering procedure.
Thumbing a round into the loading gate.
It does still have the interesting quirk in that the Captain will point it upwards when reloading while behind cover.

M14 Rifle

The M14 is available in the third tier as a suppressed DMR-style rifle. As with the last game, it is restricted to semi-auto and only holds fifteen shots in standard twenty-rounders. The M1A SOCOM 16 variant is not found in this game.

M14 rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
The M14 in the weapons preview.
Holding the M14 in an alert carry pose during the expedition to a Left 4 Dead 2-style creepy abandoned fairground.
Reloading the M14 while talking to a friendly NPC.
Rocking in the new mag.
Charging the M14's lefty bolt while being shot at by a bunch of Highwaymen who've got a serious distaste for the Captain's mirrored rifle.

Sniper Rifles

CZ 527

The same CZ 527 "308 Carbine" is present in New Dawn as a tier II sniper rifle, this time with some actual statistical value over the starting SVD. It only appears with a sniper scope, and still has a five shot capacity.

CZ 527 Youth Carbine with 5-round magazine - .223 Remington / 5.56mm NATO
All except for whoever stashed it forgot to save the original scope, sadly.
Drawing a bead on some Highwaymen with the CZ 527.
The scope features a remarkably etched reticle despite its ramshackle housing. It's actually just the same crosshair from the original game.
Cycling the CZ after plugging one of the bandits and alerting his ally.
Reloading the tiny flush-fitting magazine.
And rechambering the 527 from empty. Note the literal valve sticking out of the scope, and that the front end seems to have been made from some old flashlight (there's probably some meta-joke here done by the modeler about how a lot of modern games incorporate fairly ridiculous levels of scope glint from enemy snipers).
Nana attempt at using the CZ 527 while aboard a boat results in some bugged hand positions, much to the Captain's disapproval.

Desert Tech Hard Target Interdiction

The Desert Tech Hard Target Interdiction is again available in two forms, the first as the "Optimized MBP .50" in the purple tier, and the "Guerilla-Gear MBP .50" in the gold tier. Both exclusively feature sniper scopes and suppressors.

Desert Tech Hard Target Interdiction (Black) - .50 BMG
The "Optimized" HTI, with a rather meager scope and suppressor.
The "Guerilla-Gear" variant with accessories that come straight from the previous game.
Taking a knee with the HTI on a vantage point.
The view through the scope.
Reloading - tossing out the empty magazine.
Palming in a new one. The inside of the chamber is quite rusty.
Working the bolt on the "Guerilla Gear" variant, which sends the spent .50 casing straight through the cheek rest.
Perfoming a non-empty reload after using the HTI for a bit of an overkill hostage rescue.

Gepard GM6 Lynx

The Hungarian Gepard GM6 Lynx is once again found in New Dawn, and again as the penultimate sniper rifle. Two variants are present in the Elite tier, the "Length of Pipe SA-50" and the "Space Force SA-50." They have distinct advantages over the HTI in terms of semi-automatic function, though both have the same ten-shot magazine capacity.

Gepard GM6 Lynx - .50 BMG
It's dubious that the barrel could even retract with that pipe joint and can suppressor on the barrel end.
Unlike the Vector in the same theme, this cannot be unlocked through uPlay.
Drawing the "Length of Pipe," showing here the pre-extended state...
Showing off the GM6 Lynx during the Alcatraz expedition.
Holding the "Space Force" variant while a Highwaymen supply truck foolishly decides to approach the Captain.
The Captain tops off the Lynx after using it to good effect on the errant truck.
Getting a facefull of spent .50 while blasting the GM6 around cover.
Reloading the Lynx again, here the "Space Force" emblem on the magazine is visible.
Charging with a good view of the folding charging handle and chamber.

SVD Dragunov

The SVD Dragunov from Hours of Darkness appears right off the bat as the default marksmen's rifle in post-apocalyptic Hope County, having replaced the odd "AR-CL" variant from the previous game. It again uses a mirrored model, but more notably has been cut down into practically some sort of close-quarters carbine despite its role as a sniper. Additionally, the pseudo PSO-1-style scope is again victim to the end of days, and is instead replaced with some attempt at putting together a combat optic with salvaged wares. It is also again unfortunately stuck with ten-round magazines half loaded to five shots.

Izhmash Tiger SVD - 7.62x54mm R
Previewing the default SVD - note the wildly shortened barrel and handguard. Actually headshotting someone at 100 yards with this would be a feat given the likely fireball and recoil.
The alleged "Claymore" SVD, not to be confused with the antipersonnel mine of the same name. If anything, this stubby rifle is more akin to a shortsword.
The Captain visits the local anomaly with his SVD.
Flicking aside a magazine during the SVD's reload.
About to set in a new one.
Working the action to rechamber the Dragunov.
Crouching with the rather garish "Claymore" version.
Blindfiring the SVD around cover to show off the mirrored scope mount.

Machine Guns

M249 SAW

Far Cry 5's M249 SAW variant is available in New Dawn under a few variants. The technically-first variant found in the blue tier is "Hurk's Wrath M249," unlocked as part of Hurk's bundle. The later two are unlocked in the purple tier and don't really have any significant differences. All use an improvised gunsight, collapsed paratrooper stocks, and have 160-round belts in classic 200-round Minimi drums.

New FNH USA M249 SAW - 5.56x45mm
Fitting for the post-collapse call to agriculture.
Again, another Far Cry weapon skin that would camouflage in well with a group of particularly diseased tigers, though there aren't any of them in Hope County still.
Hurk's M249, full of wrath for not having an actual optic.
Holding the "Gardener's Fury" SAW after dealing with a bunch of Highwaymen who had the wise idea of taking on a light-machinegun equipped Captain with shields and bats.
Popping open the M249's top cover.
Reloading the belt box.
Setting the new 5.56 belt in place. The bolt is always locked forward while reloading.
Charging the SAW at the end of its reload.
The Captain holds his M249 upon an enemy supply truck.
Reloading as seen from another angle when empty or changing ammo types.


Hours of Darkness's classic M60 appears as a second tier unlock, and functions as a higher-quality upgrade over the E4 variant seen below. It features the same homemade reflex sight that's found in many of the other blue tier weapons, and feeds from 100-round loose belts.

M60 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The M60 in the unlock menu. Note that the front sight is gone, and the rear is unfolded here.
M60 in hand, the Cap watches Hurk contemplate a tree. The very-short belt of ammo is easily visible here thanks to a viewmodel mod.
Handling the M60's top cover.
The new belt clipping through the Captain's hand while reloading.
Bringing up more linked 7.62.
Charging the M60.
Rough riding with Pastor Jerome - he's also got the unique reflex-equipped Model 27.


The same foregrip-less M60E4 appears again as the default machine gun in New Dawn. It is available in the gray tier, and is stuck with rather paltry 50-round belts and deals similarly meager damage. Highwaymen machine gunners carry M60E4s with a red paint scheme as their default MG.

M60E4 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The M60E4 in the weapon select screen.
Running out at dusk with the M60E4.
Aiming a red-schemed Highwayman M60.
Watching some apparently oiled-up corpses ignite with the MG at the hip.
Reloading the E4 while flying out of the "HMS MacCoubrey" expedition. It appears to be an obsolescent Invincible class carrier that has a complement of rusty F-35B-like fighters.
About to pull the bolt back.


An MG42 is unlocked in the Elite tier as the final machine gun and serves as an awesome power weapon given its fairly ludicrous damage output and 200-round belts. It is the same oddball model originally from Far Cry 4, with the chainsaw foregrip and removed stock.

MG42 Machine Gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser
While this thing certainly has the spread of a Blunderbuss when fired from the hip, it is surprisingly accurate when aimed and will shred through even the toughest Highwaymen, not to mention their armored vehicles as well.
Taking the MG42 out on an excursion into the dense forests of Hope County.
Looking through the ramshackle optic.
As with the last game, the Captain also tosses the belt up a bit too far while reloading the MG42.
Closing the top cover.
The Cap strikes a dramatic pose after liberating a homestead from the Highwaymen.
Gina Guerra fires an MG42 from the side seat of a light homebrew helicopter.



The old school RPG variant that was leftover in 5 and formally included as part of Hours of Darkness appears in this game and is the only RPG variant left in Hope County - the Airtronic model must have been lost to the apocalypse. It is the lowest tier explosive launcher available in-game.

RPG-7V1 with PGO-7 scope - 40mm
Except for it should really be that rusty if it was well-cared for over 17 years. It also has that oddly warped or angled pistol grip from the last game's pseudo Airtronic variant.
Taking a knee with the RPG during an expeditionary battle over a southwestern bridge.
Sighting in a mook with the RPG's canted sights.
The Captain shoves in another warhead while wondering if there are any shovel munitions around.
Reloading a red Highwayman variant.

Carl Gustav M4

The same truncated and stylized Carl Gustav M4 returns from 5, and appears under a couple of variants in New Dawn. The "Makeshift RAT4" and "Blast-Off RAT4" appear in the second tier - the latter is part of the paid Hurk content pack. Lastly, an "Optimized" variant is unlocked in the third tier.

Carl Gustav M4 - 84x246mm R
Despite the description this thing's appearance sure doesn't inspire too much confidence.
The "Blast-Off" variant, which essentially has the same improved stats as the variant below but can't use crafted ammo types. Note this one uses the same pristine model from the last game.
The final Gustav launcher. This variant can use different ammo types, which are another reward of fully upgrading Prosperity's Explosives Lab.
Holding a Gustav over the snowed-over plains of what used to be Fall's End.
Locking on to a car with a guided shell.
Unlocking the M4's breech.
Dumping in another apparently caseless shell.

LPO-50 Flamethrower

Enduring the fires of the apocalypse, the same stylized LPO-50 flamethrower is present in New Dawn again as the primary means of setting fire to the superblooming vegetation in Hope County. It has four variants, with an initial "Rusty" model in the first tier that is also carried by Highwaymen pyros. The "Optimized" variant isn't unlocked until the third tier, and two final "Weedkiller" and "Unicorn" versions are a part of the Elite gold tier.

LPO-50 flamethrower
One would think that a usable fire extinguisher would make for a good hard counter to these, although it's understandable that those are all probably gone after the apocalypse.
As with the base version above, note the missing stock, replacement tubing, added pilot lighter, and a monkey wrench serving as the lever to unlock the fuel canister. Which is seemingly made from three of the game's normal improvised suppressors tied together and filled with some sort of petroleum jelly.
The "Weedkiller" variant finally gains a stock made from the handle of a shovel, and has some sort of protrusion on the added heat shield.
Clearly this is the pinnacle of Soviet flamethrowers in Montana. Aside from the horn, the model appears to be fairly unmolested akin to the previous games.
Highwaymen flamers setting fire to a homestead in the opening cutscene.
The Cap celebrates his newfound "Weedkiller" LPO-50 by barbecuing a Highwayman technical.
Unlocking the suppressor fuel cans by use of the wrench.
Tossing them aside. Note the boar coming to register a smoke complaint with the Captain.
Sliding in a new set of fuel cans.

M79 Grenade Launcher

The sawn-down M79 grenade launcher "pirate pistol" returns from previous titles, having soldiered on through the apocalypse. Two variants are exclusively available in the gold tier, one being the "Bison Burger M-79" that requires a pelt from an elite buffalo to craft, and a "Color Spray" version that's instead a lot more resource intensive to craft and will probably require the Captain to pursue a few extra Expedition runs. They both use the "40mm" ammo found in game, and can load an incendiary round unlocked from the fully upgraded Explosives Lab.

M79 - 40x46mm
The "Bison Burger" M79 with all sorts of greeblies affixed to it.
This one looks fairly unmolested, other than it has some duct tape wrapped around the chamber.
The Captain holds the "Bison Burger" M79 after proudly using in the true Far Cry tradition as a convoy wrecker.
Aiming with the Burger's improvised leaf sight.
And the original sight as seen on the Color Spray version.
Thumbing open the M79's action.
Sliding in a new 40mm round.



The same two C4 variations from 5 can be found and crafted in-game.

M112 C4 demolition charge
The Proximity Explosive in the crafting menu.
And the Remote Explosive.
Both types of charges deployed in-game.


The same 8oz sticks of dynamite from the previous game appear as the standard throwable explosive grenade in this game.

The TNT in the Consumables menu.
Lighting up a stick while dealing with some Highwaymen at Pastor Jerome's old parish.
A cinematic shot of the dynamite in-flight.

M18 Smoke Grenade

M18 smoke grenades are still found after the apocalypse, and perform identically to the last game.

M18 smoke grenade
The M18 smoke grenade in the crafting menu.
Cooking a smoke grenade, with the pin and lever popped out.
However, both reappear on the model when actually tossed.

M26 Hand Grenade

While not normally available in game, M26 Hand Grenades are present in a cutscene early in the game's story.

M26 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
The Captain defuses an intimidation attempt of the Twins on Prosperity by re-pinning a grenade that they forced into a child's hands.

Pipe Bomb

Lastly, the same pipe bomb type grenades are unlocked after maxing out the Explosives Lab in prosperity, and are actually crafted in this game.

And in this case, on of the rare bits of pipe that wasn't improvised into an optical device or other firearm part.
Preparing to deliver a fun surprise upon a group of mooks.
The pipe bomb mid-toss.

Mounted Weapons

Browning M2HB

Browning M2HBs are still around and used in surprising numbers in Hope County after the nuclear holocaust.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
An M2HB atop the Unicorn Trike.
The other side, and the Captain with a displeased scowl.
Firing an emplaced Browning while awaiting evac during the MacCoubrey mission.
Using the M2's sights.

Browning M2 Aircraft

While fixed wing aircraft are all but gone in 2035, some Browning M2 Aircraft guns are still found on ground vehicles and the "Lammergeier" helicopter.

Browning M2 Aircraft, Flexible - .50 BMG
Twin Brownings atop Hurk's damaged car that's used in his initial mission.
One M2 Aircraft seen on the Lammergeier chopper.
The Blood Dragon Coupe with two pristine Brownings.

Fictional rotary gun

Nick Rye's "Carmina" has still lived on into New Dawn, this time without wings and instead as a kind of amphibious airboat. Its M134 Minigun has been relocated into the nose where the original propeller and engine were.

Dillon Aero M134 with flash suppressor - 7.62x51mm NATO
The nose mounted Minigun in Nick's former plane.

Mounted M60E4

Lower-tier Highwaymen patrol vehicles come equipped with the same M60E4/M60D hybrid GPMG from the last game.

M60E4 - 7.62x51mm NATO
M60D machine gun new version - 7.62x51mm NATO. Note the rod under the weapon connecting the spade grips to the trigger group.
Manning the M60 atop a Highwayman battle tricycle.
Aiming down the sights.
Rush in the M60 turret during the escape to Prosperity. Note his Task Force 141 patch.

M120 Mortar

M120 mortars are somehow still around in 2035, and can be found in a few stronghold outposts. The same geosynchronous satellite-powered aiming system is also still in working order.

M120 Mortar - 120mm
The Captain interrogates an M120 upon liberating the Highwaymen's chop shop.
Using the mortar during the defense of Prosperity.
Dropping in a 120mm shell.

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