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Far Cry 4

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Far Cry 4
FarCry 4 Box PC.jpg
PC Boxart
Release Date: 2014
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Series: Far Cry
Platforms: PS3
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Genre: First-person shooter

Far Cry 4 is the sequel to Far Cry 3, developed by Ubisoft and released on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in November of 2014. It features many of the same mechanics and weapons as its predecessor, with engine enhancements designed to take advantage of the power of next-gen consoles. The plot of the game includes threads which show that at least the three main previous Far Cry games took place in the same world, though it does not really follow on from them, instead taking place in a fictional nation similar to Nepal, Kyrat, located in the depths of the Himalayas.

The player takes on the role of Ajay Ghale, an ethnic Kyrati raised in the United States who returns to his homeland to fulfil his mother's last wish to have her ashes scattered at an obscure temple deep in the mountains. Finding his country under the heel of a flamboyant despot named Pagan Min, he quickly falls in with the Golden Path resistance movement, with the ultimate goal of overthrowing Min's tyrannical regime.

A season pass is available for DLC: only the second, "The Hurk Deluxe Pack," includes any new weapons, making the three pre-order bonus guns available at stores for free.

As with Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon, a stand-alone game using the same engine was announced for 2016, called Far Cry Primal (sometimes Far Cry 4: Primal). Since this game takes place in the Stone Age, it does not feature firearms.

The following weapons appear in the video game Far Cry 4:

Note: spoilers and hazardous levels of the phrase "as before" are present in some descriptions.


Far Cry 4 builds on the system used in Far Cry 3, retaining similar RPG elements such as crafting and experience. By default the player character, Ajay Ghale, has one weapon slot; further slots, along with additional carrying capacity for ammunition, are gained by hunting local animals and using their skins to make bandoliers, pouches and belts in the game's Crafting menu. In this way he can ultimately equip up to four weapons at once. Unlike Far Cry 3 and similarly to Far Cry 2, one of these must be from the sidearm class; the other three, however, can be any weapons the player chooses. This is because of the new ability to fire weapons while in vehicles, which can only be done with sidearms. Other sidearms can be equipped in the main weapon slots; if this is done, the player will be able to select between these weapons while in a vehicle.

Hunting is made more complex in 4 due to a system by which pelts can become damaged; the bows, crossbow and knife will result in two pelts from one animal and a Karma bonus, while using too heavy a weapon will result in a damaged pelt with decreased value which cannot be used for crafting. Using a sufficiently large weapon on a sufficiently small animal will simply obliterate it and leave nothing at all.

As before, ammunition is determined by weapon subtypes, not by what the weapon would actually fire, so the 5.56mm assault rifles share ammunition with the 7.62x39mm AK-103 and 7.62x51mm Galil ACE and SOCOM 16. Ajay can also carry supplies of mines, C4 packs, hand grenades, throwing knives and molotovs. The former two are treated as the fifth and sixth weapon slots, while the latter three are thrown with a hotkey with a key to switch between them.

Weapons are gained from stores, and can be acquired in one of three ways; either bought with currency, unlocked by picking them up from enemies, or unlocked by deactivating propaganda transmitters on the old Bell Towers scattered across Kyrat. The latter is explained to be done out of gratitude by the new arms dealer character, Longinus, who is implied to be either Prosper Kouassi or Leon Gakumba from Far Cry 2. Weapon unlocks in Far Cry 4 are separated into a series of major batches, and unlike the previous game the final two sets that unlock in the North cannot be unlocked for free via Bell Towers. It is also possible to unlock new starting weapons in Arena Mode by gaining experience in the Arena itself or by progressing in the Far Cry 4 Arena mobile app if it is linked to the player's uPlay account.

Once a weapon is purchased or unlocked, it can be equipped an unlimited number of times for no further fee. Accessories and paint schemes for weapons can also be bought, and unlike weapons there is no way to get these for free; they must be bought for each weapon and are not interchangeable between them, and each weapon has a set number of upgrades which can be applied to it at the same time. Weapons with an "extended magazine" upgrade will generally not change visually to indicate its presence.

In addition to regular weapons, special "Signature" weapons with fixed unique paint schemes, attachment combinations and bonuses can be made available for purchase by completing various prerequisites; these are always better than the basic weapon they are modifications of, though they may be limited in certain ways such as not mounting the best available optic or being unable to use a suppressor. Like accessories, they must always be bought and are never unlocked for free.

Ajay is closer to Rex Colt than Jason Brody when it comes to abilities, starting the game with almost all of his core combat capabilities such as cooking grenades and using guns on ziplines already unlocked.



The "Auto-Cross" is a fictional magazine-fed repeating crossbow which appears to be built on an Izhmash PP-19 Bizon; it is treated as a one-handed weapon, meaning it can be equipped in the secondary weapon slot. One of the later unlocks in the South, it can mount most optics and an extended magazine; it still uses the Bizon's magazine, and it is entirely unclear how this is supposed to work. Rather than running on arrows, it has its own special ammo type, bolts; being semi-automatic and magazine-fed, it is a huge upgrade over the standard bows and does not really lack in power compared to them, though it lacks the ability to fire burning or explosive arrows.

PP-19 Bizon-2 with side-folding stock in folded position - 9x18mm Makarov
"Auto-Cross" in the store menu.
Ajay holds his Bizon-derived repeating crossbow as he visits the Northeast area of the map, where for some reason it is autumn. This crossbow has the "modern" camo; this is usually blocky digital camo, and somehow costs four times more than the more standard camo patterns.
Reloading the automatic crossbow; Ajay tilts the weapon side-on and detaches the mechanically dubious helical bolt magazine...
...and them clicks the new one into place, the wire securing loop at the front helpfully closing by itself as he does so.

Beretta 93R "Auto-9"

The "A.J.M. 9," a Beretta 93R "Auto 9" which was Rex Colt's starting weapon in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, can be unlocked as a reward using the uPlay service, costing 30 uPlay points. The model is retextured and reworked slightly to fit in visually, lacking the red highlights and silly glowy things from its Blood Dragon incarnation and with a more traditional reloading animation where Ajay simply inserts the magazine all the way into the well. It can still equip its old gigantic suppressor, and can also use an extended magazine.

Beretta 93R "Auto-9" - 9x19mm
Beretta 93R "Auto-9" in the store menu.
The Auto-9 retains its huge suppressor from Blood Dragon, and is one of the few weapons in the game that has a unique suppressor model. Note that it has the correct frame-mounted safety for a 93R, though it is mounted the wrong way around.
Having unlocked the Auto-9 (appropriately enough with spare uPlay points from Blood Dragon), Ajay takes aim at a dangerous-looking hut.
The next day finds Ajay reloading his Auto-9, having become 33% harder to kill in the interval.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX, called the "D50," is the final sidearm to unlock, part of the last batch of weapons which become available in the North and do not even appear on the weapon menu beforehand. As before it is a .50 AE but is shown with an 8-round magazine which would only be correct for a .44 version; this can be upgraded to an impossible ten rounds; though it is possible to have ten rounds in a .357 with one in the chamber, the magazine itself can only contain nine.

Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50AE
Desert Eagle in the store menu.
Ajay holds a scoped, chrome-plated Desert Eagle as he eyes an elephant suspiciously and ponders his gun's weird, semi-cocked hammer. Note the green crosshair; apparently at some point in his life Ajay befriended the entire species. Equally strangely, killing an elephant nets only a near-worthless "chunk of meat" item; seemingly, elephant hide and ivory do not exist in Far Cry 4's world, which goes some way to explaining why it contains so many elephants.
Ajay reloads his Desert Eagle after finding a "Buzzer" micro-helicopter. As before, the scope is shown incorrectly mounted to only one of the two mount points, with a RIS throw lever which would be more than a little unlikely to work.

Kimber Warrior

The "1911" is a Kimber Warrior; rather than being the starting weapon as in Far Cry 3, it unlocks fairly late in the South, and is used as a sidearm by soldiers in the North and most NPCs. Around halfway through the game it suddenly becomes Ajay's default pistol in cutscenes, though it is not particularly clear why. As before it features an 8-round magazine and an 8-round capacity regardless of whether it is reloaded empty or mid-magazine, and occasionally randomly grows an accessory rail. It is also the weapon used for the "gunslinger takedown" where Ajay can draw his opponent's sidearm and fire it.

The Signature version, now called the "Sandman" (though various preorder literature called it the "1911 Pistol" and "Shadow 1911") was part of the "Blood Ruby Pack" included with preorders from various chains including Amazon and Wal-Mart, and is added to the store menu for free if the "Hurk Deluxe Pack" DLC is purchased. As with the "Shadow" version in Far Cry 3, it has a suppressor, reflex sight and extended magazine, and bonuses to all of its stats, though it no longer has the ridiculous maxed-out accuracy of its previous incarnation.

Kimber Warrior - .45 ACP
Kimber Warrior in the store menu.
"Sandman" Signature version in the store menu.
Ajay holds a Kimber Warrior as he prepares to take on the Arena, a slightly out-of-place survival mode vaguely handwaved as a Colosseum-like gladiator contest.
Finding he cannot in fact open the door sooner with bullets, Ajay reloads his Kimber.
The Kimber replaces the Desert Eagle in Far Cry 4's "gunslinger takedown" move; as before, the slide is apparently motorised, and locks open on its own if Ajay runs out of targets before the magazine is empty.
Ajay uses his Signature "Sandman" to stealthily assassinate a critically important lake.
Reloading the "Sandman" shows off the suppressor, reflex optic and the increased quantity of nothing in the magazine.
In grand Far Cry 3 tradition, Ajay's cutscene Kimber randomly grows a rail mount as he confronts Pagan Min's subordinate Noore Najjar.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer

The Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer, a variant of the Mauser C96 with a detachable box magazine, is one of the sidearms available; it is called the "M-712," though the description of the Signature version presents the name correctly. In singleplayer the only available accessory for it is illuminated sights. It has a capacity of just 8 rounds, incorrect for any version of the C96 ever made, and oddly, despite the real weapon being select-fire, it is semi-auto only. The weapon's magwell has been incorrectly referenced from a standard C96 variant with a fixed integral magazine, rather than the flared-out well of an M712 that can actually accommodate a detachable magazine.

Even more oddly the latter not changed for the Signature version: the "HS77" is a reference to Han Solo's Blaster pistol in Star Wars (the name standing for Han Solo and 1977, the year Star Wars was first released). The weapon mounts an extended magazine (upped to the correct minimum magazine size of 10 rounds for an M712), tube reflex sight and a suppressor which presumably stands in for the blaster's distinctive muzzle. The description notes that the quicker handling ensures the wielder always shoots first, confirming the Far Cry 4 team agree with every other Star Wars fan on that particular point. This version is unlocked by completing two of the animal control Hunting side-missions.

Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer with 20-round magazine - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer with 10-round magazine, for comparison - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer in the store menu. Note the magazine is not the same as either of the above; realistically it would be able to contain about 12 rounds, were it not for the fact that it is about a third too thin to actually fit in the mag well.
"HS77" Signature variant in the store menu.
While enjoying the many benefits of being in the first Far Cry game with controllable powered aircraft, Ajay indulges his inner WW1 aviator and takes a few pot shots at the enemy with his Mauser.
Forced to do something sensible, he grumbles and reloads his Mauser while assaulting a Bell Tower. Note the fire selector is actually shown correctly set to "N" which is the semi-auto setting rather than "R" for fullauto, though it is not clear why it is set this way. Note also the incorrect standard C96 magwell which is flush with the side of the pistol rather than being wider as on the M712.
Ajay holds the "HS77" version as he shows some Royal Army soldiers the value of hokey religions and ancient weapons. Which is quite high, as it turns out.
Reloading the "HS77" provides a better view of the suppressor, which replaces most of the barrel rather than being mounted on the end as in the store menu image. The front sight is still visible sticking through the top of it at full size, though it might conceivably be intended to be part of the suppressor.

Makarov PB

The Makarov PB is still known by its GRAU designation of "6P9." One of the later unlocks in the South, as in Far Cry 3 it is completely useless without a suppressor upgrade since its rear integral suppressor does not count as one, and still uses the standard suppressor model rather than its own. The late unlock means most players will probably have a suppressed Signature weapon already by the time it becomes available.

Makarov PB with secondary suppressor - 9x18mm Makarov
Makarov PB in the store menu.
Ajay holds a suppressed Makarov PB, already in the terminal stages of buyer's remorse.
Reloading; note the generic suppressor model.

Smith & Wesson Model 629

The ".44 Magnum" is a Smith & Wesson Model 629 resembling a Performance Center "Stealth Hunter." Unlike Far Cry 3, it is only available with a 4-inch barrel, which makes it unclear why it is one of the unlocks held over for the North. It still suffers from an occasional glitch which also happened in Far Cy 3, which causes the barrel to vanish from the store menu and player model.

The "Cannon" Signature version is the only way to get the Stealth Hunter with a 6-inch barrel; this also version features a tube reflex sight, and is unlocked by completing 5 Hostage Rescue missions.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 Stealth Hunter - .44 Magnum‎
Model 629 Stealth Hunter in the store menu.
Glitches sometimes create this ultra-snub version.
"Cannon" Signature variant in the store menu.
Out and about in the Northwest map sector, Ajay brandishes his 629 Stealth Hunter.
He soon discovers Smokey the Bear takes all reports of Far Cry protagonists extremely seriously. As before, the extractor rod is shown as completely fixed on the model and the spent casings fall out before he even touches it, and all of the casings are the full length of the cylinder and empty regardless of how many shots have been fired.
Having somehow escaped the wraith of bear, Ajay looks over a newly captured checkpoint with the "Cannon" variant. Note the longer barrel.
Having succeeded in making the snow leopard slightly more endangered than it was already, Ajay celebrates by bringing in a speedloader. As with dropping spent rounds, there are always six rounds in the speedloader even if this is higher than the number Ajay actually has.

Type 10 Flare Gun

Far Cry 3's hideous gold Orion Flare Gun has been summarily replaced by the Type 10 model previously only available as a multiplayer preorder; as before, the model is a little on the small side, being closer in scale to the 12 gauge Orion, and is a rare version with a safety. The serial number on the weapon is now 319 instead of 519, which is actually low enough for a Type 10 to have this feature.

It is substantially weaker than the Far Cry 3 flaregun which was a viable direct-fire weapon, now requiring multiple hits to kill almost any target; it is really only suitable for starting fires at a distance. It has absolutely no customisation options, lacking even alternative paint schemes.

Japanese Type 10 flare gun with safety - 35mm
Type 10 flare gun in the store menu. Visible at full size is the altered serial number; this is actually the same one as in the above image.
Ajay holds a Type 10 as he slides down a zipline, having made a not exactly ideal sidearm choice for this situation.
Following a strangely unproductive attempt to set fire to a lake, Ajay reloads his Type 10. As before, there is no model for an empty casing, so the round he throws away has not actually been fired.
Ajay replaces the old new round with a new new round as he attempts to rid the world of his least favourite quad bike.

Webley Mk VI

A Webley Mk VI, incorrectly called the "Mark IV," is one of the first sidearms available, appearing during the prologue mission. It features the shorter barrel of a Mark IV, but the grips and front sight are clearly from a Mark VI. For no obvious reason, Ajay thumb-cocks the hammer after every shot as if it is single-action only, though he at least has the decency to use a speeedloader when reloading it.

The Signature version, "Sixer," mounts a reflex sight and has boosts to every stat except fire rate; it is automatically unlocked on first visiting the store.

Webley Mk. VI - .455 Webley
Webley Mk. VI in the store menu.
"Sixer" Signature version in the store menu.
Escaping from Pagan Min's villa at the start of the game, Ajay finds himself up the river with just a revolver and two health bars to his name.
Even worse, it is apparently a broken revolver, since Ajay operates it as if it is single-action only.
Reloading results in the unusual sight of an automatic extractor actually working in an FPS, and produces a suitably dramatic spray of spent-but-unfired rounds. As with the 629, all six casings are always empty.
As the one Signature weapon which is unlocked simply by existing, the "Sixer" is also the most mediocre, even the weapon's own description being unable to get particularly excited about it.
Reloading the "Sixer;" both versions of the Webley use a speedloader, and it is even a proper Webley speedloader rather than a copy-paste of the 629's.

Submachine Guns

Agram 2000

The Agram 2000, called the "A2000," is the standard secondary weapon for snipers and rocket launcher soldiers (who somehow also count as snipers) in both map areas. It is a mediocre weapon, only really distinguished by its ability to mount optics.

Agram 2000 - 9x19mm
Agram 2000 in the store menu.
Ajay looks over a valley as he holds an Agram 2000 with a reflex sight, as part of a cunning plan to pretend the weapon has any practical use in the game.
The Royal Army soon find that Ajay has taken the unprecedented step of using a magazine which has ammunition in it to increase his chances of defeating them.

Heckler & Koch MP5N

The MP5N is among the final batch of unlocks in the South. It features the same strange rear sight as in Far Cry 3, and as before is a useful weapon with no real shortcomings, which can mount up to two accessories, including a suppressor. It also still features an "HK slap" reload when empty, the charging handle obligingly locking back by itself to allow this to happen, and still has an incorrect reciprocating charging handle.

It appears to be unlocked automatically if the Season Pass DLC is purchased.

Heckler & Koch MP5N - 9x19mm
MP5N in the store menu, with a suppressor and reflex sight and the "black" paint scheme. As before, it has an aftermarket ventilated handguard.
Ajay holds a suppressed MP5N after liberating a group of hostages. Note the strange rear iron sight.
Reloading, he finds himself puzzled at the weapon's charging handle helpfully locking into place by itself.

Intratec TEC-9

The "A-99" is an Intratec TEC-9. One of the final batch of unlocks in the North, it is essentially an upgrade to the Skorpion for the sidearm slot, being better across the board except for the rate of fire; this is actually correct if the weapon is supposed to be a modified TEC-9 since these average 500rpm compared to the Skorpion's 800-850. For some reason it is classified as a handgun, even though the Skorpion is classified as an SMG; this has the net effect of forcing the TEC-9 to use pistol ammunition, which has a much smaller limit than the SMG ammo used by the Skorpion. It can mount up to two accessories, and is the only weapon to visibly change when mounting an extended magazine, the straight stick mag being swapped for a 30-round drum.

The Signature version, the "Rebel," has huge boosts to both rate of fire and accuracy in defiance of conventional understanding of the laws of physics, and comes with a reflex sight and a drum magazine with the capacity increased to 40 rounds. This means that, unusually, it represents a mod combination possible with the default weapon; it actually mounts the cheapest reflex sight rather than the tube reflex sight the basic weapon can mount. This version is unlocked for liberating 10 Outposts.

Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm
TEC-9 in the store menu. The TEC-9 model normally has no scope mount; if a scope is fitted, a RIS rail appears along with it.
"Rebel" Signature version in the store menu. While it might appear very Borderlands, such 9mm drum magazines actually exist and have done since World War One. Though this particular one appears to have been based on a 75-round AK drum.
Ajay demonstrates his unique grasp of the concept of stealth as he sidles up to a wolf and shoots it in the ear with his suppressed TEC-9 so it can't hear his other weapons.
Having abandoned such endeavors, he reloads an unmodded TEC-9 as he takes on a passing truck. This brand-new weapon apparently merits some brand-new trigger discipline. Note the charging handle is pressed down which means the safety is on; some habits clearly do not die as easy as others.
Ajay holds the "Rebel" variant, wondering why it has rebelled against being fitted with a good scope. Note that it has both the side-mounted rear sling mount of a TEC-9 and the removable back-mounted one from a TEC-DC9: this would indicate a TEC-9 upper on a DC9 lower. The reverse is sometimes done in live-action shows, using an auto-converted TEC-9 lower with a DC9 upper.
Reloading shows the large drum mag: this is also used if the standard version is upgraded.

Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2

The "BZ19" is an Izhmash PP-19 Bizon, seemingly chambered in 9x18mm Makarov given its 64-round magazine: unlike in the previous game's singleplayer, this can be extended, up to an impossible 100 rounds. As in Far Cry 3 it features a left-handed receiver and an aftermarket rear sight. Oddly, rather than being the most expensive SMG in the game it is easily obtained for free, since it is used by elite enemy soldiers during Willis' missions in the South and then by occasionally by soldiers in the North. The Bizon is easily the most powerful of the non-Signature SMGs, rather unrealistically dealing more damage than the .45ACP Vector and exceeding it in every way but fire rate; in terms of stats it is actually comparable to the Signature Shredder variant.

PP-19 Bizon-2 with side-folding stock in folded position - 9x18mm Makarov
Bizon-2 in the store menu.
Ajay holds a fully kitted-out Bizon-2. Note the left-handed receiver and aftermarket rear sight.
Partway through an alarmingly difficult mission in the mountains, Ajay reloads a pilfered Bizon.

Skorpion vz. 61

The Sa vz. 61 Skorpion is the first weapon available in the game, being handed to Ajay as he makes his escape from Pagan Min's villa, in part to demonstrate the new ability to shoot from vehicles. One is given to Ajay for free by the arms dealer, Longinus, after the cutscene which introduces him. The Skorpion and its Signature version are chiefly distinguished by being the only weapons in the sidearm category which use SMG ammunition, meaning they have a far larger reserve than the others.

The Signature version, "Stinger," comes with an extended magazine, tube reflex sight, and a suppressor which appears to be mounted to the front of the wire stock. It is awarded for destroying two Pagan's Wrath convoys, or more accurately for not being run over by civilians while trying to destroy two Pagan's Wrath convoys.

Vz. 61 Skorpion - .32 ACP
Skorpion in the store menu.
"Stinger" Signature variant in the store menu. Note that the suppressor appears to attach to the weapon via the wire stock rather than the barrel. The Chinese characters on the side of the weapon are 连 meaning "continuous [fire]" and 单 meaning "singular [fire]," though they are nowhere near the selector switch and written together as if they are a single, nonsensical word.
During a daring escape from prison complicated primarily by the fact that he can't whizz into people from twenty feet away and stab them, Ajay grumbles and makes do with his Skorpion.
Back at the beginning of the game, Ajay reloads his Skorpion after successfully evading the dire threat of a peaceful meal of crab Rangoon with Pagan Min.
The "Stinger" variant turns out to not be particularly effective at making tigers respect his personal space.
Reloading, he fools nobody with his attempt to hide the empty magazine with his thumb.
After a bizarre conversation about what gun Jesus would use, the new arms dealer, Longinus, presents Ajay with a free Skorpion for coming to see him.

Steyr MP34

The Steyr MP34 is available in the South, and is a middle-of-the-road weapon. It is fitted with an aftermarket RIS in front of the rear sight, despite being incapable of mounting any accessories in singleplayer. It is incorrectly depicted as a closed-bolt weapon.

The Signature version, "Stormer," features an open reflex sight, extended magazine, enhanced damage, and reduced recoil. It is unlocked for the rather perfunctory task of destroying a single Propaganda Poster, something it is very difficult to not do at some point in the game.

Steyr-Solothurn MP34- 9x19mm
MP34 in the store menu.
"Stormer" Signature variant in the store menu.
Ajay holds an MP34 as the local wildlife wisely makes itself scarce.
Wisely does not mean successfully, however.
Later he holds his "Stormer" variant as he almost falls prey to the most dangerous thing in Kyrat, the dreaded civilian car.
Having survived this menace, he finds himself reloading his custom MP34 partway through some heavy duty storming.

TDI Vector

The TDI Vector is called the "Vector .45 ACP." Among the first batch of weapons to unlock in the North, it can accept up to three accessories. It is inferior in most ways to the Bizon, only beating it for fire rate. As before, the iron sights are mounted backwards, and a strange, useless device which appears to be a tactical light is mounted above the barrel.

The Signature version, "Shredder," features a much less gaudy colour scheme than its equivalent in Far Cry 3, but is otherwise basically the same; it features a tube reflex sight, suppressor and extended magazine, and has a boosted fire rate and reduced recoil. This version is unlocked once Ajay's Karma reaches level 6.

TDI Vector SMG - .45 ACP
TDI Vector in the store menu. Note the backwards iron sights and dubious grammar.
"Shredder" Signature variant in the store menu. Like in Far Cry 3, the iron sights are shown flipped up in the store when the Vector mounts optics, even though this does not happen during gameplay.
Ajay makes the unwise decision to take on a Royal Army heavy with a suppressed Vector.
Reloading the Vector; note the weapon correctly has the safety and fire mode selectors of a military variant, and both are on the correct setting for full-auto fire.
Ajay holds the "Shredder" variant as he take on a mission to exterminate a group of dholes, though he suspects the locals are exaggerating and they are just dhogs.
Reloading the "Shredder," he congratulates himself on bringing a stealthy weapon to a mission where every enemy automatically knows where he is. Note the wire leading from the foregrip to the mysterious device above the barrel.


12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

A sawn-off 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun called the "D2" is available for the sidearm slot; it is actually a cut-down version of the .700 Nitro double rifle model. Like the sawn-off shotgun in Far Cry 2, the player character always fires both barrels at once.

Sawn-off Baikal shotgun - 12 gauge
"D2" sawn-off shotgun in the store menu.
Ajay brandishes his "D2" sawn-off shotgun.
Reloading the D2. Being in the mountains, Kyrat is darkest just before dawn and just after sunset when both the sun and the moon are behind them; unfortunately, the combination of SLI, the 344.75 Nvidia drivers and any PC version prior to 1.05 tend to conspire to make the darkness a little more realistic than is strictly welcome.
After inserting the new shells, Ajay flips the D2 closed; enlarging the image, the shell bases say "small arms caliber (something something) AE," implying they are reworked from a cartridge model for the Desert Eagle.

Baikal MP-133

As in Far Cry 3 the first shotgun available is a Russian Baikal MP-133; it is the same custom version with synthetic furniture, a forend from a Remington 870, a vented rib barrel, and an accessory rail mounted atop the receiver, though it is no longer shown with a shoulder strap looped around it. It has an extended 6-round magazine tube and the capacity is 7 rounds; interestingly the empty reload actually has Ajay insert one shell, pump the action and then load the other six, meaning it is correct. It is easy to come by since it is used by shotgun soldiers in both the South and North, and is also a common sight in weapon caches and gear up locations for side-quests.

The Baikal's previously rather useless "Bull" Signature variant has received a substantial upgrade in the form of what the game rather cryptically terms a "barrel extension;" this actually seems to be a fully functional suppressor. Oddly, though the inventory icon shows the Bull with an ACOG optic, it only has a C-More open reflex sight. This weapon is unlocked for doing two Bomb Disposal side-missions, tasking Ajay with the difficult goal of not blowing something up.

Baikal MP-133 with extended magazine tube - 12 gauge
Baikal MP-133 in the store menu.
"Bull" Signature variant in the store menu.
Ajay holds an MP-133, having made good use of it. Rather than having a sling wrapped around it as before, it just has a short strap which has a sling mount hanging off it for no obvious reason.
Having vanquished the mighty Karkadann for a hunting quest, Ajay reloads his MP-133 while wondering just how many Persian mythical creatures live in Kyrat.
Holding the "Bull" Signature variant, Ajay makes his way towards one of the four fortresses.
Reloading the "Bull."

Franchi SPAS-12

A Franchi SPAS-12, correctly called "SPAS-12," is the last shotgun to unlock and part of the first batch of unlocks in the North; being the only semi-automatic shotgun in the game, it is by far the best of the standard shotguns, though it is outclassed in stats by the Signature shotguns. As in Far Cry 3, it is the short-barrel version, and has no stock, a left-handed ejection port, a slightly too-big pistol grip, and has a cut-off rear sight and a scope mount. As in previous games (and indeed as in most games) the reload animation does not show Ajay pressing the carrier latch button, which would mean the loading gate would not open.

Franchi SPAS-12 with short barrel - 12 gauge
SPAS-12 in the store menu. It is apparently just as effective on a target as it is on targets.
Ajay holds a SPAS-12 with a reflex sight as he makes his assault on a couple of Royal Army soldiers guarding a Buzzer. This SPAS has the "classic" colour scheme with a light grey heat shield; this appears to be "classic" as in "the SPAS-12 normally looks like this" since it has never been this colour by default in a Far Cry game.
Opening fire with his SPAS, he finds himself jealous of Jason Brody only having evil flightless birds to worry about.
"Well, my work here is done."

Winchester Model 1887

A full-length Winchester Model 1887 is among the final batch of weapons to unlock in the South. The first shotgun able to mount accessories, it is either better than the MP-133 or equal to it in every way, effectively replacing it if the player requires a shotgun. It is able to mount a single accessory, either an extended magazine tube (which as ever looks exactly the same) or one of the two open reflex sights. Unlike the MP-133 there is no step in the empty reload of Ajay working the lever to chamber a round or putting a shell into the breech to explain its capacity: this wouldn't really help anyway since the capacity of 7 would require it to fit 6 shells into a tube magazine that only holds 5.

The Signature version features a sawn-off barrel and stock, and presumably this led to its shortened name of "87." It also has a C-More sight and enhanced damage, and unlike the regular 1887 is counted as a one-handed weapon. If it is used in a vehicle, Ajay will spin-cock it; this wouldn't really be possible with the standard lever the weapon has. This version is unlocked for finding 4 of Mohan Ghale's journals.

Winchester Model 1887 shotgun - 12 gauge
Airsoft replica Model 1887 with sawn-off stock, barrel, and cutaway trigger guard, as seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day - (fake) 12 gauge
Winchester Model 1887 in the store menu.
"87" sawed-off variant in the store menu. Note the normal-sized lever loop and uncut trigger guard. Note also that it is not really so much sawed-off as just fitted with a very short barrel, since it still has a front sight
Ajay holds a Model 1887 with a reflex optic as he embarks on the curious task of infiltrating a glacier.
Operating the action of his Model 1887, Ajay curses the Royal Army soldier picking this exact moment to drop his contact lens.
Reloading the full-length 1887.
A deer discovers to its cost that the "87" variant counts as a one-handed weapon.
Ajay soon finds an excuse to do his best Terminator impression, spin-cocking his cut-down 1887 as he takes on a hapless Royal Army truck. Note the lack of clearance in the standard lever loop; Ajay is lucky he is a videogame character, given Arnold Schwarzenegger almost broke his fingers when he accidentally picked up the wrong gun on the set of Terminator 2 and tried to spin-cock it.
His fingers unbroken, he reloads his cut-down 1887.

Assault Rifles & Battle Rifles


Royal Army soldiers in the opening cutscene use a different AK model to the one seen in the rest of the game; this appears to be an AKM, with a receiver-top rail mount and an AK-103-style stock and muzzle brake. This model, minus the rail system, also appeared in Watch_Dogs.

AKM, Stamped Steel Receiver w/ slant muzzle brake - 7.62x39mm
In the game's introduction, a group of Royal Army soldiers demonstrate that years of vigorous training have allowed them the discipline to fire their rifles with the safeties on.


The custom AK-103 from Far Cry 3 is still incorrectly called the AK-47. It is identifiable due to its 90 degree gas block, AK-74 type muzzle brake, and use of metal 7.62x39mm AK-47 magazines. It is fitted with an accessory rail on the top of the receiver attached via the mounting bracket on the left side of the lower receiver, an AKM / early AK-74 ribbed receiver cover, wooden AK-74 stock and handguard, and an early AK-47 pistol grip, complete with an earlier, thicker reinforcement plate. Being the first assault rifle (and the second weapon in the game), it cannot mount any accessories, despite having a rail which has no purpose but to allow the mounting of accessories. It is used by most soldiers in the South and is a common sight in cutscenes and lying around in various areas, though soldiers in the North use the P416 instead.

The Signature version, "Warrior," on the other hand, mounts an open reflex sight, suppressor and extended magazine, and has boosted damage. This version is unlocked by hijacking two enemy cargo trucks and returning them to the nearest Golden Path-held Outpost.

AK-103 - 7.62x39mm
AK-103 in the store menu. Note the standard AK magazine replacing Far Cry 3's strange ribbed one.
"Warrior" Signature variant in the store menu.
Holding an AK-103, Ajay takes a moment to admire the spectacular view of the Himalayas.
Reloading his AK while paying a visit to the local inferno, he finds himself wishing there were some way to take care of the enemy helicopter.
Amazingly, this did not turn out to be the way.
Having survived his adventures in the land of fire and angry helicopters, Ajay holds the "Warrior" variant as he discovers the famous temple of the weird hyena thing.
Finding he is running low on the nothing in his magazine, he quickly remedies this. Note the writing on the rail mount: this says "Made in Kyrat" in Hindi.

Double Rifle

A twin-barrel heavy rifle called the ".700 Nitro" is one of the later weapons to unlock in the South; predictably, it is ridiculously powerful, and will result in a damaged skin if fired at any animal smaller than a rhino and hurl enemies into the air. Rather than using the same ammunition as the other rifles, it draws from the much smaller reserve of sniper rifle ammo. Despite its range and power, it cannot mount a proper rifle scope and must settle for the generic tube reflex optic. It fires one barrel at a time rather than both together like the sawn-off shotgun.

The Signature version, called "Elephant Gun" ("Elephant Double-Barrel Rifle" in some preorder literature) is part of the "Yak Farm Pack" available to players who preordered through Amazon, and is added to the store menu for free if the "Hurk Deluxe Pack" DLC is purchased. It features ornate gold decoration and boosted damage, along with increased reload speed; it has improved base accuracy, though the basic weapon's is higher if the latter is fitted with a scope. It is best not to take the name of the weapon literally, given that in Far Cry 4's world hunting elephants is identical in profitability to shooting domesticated dogs.

Holland & Holland Royal Double Rifle - various calibres
".700 Nitro" in the store menu, equipped with a tube reflex sight.
"Elephant Gun" Signature version in the store menu.
Having had little luck with attempts to hunt elephants, Ajay decides to give cars a try instead.
The double rifle features the standard silly physics for such a weapon; rather than passing cleanly through enemies as a high-powered round actually would, it hurls them backwards like they were hit by a truck, presumably using some kind of integral anti-physics module to avoid the recoil doing the same thing to Ajay. Here he makes use of this to send a Royal Army mortar crewman on a journey.
The double rifle's rounds are suitably enormous, though still too small for .700 Nitro; they appear to be closer to .600 Nitro Express.
Unlike the revolvers, the double rifle has a different reloading animation if only one barrel has been fired which does not dump out the unfired round, Ajay instead replacing only the one that needs to be. The right barrel always fires first.
Ajay holds the "Elephant Gun" Signature version, unaware he is about to wish he had invested in an Eagle Gun instead.
Unlike quite a few games, Ajay actually operates the latch rather than breaking the double rifle open as if it weren't there. Note the bases of the rounds are the same as the shell bases for the sawed-off shotgun, and as ever have unstruck primers.


The FAMAS F1 is among the last batch of unlocks in the South; as before, it is an F1 which incorrectly uses a 30-round STANAG magazine rather than the 25-round F1 proprietary magazine, has a three-round burst limit, and has an added rail on top of the carry handle which mounts nonstandard iron sights if the weapon does not have an optic fitted. Its chief feature is being one of only two non-Signature weapons in the assault rifle category which can mount a suppressor.

Like the MP5, it appears to be unlocked automatically if the Season Pass DLC is purchased.

FAMAS F1 - 5.56x45mm
FAMAS F1 in the store menu. Note the incorrect iron sights and F1-style proprietary magazine well with a curved STANAG magazine somehow inserted into it.
Ajay holds a suppressed FAMAS F1 with a C-More sight as he upholds the grand Far Cry 3 tradition of using this weapon only in screenshots taken within a hundred yards of the nearest safehouse.
The fact that he forgot to put any ammunition in the magazine is thus of limited relevance.

Galil ACE 53

The Galil ACE 53 is called the "A52," but the barrel length makes it clear it is a misnamed ACE 53. One of the final batch of weapons to unlock, it can mount any optic in the game and an extended magazine, but cannot mount a suppressor; the ability to use an ACOG scope means it can be used as a very loud marksman rifle. Rounds from the ACE will pass through multiple enemies if they are lined up.

Galil ACE 53 - 7.62x51mm
Galil ACE 53 in the store menu. Note the long barrel.
Ajay holds a Galil ACE 53 with an ACOG optic as he receives a rather delayed congratulation for successfully walking up to a thing and pressing E.
Later he reloads his ACE while taking on the world's most cowardly rhino.

Patriot Ordinance Factory P416

The Patriot Ordnance Factory P416, called the "P416," is first available in Willis' second mission, where it is used by elite troops in the Himalayas; it eventually becomes the standard weapon for enemy soldiers in the North. A solid assault rifle, it can mount two accessories, but is unable to use a suppressor.

The Signature "Bushman" version, on the other hand, does have a suppressor, along with an extended magazine and ACOG scope, though it is incorrectly shown with a misaligned C-More scope in the store menu icon and pickup icon. This version is unlocked through the rather tedious task of grinding up to level 10 in the Arena. This is made substantially less intolerable by using the mobile app.

Patriot Ordinance Factory P416 with 10.5-inch barrel and nickel-Teflon "NP3" treated upper and lower receiver - 5.56x45mm NATO
P416 in the store menu.
"Bushman" Signature variant in the store menu. As with the Vector, in the store menu the iron sights are shown flipped up when the P416 mounts optics; this does not happen in the actual game.
Ajay holds a P416 after successfully retrieving it from an elite soldier.
Reloading the P416: for no obvious reason, a backwards US flag has been added on the receiver just behind the handguard.
Among the changes to the Far Cry 3 model are brand-new iron sights.
Ajay holds the "Bushman" variant as he encounters a rhino which believes it is an ostrich.
During an empty reload he pulls the charging handle; his gravestone would later read "I wish I'd known what a bolt release was."

SIG SG 553

The SIG SG 553 is referred to as the "STG-90" (Sturmgewehr 90, the weapon's German designation). It has been drastically improved over its mediocre Far Cry 3 incarnation, now representing a substantial step up from the AK and tied with the Signature Bushman for the highest accuracy of any assault or battle rifle in the game. It is able to mount one accessory, from a restricted collection of only the two open reflex sights and an extended magazine.

SIG SG 553-1 SP semi-auto version with railed handguard - 5.56x45mm
SIG SG 553 in the store menu.
Ajay has his usual reaction to seeing an animal alive.
Reloading the SIG SG 553; as before, the magazine is empty and the two-setting semi-auto fire selector is set to "safe."

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16

The SOCOM 16, still called the "MS16," is one of the later unlocks in the South; as before it can mount up to two accessories, which can include a suppressor, tube reflex or open reflex sight, or an extended magazine. For some reason, one with no accessories can usually be found lying around during Arena battles. The SOCOM 16 has been rather spectacularly downgraded from its powerful Far Cry 3 incarnation, the 7.62mm rifle now ridiculously dealing the exact same damage as the 5.56mm SIG SG 553, which is also more accurate than it. As such, the MS16 is only really useful because of the accessories it can mount. As before, it defaults to an incorrect capacity of 15 rounds, which increases to the correct 20 for the straight 7.62mm magazine it uses if the extended magazine upgrade is equipped.

The Signature version, the "Trooper," features a suppressor, extended magazine and ACOG optic, though strangely it has no stat bonuses of any kind, not even the ones from the accessories mounted on it. Like the Bushman, the store menu and pickup icon incorrectly show it with a C-More sight. It is unlocked by locating 20 Masks of Yalung.

M1A SOCOM 16 - 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester)
SOCOM 16 in the store menu. Note the scope rail added above the action, and that the semi-automatic battle rifle is still incorrectly classified as an assault rifle.
"Trooper" Signature version in the store menu. Seemingly, the only bonuses the Trooper receives are its accessories, since the displayed stats are exactly the same as the standard version.
Having failed to realise the SOCOM 16 is now rubbish, Ajay holds one with a scope and suppressor as he heads to recover a conflict diamond for Longinus. Who presumably intends to stuff it into a computer to learn how to delay the onset of exploding rust.
Reloading the SOCOM 16.
Holding the "Trooper" variant, Ajay is not fooled for a moment by the old "hey, what's that behind you?" trick.
Even the use of actual ammunition fails to render either SOCOM 16 variant particularly powerful.

Sniper Rifles

Gepard GM6 Lynx

The Gepard GM6 Lynx, rather strangely called the "SA-50," is part of the final set of weapon unlocks. Combining the power of the M93 Black Arrow with the semi-automatic fire of the SVD, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It shares the Black Arrow's ability to mount three accessories, and can be fitted with a "high powered scope" which provides enhanced zoom, an "enhanced scope" which provides enhanced zoom and an illuminated reticle, a suppressor, and / or an extended magazine. The latter increases the capacity to a rather absurd 12 rounds.

The GM6 also features penetrating rounds which ignore cover: if an enemy is highlighted, they can be fired at with no regard for anything which is between Ajay and them.

Gepard GM6 Lynx - .50 BMG
Gepard GM6 Lynx in the store menu. The menu picture shows the barrel in the fully recoiled position...
...seemingly purely so that it still fits on the screen if it is equipped with a suppressor.
In the actual game, however, it is depicted correctly. Like Jason, Ajay does not appear to have mastered the concept of a suppressor.
When the GM6 is drawn, the barrel is locked in the rearward position as in the store menu; Ajay reacts to this by slapping the underside of the handguard...
...which causes the barrel to extend, Far Cry 2 rules of firearm care apparently being in force.
As usual with bullpup rifle reloads in videogames, reloading the GM6 requires Ajay wave it at the sky so the player can see what's going on.
An empty reload also warrants a pull of the flip-up charging handle.
Ajay uses the illuminated scope of his GM6 to sight up a passing Tibetan Overacting Wolf.

Remington 700 Export

The "M-700" sniper rifle is a Remington 700 Export. The weapon has the correct five-round capacity, though the extended capacity upgrade increases this to ten without visually altering the weapon. It is the second sniper rifle to unlock, and trades off a slower bolt-action fire rate for the ability to mount accessories, in particular that it can use a suppressor.

The Signature version, "Predator," is basically the same as the previous game's preorder version, equipped with a suppressor, variable zoom, illuminated reticle and a high-capacity magazine. Since the illuminated reticle and adjustable zoom modifications are now both implemented as the "Enhanced Scope" rather than being separate, mutually exclusive options, it actually has all the modifications the original "M-700 Predator" was supposed to have rather than the variable zoom not working as before. It lacks the old Predator's special paint options; more agreeably, it also lacks the old one's tendency to randomly turn into a standard rifle with only a suppressor and extended magazine. This version is unlocked for completing 4 Armed Escort missions.

Remington 700 Export with Leupold Mark 4 scope and Harris LM-S bipod - .308 Winchester
Remington 700 Export in the store menu.
"Predator" Signature variant in the store menu.
Ajay sneaks through the next-gen lighting, armed with a fully kitted-out Remington 700 Export.
He then ruins things by shoving a clipping error full of nothing into the underside of it.
Ajay uses the "Predator" Signature version as he stops the Royal Army from blowing up a temple by blowing it up first.
Encountering a group of radioactive ghosts who survived Far Cry 3, Ajay warily reloads his "Predator."
Both Remington variants use the same scope reticle; this is the illuminated version used by the "Predator" and optional for the normal version.

SVD Dragunov

The SVD Dragunov is the first sniper rifle available and is among the first batch of weapons to unlock at the store; it is used by every sniper in the South. As in Far Cry 3, it has a very short barrel, a half-loaded 5-round magazine, a left-handed receiver, and cannot accept accessories. It defaults to a colour scheme which suggests synthetic furnishings, but these furnishings are shaped like the standard wood ones; using the wood paint scheme turns it into a completely ordinary SVD.

SVD Dragunov - 7.62x54mm R
SVD, later production model with synthetic furniture - 7.62x54mm R
SVD Dragunov in the store menu. Note the complete lie about the weapon's capacity.
Ajay holds his SVD as he looks over the valley below; it has apparently been attacked by some string since Far Cry 3. Note the watch on Ajay's left wrist; this is visible when holding some weapons, and actually shows the current in-game time.
Ajay reloads his SVD. Apparently the five missing rounds in the magazine are the ones at the top, and the spring hasn't noticed yet.
As in Far Cry 3, the scope is a mostly-accurate PSO-1 reticle, only missing the ground line for the stadiametric rangefinder.

Zastava M93 Black Arrow

The "Z93" is a Zastava M93 Black Arrow sniper rifle. It is first unlocked during the first mission for Willis, where one is given to the player for free to cover Willis from an airport's control tower, and following this it is used by snipers in Willis' missions and becomes the standard weapon for enemy snipers in the North. As before it can mount a suppressor which renders the weapon as quiet as a handheld crossbow despite it being an enormous .50 BMG rifle which can kill a bear in one shot.

The "AMR" ("anti-materiel rifle") Signature variant sacrifices the ability to mount a suppressor in favour of explosive rounds, an enhanced scope and an extended magazine. The explosive rounds still do not visibly explode, but the damage boost is increased in Far Cry 4, changing the AMR from a gimmicky non-upgrade to a monstrosity which can down a helicopter in a maximum of two rounds. Predictably, the AMR will damage the skin of most smaller animals. It is unlocked, rather strangely, by liberating all but one of the 24 Outposts in Kyrat.

Like the GM6 Lynx, both M93 variants fire penetrating rounds which can ignore cover.

Zastava M93 Black Arrow - .50 BMG
Zastava M93 Black Arrow in the store menu.
"AMR" Signature variant in the store menu.
Ajay holds an M93 Black Arrow with a suppressor and enhanced scope as he provides moral support for a group of Golden Path rebels' futile attempt to destroy a honey badger.
Midway through assaulting a Bell Tower, Ajay operates the bolt of his M93.
Reloading the M93, he wonders who took the time to scratch a stylised number nine on the top round.
Acquiring the "AMR" Signature variant, he soon discovers why it takes so long to unlock.
Reloading the "AMR" shows off the new camouflage pattern.
As with the Remington 700s, both M93s use the same scope; this is the unilluminated reticle of the basic version given for free during Willis' first mission. Due to the M93's low rate of fire and this only being the normal non-ridiculous version, this helicopter is effectively a boss fight.

Machine Guns

Like the Call of Duty games tend to, all portable machine guns in the game are referred to as "LMGs" and use "LMG ammo;" two of them, the MG42 and PKM, are actually general-purpose machine guns, firing non-interchangeable full-sized rifle rounds rather than intermediate rounds.

FN Minimi

The same bizarre fictional FN Minimi variant from Far Cry 3 returns to puzzle and horrify in equal portions as the "MKG." Unlocking only in the North (though it may be possible to unlock it early if Amita's mission at the brick factory is chosen), it can mount up to two accessories, and is one of the few weapons which can use the ACOG scope as well as the normal reflex optics. Seemingly in an attempt to give it reloading speed comparable to the Ultimax 100, the Far Cry 3 team created a truly bizarre weapon which features a box magazine which feeds into the STANAG adaptor, replacing the normal belt feed opening with a left-handed charging handle. As before the rear sight always shown raised for indirect fire, but the gun shoots straight ahead when the iron sights are used instead of into the air as it should.

The Signature version, "Ripper," fixes the old Ripper's issue of mounting an inferior scope to the normal version, now having an ACOG scope. As before, it features reduced recoil, improved accuracy and damage, and has an extended magazine. Unlocking it requires the somewhat non-trivial task of conquering all four Fortresses in the game.

M249 SAW paratrooper version with 200 round ammo drum - 5.56x45mm
This is why we can't have nice things.
As is this.
Ajay finds himself momentarily distracted from the hideous sight of his "MKG" by the diabolical activities of the dreaded Burgle Bird.
Ambushed by Royal Army soldiers, Ajay does his best to kill them off before they see what he's armed with.
Reloading the MKG is just as confusing a procedure as it ever was, Ajay tossing the old box magazine like he's afraid it's going to explode and then inserting the new one.
The "Ripper" version is just as gaudy as before; due to the presence of the easier to get and vastly more ridiculous Buzzsaw, there is now very little reason to actually use it.
Ajay clicks a new magazine into his abomination.


A custom handheld MG42 with a side-mounted grip and no stock is the final machine gun to unlock; it appears to be very loosely based on the M56 Smart Gun configuration from Aliens. Given the way it is held and the lack of a harness, it is unclear how it could be fired without swinging violently to the right, short of jamming the back of the receiver into the wielder's side to support it. It is seemingly fed from a loose belt since no ammo drum is shown on the model; by default this belt is 100 rounds. It can mount up to two accessories, one from the optics category (including the ACOG scope) and an "extended magazine," misnamed given that it does not actually use a magazine. This increases the belt to 200 rounds.

The Signature version, "Buzzsaw," is named for the real-life nickname of the weapon. Featuring a tube reflex sight, ridiculously huge 400-round belt and boosted accuracy and damage, it essentially breaks the game since single-tap bursts of aimed fire from it can easily bring down even a heavy soldier. This version is unlocked by deactivating all 17 Bell Towers.

MG42 Machine Gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser
MG42 in the store menu.
"Buzzsaw" Signature variant in the store menu.
An unsuspecting heavy discovers his PKM is no match for Ajay's MG42.
Later he holds a more kitted-out MG42 after abolishing an enemy checkpoint. Note that the iron sights are shown folded down if the weapon mounts optics, and like the TEC-9 the weapon grows a RIS rail if it mounts a scope.
Ajay reloads his MG42 as part of a spirited attempt to ignore the presence of annoying returning character Hurk.
Ajay holds the "Buzzsaw" Signature variant, accompanied by his eternal companion, the explosion. Note the absurdly enormous ammo bar in the lower right.
Reloading the "Buzzsaw." Rather than using a rather painstaking belt-mounting animation like the PKM, Ajay essentially throws the end of the belt into the weapon and slams the receiver cover shut as if he is afraid snakes are about to escape from it.


The custom PKM from Far Cry 3 with a Blackheart International railed handguard, foregrip, pivoting bipod and completely pointless folding stock is the first machine gun to unlock, and is used by Heavy soldiers in both the South and North. As before, despite its numerous tacticool modifications, it cannot actually mount any accessories.

A Signature version called "Driller" was available as part of the "Driller Pack" with Gamestop pre-orders, mounting a tube reflex optic; this version is unlocked at the store for free if the "Hurk Deluxe Pack" DLC is purchased. It features an extended magazine and improved reload speed, damage and accuracy.

PKM with Blackheart International SOPMOD kit - 7.62x54mmR
PKM in the store menu. Note the very short belt hangs over the side of the belt box rather than coming out of it; this does not happen during actual gameplay. In addition, the RIS handguard is mounted too far back, which results in the foregrip being positioned where it would be difficult to actually reach around the belt box with the PKM shouldered.
"Driller" Signature version in the store menu. Note that it is shown here with a front sight, which is removed on the player model. In spite of the weapon's description, the Driller does not actually appear to be able to fire through walls.
Up in the Himalayas, Ajay realises that a big gun may not in fact solve his currently stupidity-induced problem.
Having concluded the laborious process of reloading the PKM, Ajay gives the charging handle a pull.
Ajay opens fire with the "Driller" variant; note the missing front sight.
Assaulted by random clouds of dust, he takes a moment to reload. The Signature weapons with faster reloads use the standard reloading animations sped up; in this case, Ajay appears to have injected himself with several gallons of coffee.

STK Ultimax 100 Mark 3

A Mark 3 Ultimax 100 light machine gun called the "U100" is the second to unlock, and can be fitted with one modification, either one of two open reflex optics, a tube reflex sight, or an extended magazine. As before, it fires more slowly than the PKM, but is more accurate; rather than doing more damage as in Far Cry 3, it simply does exactly the same amount, which is still rather unlikely given the PKM uses the much more powerful 7.62x54mm round.

CIS Ultimax 100 Mark 3 with magazine removed - 5.56x45mm NATO
Ultimax 100 Mark 3 in the store menu.
Ajay holds his scoped Ultimax 100 as he goes in search of something to shoot with it.
Having clearly succeeded, he reloads his Ultimax 100; as before, the drum is perfectly round, with no opening in the top to explain how rounds are supposed to actually get into the weapon.


Carl Gustav M3

The selection icon for the LK-1018 is a Carl Gustav M3.

Carl Gustav M3 - 84mm
The store menu reveals the "LK-1018's" attempt to disguise itself as something sensible.


The GM-94, called the "GL-94," is among the first batch of unlocks in the North. It is shown with a capacity of four rounds, meaning it always has one chambered; as with the Baikal, Ajay correctly operates the action after loading the first round when the weapon is empty, before loading the rest into the three-round tube magazine.

GM-94 grenade launcher - 43mm
GM-94 in the store menu. Note that it has a new rear sight compared to the Far Cry 3 version; this is shared with the M79.
Ajay holds a GM-94 as he views the results of a Royal Army soldier's unwise attempt to pet the Fire Bear.
Having had enough of the local evil birds, Ajay operates the action of his GM-94 after scoring a perfect hit. Note that there is a different model for spent grenade round casings, so the GM-94 no longer ejects unfired ones as it did in Far Cry 3.
Iron sight of the GM-94. As usual, it is not possible to actually use it for indirect fire, since it is locked in one position, and Ajay does not even line up the front and rear sights.
Reloading the GM-94; as before, Ajay flips the cover open...
...and inserts grenades into the magazine tube; if the weapon is empty, he will insert one round, pump the action, and then load the other three.

Harpoon Gun

A handheld whaling harpoon gun fitted with a pistol grip and side grip can be unlocked through completing the three "Hurk's Redemption" side-missions included with all special editions of the game and the "Hurk Deluxe Pack" DLC. It is counted as a Signature weapon, the only such weapon which has multiple paint schemes, and uses its own special ammunition. Rather disappointingly it does not often pin enemies to surfaces, instead combining the knockback of the double rifle with the ability to retrieve ammunition as with the bows.

Mounted whaling harpoon gun
Harpoon gun in the store menu.
Having earned his harpoon gun, Ajay takes it out for a spin.
Iron sights of the harpoon gun.
Reloading; the gun spends most of this animation off-screen, showing off a surprisingly accurate whaling harpoon with both a folding head designed to flatten and then open out when pulled on, and a loop for attaching a line to.
Hurk holds the harpoon gun after the first of his oh-so-wacky missions to find monkey statues, ignoring that the only inherently funny creature in nature is the lobster. Even the store menu is not on board with his attempts to call it the Impaler.

LPO-50 Flamethrower

The same highly embellished LPO-50 flamethrower seen in Far Cry 3, seemingly with a WW2 German gas mask container for a fuel tank, is available for free if the player chooses Sabal's mission to destroy an opium plantation, and is used by the flamethrower heavy soldiers first encountered during Willis' missions. As before, it is shown as projecting a stream of whatever duration the player desires, which the real weapon cannot do: the LPO-50 is a cartridge-compressed design which uses an explosive pressurising cartridge to fire the entire contents of one tank at a time, resulting in it having three 2-3 second "shots." Oddly, flamethrower heavies wear an M2 Flamethrower backpack along with it: there is no connection between this and the LPO-50, and it seems to be filled with dynamite given the spectacular detonation that results from hitting it.

LPO-50 flamethrower with backpack and tube, the real configuration of this weapon.
LPO-50 in the store menu; note the igniters at the muzzle, pistol grip and selector switch
Ajay finds himself questioning the local fashion designer's credentials as he attempts a mission to retrieve the skin of a crazed bull elephant using a flamethrower.
The LPO-50 allows him to discover the key weakness of bears: they hate it when you set them on fire.
Partway through burning down a drug plantation (this time without randomly generating dubstep music), Ajay reloads his LPO-50.

M79 grenade launcher

The M79 grenade launcher resumes its Far Cry 2 role as a secondary weapon. It is likely inspired by the M79 with a broken stock used in the final scenes of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, though it may instead be based on the "pirate gun" configuration used by US Special Forces; that version, however, has a much more drastically shortened barrel as well as a sawn-off stock. It features a strange rear sight which is apparently motorised since it flips up by itself whenever the iron sights are used.

M79 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
M79 grenade launcher in the store menu. For no obvious reason, "93" is written on the stock; if this is a year reference it is presumably to Arnold Vosloo using an M79 in Hard Target.
Ajay's apparent lack of fighting experience has surprisingly little effect on his ability to fire an M79 one-handed while flying a helicopter.
While reloading the M79, Ajay takes a quick look down the barrel...
...then inserts a rather oddly-shaped 40mm grenade and quickly snaps it shut.
Aiming causes some nameless force to flip up the rear ladder sight; it is unclear why this sorcery is invoked, considering the part of the barrel with the front sight on it is no longer part of the weapon.


Awarded for free for completing all four of Longinus' diamond retrieval missions (his initial missions do not count), the "LK-1018" is a fictional missile launcher loosely based on the RPG-29. The "LK-1018" consists of a launch tube whose design is a mish-mash of the front and back halves of the RPG-29, with a completely fictional loading method added behind the RPG-29's pistol grip, where the mid-tube connection between the two halves lie in reality.

By default it is very similar to the Carl Gustav from Far Cry 2, firing incredibly manoeuvrable laser-guided missiles. Purchasing the "L-CAM" alternate scope makes it somehow fire vertical-launched cluster missiles that are equivalent in power to mortar rounds, though firing this version without using the scope will fire a normal unguided rocket. When using the scope, the guidance works in essentially the same way, with only the missile's trajectory differing: the descending round will guide itself towards whatever the scope is aimed at. The scope's target circle will turn red and it will beep when a vehicle is within sight, and the target itself will be marked with a red diamond; it appears to mark enemy, empty and civilian vehicles, but not ones occupied by Golden Path rebels. Holding the circle over a target will cause it to turn green, with the tone becoming continuous and a "locked" message appearing; this does not seem to make much difference when attacking land-based vehicles or boats; moving the targeting circle away still appears to guide the round to wherever it is now pointed rather than the locked target. The L-CAM cannot get to the green "locked" state when aimed at infantry, but the target circle will turn red if it is pointed at an enemy soldier.

The missile fired with the L-CAM behaves completely differently if aimed at a helicopter, however; if it is fired with a lock, the round will home in on the target and hit it directly without splitting.

The weapon's name, per Longinus' tendency to randomly quote the Bible, is a chapter and verse reference; in the King James Bible, Luke 10:18 reads "And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven," referencing the alternate fire mode. This quote doesn't actually make a lot of sense (Satan is the one falling like lightning), Luke 10:19 would be a more appropriate quote.

RPG-29 - 105mm
"LK-1018" in the store menu. Several aspects of the RPG-29 are visible here: the trigger group, sight mount and front iron sight have been retained from the front tube, while the zig-zagging line from the back tube connecting the trigger unit to a box at the launcher's rear have been flipped to the front and apparently retained for aesthetical value.
Ajay holds his "LK-1018" as the game's tutorial messages helpfully tell him things he does not need to know.
Standard scope of the "LK-1018": using this will cause it to fire guided missiles which rapidly home in on the first thing in a line drawn from the centre of the crosshair.
With the "L-CAM" scope upgrade the "LK-1018" effectively becomes a totally different weapon, firing implausible vertically-launched cluster missiles that mirror the effect of mortar rounds.
The L-CAM also adds an additional circle to the crosshair. This does not seem to be a lock-on function; rather, the descending round will move towards whatever target is highlighted, with the circle turning red to indicate it is actually aimed at something. Pointing it at one of the target diamonds will result in it changing after a while to a green "locked" circle which does not appear to actually mean anything.
The circle turns white if the "LK-1018" is not pointed at a valid target, as here where Ajay's wrath has exceeded Pagan's.
The "LK-1018"'s curious reloading method is completely unlike any real rocket or missile launcher: Ajay removes an emptied "missile holding unit" and inserts a new loaded one, with a tiny missile within it.


The QLZ-87, for some reason called the GL-A87, is the final launcher to become available. Essentially a drum-fed M79, it is an excellent way to reduce any area of the map to smoking ruins, at a cost of doing similar things to Ajay's wallet when it comes time to pay for the ammunition. It deals less damage than the M79, though this can actually be a good thing since unlike the M79 it will not damage the skins of large animals. Rather than mounting a scope, it mounts an indirect fire sight on a side mounting further forward than the QLZ-87's normal scope mount; this features only the rear ladder with nothing to line it up with, and like the rear sight of the M79 flips up of its own volition whenever Ajay requires it.

QLZ-87 - 35x32mm
QLZ-87 in the store menu.
Ajay holds a QLZ-87 as he assaults an enemy position; note the coiled cable which leads to the iron sight for no readily apparent reason.
Though it is possible it powers the magic iron sight motor. As with the M79 and GM-94, this is seemingly just a viewing window, since there is no front sight associated with it.
Reloading; Ajay tilts the QLZ-87 upwards for this.


The RPG-7 is the most common anti-vehicle weapon in the game; part of the first batch of unlocks, it is easily obtained for free from rocket launcher "snipers" in the North or weapon caches. The RPG will destroy virtually anything in the game in one shot and will result in a damaged skin from any animal it is fired at, something even the grenade launchers do not do.

RPG-7V1 with PGO-7 scope - 40mm
RPG-7 in the store menu.
Ajay holds an RPG-7 as he takes part in an exciting mission of standing around until the enemy bother to show up.
Every vehicle in the game only allows use of sidearms while driving. But an elephant isn't a vehicle, is it?
Ajay's attempts to defend the temple using explosions continue, unfettered by such minor concerns as enemy helicopters or common sense.
Assaulting the first of the game's fortresses, he takes a moment to reload. As before, there are no propellant exhaust holes in the "fins" at the base of the warhead, and the rocket appears to be missing the booster charge around the tail assembly, which would mean it could not be fired.
Ajay sights up a rhino with his RPG-7: sadly the patented Jason Brody hunting method is ineffective this time, since the resulting damaged skin is practically worthless. As in Far Cry 3, the iron sights are shown tilted to emphasise that the RPG-7 is on Ajay's shoulder rather than stuck through the middle of his body.



Ajay always carries remotely-detonated C4 charges in a special weapon slot; these are thrown with the aim button and detonated with the fire button. They are extremely powerful, able to kill almost anything with a single charge.

"You're going to do what to my house?"


Dynamite charges, still using what appears to be a reworked version of the Far Cry 2 pipe bomb IED, appear in Sabal's mission to destroy a disused brick factory being used to process opium; they are also used in Amita's mission at Jalendu Temple and her follow-on mission to destroy a Royal Army artillery battery.

Ajay sets the dynamite, visible to the left of his Ultimax 100; unlike Jason Brody, he does not feel any animation is needed for him doing this, simply making it appear in place in finest Call of Duty tradition.
He does, however, feel the need to gesticulate grandly after setting dynamite on the final Royal Army gun. "Gentlemen! Behold!"

Fictional Mine

The same fictional blast-resistant motion-sensitive mine seen in Far Cry 3 is available from the start of the game, seemingly based on an anti-tank mine since the tiny mine has two pointless lifting handles on the sides. The mine's designer was apparently not acquainted well with the concept of a landmine, since the mines emit a loud beep which increases in volume and frequency as the player character approaches detonation distance, and have a flashing light on the top of the casing. They can be destroyed with gunfire, but enemy mines are a rare sight in the single-player campaign.

Ajay holds the fictional mine, ignoring the useless carry handles, as he prepares to make the road outside the disused brick factory more exciting for the next person to come by.

M26 Hand Grenade

The hand grenades shown in the game are M26 hand grenades; they are used enthusiastically by Pagan Min's soldiers. Unlike Jason Brody, Ajay does not need to learn how to cook them, starting out with this ability instead.

M26 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Like Jason, Ajay has mastered the rare FPS protagonist skill of pulling the pin out of a hand grenade before throwing it.

Mounted Weapons

DShK Heavy Machine Gun

DShK heavy machine guns are a somewhat rare sight, with the majority of mounted guns in the game being the less powerful "MKG;" they are found more frequently as the campaign progresses, on ground mountings, boats and trucks, and they are always mounted on the trucks in the "Pagan's Wrath" convoys. They have infinite ammunition and are governed by a heat gauge, with progressively darker smoke coming from the receiver as they heat up. If one is allowed to overheat, Ajay will stop firing and pull the extended cocking lever beneath the spade grips, which somehow causes the heat to go away.

DShK heavy machine gun mounted on tripod - 12.7x108mm
In an ancient monastery high in the Himalayas, Ajay begins to suspect that the lack of oxygen may be causing machine guns to be mounted in less-than-optimal ways.
Firing the DShK at a suitably threatening tree; as before, the DShK is incorrectly shown using a belt with disintegrating links.
Ajay also shares Jason Brody's curious belief that a cocking lever functions as a manual override for the laws of thermodynamics.

Mounted FN Minimi

The same strange FN Minimi derivative used as the "MKG," fitted with spade grips, is also the lighter of the two mounted guns, and can be found in the same places as the DShK. As is common in games, mounting the MKG removes its need to be reloaded and instead makes it able to overheat; as with the DShK, this can apparently be remedied just by cocking it.

M249 SAW paratrooper version with 200 round ammo drum - 5.56x45mm
Ajay reacts to the mounted "MKG" in the same way most people would.
Giving up, he's soon using a mounted MKG to take on the myriad horrors lurking in the forest.
As in Far Cry 3, the mounted MKG's rear sight is raised high for indirect fire; the weapon would actually be aimed upwards if the sights were lined up like this. This obviously does not actually stop it firing directly forwards.

Mounted QLZ-87

During the later missions, mounted QLZ-87s can be found; one is always present on the highest accessible floor of Jalendu Temple. Like the other mounted weapons, they have infinite ammunition and are governed by a heat gauge.

QLZ-87 - 35x32mm
Ajay discovers that the ancient secrets of Jalendu temple include the power to make grenade launchers levitate.
Ignoring this, he is soon using the QLZ-87 to exact well-earned vengeance on the surrounding lake of evil fish. Note that the iron sight is always up on the mounted version; it also lacks the coiled cable from the handheld QLZ. Perhaps the magic motor was stolen by brigands.
Worried he may miss the giant lake, he gives the iron sights a try; the view through these is slightly different on the mounted version.
If the QLZ overheats, Ajay knows what to do, firmly grabbing the charging handle and pulling back...
...then smartly shoving it forward to banish the heat from the barrel. Presumably.

M120 Mortar

What appear to be M120 mortars are found at checkpoints and in emplacements scattered throughout Kyrat. They are relatively difficult to use since there is no tutorial for how they are supposed to work and unlike Far Cry 2 the weapon has no range indicator when not using the sights. Surreally, the sight appears to be linked to a geosynchronous satellite, providing a high overhead view. In the PC version this view was initially severely glitched if the FOV slider was set to anything but the default, creating an extremely high fisheye-distorted view that was practically useless, but as of the 1.5 patch this has been fixed.

The M120 fires an extremely powerful submunition round seemingly based around the same non-conservation-of-mass technology usually seen in videogame depictions of white phosphorous; this rains bomblets over a wide area and can destroy anything it hits. To make enemy mortars less frustrating than their hard-to-find Far Cry 2 counterparts, there is now an indicator similar to the grenade indicator for incoming mortar rounds, and enemies will loudly declare "I'm going for the mortar!" to nobody in particular if they intend to use one.

M120 Mortar - 120mm
Journeying through an unexplored map area, Ajay finds his wishes for more firepower suddenly granted.
Getting on the mortar results in this view; unlike Far Cry 2, there is no means of discerning range outside of guessing without using the sights.
Ajay hefts a round into the M120.
The rounds detonate some distance above the ground. At full size, the submunitions are clearly visible below the black smoke from the bursting charge; their path does not correspond to the trails from the burst above.
The results are fairly impressive, even dealing with the might of an enemy poster. The M120 in Far Cry 4 has a minimum range, though it is unrealistically short; the real weapon's is around 200 yards.
Using the scope switches to a view from a passing satellite in a manner the game does not even attempt to explain; this has a range indicator in the lower left...
...though since the round always explodes over the dead centre of the crosshair, it is not particularly clear what the indicator is actually for.
Prior to the 1.05 PC patch, altering the FOV slider would require aiming the mortar using whatever this is.

M230 Chain Gun

Enemy helicopters encountered in singleplayer are occasionally seen with an M230 Chain Gun mounted on their underside.

Hughes / Alliant Techsystems M230 chain gun - 30x113mm B
Following Ajay's complete failure to stealthily assault the first Fortress, a Royal Army transport helicopter sweeps in, firing its chin-mounted M230.

S-23 Towed Gun

During one of the later Golden Path missions, Amita's mission requires Ajay to capture a battery of Soviet S-23 heavy guns which the Royal Army are using to bombard the town of Utkarsh, so that they can be disabled by Golden Path sappers. They cannot be used by the player.

Soviet S-23 gun in Saint Petersburg Artillery Museum - 180mm
Ajay looks up at one of the Royal Army S-23s as he wonders just how they got three 21-ton guns halfway up a mountain without anyone noticing until they actually opened fire.
Ignoring this radical new work in the field of allied incompetence, he's soon fought his way to the second gun in the battery.
Ajay looks over the wreckage of one of the guns following a Golden Path saboteur's destruction of both it and himself.

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