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Batman: Arkham City

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Batman: Arkham City
Front cover page
Release Date: 2011
Developer: Rocksteady Studios, Feral Interactive (Mac OS X)
Publisher: DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Games, Feral Interactive (Mac OS X)
Series: Batman
Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Wii U, IOS
Genre: Stealth, action adventure

Batman: Arkham City is the sequel to the award-winning Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game takes place one year later, when the derelict "Arkham City" area of Gotham has been turned into a massive prison for criminals and psychopaths, with security provided by a PMC called "TYGER". When a speech by Bruce Wayne regarding closing Arkham City ends in his capture by the mysterious Hugo Strange, he, as Batman, must discover what Hugo's plans are and end them.

The game features new gadgets, Catwoman as a playable character, more challenging puzzles and additional optional missions. Mark Hamill returns as the voice of Joker in this sequel.

The following weapons can be seen in the video game Batman: Arkham City:

Sphinx 3000

Two-Face (voiced by Troy Baker) uses two Sphinx 3000 pistols, erroneously described in-game as .45s, when he is first seen in the courthouse. Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) is later seen also using one of these pistols, and Gotham City Police officers are shown holding them in the game's ending. An early screenshot shows that it was going to have a black finish instead.

Sphinx 3000 - 9x19mm
Two-Face aims his pistol at Catwoman as the game attempts to fit every courtroom-related pun in existence into a single cutscene.
Among others, Batman's shout of "Objection!" has Two-Face assume his best Phoenix Wright pose and "overrule" the vigilante with his handgun.
Somehow it surprises Catwoman that Two-Face has two of something.
Two-Face's pistols are also seen on the wall in the GCPD building.
A worse for wear Joker holds the Sphinx 3000.
Two Face holds a black Sphinx 3000 in an early screenshot.

Inglis Hi-Power

An Inglis Hi-Power is seen in silhouette on posters near the central "Restricted Area" of Arkham City.

Inglis Hi-Power - 9x19mm
The Inglis Hi-Power is seen on a TYGER PMC poster. Note the raised, fixed rear sight.


The Abramovici Twins have dual M1911A1 pistols tattooed on their chests. This is only visible on an unlockable concept art, in the actual game they have different tattoos.

World War II Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Unlockable concept art of the Abramovici Twins.

Deadshot's wrist guns

Deadshot, a minor villain encountered at the end of a side-mission, carries four fictional custom pistol-like weapons strapped to the backs of his wrists, fitted with large muzzle devices resembling suppressors. The weapons lack any clear mode of operation, being just recievers without triggers or visible sources of ammunition, and have no sights, Deadshot apparently being so good he doesn't need a reference point to aim them. The reason for this is explained in Suicide Squad: the man is an expert marksman who seemingly 'never misses'.

Deadshot with his custom guns in a game over screen.

Remington 870

The short barreled Remington 870 shotgun with a pistol grip seen in Batman: Arkham Asylum returns, and is seen in the hands of gang members, usually during stealth sections. A cop patrolling a captured portion of Penguin's museum called them "fully automatic assault shotguns".

Remington 870 Compact with Pachmayr Vindicator pistol grip and foregrip - 12 gauge
Immediately before the start of the first stealth section, Joker's thugs get the drop on Batman, one aiming his Remington 870.
Several Remington 870s seen on the wall in the GCPD building.

"Assault Rifle"

Fictional AR15-pattern rifles are used by criminals, undercover police, TYGER guards, and members of Aaron Cash's Medical Protection Team. These weapons are incorrectly shown with the right side the same as the left, meaning they have no ejection port or forward assist. They appear to be loosely based on the Noveske Rifleworks Diplomats seen in The Expendables, even featuring a rather exaggerated version of the Vltor VIS-1 upper's handguard. They also feature a slightly altered "compromise rail", which is a optional attachment made for the G36 family of rifles. According to Penguin, they fire over 100 rounds a minute (hopefully a fairly long way over, considering one could manually pull the trigger at around that speed) and are so inaccurate the shooter doesn't even need to try aiming; he incorrectly calls them machine guns. In the Harley Quinn DLC, the rifle receives a bit of a makeover via graffiti painted on it.

Noveske Rifleworks Diplomat with M68 Aimpoint red dot scope and Surefire M900 weaponlight foregrip - 5.56x45mm
Heckler & Koch SL8-6 Commercial rifle - 5.56x45mm. The fictional rifle's carry handle is copied from the one fitted here.
Returning character Aaron Cash shows off the rifle's left hand side...
...And its other left hand side.
The fictional rifles seen on the skills menu.
Another image of the rifle on the skills screen, as Batman reveals that the real reason he doesn't use guns is that he's just really bad at it.
Low-detail models seen on the wall in the abandoned Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) building.
The Assault Rifle in the Return to Arkham remaster. Yes, it still has the mirrored left side.

Heckler & Koch G36KV

While the rifle model in the game has changed, the icon shown in Detective Vision mode when looking at enemies armed with rifles is still the Heckler & Koch G36KV from the first game. The rifle also appears in early screenshots.

Airsoft Umarex "Heckler & Koch G36KV" with G36A2 carry handle and retractable stock - (fake) 5.56x45mm. The version shown in the game has a "C" carrying handle, but a similar stock.
The red icon to the right is identical to the one used in the original game.
A Joker goon holds a low detailed G36KV. This scene never appears in the game.
Another Joker goon holds a better detailed G36KV. Note the younger looking Batman.
A Joker clown takes a Humanitarian Aid doctor hostage. This seen is in the game, but takes place in the church rather than outside.
Batman, apparently angry as always, smashes a goon in the face with the stock of the G36KV. Note the black Joker goon on the left, the wooden baseball bat, also Batman cannot do this attack in the game.

Colt M4A1

Members of the TYGER PMC sent to apprehend Batman were shown using what appeared to be M4A1 rifles in the "Hugo Strange" trailer. These were replaced with the fictional rifle in the final game, though parts of this trailer are used in the animated icon for the game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 dashboards.

Colt M4A1 - 5.56x45mm
One of the PMC troops holds his M4A1 as he searches for Batman.

IMI Tavor TAR-21

Snipers in the game use a modified TAR-21 rifle with a massive, silly barrel extension which apparently turns it into a .50 calibre rifle without changing the 5.56mm magazine. This is an improvement on the preview screenshots, however, which had Batman's "Detective Vision" identify it as a "120mm sniper" (which would mean they essentially fire rounds meant for tank cannons). When used by regular enemies, they have red visible laser sights with the beam coming out of the barrel (!) that make a "laser" sound when the sniper is targeting Batman. The sniper Deadshot also uses the modified TAR-21 in addition to his four fictional pistols, despite the game acting like his rifle is extremely distinctive. Penguin claims that they can "blow a single hair off a man at 1000 yards" and if aimed lower there won't even be a head left.

IMI Tavor TAR-21 with Meprolight red dot sight - 5.56x45mm
One of the modified TAR-21s seen on the wall of the GCPD building.
The first sight of the Tavor-sniper-thing in the game is through the rifle's scope, an SVD-style reticle minus the stadiametric rangefinder and numbers. The green dot, as it turns out, is actually a laser sight...
...a smiley face laser sight, in fact. While putting a laser aiming module on a sniper rifle (or an assault rifle that thinks it's one) is generally a terrible idea, this is Joker we're talking about.
Batman uses his suit's Detective Mode, which apparently includes a portable ballistics lab, to scan the bullet hole. The text in this scene read "120mm sniper" in preview screenshots.
Seemingly Gotham City itself is rather less bothered by ballistics since bullets travel in perfectly straight lines there.
Finally locating the "sniper rifle," Batman discovers this makeshift remote control rig attached to it.
Despite Deadshot using the same TAR-21 as anyone else, the game acts like his one is unique; this includes his use of 10.36x77mm rounds, better known as .408 Cheytac.
Deadshot, being a comic book sniper, also does everything with four pistols strapped to the backs of his forearms.
The TAR-21 in the Return to Arkham remaster.

Steyr AUG

A Steyr AUG is shown on posters throughout Arkham City in the hands of a PMC soldier. It is shown with an extended barrel and incorrectly has a magazine added forward of the grip and a handguard added to the barrel.

Steyr AUG A1 - Austrian Army Version - 5.56x45mm
Batman admires the strange mutant AUG on a billboard.

Milkor MGL Mk 1S

A Milkor MGL Mk 1S is used by Two-Face in the E3 2011 video, and is used in Batman's campaign by Penguin; Two-Face only uses it when fighting Catwoman at the end of her missions. Like the TAR-21, the barrel has been extended, though not by nearly as much.

Milkor MGL Mk 1S - 40x46mm
Penguin reels, grenade launcher in hand, as Batman prepares to administer a well-deserved beating.
In Penguin's museum, this boney customer has an MGL of his own, posed as if the weapon is fitted with a foregrip even though the model doesn't have one. The button for this display case has Penguin claim that the rounds in the MGL weigh "three and a half pounds", seven times what the average 40mm grenade warhead weighs.
At the end of Catwoman's side-missions she has to take down Two-Face in a stealth section, the villain having replaced his pistols with an MGL...
...which seems to be loaded with old-school scrolling shooter ammo, given that it fires two rockets which orbit one another.
The MGL Mk 1S in the Return to Arkham remaster.

Mk 2 hand grenade

Armed thugs sometimes use Mk 2 hand grenades to flush the player character out of cover.

Mk 2 "Pineapple" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
In Penguin's museum, Batman encounters various cases with posed human skeletons, including these doing the Three Wise Monkeys poses. With hand grenades.

TS-50 Anti-Personnel Mine

A land mine resembling a flattened-out and oversized Italian TS-50 anti-personnel mine, with added flashing lights in case anyone has trouble finding it, is used by enemies in the later areas of the game. Penguin referrers to them as "a pound or two of C4".

TS-50 anti-personnel mine
Several belts of mines protect approaches to an underpass near the city Museum taken over by Penguin.
Penguin's skeletons act out a very strange game of baseball. As is often the case in fiction, the human skeleton in the two Arkham games seems to be fully posable even when all the stuff actually holding it together is gone.

M230 Chain Gun

Patrolling TYGER PMC helicopters seen over the city are armed with M230 Chain Guns on their undersides, equipped with searchlights. TYGER also use M230s rigged as sentry guns to protect fixed locations.

Hughes/Alliant Techsystems M230 30mm Chain Gun
Batman hangs from one of the TYGER helicopters, showing off the chin-mounted M230.
Later he comes across a TYGER PMC turret guarding a Riddler trophy.
It proves no match for Batman's new "Disruptor" gadget, however. Note it completely lacks a source of ammunition.

"Bat Killer"

Harley Quinn gains a new weapon in the Harley's Revenge DLC. Called the "Bat Killer", the gun fires rockets similar to the MGL Mk 1S used by Two-Face, only it fires one rocket at a time.

Harley Quinn with the "Bat Killer" in a loadscreen in the Return to Arkham remaster.
Harley holding the "Bat Killer" in the Return to Arkham remaster.
The "Bat Killer". Apparently the gun itself was made custom for Quinn and judging by the marking it is chambered for "Cal .44.", despite it being gigantic enough to chamber 40mm rounds despite that it fires rockets in-game.

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