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Baikal Pump Action Shotgun Series

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The first Izhmekh pump-action shotgun was the IZh-21, a clone of the Remington Model 870, introduced in the mid-1960s (circa 1964). According to current knowledge, this model was produced until the late 1970s only in very small numbers. The number of IZh-21 shotguns actually produced remains uncertain. The failure of the IZh-21 was largely due to the fact that at the time, in most countries (especially in Europe), pump-action shotguns were still unpopular for hunting. The demand for them as a military/police weapon, just as well as a for home-defense, also essentially did not exist yet. According to some information, there was also hope for export, but it collapsed with the outbreak of the war in Afghanistan. The access of Soviet guns to their biggest markets was closed, and, on the other hand, the arms industry got many new military orders. The civilian arms industry entered a period of stagnation which lasted until the mid 80s.

In the late 1980s, Izhmekh introduced the IZh-80 pump-action shotgun. It was special in that it could use two different magazine types: a standard 4-round (or 6-round with extension) tube magazine, or a 6-round detachable box magazine. The IZh-80 did not have a feed selector; by default, shells were fed from a tube magazine, and when the box magazine was inserted, the feed was switched to that. The IZh-80 was designed specifically for the Soviet military, and even put into official service. However, it was also produced only in small numbers, and when no further orders followed, it was discontinued.

The Baikal IZh-81 was developed in 1993, based on the IZh-80. It was the first Russian pump-action shotgun which went into mass production, to compete with other shotgun designs on the open market. The IZh-81 was mass-produced from 1994 to 2000. The IZh-81K and IZh-81KM variants were also produced, which were distinguished by feeding from detachable box magazines. Unlike the IZh-80 and MP-131K, the underbarrel tube on the IZh-81K and IZh-81KM was used only as a guide for the forend.

In 1996, the IZh-80 concept was "rediscovered" as the IZh-82 shotgun, more commonly known as the Baikal MP-131K. The MP-131K also featured a selector switch for switching between the magazine tube or a detachable box magazine. The MP-131K was introduced for commercial sales, but never gained popularity, and was eventually also discontinued (although it was listed in the catalog at least until 2006 inclusive).

The Baikal MP-133 appeared in 2000 as a modernized version of the IZh-81. It is similar to the IZh-81, but has an adapter for magazine extenders, and the magazine cut-off. Later, the Baikal MP-135 was released in 2013 as an updated version of the MP-133.

Please check the talk page for additional variants not shown on the main page.

Baikal IZh-81

Baikal IZh-81 in typical hunting configuration - 12 gauge
Baikal IZh-81 "Fox Terrier" - 12 gauge. This variant has the folding AK-74M buttstock. There was also a rare version with AKS-74 buttstock.
Baikal IZh-81 "Jaguar" variant with 560 mm barrel and a pistol grip - 12 gauge


(1993 - 2000)

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Caliber(s): 12 gauge (12/70, 12/76)
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs (2.8 kg) to 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg)
  • Length: 47.2 in (120 cm) (with 700 mm barrel and fixed stock); 31.5 in (80 cm) (with 560 mm barrel and folded stock)
  • Barrel Lengths: 22 in (56 cm), 23.6 in (60 cm), 27.6 in (70 cm)
  • Feed System: 4 round tube (7 round with extended tube); 4 round (IZh-81K) or 5 round (IZh-81KM) detachable box magazine
  • Fire Modes: Pump action

The Baikal IZh-81 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
Operation Happy New Year (Operatsiya 'S novym godom') Viktor Sukhorukov Killer "Jaguar" 1996
Ghoul (Upyr) Aleksey Serebryakov Vampire Hunter "Jaguar" 1997
Igor Shibanov Mafia Boss
Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki) Sergey Makovetskiy Koron "Jaguar" 2005
Aleksey Panin Sergey
Five Brothers (Comme les cinq doigts de la main) Patrick Bruel Dan Hayoun Sawn-off 2010
Smithereens (Vdrebezgi) Aleksandr Kabik bartender "Fox Terrier" variant 2011
Winter of the Dead. Meteletsa Khan bodyguards "Fox Terrier" variant 2012
Zombie Fever Alexander Levenchuk Pyotr "Fox Terrier" variant, used standalone and taped to an AKMS 2013


Title Actor Character Notes / Episode Date
Topi Maksim Sukhanov Vitaly Alyabyev/Owner without stock; "Transfiguration" (S1E05), "Redemption" (S1E07) 2021
Alexander Doronin Officer Kozlov without stock; "Redemption" (S1E07)
Ivan Yankovskiy Denis Titov
King and Jester (Korol i Shut) Evgeniy Tkachuk Jester (E05) 2023
Konstantin Plotnikov "Pigman"

Baikal MP-133

Baikal MP-133 with extended 6-round magazine tube - 12 gauge
Baikal MP-133 with pistol grip - 12 gauge


(2000 - 2013)

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Caliber: 12, 76 or 89 mm (3" or 3.5") chamber
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)
  • Length: 40.9 in (104 cm)
  • Barrel length: 20.1 in (51 cm) - 29.5 in (75 cm)
  • Feed System: 4 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine (up to 5 - 11 rounds with magazine extension tube installed); 5-round detachable box magazine (MP-133K)
  • Fire Modes: Pump-action

The Baikal MP-133 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
Paragraph 78 (Paragraf 78) Militia officer with pistol grip 2007
Bablo seen in bag with weapons 2011
Suicides (Samoubiytsy) Albina Evtushevskaya The Granny with pistol grip and 5-shot tube 2012

Video Game

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Yakuza 3 Broken M1985, Expulsion S-12, Zap gun 2010
Far Cry 3 "M133" with elements of a Remington 870 2012
DayZ MP-133 Shotgun 2013
Far Cry 4 "M133" with elements of a Remington 870 2014
Contract Wars 2014
Escape from Tarkov MP-133 12ga pump-action shotgun different barrels lengths, pistol grips and stocks, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8-round tubemags, rail for sights, muzzle devices, rails for tactical grips, flashlights and lasers 2016
Yakuza 0 Broken M1985, Expulsion Shotgun, Zap Gun Models recycled from Yakuza 3, becoming anachronistic due to Y0's 1988 setting. 2017
Yakuza Kiwami Broken M1985, Expulsion S-12 2017
Far Cry 5 "M133" with elements of a Remington 870 2018
Far Cry New Dawn "M133" Remington 870 elements 2019
Terminator: Resistance (VG) Remington Shotgun 7-round tube magazine capacity Anachronistic due to 1997 apocalypse 2019
Into the Radius VR "IZh-81" Various attachments, expand/constrict choke Actually an MP-133, base 4+1 capacity or 8+1 when upgraded 2020
Far Cry 6 "M133" Remington 870 elements 2021

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