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Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki)

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki)
Zhmurki Poster.jpg
Original poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Aleksey Balabanov
Release Date 2005
Language Russian
Studio STV
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sergey Aleksey Panin
Simon Dmitriy Dyuzhev
Sergey Mikhaylovich Nikita Mikhalkov
Koron Sergey Makovetskiy
Bala Anatoliy Zhuravlyov
Baklazhan Grigoriy Siyatvinda
Stepan Voronov Viktor Sukhorukov

Dead Man's Bluff (original title Zhmurki; also released in English as Blind Man's Bluff) is a Russian 2005 crime black comedy directed by Aleksey Balabanov. It depicts a story of two young but ruthless and ambitious criminals in Russian provincial town in 1990s.

The following weapons were used in the film Dead Man's Bluff (Zhmurki):


Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1

Sergey's (Aleksey Panin) personal weapon is a nickel plated M1911-style pistol that appears to be a blank firing Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1. Simon (Dmitriy Dyuzhev) carries a similar looking blued pistol. In the climactic scene a rival criminal Baklazhan ("Eggplant") (Grigoriy Siyatvinda) manages to get Sergey's pistol.

Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 with nickel finish - 9mm P.A.K. blanks
Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 - 9mm P.A.K. blanks
Sergey holds his nickel plated pistol when he and Simon visit the drug manufacturer known as "Doctor".
Another view of Sergey's pistol.
Sergey and Simon aim their pistols at Baklazhan.
Simon holds his pistol.
Baklazhan fires Sergey's pistol.
Simon reloads his pistol.
A close view of Simon's pistol. The external extractor and inscriptions on the slide match Umarex version of M1911.

Walther PP

Simon (Dmitriy Dyuzhev) also carries two hidden Walther PP pistols, fitted with drawer slide quick-draw devices, similar to the one in Taxi Driver. The pistols act strangely: each time Simon fires, the slides stop in rear position as if the pistols are loaded with only single cartridge, and Simon has to move slides manually.

War Time Walther PP Pistol
Simon uses his pistols to kill "Doctor"'s bodyguards. He made only one shot from each pistol, and the slides are in rear position.
A ring hammer spur is seen.
A good view of the quick-draw device.
Again the slide stoped in rear position after a single shot.
Simon manually moves the slide.
Both Simon's pistols are seen.
One more view of Simon's pistol.

Makarov PM

Makarov PM pistol is used by corrupted Militsia (police) Lt. Stepan Voronov (Viktor Sukhorukov). Some other criminals also carry PMs.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Three masked criminals fire PMs during the shootout in morgue.
Voronov fires his PM.
Sergey Mikhaylovich's bodyguard (Andrey Merzlikin) carries a PM.
"Brain"'s henchman (at the right) holds a PM.
Bald "Brain"'s henchman (Yevgeniy Morozov II) holds a PM.

Reck Miami 92F

Various criminals carry Beretta 92-style pistols. They appear to be blank firing versions of Beretta 92FS, most likely Reck Miami 92F.

Reck Miami 92F, black finish - 9mm P.A.K. blanks
"Executioner" (Kirill Pirogov) carries a Beretta-style pistol in the opening scene. The pistol seems to have the solid hammer that is typical for Reck Miami.
A petty criminal (Oleg Osaenko) tries to rob Sergey and Simon, using a Beretta-style pistol. It has wooden grips so it can be another version.
When "Brain" (Garik Sukachyov) and his henchmen appear, one of the henchmen (at the left) holds a Beretta-style pistol.

Unidentified Beretta-style pistol

Some characters carry Beretta 92-style pistols that are characterised with such features as round trigger guard, long hammer spur and the lack of slide mounted safety.

"Doctor"'s bodyguard 1 (Aleksey Sheludyakov) draws the Beretta-style pistol...
...and charges it.
Blured view of the top spart of the slide.
"Doctor"'s bodyguard 1 (Aleksey Sheludyakov) is armed with a Beretta-style pistol.
Another view of the same scene.
"Brain" (Garik Sukachyov) is armed with a Beretta-style pistol.
"Brain" holds the Beretta M1951 on the promotional image. On this image, this pistol can be clearly IDed, but it's hard to say is this the same gun that appeared in movie.
"Brain" aims his pistol. Note the rounded trigger guard and the lack of slide mounted safety.
View of hthe "Brain"'s pistol from the slighty other angle.
Very blured shot of the pistol.
The pistol is partly seen (under the brocken table at the bottom left).
The pistol can be seen at the bottom, left, lying in the blood.

Smith & Wesson 5904

During the shootout in morgue in the opening scene "Executioner" (Kirill Pirogov) uses a Smith & Wesson-style pistol as a backup gun. It appears to be a Smith & Wesson 5904. The same movie prop is later used by "Doctor" (Aleksey Serebryakov) and by Bala (Anatoliy Zhuravlyov).

Late Model Smith & Wesson 5904 - 9x19mm
"Executioner" fires.
A closer view of the pistol.
The pistol is seen better on a promotional image.
"Doctor" (Aleksey Serebryakov) has a hiden S&W 5904 under the table.
"Doctor" fires.
Koron (Sergey Makovetskiy) gives a suppressed S&W 5904 to Bala (Anatoliy Zhuravlyov).
Bala (at the right) holds the pistol during the ambush on Sergey and Simon.

Flintlock Pistol

A modern replica of Flintlock Pistol (most likely a Denix manufactured model) is seen on the wall in Sergey Mikhaylovich's villa.

Denix non-firing replica
A flintlock pistol is seen at the right.

Unidentified pistol

"Doctor"'s bodyguard 2 (Pavel Ivanov II) briefly holds an unknown pistol.

Bodyguard 2 (in red coat) draws his pistol.
Blured view of the slide.
The slight and ejector port can be seen.
View from the slightly other angle.
Bodyguard 2 aims his pistol.
Another view of the same scene. The character holds the pistol "gangsta-style" that makes the identification very difficult.

Arminius HW-37

In the climactic scene Sergey (Aleksey Panin) uses a snub nose revolver to make captured rival criminals Koron (Sergey Makovetskiy) and Bala (Anatoliy Zhuravlyov) to play Russian roulette that Sergey calls a "zhmurki" (blind man's bluff game; hense the title of the movie). The revolver appears to be a blank firing Arminius HW-37.

Arminius HW-37 - 9mm K blank firing
Sergey hands the revolver to Koron. The wooden grip is seen.
Koron holds the revolver.
Sergey takes back the revolver.
The revolver with open cylinder. Cartridges are seen on the table.
Bala with the revolver.


Baikal IZh-81

A Baikal IZh-81 with wooden furniture is used by Koron (Sergey Makovetskiy) during the ambush on Sergey and Simon.

Baikal IZH-81 with a pistol grip - 12 gauge
Koron examines the shotgun.
Masked Koron (at the left) holds the shotgun.
Sergey (Aleksey Panin) finds the shotgun in Baklazhan's room.

Double Barreled Shotgun

Two double barreled shotguns are seen on the wall in Sergey Mikhaylovich's villa.

Two shotguns are seen at the left.


Mosin Nagant Rifles

Two Mosin Nagant Rifles of unidentified version (most likely KO-38 or KO-44 hunting rifles, based on M1938 and M1944 carbines respectively.

Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.62x54mm R
Two rifles are seen over the fireplace.

Assault Rifles


A Saiga-M, semi auto carbine based on AKM, is used by Baklazhan (Grigoriy Siyatvinda) during the ambush on Sergey and Simon. In the scene in Baklazhan's room Sergey (Aleksey Panin) takes the gun and uses it against rival criminals.

AKM - 7.62x39mm. Saiga-M visually differs by the orange plastic magazine and the lack of slant muzzle brake.
Baklazhan (in the center) aims the gun at Sergey and Simon.
Sergey finds the gun in Baklazhan's room.
Sergey holds the gun after the shootout.
Sergey reloads.
A view of the gun from right side.


A guard at the gates of Sergey Mikhaylovich's villa carries an AKS-74U.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
A guard at the gates.

Other Weapons

F-1 Hand Grenade

When Koron (Sergey Makovetskiy) examines a bag of weapons, delivered by Baklazhan, he finds two F-1 hand grenades.

F-1 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Koron holds the grenades.


When Koron (Sergey Makovetskiy) examines a bag of weapons, delivered by Baklazhan, he finds an RPG-26. Baklazhan incorrectly calles it "Mukha" (the name of RPG-18).

RPG-26 - 72.5mm
Koron amazedly looks at the RPG.
Sergey (Aleksey Panin) finds RPG-26 in Baklazhan's room.

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