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Talk:Sherlock Holmes (2013 TV Series)

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Special Thanks

The idea and screenshots are provided by AVSniff, forum.guns.ru.--Greg-Z (talk) 10:38, 26 January 2020 (EST)

Additional Images

Webley .455 Mk VI

When Watson lays out his belongings in the apartments of Baker Street, he draws the holster with revolver from a bag and examines the gun (Ep.1-2 "221B Baker Street").
Watson takes his Webley when he hears suspicious noise from Holmes' room.
Morstan (Valeriy Zaytsev), a member of gang of cabmen, fires at Holmes and Watson in Ep.3-4 "Rock, Scissors, Paper".
Watson holds his revolver during the boat chase.
One of the former comrades-in-armes of Watson and Sholto checks Watson's revolver before the duel.
Sherlock Holmes-2013-E0304-WebleyMkVI-15.jpg
Lestrade examines Watson's Webley after the duel.
Gilbert Roy (Leonid Timtsunik) holds a Webley in Ep. 7-8 "The Mistresses of Lord Maulbray".
Elizabeth Baker (Olga Krasko) tries to grab Roy's revolver but he stops her.
Watson holds his Webley when he and Lestrade fire after escaping Roy.
Watson fires his Webley at a masked attacker in Ep.11-12 "Halifax".
During the chase Watson collides with a pile of junk and falls from the bicycle - but didn't drop the revolver.
Watson's revolver is seen during the ambush on the mint.
Another view of Watson's Webley in same scene.
Watson finds Holmes firing the revolver at the portrait of Moriarty in Ep.15-16 "The Baskerville Hound".
Watson holds his revolver in the scene in the workshop of a gunsmith, working for Moriarty.
Evgeniy Pavlov, a double for Andrey Panin who passed away before the filming was complete, holds a Webley as Dr. Watson on a production image.

Rast-Gasser M1898

Lestrade holds his Rast-Gasser during the arrest of the murderer (Ep.1-2 "221B Baker Street").
A member of gang of cabmen fires a Rast-Gasser during the attack on the coach of an Indian prince in Ep 3-4 "Rock, Scissors, Paper".
Lestrade with a Rast-Gasser and several of his subordinates with Nagant M1895 revolvers.
Lestrade holds his Rast-Gasser when the police appears on 221B Baker Street in Ep 3-4 "Rock, Scissors, Paper".
Thaddeus Sholto's revolver is loaded with Gevelot caps, used for pyrotechnical effects.
Thaddeus Sholto (Igor Sklyar) holds a Rast-Gasser during the ambush on gang of cabmen.
Sholto's second readies the revolver before the duel of Sholto and Watson.
Sherlock Holmes-2013-E0304-RastGasser1898-12A.jpg
Dead Sholto's revolver in his hand.
Lestrade (in center) holds his Rast-Gasser during the attempt to arrest Gilbert Roy in Ep. 7-8 "The Mistresses of Lord Maulbray".
Lestrade stands over robber Courtney whom he stunned with a police baton in Ep.11-12 "Halifax"..
Sherlock Holmes-2013-E1112-RastGasser1898-3.jpg
One of the robbers, corrupt Constable Fife (Aleksandr Baranov) fires a Rast-Gasser (instead of previously used Galand revolver).
Lestrade holds his revolver when he together with Holmes and Watson moves along the underground passage.
Lestrade holds his revolver during the ambush on the mint.
Mikhail Boyarskiy as Inspector Lestrade with a Rast-Gasser on a promotional image.

Reichsrevolver M1883

Lestrade with a Reichsrevolver M1883 in the scene of the boat chase in Ep.3-4 "Rock, Scissors, Paper".
Royal Navy Admiral Wills (Aleksandr Polovtsev) fires a Reichsrevolver M1883 at sailor Том Taylor who suddenly appeared in Admiral's office (Ep.5-6 ""Clowns").
Lord Henry Maulbray (Andrey Matyukov) plans a suicide with a Reichsrevolver M1883 in Ep. 7-8 "The Mistresses of Lord Maulbray".
Watson with Lord Henry's revolver.
Holmes holds Lord Henry Maulbray's revolver in Ep. 7-8 "The Mistresses of Lord Maulbray".
Sherlock Holmes-2013-E0708-Reichsrevolver1883-5.jpg
Another view of the revolver.
A masked person in police Constable uniform attacks a coach that Holmes, Watson and Jabez Wilson ride in Ep.11-12 "Halifax". He is armed with a Reichsrevolver M1883 and a Galand Revolver.
The attacker throws away the Reichsrevolver that ran dry and continues using his Galand.
Lestrade's aide Inspector Tracy (Anatoliy Rudakov) holds a Reichsrevolver M1883 in the scene in the National Bank. In next moment Tracy's revolver switches to a Reichsrevolver M1879 due to a continuity error.
Higgis (Aleksey Shevchenkov) puts a Reichsrevolver M1883 before Johnson (Semyon Furman) (Ep. 15-16 "The Baskerville Hound").
Johnson takes the revolver.
Higgis fires during the shootout on Big Ben clock tower.
He drops the revolver, being gunned by Watson.
Andrey Panin as Dr. Watson with a Reichsrevolver M1883 on a promotional image.

Nagant M1895

During the boat chase Lestrade's aide Inspector Tracy (Anatoliy Rudakov) and a constable at the right hold Nagant revolvers.
Most constables are armed with Nagants when police break in the club in Ep.3-4 "Rock, Scissors, Paper".. Lestrade's Rast-Gasser 1898 and a Galand in hands of a constable in center are also seen.
Gilbert Roy (Leonid Timtsunik) holds a Nagant in Ep. 7-8 "The Mistresses of Lord Maulbray".
Constable Gregson (Andrey Semenyuk) holds a Nagant at the right.
A police constable aims his revolver at Roy in attempt to stop him.
Spalding (Vyacheslav Ivanov) holds a Nagant when he escapes in the underground passage in Ep.11-12 "Halifax".
A Nagant next to the body of Spalding.
When Watson's Webley runs dry, he takes a Nagant of a killed criminal.
Police Sergeant Wilkinson (Leonid Maksimov) with a Nagant.
A trusted person of Kaiser Wilhelm (Aleksey Yanshin) holds a Nagant in Ep.13-14 "Holmes's Last Case".
Andrey Panin as Dr. Watson with a Nagant on a promotional image.


Perhaps the muskets should have depicted the Snider-Enfield, and due to the lack of something more suitable, they used it. --Slon95 (talk) 11:25, 26 January 2020 (EST)

It's possible, thanks. --Greg-Z (talk) 11:57, 26 January 2020 (EST)

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