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Outlander sega cover.jpg
Offical Box Art
Release Date: 1992
Developer: Mindscape
Publisher: Sega
Series: Mad Max
Platforms: Genesis
Super NES
Genre: Action, Driving

Outlander is 1992 videogame developed (originally under the title The Road Warrior) by Mindscape for 16-bit platforms. Two years prior to this, Mindscape developed an NES game based on Mad Max movies and wanted this installment as an update for 16-bit platforms, but Warner Bros. pulled back. Rather than cancel it, Mindscape chose to rename it and change a few details so that it would instead be its own IP. Despite these changes, however, it is fairly obvious that it was based on Mad Max and Mad Max 2 down to exact replication of shots and characters from these movies.

Note: The Sega Version uses the first-person perspective popularized by Doom in the same year, while the Super Nintendo version uses a third-person perspective.

The following guns were used in the video game Outlander:


Two machineguns are mounted on the main character's car, though they are never seen and it is unclear where exactly they are mounted (Most likely somewhere near the lights, like the custom machineguns in Goldfinger).

Car firing it's machineguns.
Car firing it's machineguns straight.
A motorcycle explodes after being shredded by machinegun fire.
The machineguns' muzzle flashes in the Sega version.
Typical result of using the machineguns in Sega version.

Sawn-Off Double Barelled Shotgun

As the game is based on Mad Max, the hero's main weapon is the iconic sawn-off double barelled shotgun identical to that one seen in the movies. It is used in the arcade levels as well as to shoot bikers who dangerously near the car.

Japanese-made airsoft/b.b. gun made by Hudson Industry Co. of Tokyo, modeled after the original prop used in the Mad Max. This replica had two editions; the more expensive one has wood furniture while the cheaper version uses plastic.
Aiming shotgun on the right side.
Aiming shotgun on the left side.
A missed shot.
A non-lethal shot on biker.
A lethal shot; the biker is killed or mortally wounded.
The hero ducks with his shotgun on arcade level.
The hero aims his shotgun at biker girl.
The hero fires his shotgun at biker girl.

Pump-Action Shotgun

A generic pump-action shotgun is used by a girl modeled after Nightrider's girl from Mad Max.

Girl aims her shotgun at hero.

Heckler & Koch P9S

The game's cover art depicts the hero as having a H&K P9S in a holster attached to his boot.

Pistol as it seen on cover for Sega Version.
Cover for Super Nintendo version.

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