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Mad Max (2015 VG)

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Mad Max (2015)

Mad Max is a 2015 action-adventure video game developed by Avalanche Studios based on the Mad Max film series. The game, which mixes Arkham-style melee and vehicular combat, follows Max Rockatansky (voiced by Bren Foster) seeking revenge on Scabrous Scrotus, a vicious gang leader who stole Max's car, the Interceptor. George Miller, creator of the Mad Max movie franchise, was also involved with the development of the game.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, Mad Max was the second-best selling game in the United Kingdom in its first week of release on the UK software retail chart, only behind Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which was released the same day. According to the NPD Group, it was the eighth-best selling game in the US in September 2015.

The following weapons appear in the video game Mad Max:

Sawed-off double-barrel shotgun

The iconic sawn-off double-barrel shotgun appears used by Max in the opening sequence, but is stolen along with his V8 Interceptor by Scabrous Scrotus. Max then acquires a home-made shotgun that initially only holds one shell, but can be upgraded with more barrels to hold a max of 4. The double barrel, referred to as "Max's Iconic Shotgun", along with Max's Road Warrior jacket and the V8 Interceptor, is then unlocked as a reward for beating the story and can replace the homemade shotgun in Max's arsenal. It has the highest damage and fastest reload, but only holds 2 shells, while the homemade shotgun can hold up to 4. Pinkeye briefly wields an extremely weathered sawed-off double barrel with a shell holder on top of the barrels when confronting Stank Gum, but does not use it.

Airsoft version of the Road Warrior shotgun made by Hudson Industry Co. of Tokyo, modeled after the original prop. There are two versions of this replica, one with a real wood stock and the other with a cheaper plastic stock.
Scabrous Scrotus, Immortan Joe's third son, holds Max's shotgun. Notice the dual triggers.
Max beats down Cock Locka with his shotgun.
Max reloads the shotgun after killing the last enemy with a 'gut shot' execution move. The black jacket is of course a reference to The Road Warrior, as is the design of the V8 Interceptor in the game.
Pinkeye converses with Max while holding her own shotgun.

Gutgash's Rifle

Gutgash has what appears to be a home-made bolt action rifle slung across his back.

The rifle slung across Gutgash's back on the right.

Webley & Scott No. 3 Mk 1 flare gun

The Webley & Scott No. 3 Mk 1 flare gun is a tool that can be used to call for Chumbucket and the Magnum Opus. It is also used during certain missions to mark points of interests.

Webley & Scott No. 3 Mk I
The Bios screen provides the best look at the flare gun's model. The No. 3 Mk 1 variant is pretty rare when it comes to media appearances.
Max about to fire the flare gun near the Gastown dump.

Homemade Shotgun

After losing his double barrel to Scrotus and being left for dead, Max conveniently finds this homemade shotgun buried in the sand nearby.

The single-barrel version of the homemade shotgun in the Weapons and Tools bio menu.

Homemade Sniper Rifle

After acquiring the necessary trigger mechanism, Chumbucket builds this collapsible sniper rifle for Max. "Leadslingers" (snipers) also wield similar sniper rifles throughout the game world.

A leadslinger's rifle laying on the platform as Max ponders why Avalanche Studios allowed Rico Rodriguez to pick up enemy guns but not him...


Another weapon constructed by Chumbucket for Max is the "Thunderpoon"---a homemade RPG-style rocket launcher.


Unknown Webley Revolver

Scrotus carries an unknown model of Webley revolver in a shoulder holster, but it is never used or referenced throughout the game.

The revolver under Scrotus' left arm.
Another shot of the revolver.
Another angle.

Stank Gum's Crossbow

Unlike the homemade crossbows used by other Wastelanders, Stank Gum's crossbow appears to be a purpose-designed model made prior to the end of civilization.

Stank Gum aims his crossbow at Max.
The crossbow hanging from Stank Gum's belt.

TM-41 Anti-Tank Mine

At least one mine field can be found and cleared in every region of the Wasteland except the Outer Graves. The mines, whether by intent or pure coincidence, strongly resemble oversized WWII-era Soviet TM-41 anti-tank mines.

Soviet TM-41 anti-tank mine
While building a sand castle in the Wasteland, Max inexplicably stumbles across an old Soviet anti-tank mine.

GE M134 Minigun

A GE M134 Minigun appears as defensive armament on the wrecked War Rig in the North Tunnel where Max acquires the final magazine upgrade for the sniper rifle.

General Electric M134 - 7.62x51mm NATO


History Relic Weapons

These weapons are seen on collectable History Relics and unattainable for use in the game.

From left to right: three AK-47s, two M16s, an SKS, and what could be a Gewehr 43.
An unidentified RPG-7 variant, three PPSh-41s and a PPS-43.
A girl with a hunting rifle that appears to be a Savage 16/116.

Flintlock Pistol

One of the decal options for the Magnum Opus features two crossed Flintlock Pistols on the roof.


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