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Kong: Skull Island

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Kong: Skull Island
KSI poster.jpg
Movie Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Release Date 2017
Language English
Studio Legendary Pictures
Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Captain James Conrad Tom Hiddleston
Mason Weaver Brie Larson
Packard Samuel L. Jackson
Bill Randa John Goodman
Earl Cole Shea Whigham
Lt. Hank Marlow (young) Will Brittain
Hank Marlow (old) John C. Reilly
Gunpei Ikari Miyavi
San Jing Tian
Houston Brooks Corey Hawkins

Kong: Skull Island is a 2017 monster action-adventure film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The film follows a surveying team escorted by the United States Army sent to explore Skull Island only to encounter the titular creature, Kong. Set in 1973, nearly all the weaponry and equipment are from late in the Vietnam War era. The cast includes Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly. "Skull Island" is the second installment in Warner Bros.' "MonsterVerse", which began with 2014's Godzilla and continues with 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters, in addition to the 2021 crossover film Godzilla vs. Kong, which pits the kaiju against perhaps his most famous rival.

The following weapons were used in the film Kong: Skull Island:



Colt 1902 Military Pistol

LTC Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) carries what appears to be two Colt M1902 military pistols in a dual shoulder holster rig. He is seen pulling one on Bill Randa (John Goodman). The use of this pistol is an odd choice, since it was never adopted by the US military, and would be at least 45 years old by 1973, the time period for this film (although some M1911A1s, produced as early as 1924, and other designs such as the M1917 Revolver still in use were slightly older.) It is noteworthy, however, that officers often still carried their own 'unofficial' sidearms, even in the 70s.

Colt Model 1902 Military Model - .38 ACP
LTC Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) aims his Colt 1902 pistol.
LTC Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) aims one of his pistols at William "Bill" Randa (John Goodman).
Packard takes out the Mother Longlegs with one of his 1902 pistols. The other pistol is seen in the shoulder holster.

Colt M1911A1

A young Lt. Hank Marlow (Will Brittain) wields the M1911A1 pistol at the film's beginning. Some of Packard's men carry the pistol in holsters throughout the film. The pistol also is carried by the older Harlow (John C. Reilly).

M1911A1 - 45ACP.
A young Lt. Hank Marlow (Will Brittain) wields the M1911A1 pistol at the film's beginning.
An older Lt. Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly) takes out his M1911A1 pistol.
Marlow draws his M1911A1.

Browning Hi-Power

Former SAS Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) carries a Browning Hi-Power "Type 73" pistol in a shoulder holster throughout the film.

Browning Hi-Power "Type 73" - 9x19mm
Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) carries the BHP in a shoulder holster.

Mauser C96

A Mauser C96 is wielded by Gunpei Ikari (Miyavi), a Japanese Zero pilot, in the film's beginning. He only fires one shot before it jams.

Pre-War dated Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" Commercial Version - 7.63x25mm Mauser.
Gunpei Ikari (Miyavi) fires on young Marlow in the film's beginning.
Another view of the pistol used by Gunpei Ikari (Miyavi).



US soldiers as well as some scientists are seen with the M16A1. Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) carries the M16A1 throughout most of the film.

M16A1 - 5.56x45mm
Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) holds the M16A1.
Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) fires his M16A1 at the creature.
The M16A1 is seen in the hands of CWO Glenn Mills (Jason Mitchell).


San (Jing Tian) as well as Captain James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) sometimes are seen armed with M16/SP1s. Conrad's rifle appears to change to this model instead of the M16A1 in various scenes. By 1973, the M16A1 would've pretty much completely replaced this model of M16.

The original M16, the first version, firing in a 20-round magazine, adopted in large numbers by the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam. This has the original 3-prong flash hider. It would later be replaced by the upgraded M16A1 - 5.56x45mm
On the left, San (Jing Tian) is armed with the M16/SP1.
Conrad with the M16/SP1.
A wider shot showing the right side of the receiver.
A closer shot showing the right side of the receiver.
The M16/SP1 is held by Major Jack Chapman (Toby Kebbell).

M14 Rifle

US Army MPs in front of the Capitol are seen armed with the M14. Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) also is seen carrying an M14 rifle, which in one scene mounts a scope that subsequently disappears for the rest of the movie.

M14 rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
US Army MPs in front of the Capitol are seen armed with the M14.
Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) carries the M14.
Hudson M14 with riflescope.
Packard holds the scoped M14.
Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) fires the M14 rifle.
Production image of Packard holding the M14 rifle.


Captain Cole (Shea Whigham) is seen carrying a AKM. It can be distinguished by the stamped divot by the fire selector and the ribs on top of the receiver cover. He explains to Bill Randa (John Goodman) that he carries this instead of an M16 after he took it off a 50-year-old farmer who fought for the NVA who had surrendered after his village was destroyed.

AKM - 7.62x39mm
Captain Earl Cole (Shea Whigham) carries an AKM rifle while explaining its story to Bill Randa (John Goodman). Note how it appears to have a slanted flash hider.
Closeup of Cole's AKM.
At the left, Captain Earl Cole carries his AKM.
Captain Cole (Shea Whigham) walking with his AKM. Note the stamped receiver divot and ribs on top of the cover.
Captain Cole (Shea Whigham) fires his AKM. At 5'8.5", Shea Whigham is one of very small number of actors that aren't well above the average height, so with his size the AKM looks fairly oversized in comparison to what movie-goers expect.

Machine Guns


The M60 machine gun is seen mounted as door guns on the Bell UH-1 Iroquois (nicknamed "Huey" due to its original designation, HU-1) helicopters. Later, Reles (Eugene Cordero) is also seen carrying an M60.

M60 machine gun - 7.62x51mm NATO
Reles (Eugene Cordero) mans the M60 as a door gunner.
The M60 is seen as the helicopter is confronted by Kong.
Reles (Eugene Cordero) fires on Kong with his M60.
An M60 seen on board a falling Huey.
The M60 is seen carried by Reles in the center.


The M60D Machine Gun is briefly seen door-mounted on other UH-1 Huey helicopters.

M60D machine gun 7.62x51mm NATO
A doorgunner operates his M60D on the Huey as Kong prepares to take it out.

Browning M2HB

One of Packard's men also is seen loading and firing a Browning M2HB atop an enormous Triceratops skull.

Browning M2HB on M3 tripod - .50 BMG.
Loading the Browning M2HB.
Closeup of the charging handle.
The soldier fires the Browning M2HB.

Browning M2 Aircraft

Both Houston Brooks and Lt. Hank Marlow are seen operating twin .50 caliber Browning M2 Aircraft machine guns that appears to be scavenged from the ball turret of an American bomber.

Browning M2 Aircraft .50 BMG
Houston Brooks seen operating twin .50 caliber Browning M2 Aircraft machine guns that appears to be scavenged from the ball turret of an American bomber.

GE M134 Minigun

GE M134 Miniguns are mounted on several Huey gunships.

General Electric M134 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The M134 minigun is seen before it is mounted on the Huey.
The M134 can be seen on a Huey as it approaches Kong.
The M134 can be seen on a Huey gunship at the left as it approaches Kong.
The minigun opens fire.
The gunship fires its miniguns at Kong.


Ithaca 37

Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) carries an Ithaca 37 throughout the film. One of the armorers confirmed this was the primary shotgun used throughout the movie.

Ithaca 37 - 12 gauge
Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) chambers a round in the Ithaca 37.
Houston Brooks wielding the shotgun.

Remington 870

During the sudden attack on the boat, as Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) reaches for his M16, a Remington 870 can briefly be seen in the background. One of the film's armorers confirmed the use of these shotguns while filming took place. Lt. Hank Marlow (John C. Reilly) appears to be holding one in behind the scenes footage included on the blu-ray release and Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins) is seen with one in a publicity still photo.

Remington 870 Wingmaster with 20" Home Defense barrel - 12 gauge
At the far right, what appears to be a Remington 870 shotgun can briefly be seen held by Houston Brooks (Corey Hawkins).


M203 Grenade Launcher

Slivko (Thomas Mann) is seen with an M203 grenade launcher fitted to his M16, which switches back and forth between an M16/SP1 and an M16A1 at different points in the film.

M203 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
At the left, an M203 grenade launcher is fitted to Slivko's M16/SP1.
The M203 is fitted underneath Slivko's M16.
Slivko (Thomas Mann) aims the M16 with the M203 mounted.

M79 Grenade Launcher

Captain Cole (Shea Whigham) also carries an M79 grenade launcher.

M79 grenade launcher - 40x46mm
Captain Cole (Shea Whigham) also carries an M79 grenade launcher.

M8 Flare Pistol

Packard is seen using an M8 Flare Pistol to launch a flare.

M8 flare pistol - 37mm
Packard uses the M8 Flare Pistol.

Orion Flare Gun

Mason Weaver (Brie Larson) uses what appears to be a Orion Flare Gun painted black to pass it off as a period correct flare gun.

Orion flare gun - 25mm
Production image of Weaver using the flare gun.
Mason Weaver (Brie Larson) fires the Orion that has been painted black.

M40 Recoilless Rifle

During the opening credits scene, stock footage of an M40 Recoilless Rifle mounted on an M274 Mule during the Vietnam War is seen.

M40 Recoilless Rifle - 106×607mmR with Remington M8C spotting rifle - .50 BMG
Soldiers man the M40 mounted on an M274 Mule during a battle.


M9-7 Flamethrower

One of Packard's men can be seen carrying and firing the M9-7 Flamethrower.

M9-7 Flamethrower
An M9-7 Flamethrower can be seen carried by a soldier.
The soldier raises the igniter.
The flamethrower is used by the soldier.

M26 Hand Grenade

In the face of one of Skull Island's giant "Skull Crawlers", Captain Earl Cole (Shea Whigham) is seen holding two M26 hand grenades.

M26 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade.
Closeup of Cole's AK and his M26 grenades. Note the grenade at the right appears to be a blue training grenade with the green paint coming off.
Cole flips the spoons off two M26 hand grenades.
Captain Earl Cole (Shea Whigham) raises the two M26 hand grenades.

M18 Smoke Grenade

The M18 Smoke Grenade can be seen on the Huey helicopters.

M18 smoke grenade - Yellow.
An M18 smoke grenade is seen hanging on the Huey.

M83 Smoke Grenade

The M83 smoke grenade can also be seen on the Hueys.

M83 Smoke Grenade
M83 smoke grenades are seen next to Mason Weaver (Brie Larson).
M83 smokes grenades are seen next to Randa (John Goodman).

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