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Hitman: Absolution

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Hitman: Absolution
Obal DVD - EU.jpg
Release Date: 2012
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Square-Enix Europe
Series: Hitman
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Genre: Stealth/Third-Person Shooter

Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Hitman: Absolution is the fifth game in the Hitman series, it is a highly contested entry due to it's many changes to the gameplay of the franchise and level design.

As far as weaponry is concerned, 47 can now dual-wield all Semi-Automatic Pistols/one-hand Submachine Guns (Revolvers cannot be dual-wielded) by picking up a second version of that firearm, this is the last Hitman game as of now with dual-wielding, 47 can freely switch between using dual/single pistols and detach/re-attach suppressors on the fly, Suppressors have reduced damage but higher accuracy (in addition to the obvious benefit of suppressed gunshots) when attached.

Hitman: Sniper Challenge was a short prelude sniping mini-game released as a pre-order bonus, however it is now included by default with the Steam version of Absolution but is missing from the GOG version, while it could arguably be considered it's own game, the fact it is incredibly short and only has a few weapons all re-used from Absolution, (With only weapon available to the player) means it has been included in this page.

The following weapons appear in the video game Hitman: Absolution:


American Derringer DA 38

The American Derringer DA 38 appears in game as the "Swiss Derringer." It is the weapon of choice for antagonist Blake Dexter's crippled son, Lenny "The Limp." On the mission "End of the Road", if Lenny is allowed to wander off, he will hide behind cover and begin to attack 47 with this gun, but he is a poor marksman and the player will likely not sustain significant damage. It can be collected and used by Agent 47 in Contracts mode.

American Derringer DA 38 - 9x19mm.
The weapons info screen for the American Derringer, complete with gaudy gold finish.
Agent 47 poses with Lenny's derringer.
Aiming the derringer reveals a long spanning desert and the rather useless derringer sights.

AMP Auto Mag Model 180

The AMP Auto Mag Model 180 appears in game as the "SA .44 Auto," and is the preferred weapon of psychopathic henchman Wade. A spider engraving is found on its handle, indicating it is Wade's personal weapon. 47 uses it as his starting weapon in the level "Birdie's Gift". It is also available in Contracts mode, where it starts out with a suppressor. This coupled with its greater damage and range, make it a decent alternative to the Silverballers.

AMP Auto Mag Model 180 - .44 AMP
The Automag's weapon info, note the spider inlayed into what looks like a mother of pearl grip.
47 prepares for a raid on the Dexter Factory, complete with an Automag.
Bedecked in riot-gear, 47 doesn't seem to realize he's brought the wrong disguise for this level.
More posing, revealing the rather nice detail put into the Auto Mag.

AMT Hardballer

Agent 47's custom AMT Hardballers (often referred to as the "Silverballers") makes a re-appearance in the game. In the storyline mode, the Silverballers are always suppressed with the player having the freedom to toggle between single and Akimbo handguns. The Silverballers can be customized in the Contracts mode with up to three different modifications simultaneously.

While unusuable in Sniper Challenge, 47 can be seen with his Hardballers in his holsters.

AMT Hardballer - .45 ACP.
The weapon info screen of the Hardballer.
47 scans through the greenhouse, a Hardballer in each hand.
He soon poses in the ever fashionable "gardener" disguise, complete with his signature Hardballers.
In the "Fight Night" Mission, if 47 disguises himself as his target's opponent, he has to turn his Hardballers in temporarily and retrieve them from the exit, seemingly the fact a fighter showed up with two suppressed pistols doesn't raise any questions.
47 uses a Silverballer with the Suppressor detached while he holds an Agency Grunt as a Human Shield.
47 holds a Silverballer while taking cover, intentionally or otherwise, the Silverballers are often unusually bright in dark environments.

Colt King Cobra

A snub nose Colt King Cobra appears in the game as the "Mustang Snub" and is the starting weapon for the Terminus Hotel level. It also is the standard sidearm for The Patriot's bodyguards in "Fight Night" plus a number of truck drivers and bar bouncers in the "Welcome to Hope" level. A special nickel plated version belonging to the corrupt sheriff of Hope, Skurky, is also present in the game, complete with sheriff's star in its wooden grip. This version cannot be collected during normal gameplay and has to be purchased in game for use in Contracts mode.

Colt King Cobra - .357 Magnum
The weapon screen of the Colt King Cobra.
On the trail of a lost girl, 47 goes full private detective, complete with a Colt snubnosed revolver.
47 soon realizes he's brought the wrong kind of Colt Snubbie.
Despite this set back, he lets the rain, trench coat and art deco hotel fill in the noir blanks.

Colt King Cobra - Skurky

And the screen of Skurky's flavor, complete with nickel finish and wood grips with sheriff stars inlayed in.
While attempting to complete a contract, 47 checks the sights of Skurky's Colt KC.
A nice pose, showing off the Skurky Colt's nickel finish.
Knowing that he has something to do, 47 and his Colt prepare to finish his job.

EAA Witness Limited Gold Team

The EAA Witness Limited Gold Team appears as the pre-order bonus weapon, the "Bartoli Custom". A flashy and already suppressed sidearm, it is only usable in "Contracts" mode.

EAA Witness Limited Gold Team - 9x19mm
The Limited Gold Team's info screen.
Given that he has a race gun, 47 puts it and his nerves to the test at the gun range.
A fancy tuxedo fits surprisingly well with the EAA Witness.
Following some shooting, 47 remembers he has some contracts to complete.

Ruger Mk II

The Ruger Mk II appears complete with a external suppressor as the "Krugermeier 2-2". What the gun lacks in power, it makes up for with a larger magazine size than the Silverballer and decent accuracy, though it can only be used in "Contracts" mode.

Ruger Mk II - .22 LR.
The Ruger's weapon screen, note how the suppressor seems to be threaded on the end of the muzzle rather than being an integral part of the gun.
After his job is done, 47 goes plinking with his Ruger.
The fading sun illuminates 47's suit and his Ruger's finish.
The same from the other side, Absolution goes the extra mile and renders both side of a gun rather than simply mirroring the two sides.
Rather oddly, the "Krugermeier" has no real mesh for being dropped, so if dropped will just stand on its suppressor rather awkwardly.

SIG-Sauer P226R

The SIG-Sauer P226R appears, called the "Jagd P22G" ingame. The base variant is nickel plated with wooden grips and is a common sight in most levels used by guards. A suppressed unit can be found in the Vixen club. Blake Dexter's secretary, Layla, carries a custom version that has soft gold plating upon the base scheme. If collected and used in Contracts mode, it will be equipped with a soft gold toned suppressor as well. The third version, is a highly modular version issued by the Agency to its operatives. This version is dark gun metal gray with yellow accents. It can be acquired and modified for the Contracts mode as a DLC, collected in the storyline or purchased ingame.

SIG-Sauer P226R - 9x19mm.
The standard nickel finished 226R.
47 chops down weeds with a different kind of weed wacker, a P226R.
Agent 47 poses for effect, letting the nickel finish flash in the sunshine.
Later on, 47 finds another lonely P226R.

SIG-Sauer P226R - Layla

Layla's mildly gaudy gold plated 226R.
Agent 47 aims Layla's 226R after "liberating" it from the owner.
The rather stylish suit of the penthouse security seems ill-fitting for the 226.
Again, note the very bright gold finish.

SIG-Sauer P226R - Agency

And then the Agency 226R which looks like someone doodled on it with yellow crayon.
After a rather hectic night, 47 takes aim at a vintage tractor with the Agency P226R.
He goes stargazing, showing the viewing public the slight external differences the Agency P226R has.
Again, now showing more of the P226R and the night sky.

Smith & Wesson Model 64

The Smith & Wesson Model 64 appears in game as the "Z&M Model 60". It is one of the preferred weapons of the Chicago PD, along with the Taurus 24-7. Blake Dexter's henchmen at the Terminus Hotel are all armed with it as well, and it is also the standard sidearm of the Hope Police Department and the officers at the Hope County Court House.

Smith & Wesson Model 64 Stainless Model - .38 Special
The Model 64's info, fitted with standard S&W wood grips with a T grip as well.
While doing some work in Chicago's Chinatown, 47 checks out a S&W Model 60.
He soon poses in the nice neon light, which reflects off of the Model 60's finish.
"Forget it Agent, it's Chinatown".

Sphinx 3000

The Sphinx 3000 appears as the "Swiss 3000" and has an incorrect 10-round magazine. The Swiss 3000 is a relatively uncommon gun in the game, only appearing in "The King of Chinatown" level in the hands of the drug dealer Snowman, carried by the bikers in the "Welcome to Hope" level and finally appearing in the gun shop in "Birdie's Gift". The Agency also issues a custom version which is carried by a limited number of its operatives, including Benjamin Travis's secretary Jade. Travis himself carries an unique version that has yellow grips with a soft gold plating. Travis's personal sidearm cannot be acquired during the story line and has to be purchased in game for use in Contracts mode.

Sphinx 3000 - 9x19mm
The standard Sphinx 3000's info screen.
After doing his job, 47 checks out Snowman's Sphinx 3000.
He's sad to find the finish is too dirty to reflect off of Chinatown's lighting.
Saddened by this lack of flashy finish, he continues on.

Sphinx 3000 - Agency

The Agency flavor, much more subdued than most Agency guns.
While tying up all of the loose ends, 47 checks a pair of the Agency's specific Sphinx 3000's.
He looks around, making sure no one sees him in the ICA's gaudy grunt uniform.
Knowing he isn't done yet, 47 and his Sphinx go to wrap things up.
47 fires dual Agency Sphinx 3000 Pistols with a cinematic Point Shooting Camera Angle

Sphinx 3000 - Travis

And then Travis's version, which he never uses but it's there anyway.
Going back to the past with a gun from the future, 47 checks out Travis's Sphinx in the prologue mansion.
47 takes the Sphinx with him, though not by desire.
Having discovered his main targets, 47 and the Sphinx go out for some work..

Taurus PT 24/7

Taurus PT 24/7's with stainless steel slides can be seen used by Chicago Police Officers. However Chicago PD are only allowed to use models from Beretta, Glock, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, or Springfield Armory and those firearms must be chambered 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP. Besides the Chicago PD, the PT 24/7 is used by Wade's henchmen in "Rosewood", the Hope Cougars in "Shaving Lenny", some guards in "Dexter Industries" and very rarely in the hands of ICA agents in "Operation Sledgehammer".

Taurus 24/7 (First Generation) - .40 S&W
The 24/7 in the info screen.
On the run and undergunned, 47 poses with some purloined 24/7's.
Out in the hot desert, 47 sweats in his suit, with another 24/7.
He looks out to the sky, with work to do and Taurus in hand.

Taurus Raging Bull

The Taurus Raging Bull is called the "Aries Charging Ram" in-game. The normal Taurus is only in two missions, carried by a few enemies in "Rosewood" and is found in the trunk of Wade's 1950 Mercury Coupe that 47 takes and uses in "End of the Line". There are also two special variants, one with pink grips found in "Birdie's Gift" and one called "The Absolver", the sidearm of Lasandra Dixon, the field leader of the Saints, can be collected, but the damage of the three weapons is the same. "The Absolver" is available for use in Contracts mode and features the ICA's logo on its grip alongside other custom touches.

Taurus Raging Bull - .44 Magnum.
The standard Raging Bull with a combination wood/synthetic grip.
While trying to find some fuses in the orphanage, 47 finds a Taurus Raging Bull instead.
47 and his Raging Bull stand in the desert, while 47 wonders on Wade's heavy use of velour in his Merc.
He soon gets on to buisness, he needs the Taurus to deal some justice.

Taurus Raging Bull - Pink

The "Pink" version, seemingly with purple grips instead.
47 wanders the gun range, complete with the shop's fetching Raging Bull.

Taurus Raging Bull - Absolver

And finally the Absolver, with silver inlay on the barrel and a black and white grip.
After working through the Agency's henchmen, 47 tries some target shooting with "The Absolver".
He strikes a pose, and we look at "The Absolver" and its fancy engraving.
With a beautiful night sky and his work done, 47 stares into the stars.

"Zenith" (Deus Ex Pistol)

The Steiner-Bisley Zenith, lifted straight from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, appears as the "Zenith" through a specific DLC. A very formidible sidearm, comparable to the Silverballers, it is only useable within the "Contracts" mode.

The Zenith complete with extra pointy bits.
Taking some time on the range, 47 and his Zenith breach one of the key rules of gun safety.
The magic of Contracts mode, a man in nothing but a silk bathrobe with a futuristic combat pistol at a South Dakotan gun range.
We at IMFDB are happy that the bathrobe is long enough to cover any or all naughty bits.

Submachine Guns

Brügger & Thomet AG SPP

The Brügger & Thomet AG SPP appears in game as the "Zug TMP." Its low damage is balanced out by its high rate of fire and ability to be dual wielded. A rather uncommon SMG, it's only used by some of Wade's men in "Rosewood" as well as the locked weapons area of "Fight Night". It can be collected and used in Contracts mode, where it starts out with a suppressor.

Brügger & Thomet AG SPP - 9x19mm
The Zug in all it's rail covered glory.
With a orphanage filled with bad guys, 47 decides to go full action movie, complete with two AG SPP's.
47 peers down at the SPP, noting it's lack of a grip with an oddly angular stock.
Meanwhile in Contracts Mode, 47 peers on a rare gathering of suppressed SPP's.

Heckler & Koch UMP45

A UMP45 appears as the "HX UMP" and is used by Chicago PD in the first act of the game, as well as various display racks in "Birdie's Gift", police officers in "Shaving Lenny", and is used by the exterior security guards in "Blackwater Park" with some of the interior secruity using suppressed versions. The Agency's version, called "Agency HX UMP" can be acquired and customized with a plethora of parts for use in Contracts mode. It is distinguished from the base version with its yellow accents. The Agency version isn't found in the storyline and must be bought as a DLC or purchased ingame.

Heckler & Koch UMP - .45 ACP
The standard UMP...
T-minus 20 seconds, 47 in complete SWAT gear prepares for a raid.
The UMP fits with the SWAT armor quite nicely.
47 with the suppressed UMP.

Heckler & Koch UMP45 - Agency

And the Agency version with extra yellow.
Having liberated it from its former owners, 47 takes his Agency UMP on a contract.
Before going on the job, he poses with his UMP, revealing the cosmetic differences.

ST Kinetics CPW

The ST Kinetics CPW. Exclusively issued by the Agency, with the controversial hitsquad, The Saints, being notable users. It's colored in standard Agency black and yellow and can also be bought and modified in Contracts mode.

ST Kinetics CPW - 9x19mm.
The CPW in the info screen, note the EOTech style sight that isn't on the in-game gun.
After his brief siesta is ruined, 47 and his newly found CPW's decide to get some revenge.
Fashionable goggles, fashionable vest, fashionable CPW.

Thompson M1928A1

The Thompson M1928A1 appears as a pre-order bonus weapon, as the "Bronson M1928".

The Bronson in all it's 11.5 pound glory.
Deciding that normal shooting sports are for squares, he decides to make it more fun with generous amounts of .45 ACP.
While he sadly lacks the proper tuxedo, the Thompson is still fashionable.
47 decides to rack up a better score and reloads his Thompson.

Assault Rifles & Battle Rifles


The AKMSU appears in game as the "AH 74U" with no S in its name, where it is incorrectly labelled as a submachine gun. It is the preferred weapon of antagonist Blake Dexter's factory security guards for all the factory sections, and is displayed in Dexter's penthouse in "Blackwater Park". It can be collected and used in Contracts.

AKMSU - 7.62x39mm
The AKMSU in-game, featuring an AKMS underfolder stock, quadrail handguard and C-more style red dot sight.
While making his way to Dexter's factory, 47 checks out an AKMSU.
Ever fashionable, 47 and his AKMSU prepare to enter the facility.

Beretta ARX-160

The Beretta ARX-160 is featured in the game as the "ARZ 160". An Agency exclusive weapon, colored black and yellow with ICA markings, it is seen in all the levels involving the ICA. And just like the other weapons in the game, it can be collected and used in Contracts.

Beretta ARX-160 - 5.56x45mm
The ARX-160 in the info screen, like the CPW it lacks the reflex sight in-game.
Working through a legion of ICA goons, 47 checks out a very tacky bus.
With a rude awakening plus an entire betrayal, 47 prepares to let out some revenge with the ARZ 160.

DS Arms SA58

The DS Arms SA58 FAL appears in the game as the "STG 58 Elite", equipped with a reflex sight. The "STG 58 Elite" is the standard rifle of Blake Dexter's factory guards, used in all levels including them, plus it can be found in the Court evidence room in "Skurky's Law".

DSA SA58 Para Elite Compact with magazine removed - 7.62x51mm NATO. The weapon in game is the full length version of this rifle.
The SA58 in the info screen, for the modern Rhodesian in all of us.
Having grossly underestimated the scale of Dexter's factory, 47 scans the outside with his American-made FAL, looking for targets to slot.
With stuff to do and places to be, 47 takes a strut, SA58 in arms.

Heckler & Koch HK416

The Heckler & Koch HK416 is present in game as the "HX AP-15". The "AP-15" appears commonly at the end of the game, in several displays in "Birdie's Gift", a suppressed version is used by the penthouse guards in "Blackwater Park" and used by the Tactical Team in "Countdown", and like all other guns can be collected and used in "Contracts" mode.

Heckler & Koch HK416 - 5.56x45mm
The HK416 in it's black rifle glory.
Given the ability to choose whatever gun he wants from the store, 47 decides to cheat at the shooting challenge by bringing a rifle to a pistol fight.
47 holds his suppressed "HX AP-15".

Sturmgewehr 58

The StG 58, the Austrian military variant of the FAL appears in the game as the "STG 58." While it's Elite version is commonly seen with guards, the standard STG is a bit harder. It's in the trunk of the car in "End Of The Road", in a safe in "Skurky's Law", one of the back corridors in the mine testing fields of "Death Factory" and in one of the backrooms of the Hope Police Precinct in "Operation Sledgehammer".

StG 58 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The StG 58 in-menu, for all your Fulda Gap defending needs.
With nothing but an empty desert, a '50 Mercury and some vengeance, 47 opts for the more high volume option.
No one to tell him otherwise, 47 decides to do some plinking with the STG 58.


Franchi SPAS-12

The Franchi SPAS-12 with a Benelli M4 Super 90 stock appears in-game called the "SPS 12" ingame. The base version can be found in Blake Dexter's Chicago penthouse. A special customizable Agency variant is also available, both in Contracts mode as well as in "Attack of the Saints" and "Absolution".

Franchi SPAS-12 - 12 Gauge
First the normal SPAS-12, which erroneously uses the same image as the Agency variant.
Doing some more work in Chicago, 47 decides to have some fun and dresses like a HECU soldier, complete with SPAS-12.

Franchi SPAS-12 - Agency

And then the Agency version, complete with a red dot you don't get on the model.
47 decides to weave through the Waikiki hotel, trying to keep his senses through all the colors.
Despite all of the colors, 47 decides to question the usefulness of surfboards in the desert, using his Agency issued SPAS-12 gun to make decisions.

Mossberg 590

A Mossberg 590 with ghost ring sights and wood furniture is seen in a pre-release screenshot and appears in 3 specific versions in game. The base version has wooden furniture, a well wornout tactical version is also present. A mint condition tactical version, suffixed "Police" can be collected in the storyline and used in the Contracts mode. The M590 is a very common gun, seen in the evidence room of the Hope Courthouse, back rooms of many stores and more. A suppressed Police version can be found in Blake Dexter's Chicago penthouse, while the weapon starts out suppressed in Contracts mode; making it the only suppressed shotgun in the game.

Mossberg 590 with ghost ring sights and speedfeed stock - 12 Gauge.
First the standard wood stocked 590.
Then the synthetic and heavily worn version.
And finally the nice and clean normal version, fun for the whole family.
A hotel filled with angry South Dakotan thugs, heavy rain outside and 47 and his 590 inside.
With little options, 47 decides to make Chicago a bit louder, using his 590 to assist in this effort.
Moping up a motel of mooks, 47 finds his suppressed 590 very useful.

Sniper Rifles

Remington Model 700

The Remington Model 700 appears in the game as the Ilyon R700. One of the first sniper rifles one gets, the Ilyon is a perfect way to pick off targets at long range if you can forgive its un-suppressed nature. The rifle appears every so often in the campaign, in the second story of the donut store in "Shaving Lenny", the trunk of the car in "End Of The Line" and the weapons locker in "Fight Club". The in-game name is probably a reference to Ilion, New York, where Remington was originally founded.

Remington Model 700 - .308 Winchester.
The Remington 700's menu, weirdly enough the rifle seems to be modeled with a WWII era Soviet PU Scope fitted on top.
Exploring the various buildings in Hope, South Dakota, 47 finds an unexpected gift.

Sako TRG-42

The Sako TRG-42 appears in the game as the "Kazo TRG" in three distinct flavors. The main normal version is in green paint, and is found on Snowflake's table in "King of Chinatown", the rear dugout in "Birdie's Gift", and in the tunnel opening of "Dexter Industries". The second variant is a black painted model, commonly fitted with a suppressor. This version is found in Lenny's room in Blake Dexter's penthouse in "Blackwater Park", in the Agency sniper position in "Operation Sledgehammer" and 47 spawns with one in "Absolution." The final version is the Agency model, which can be acquired by either buying the DLC or by completing the "Hitman: Sniper Challenge".

In Sniper Challenge it is the only available firearm for 47 and can be upgraded with a faster bolt, larger magazine and the magazine well to speed up reloading, it is the Agency version and is always equipped with a suppressor.

Sako TRG-42 - .300 Winchester.
The TRG-42 returning from Blood Money first in it's normal colors.
In a fitting outfit, 47 serves some .300 caliber food in green...

Sako TRG-42 - Black

And in a black paint job just like Blood Money.

Sako TRG-42 - Agency

And finally the fully modded Agency version.
And the Agency flavors.
47 with the Agency version in Sniper Challenge.
Looking through the rifle's scope.
47 reloads his Kazo.

Machine Guns

CIS Ultimax 100 Mk.3

The CIS Ultimax 100 Mk.3 is found ingame as the "Ultramax". The standard version can be found in the bunker in the Gunshop level and in Blake Dexter's Chicago penthouse. Dexter himself carries a cosmetically identical version, customized to have a higher rate of fire, higher damage and yet lower recoil. Dexter's Ultramax is usable in Contracts.

CIS Ultimax 100 Mk.3 - 5.56x45mm NATO.
The Ultimax'x weapon info, with a distinct lack of Mountain Dew Code Red.
And finally Dexter's version, which he uses but you can't really pick up in-game outside of Contracts.
Having found the Ultimax, 47 finds it a perfect time to pose with his trophy.
After this, he checks the sights, before trying to check out with it.



The majority of "Dexter Industries" and "Death Factory" feature a mixture of mines, real and fake, but all are unusable to the player.

While disguised as a guard, 47 browses the Dexter selection, including a M18 Claymore, the top section of a Valmera 69 and TM-46 and a TMRP-6 mine.
More of the same, the Valmera 69 model is re-used for other generic landmines throughout the game.
In the "Death Factory", there is a test wall filled with defective mines, including more of the same, plus an undersized M15 mine and a few mortar rounds.

Gun Shop

The gunshop featured in "Birdie's Gift" features a number of displays containing both real guns the player can use, similar models only used for decoration and more low poly models that are repeated throughout the game.

47 does some browsing, finding Colt revolvers that cheap is a rare sight indeed.
Many of the long gun cases include both double guns and in this case, the M590.
A plush case fit for a king, or in this case, a M590 and a Sako TRG-42.
A standard wall rack filled with various low poly models.
While on the main counter, there is a disassemble takedown M590 in a plush hunting case.

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