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Hitman: Blood Money

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Hitman: Blood Money
Official Box Art
Release Date: 2006
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos
Series: Hitman
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Playstation 2
Xbox 360
Genre: Stealth/Third-Person Shooter

Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth installment in the Hitman series.

The following weapons appear in the video game Hitman: Blood Money:


One of the changes in Hitman Blood Money is the addition of "Custom" firearms, 47's Silverballer, Tactical SMG (an MP5), SPAS-12, M4A1 and WA2000 can all be customized with a good few attachements for each, non-custom firearms have notably been downgraded to encourage their use, such as high recoil, low stopping power and undersized magazines.

Some of these upgrades function in weird ways; the player can purchase low-velocity ammo for every custom firearm except the SPAS-12, this makes the gun make suppressed gunfire noises (Despite the lack of a suppressor) and lowers the noise, damage and penetration power (Such as shooting through doors) of the firearm, Suppressors and Low Velocity ammo only stack negatively, using the type one suppressor for each firearm (which reduces but does not eliminate the audible noise of gunfire) combined with Low Velocity will not make the firearm any quieter but still stack the negative effects of both.

With the exception of the SPAS-12 (Which only has a Type 1 Suppressor) each firearm has two different options for a suppressor; a "Type 1" suppressor which silences the weapon but with a still audible sound effect if NPCs are too close and a later unlocked more expensive "Type 2" suppressor, which renders the firearm completely silenced to NPCs, the Type 1 Suppressor and Low Velocity ammo reduce the range at which enemeis can hear gun fire identically and do not stack to eliminate/further reduce the noise of gunshots.

Then there is a stronger ammo type for every custom non-Shotgun Firearm called: Magnum Ammo (Silverballer/SMG) or Armor-Piercing Ammo, (M4A1 and WA2000) this type of ammo can more easily blast through doors or even pierce through enemeies to kill several at once for higher recoil, while the low velocity ammo didn't reduce the sound when paired with a suppressor, despite unsuppressed Magnum Ammo having an audibly louder sound effect, Magnum Ammo has no adverse effect when paired with a suppressor.

This means a Type 1 Suppressor and Low Velocity Ammo is louder than Magnum/Armor-Piercing Ammo with a Type 2 Suppressor. (Despite the fact Low Velocity AKA Subsonic ammo in reality are ideal to pair with a suppressor.)


AMT Hardballer Custom

The AMT Hardballer appears in the game as the "Silverballer," Agent 47's signature handgun. While ostensibly chambered in .45 ACP, it is not possible to use other bullets of this caliber in the Silverballers (such as that for the HK USP in this game), since Agent 47 modified them to accept only custom ammo. The stock magazine capacity is 9 rounds.

There are a host of modifications available for this weapon, including two types of sound suppressors, a double capacity magazine, a laser sight, a longslide modification, a reflex sight, a scope, and a modification to allow fully automatic fire. A second "Silverballer" can also be purchased, allowing the player to dual wield them (though already-purchased modifications do not have to be purchased again for the second gun as they would in real life). The grips on the "Silverballer" are reminiscent of the Pachmayr American Legend grips.

AMT Hardballer with 5" barrel - .45 ACP
A near-perfect, firing, replica of the "Silverballers" from the Hitman series.
Two unmodified Silverballers in Agent 47's inventory. The engraving on the slide reads "Custom Slide .45 Caliber," with Agent 47's personal insignia between "Slide" and ".45".
Gunning down costumed Security Guards with two Silverballers. These variants have advanced suppressors, red dot sights, double-length magazines, and laser sights.
The unique Red Dot Sight of the SilverBaller, a small possibly unintended benfit of the Silverballer's scopes is that 47 will go back to using a single Baller until he holsters and draws it again, this basically gives the player a single Silverballer with double reserve ammo and no need to worry about the increased reload time of dual Ballers.
"I can do whatever I'm paid to."
Agent 47 takes centre stage with his "captive audience." This Silverballer variant is the longslide type with a scope, a laser sight, and a double-length magazine. For balance reasons, the longslide modification is not compatible with any kind of sound suppressor.
Dual Longslide Silverballers in the Inventory, the various rails for each customizable firearm to attach their scopes to (and handguard in the case of the M4A1) are seperate purchases and can even be attached to the gun without an optic for no effect.

Custom M1911

This customized M1911 pistol is referred to as the "Custom 1911," and it is used by Mark Parchezzi III in the "Amendment XXV" level and Alexander Leland 'Jack' Cayne in the "Requiem" level. The gun has a black finish and ornate engraved ivory grips, along with 3 dot sights, colored red. While it cannot be retained for use in other missions while playing the game normally, this weapon can be added to the player's collection by editing the save file, either with a hex editor or Action Replay-style disc on console versions.

While nowhere near as visibly customized as the AMT Hardballers in this game can be, this firearm is the most accurate handgun in the game, with its shots hitting the very centre of the player's crosshairs with no spread. It uses the same generic "Magnum Ammo" as the ingame Desert Eagle does, has a 9-round magazine capacity, and its shots can penetrate thin barriers or NPCs in a straight line.

Kimber Warrior - .45 ACP, the in-game weapon is similar to this, but minus the under-barrel rail and front slide serrations and with engraved ivory grips instead.
The Custom M1911 in Agent 47's inventory.
Everything needed for a Presidential assassination is in this picture--the assassin, the gun, the will to attack, and the opportunity in the Oval Office. Everything, of course, except the President himself.
"You don't want to kill me, 47. I'm just like you."
Mark Parchezzi III reloads his Custom M1911 in the middle of a shootout with Agent 47.
"It is said that the day Vice President Daniel Morris died, the sky itself wept for America's loss."

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle is found throughout the game, appearing under its real name. This handgun sports a chrome finish, and the ingame magazine capacity of 9 rounds implies that it is chambered for the .357 magnum round. It is the preferred weapon of many assassination targets in the game, from the gangster Scoop in the tutorial mission "Death of a Showman" to Vice President Daniel Morris in the "Amendment XXV" mission, and it is also the standard-issue pistol for the guards in the "Hell Club" in the "A Dance with a Devil" mission. Interestingly, this texture seems to be reused in another of IO Interactive's games, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

Desert Eagle - .357 Magnum
The Desert Eagle in Agent 47's inventory.
The Desert Eagle -- perfect for handgun hunting, especially if your "game" happens to be a "white whale." Here's one to make Captain Ahab proud!
Reloading the Desert Eagle, showing the detail on the slide. For a highly trained assassin, you'd think he'd have better trigger discipline.
The Desert Eagle and its ammunition sitting on a table.

Heckler & Koch USP40

The H&K USP appears in the game as the "SLP .40". It is the most common pistol throughout the game, and it is found in almost every level. It is used by the New Orleans Police, DSS agents guarding Ambassador Delahunt, US Marines, US Secret Service, FBI agents, Baltimorean gangsters, and private security guards. A suppressed version is carried by assassin Angelina Mason in "The Murder of Crows" and by the South African white supremacist Hendrick Schmutz in "A House of Cards". It has a magazine capacity of 12 rounds, and it is also the only handgun in the game to have unique ammunition pickups.

It is worth noting that while the name of the gun is the "SLP.40," its ammo labelled as .45 ACP, and then the after-mission newspaper report claims the rounds fired from this gun are 9mm caliber. The magazine capacity of 12 rounds, however, seems to confirm that the weapon is chambered for .45 ACP rounds.

Heckler & Koch USP - .40 S&W
A suppressed HK USP in Agent 47's inventory.
"Beautifully Executed."
Note: The above was an actual tagline used in the publicity campaign heralding the release of this game.
The HK USP sitting on a table.
Boxes of .45 ACP ammunition for the HK USP. Unfortunately for fans of this caliber, on average four or five torso hits are needed to down an opponent with these rounds ingame, making them resembling 9x19mm FMJ rounds' stopping power instead.

Mauser C96

The Mauser C96 appears in the game as the "WW1 Pistol". It is only found in the "Curtains Down" mission, in which an actor uses one loaded with blanks to "execute" the player's target, a famous opera tenor named Alvaro D'Alvade during a rehearsal of the opera Tosca. The player can swap the prop gun with a real one when no one is looking to cause a fatal accident, or commandeer the executioner's costume to kill the target himself on stage. The weapon can be added to the player's collection on the PC using a hex editor, or on the PS2 version by using an Action Replay Max CD. When you did that then you can take it in other missions to find out that there is a unique reloading sound but no reloading animation. It has a 9-round magazine capacity and uses the unique "Mauser Ammo," or blanks for the prop version. For some reason, the NPCs will never react to gunshots fired by the C96, be it the prop version of the real version. This may be due to the fact it is only meant to appear in the opera house, where people are expecting to hear the sound of the gun discharging since the execution is part of the play, or it may be a programming error. If taken into other levels via save editing, this effect persists. The lack of reloading animation and the fact that the sound of the gun firing is completely inaudible to NPCs technically makes the C96 the best assassination handgun in the game.

Mauser C96 - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Agent 47 takes a real Mauser C96 from his prepared jacket.
The Mauser C96 in Agent 47's inventory.
A night at the opera -- Agent 47 looking ridiculous in the executioner's costume, fake goatee and mustache included, with his real Mauser C96.
Doing it for the art -- Agent 47 puts a 7.63mm hole through this hebephilic statutory rapist's heart right on cue.
The C96 in the safehouse thanks to Save Editing.

Smith & Wesson 686-4

The Smith & Wesson Model 686 appears in the game as the "Snub Nosed". It uses generic "Pistol Ammo", has a six shot cylinder capacity, and possesses wood grips and red-colored 3 dot iron sights. Despite its double action nature, it is slow to fire and has rather low stopping power. This revolver is the standard-issue weapon for sailors on the Mississippi river steamboat Emily in the "Death on the Mississippi" mission, and it is also the personal sidearm of Don Fernando Delgado and actor Rex Stanton's drug-dealing agent in the "A Vintage Year" mission.

Smith & Wesson Model 686 with 2" barrel - .357 Magnum
The snubnosed revolver in Agent 47's inventory.
Assassinating a Gator Gang member with the snubnosed revolver.
Reloading the snubnosed revolver. Reloading revolvers is the only time (aside from working the bolt action of certain rifles) that shell casings from guns are seen in this game, as they don't appear when firing guns. Thanks to the engine's need to work on a wide variety of hardware, from the PS2 to the XBOX 360, the shell casings are very low-poly, and no speedloader or moon clip is seen. Agent 47 also incorrectly swings the cylinder shut with a flick of a wrist, even though he correctly pushes it shut with the Taurus Raging Bull revolver.
A sailor on the Emily with a snubnosed revolver, investigating the area around a dead body.

Taurus Raging Bull

The Taurus Raging Bull revolver appears in the game as the "Bull. 480" revolver. The in-game model of this weapon appears to be based off of the Model 480, which is chambered for the .480 Ruger cartridge. Possessing a six-round cylinder capacity of generic "Bull Ammo," it is used by various members of the Gator Gang in the "Death on the Mississippi" level, and is also the personal weapon of Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra in the "A New Life" level.

While a double-action revolver in real life (and referred to as such in the game), this high-caliber revolver is very slow to fire, but is one of the few non-customizable weapons that can penetrate thin barriers and even NPCs in a straight line. As with the snubnosed revolver, Agent 47 will somehow load all six chambers at once without a speedloader or moon clip, but does properly push the swing-out cylinder closed with his off-hand instead of swinging it shut with a flick of a wrist.

Taurus Raging Bull - .44 Magnum
The Taurus Raging Bull in Agent 47's inventory, showing the engraved text on the side and the (alas) fake compensator ports near the muzzle.
"No, don't, please! I'm a wealthy man, I can make you rich! What do you want? Girls, cars, junk, real estate? I got it all!" BLAM!
Thus ends the pitiful life of Lorne de Havilland, pornography tycoon and blackmailer extraordinaire, by one of the most oversized pistols in this game. The distinctive red-striped grip of the revolver is just visible above Agent 47's hand.
"My gun, where'd it go?! Oh, there it is."
"My gun, where'd it go?! Oh, there it is."
Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra, a paranoid former Cuban drug smuggler cowering in the Witness Protection Program, with his Taurus Raging Bull. How he routinely manages to lose track of a handgun that size in housewear that thin defies imagination.
"I can do whatever I'm paid to."
Agent 47 reloads his Taurus Raging Bull while using Vinnie Sinistra's drunken wife as a human shield. From this vantage point the engraving on the barrel is clearly visible, which reads "Bull .480" on the left side.

Smith and Wesson Schofield Model 3

The Schofield Model 3 revolver appears in the game as the "Six Shooter". This revolver uses generic "Pistol Ammo," has a six shot cylinder capacity, and has both markedly low stopping power and firing rate. Guests attending a wedding reception carry it in the "Till Death Do Us Part" mission, and it is also the personal firearm of the two targets there, Hank Leitch "Buddy" Muldoon and John "Pappy" Leblanc.

Smith & Wesson "Wells Fargo" Schofield with barrel cut down to five inches - .45 Schofield
The Six Shooter
The Schofield Model 3 revolver in Agent 47's inventory.
Firing the Schofield Model 3 in first-person view.
Buddy Muldoon celebrating his wedding reception with a few shots from his Schofield Model 3 revolver and a couple of cowboy cries.

M1911 Variant

An unknown M1911 variant appears in the ending cutscene of the "Curtains Down" level.

An unknown assailant prepares to shoot Agent 47 (who is visible just underneath the handgun's trigger guard). Agent 47 getting shot off-screen after this level is what precipitates the events of Hitman: Contracts.

Submachine Guns/Personal Defense Weapons


The Chilean sub-machine gun FAMAE SAF appears in the game as the "SAF SMG", and it is used by the Hacienda guards in the mission "A Vintage Year." It is largely similar to the Heckler and Koch MP5 in this game, albeit a little less accurate and uncustomizable. It erroneously sports a 25-round magazine (in reality it uses a 30-round magazine), and is chambered for generic "SMG Ammo" (most likely 9x19mm rounds).

FAMAE SAF - 9x19mm
The FAMAE SAF in the inventory screen.
Room-clearing a guarded suburban household with the FAMAE SAF. Notice Vinne Sinistra running in the background, did he lose his gun again?
Don Fernando Delgado's guards, one with an FAMAE SAF.

Heckler & Koch MP5

The H&K MP5 appears in the game in two versions. One is a standard MP5A2 (referred to simply as the "MP5") and is used by the DSS agents guarding Ambassador Delahunt, US Secret Service agents, and the Franchise assassin Maynard John. It uses generic "SMG Ammo" and has a 25-round magazine. Thanks to the buttstock, it is more accurate than most of the other non-customizable submachine guns in-game.

The other version of the MP5 appears as the "SMG Tactical," and can be modified with a large variety of accessories such as A3 and A4 buttstocks, an MP5K-style shortened barrel for more damage with less accuracy, laser sights, red dot sights, "jungle-style" double magazines, modified for an even faster rate of fire and sound suppressors. It too uses a 25-round magazine, despite the standard for MP5s being 30-round magazines.

MP5A2 - 9x19mm
MP5K "Reverse Stretch" - 9x19mm. This is a custom weapon created by combining an MP5K front end with a full-size MP5 receiver This results in an MP5K capable of accepting a standard MP5 stock, in this case an MP5F retractable stock.
An unmodified Custom MP5 in Agent 47's inventory. Essentially it is an MP5A2 without a buttstock of any kind.
A theatre worker getting his guts perforated with an MP5A2 at the Palais Garnier in Paris.
A Secret Service agent patrols the West Wing of the White House with his MP5A2.
The Franchise agent known only as "?" gets ventilated with Agent 47's custom MP5 after failing to seduce him. This variant has a laser sight, a red dot sight, clipped-together magazines, a shortened MP5K-style barrel with a vertical foregrip, and an advanced silencer. Thanks to a graphical error, the fire selector switch is still set to the "Safe" position.
Agent 47 with his Custom MP5. This is the "faux MP5K-PDW" configuration, with a skeleton buttstock, red dot sight, laser sight, clipped-together magazines, and an MP5K-style barrel with foregrip. Real MP5K-PDWs have a folding buttstock and a barrel that protrudes slightly past the vertical foregrip for easier attachment of suppressors or flash hiders.
A skeleton buttstock MP5 with one of the two types of suppressor.
An unusual sight as 47 can equip the MP5K-style barrel with a full stock, two things generally not seen on the MP5 together.

Heckler & Koch MP7

The original prototype version of the Heckler & Koch MP7 appears in the game. It is used by some of the FBI agents in "A New Life" and can be found on a table in the 'Torture Chamber' in "A Dance With The Devil". Possessing a 25-round magazine capacity of generic "SMG ammo," the retractable stock and folding vertical foregrip cannot be used, which gives a high amount of muzzle climb. These characteristics make it a rather inaccurate weapon despite the low recoil of the real-life version, which also uses 20- or 40-round magazines rather than 25-rounders.

Heckler & Koch PDW/MP7 prototype - 4.6x30mm
The MP7 in Agent 47's inventory.
Assassinating Mark Purayah II with an MP7 as the feathers fly.
An FBI agent with an MP7, leisurely patrolling a backyard pool.

Ruger MP9

The Ruger MP9 appears in the game as the MP9. It is used solely by the bird-suited guards in "The Murder of Crows" level, is chambered for generic "SMG Ammo," and has a 25-round magazine capacity. As with the ingame TMP and MP7, it is not possible to use the MP9's stock or in a two-handed manner. It is also the least accurate weapon of its class ingame.

Ruger MP9 - 9x19mm
The MP9
The Ruger MP9 in Agent 47's inventory.
Agent 47 assassinates Don Fernando Delgado with the MP9.
The MP9 sitting on a table.

Steyr TMP

The Steyr TMP appears as the "TMP." It is used by various guards throughout the "Flatline" level and is the personal weapon of Manuel Delgado in the "A Vintage Year" level. This SMG also appears in the tutorial level "Death of a Showman" but is not used by NPCs there. Like other weapons of its class, it shares ammunition with all other non-customizable SMGs, and has a magazine capacity of 25 rounds. Despite the vertical foregrip, it is not possible to use this gun two-handed.

Steyr TMP - 9x19mm
The TMP in 47´s inventory screen.
The Devil's own happy-happy-fun-gun (check the ammunition count).
Apparently someone got confused about the two kinds of "cleaning" tools here.


Remington 870

The Remington 870 appears in the game as the "Shotgun" it is used by the winery guards in the mission "A Vintage Year" and some members of the Gator gang in the "Death on the Mississippi" level. It is also placed in the tutorial level "Death of a Showman," but no NPCs use it there. It fires 12 Gauge buckshot and has an 8-round tube magazine capacity. This weapon's model is re-used in IO Interactive's following title, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men as James Seth Lynch's personal choice of shotgun.

Remington 870 Hard Wood Home Defense - 12 gauge
BloodMoney - Shotgun.jpg
Agent 47 aiming at a pensioner who's had too much to drink with a Remington 870. The side of the gun reads "Slug Gun" even though you can't use anything but buckshot in this firearm.
One of Don Fernando Delgado's winery guards with a Remington 870.


The SPAS-12 appears in the game as the "SP12 Shotgun", it can be modified with a large variety of accessories, such as a buttstock, an Aimpoint sight, a detachable box magazine and even a sound suppressor, oddly even if 47 shortens the barrel, he cannot conceal this weapon in his jacket, despite the fact a fully modified MP5 will actually be larger than the SPAS-12 with the barrel shortened and no stock attached.

The SPAS-12 has two different available alternative ammo types to it's normal buckshot, Flechette ammo, which lowers damage but has a much tighter spread, often negating the damage penalty and Slugs, which have more damage and range but in practice the Flechette shells are better in tight corridors.

Franchi SPAS-12 - 12-gauge
A completely unmodified SPAS-12
The SPAS-12 with a Suppressor, Aimpot and LAM
47 holds the heavily customized SPAS-12. This one with suppressor, Aimpoint and LAM.
47 holds the SPAS-12 in his hideout.
A SPAS-12 modified with the rail for a red dot sight (with no actual red dot added), an not very visible shell holder, which makes each shell 47 adds to the weapon during a reload add 2 shells speeding it up as well as an additional full reload of reserve ammo and a shortened barrel which increases damage at the cost of accuracy.
A SPAS-12 modified with a shorter barrel, a Shell Holder, a stock and a fictional magazine, the magazine increases the capacity to 10 rounds and while it makes the faster reloading of the Shell Holder redundant due to changing the reload animation, it will still gives 47 an extra magazine's worth of ammo.

Assault Rifles/Battle Rifles

FN F2000

The FN F2000 appears in the game as the "FN-2000." It uses generic "Rifle Ammo," and possesses a 20-round magazine capacity (despite being modeled with a 30-round magazine). It is modeled with a hollow carry handle in the shape of the original scope, meaning that the weapon cannot scope in with the zoom key. This assault rifle can be found in a security room in the "Death on the Mississippi" mission (a note attached to the rifle bizarrely justifies its out-of-place nature as a "gator hunting aid"), and is also carried in a briefcase by the CIA Agent Anthony Martinez in the "A Dance with the Devil" mission.

FN F2000 - 5.56x45mm NATO
The FN F2000 in Agent 47's inventory. It's odd that they found the polygon budget to model the unique casing ejection port (despite the fact that ejected casings are not visible when firing weapons), but didn't model the scope as an actual usable scope (which would make this non-customizable gun a more attractive choice).
Firing the FN F2000 at the Franchise assassin Maynard John.
Agent 47 poses for the non-existent cameras with his FN F2000.

M4A1 Carbine

The M4A1 Carbine appears in the game, it can modified with a large variety of accessories, such as a Beta C-MAG, a red dot sight, an ACOG scope, sound suppressors, and a vertical foregrip. It is the only assault rifle in the game that can use 30-round magazines - all others are forced to use 20-rounders.

Colt M4A1 Carbine with 6-position collapsible stock - 5.56x45mm NATO
The M4A1's in-game model; note the mirrored lower receiver and the solid stock with an inexplicable Heckler & Koch G3 sling bar.
A much more decked-out M4A1, with a more typical 6-position collapsible stock, a railed handguard with a laser sight and foregrip, an ACOG scope on a rather excessive riser, and a Beta-C magazine full of AP ammo.
The same gun in first-person...
...and in third-person.
A similar setup, made even more ridiculous by the addition of a suppressor and a long-range scope in place of the ACOG.
Another M4A1, this one fitted with with double-taped magazines (the non-inserted one showing that it apparently isn't long enough to actually fit into the gun, barely being longer than the exposed portion of the loaded one), a red dot sight, and a suppressor.
The M4A1 with the scope rail with no scope, which would probably make properly aiming the weapon very difficult.


The M14 is used by US Marines in the mission "Amendment XXV." The ingame model is restricted to semiautomatic fire, uses generic "Rifle Ammo," and appears to use a 10-round magazine, yet it holds 20 rounds.

M14, 7.62x51mm NATO
The M14 Battle Rifle in First Person View.
A US Marine patrolling the White House with an M14 Battle Rifle, little aware of the "threat to National Security" staring at him.

SIG SG 552

The SIG SG 552 appears in the game as the "SG552." It is chambered in generic "Rifle Ammo" and sports a 20-round magazine. This weapon can only be found in Mark Purayah II's office in "The Murder of Crows" level. This weapon is later used as the personal assault rifle of choice for Adam "Kane" Marcus in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

SIG SG 552 - 5.56x45mm
The SG552
The SIG SG 552 in Agent 47's inventory.
Agent 47 massacring a murder of crow-suited guards with the SG 552.
Despite the accessory rail and the fact that the engraving on the side reads "SG 552 Custom," this assault rifle cannot actually be customized.
The SG 552 leaning against Mark Purayah II's desk, next to some boxes of Rifle Ammo.

Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.I

The Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I can be seen in the "Curtains Down" level, it is seen being used as an opera prop and cannot be fired. However, by using a hex editor or Action Replay CD to add this weapon to the inventory, it can be used as a weapon. It uses generic "Rifle Ammo" and is fairly inaccurate, it is reloaded by swapping out the box magazine and the firing sound sounes less like a gunshot and more like a two metal objects hitting together. (which is probably a placeholder considering it's cut nature.)

Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I - .303 British.
The Lee-Enfield No.4 MkI battle rifle in Agent 47's inventory. While the game calls it a "Mark III" (presumably intending it to be a Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III, which would be appropriate for the World War I-set opera), the nosecap and rear sight peg it solidly as a WWII-era No. 4.
An opera actor at the Palais Garnier in Paris cowering with his prop Lee-Enfield No.4 MkI rifle. Only a prop gun would be light enough to be held by two fingers; even then, the ergonomics of the weapon make this pose an extremely questionable one in regards to how it doesn't fall out of the actor's fingers.
Due to the wonders of save modding, the Mark III in the Safehouse.
47 holds the Mark III in first person.
47 uses the bolt-action of the rifle.
47 reloads his Mark III.

Sniper Rifles

Browning BAR Mk. II Safari

The Browning Automatic Rifle Safari can be found mounted on a gun rack in Pappy LeBlanc's home in "Till Death Do Us Part". Referred to in-game as the "Elephant Gun".

Browning BAR Mk. II Safari, .30-06 Springfield
The Elephant Rifle
BloodMoney - Eleguninven.jpg
BloodMoney Elegun.jpg
BloodMoney Elegunscope.jpg

Sako TRG-42

The Sako TRG-42 appears in the game as the "Kazo TRG," is chambered in generic "Sniper Ammo," has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, and is painted grey in the game. It is the rifle of choice for the biathlete-turned-assassin Raymond Kulinsky when he tries to kill the Secretary of the Interior in "The Murder of Crows" level. While possessing less crosshair sway while zoomed than the other non-customizable sniper rifles, it has only one level of zoom and a slower rate of fire thanks to its bolt-action nature.

Sako TRG-42 - .338 Lapua Magnum
The Kazo TRG
The SAKO TRG-42 in Agent 47's inventory.
The SAKO TRG-42 in First Person View.
Agent 47 zeroes in on a trio of New Orleans policemen through his SAKO TRG-42's scope.
Working the bolt action of the SAKO TRG-42.
The SAKO TRG-42 against an old piano in Raymond's sniper nest.
47 puts his TRG-42 in the case found in " A Dance With the Devil".

SVD Dragunov

The SVD Dragunov appears in the game as the "Dragunov". It uses generic "Sniper Rifle Ammo", has a 10-round magazine, has black and grey furniture, and a scope with two levels of zoom. This sniper rifle can be found in the "Death of a Showman" mission, where it is used to kill 3 gangsters. It can also be found in a briefcase next to a laptop in "A Dance with the Devil."

Tiger Carbine with synthetic furniture used on later production military SVDs - 7.62x54mm R
The SVD Dragunov in Agent 47's inventory. Note the red-coloured scope lens (not visible when using the scope, and the muzzle with (alas) no hole for the bullet to pass through.
Agent 47 looks through a hole, while looking to make holes in others with the SVD Dragunov.
A view through the scope of the SVD Dragunov. Despite its two levels of magnification, the rifle does have quite a bit of crosshair sway when zoomed in.
Idle hands aren't the Devil's workshop -- Agent 47 with a Russian sniper rifle is!

Walther WA 2000

The Walther WA 2000 is the main sniper rifle in the game, it can be fitted with better scopes, a lightweight frame, a barrel replacement, various suppressors, magazine extensions, and a bolt-action conversion. While Agent 47 will manually load a new round into the chamber if the reload key is pressed in First Person View and the bolt-action modification is equipped, he will still reload by replacing the (now redundant) magazine if the reload key is pressed in Third Person View. This weapon is also the only rifle that can be concealed in a case Agent 47 can bring with him into a mission--while two others can be concealed in cases of their own, Agent 47 must instead find them himself in two missions.

Walther WA 2000 - 7.62x51mm NATO, 300. Winchester Magnum and 7.5x55mm Swiss.
47´s custom suitcase. With an upgrade it can also be safely carried through metal detectors, such as the ones in the games "final" level.
A completely unmodified Walther WA 2000.
The Walther WA 2000 with sound suppressor and scope.
BloodMoney - Wa20003.jpg
BloodMoney - Wa2000Scope.jpg
A Walther WA 2000 with the lightweight frame, extended magazine, suppressor and one of the scope upgrades.
A fully upgraded Walther WA 2000.


Beeman Break Barrel

This pneumatic child's toy can be found in the mission "A New Life." It can be loaded with non-lethal tranquilizer rounds, and is a break-open breach-loading single-shot weapon. If you bring this air gun on another mission, you only get a few rounds, due to the game only giving 2 extra "magazines" for each non-customizable weapon brought into a mission, which translates into very few darts for this weapon.

As the weapon that deals 0 damage, it has a unique glitch with the AI: guard/enemy AI have infinite ammo for whatever weapon they are currently holding. If dropped and picked up by a disarmed enemy: they will proceed to reload the gun and shoot indefinitely, which results in 47 thinking he is shot, but will not deal any damage, until the shooter is neutralized. This leads into a particularly humorous scenario where a guard is following 47 throughout the level with clear hostility, all the while doing nothing but harmlessly shooting jets of air.

The "Air rifle" in 47´s inventory.
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BloodMoney - AIRGUNScope.jpg
47 carries the "Air rifle" in his hideout.
47 puts the "Air rifle" in the sniper case.

Sniper case

Compatible weapons: Kazo TRG (Sako TRG), Air Rifle and the Elephant Rifle (Browning Automatic Rifle Safari).

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