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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Offical Boxart
Release Date: 2011
Developer: Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square-Enix Europe
Series: Deus Ex
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Genre: Stealth/First-Person Shooter

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a 2011 video game developed by Eidos Interactive and published by Square-Enix. The third game in the Deus Ex series, it is a prequel to the original, and is set in the year 2027 as controversial "human augmentation" technology begins to become widely available. Players take on the role of former SWAT officer turned private security guard Adam Jensen, who is horribly maimed during an attack on his employers, augmentation company Sarif Industries, by mysterious terrorists. Saved from death and rebuilt with his company's technology, he begins to search for answers as to who attacked that night and why.

The following weapons can be seen in the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution:


The game features a grid inventory into which any number of weapons which will physically fit can be placed, with a quick-access wheel (console) or bar (PC) allowing selection between weapons. Many of the game's weapons are clearly fictional, including a variety of energy guns, and others are "futurised" modern weapons or hybrid frankenguns. Totally real weapons are limited to being shown incidentally; in photographs, on book covers and suchlike.

The game features a weapon modification system where guns can have generic upgrades for magazine size, reload speed, fire rate and damage added, as well as up to three special upgrades such as suppressors or laser aiming units. The latter type tend to physically alter the weapon model, while the former typically do not.

Usable Weapons

Huntsman Silverback

The Huntsman Silverback is a break-action double barreled shotgun that appears only in the "Augmented" (Limited) Edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The shotgun is automatically obtained after the second level, and is also available for purchase in case Jensen drops or sells it.

The Huntsman Silverback offers devastating damage at close range. Both barrels can be fired simultaneously. This weapon cannot be modified.

Stoeger/IGA Coach imported side by side shotgun - 12 Gauge
Crawling inside vents became very popular since Half-Life...
Jensen holds the Huntsman Silverback. With the shotgun's 2-shell capacity, "low ammo" appears on the HUD pretty often.
Jensen with the Huntsman Silverback shotgun in a hurry.
Jensen takes cover while holding the double barreled shotgun. This weapon is not the best choice for the sneaky players.
The spent shells fly away as Jensen break-opens the barrels. Jensen always replaces both shells during a reload.
Aiming down the sights of the shotgun.

AIG Asymmetric Warrior ASW338LM

The Longsword Whisperhead SERSR (Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper Rifle) is a bolt-action sniper rifle with a non-removable sound suppressor. Fires a fictional ".416 caliber Ultrasonic" round. It is available only in the "Augmented" edition of the game. The weapon seems to be based on the AIG Asymmetric Warrior ASW338LM, but lacks the folding stock and has what appears to be a gas tube under the barrel; rather an odd feature for a bolt-action weapon. In the game's fiction it is manufactured by a company called Steiner-Bisley.

The rifle has an interesting glitch common to all scoped weapons which can mount a laser sight; if it is fitted with one, the impact point of shots will no longer match the centre of the crosshairs in the scope, instead hitting slightly below it. This is because when a laser sight is fitted to a weapon in Human Revolution, the weapon actually fires shots out of the laser rather than out of the barrel. Oddly, this only happens in first-person mode; when firing from cover and using the scope a weapon with a laser will behave normally.

AIG Asymmetric Warrior ASW338LM with AAC TiTAN-QD suppressor - .338 Lapua Magnum
Jensen holds the Longsword sniper rifle in Hengsha and admires a Belltower billboard. Notice how there is no crosshair for hip-firing the sniper rifle. A feature like this usually appears only in tactical shooters, like Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 for example.
Jensen takes cover with the sniper rifle.
Jensen operates the bolt of the rifle.
The reloading animation of the sniper rifle: Pictured here is how Jensen pulls out the magazine and then throws it away in typical FPS fashion. Unlike the "Zenith" pistol, this weapon has only one reload animation, which means that the bolt is always pulled back before reloads, even if there were some unfired rounds.
And in a different level Jensen inserts a fresh mag into the Longsword SERSR while using the Smart Vision eye augmentation to see through walls.
Jensen examines the "Silenced Sniper Rifle" on the ground while holding a pimped-out "Zenith" pistol, which is a mixture of at least three different real life handguns.
Reticle of the sniper rifle. It features all the well-known sci-fi hi-tech stuff, like the rangefinder or bullet display.

SRM Arms Model 1208

The Widowmaker TX is a 12-gauge semi-automatic combat shotgun. It is manufactured by Military Arms of Ostrava (MAO) - a fictional firearms manufacturer company in the Czech Republic. It appears to be based on the SRM Arms Model 1208 semi-automatic shotgun with a folding foregrip added. It should be noted that this weapon was also added to the game Team Fortress 2 as part of an update intended to promote the Deus Ex launch.

SRM Arms Model 1208 - 12 Gauge
A Detroit City policeman holds the Widowmaker TX shotgun. Note how he is not holding the foregrip. This fictional version of the Model 1208 features a rather boxy polymer handguard reminiscent of the FN SCAR, and the front of the magazine is secured using a hinged section to which the front grip is attached.
Jensen takes cover with the TX. The arms dealer in the background also holds a TX, but like the cop on the previous image, he does not hold the foregrip.
A dropped Widowmaker TX on the ground. For some reason, upgraded or modded guns show up without the modifications when dropped on the ground. They appear on the guns when Jensen is shown in third-person holding them, though.
Jensen blindfires the shotgun inside the Picus Communications building in Montreal.
Firing the shotgun. Note the SCAR-like charging handle.
Jensen meets a friendly Harvester with a Kaiga Heavy Rifle and immediately shows him his Widowmaker TX upgraded with a "Burst Fire" modification. This unique upgrade enables 2-round burst fire for this shotgun, which can be very useful against stronger enemies or during boss-fights.
Iron sights of the TX.
Jensen reloads the Widowmaker TX.

Unusable Weapons

AR-15 Variant

In one of the endings, an AR-15-type weapon is seen with a muzzle cup for launching less-than-lethal grenades. The exact variant of both the rifle and grenade are (currently) unknown.

The AR-15 variant in the hands of a policeman.

Browning M2

A Browning M2 is seen mounted on a United Nations M113 APC in one of the game's ending.

Browning M2 Heavy Machine Gun - .50 BMG
A convoy of UN vehicles as seen in one of the possible endings.

C4 Charge

During a mission, Jensen has to infiltrate a Belltower dock (or kill his way inside - depending on the player's play-style) and plant a C4 charge in order to create a diversion and be able to sneak on a boat unnoticed.

Jensen pulls out the C4 charge inside the Belltower dock.
As expected, the C4 comes with a futuristic console/timer.
The timer was set to 10 seconds; something the employer forgot to mention to Jensen.

Colt M4A1

What looks like an M4A1 Carbine can be seen on various photos scattered throughout the game.

Colt M4A1 Carbine with M68 Aimpoint scope and RIS foregrip - 5.56x45mm
A possible M4A1 seen on a photo in Jensen's apartment.
Another M4-lookalike weapon in the hands of an officer in a newspaper (on the small image).

Colt M16A1

What looks like an M16A1 is seen in one of the game's endings.

M16A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Possible M16A1 with 20-round magazine in a blurry footage.

Colt M16A2

An M16A2 can be seen held by a soldier in one of the game's endings.

M16A2 - 5.56x45mm NATO
A soldier holds an M16A2 rifle.

Sage Control Ordnance GL6

A policeman uses a Sage Control GL6 Less-than-lethal Launcher in one of the game's endings.

Sage Control GL6 with optical sight - 40x46mm
A policeman with the GL6 less-than-lethal launcher. Mirrored version of the exact same footage is also used in Crysis 2.

Smith & Wesson Model 27

A revolver is seen on a sign at the Detroit City Police HQ. The revolver closely resembles a Smith & Wesson Model 27, although it is drawn with a different front sight.

S&W Model 27-2 with 3.5" barrel - .357 Magnum
Jensen observes the sign, wondering why is there a mid-1930s revolver on it in 2027.

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