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Resident Evil: Revelations

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Resident Evil: Revelations (2012 / 2013)

Resident Evil: Revelations is the first "core" game of the Resident Evil video game series to appear on a handheld. This game has an episodic structure that flits between many characters but mainly focuses on Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. It acts as a prequel to Resident Evil 5. Like always, many of the guns have appeared in previous Resident Evil games. In 2013, Revelations was ported to Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Windows and Wii U as retail and downloadable, called Resident Evil: Revelations Unveiled Edition. It contains several new features as well as full 1080P graphics.

The game follows Jill Valentine and her partner Parker Luciani, an Italian BSAA agent, as they hunt the illusive bioterrorist group Il Veltro, which threatens to release a new bioweapon into the ocean. The game is divided into several episodes, with the player controlling Jill, Parker, Chris Redfield, his partner Jessica Sherawat, and two other new BSAA agents. The game also features a new "Raid Mode" minigame, similar to the Mercenaries, where a player fights their way through a small, blocked off portion of a stage, fighting their way through increasingly difficult enemies, some of whom are enhanced with new powers.

The player's inventory is persistent, similar to Resident Evil 5, but weapons and ammo are associated with specific characters (for example, early on in the game the player takes control of Parker during a flashback and gains an FN P90, but it is dropped from their inventory as soon as control returns to Jill). Components for weapons are discovered throughout the course of gameplay; these vary from run of the mill attachments like "long" (extended) magazines to more outlandish equipment, such as a metal detector, which increases the drop rate of money and experience. The player's weapons are persistent in Raid Mode as well, and players can use the Buy Points they earn at the end of each stage to purchase new and better weapons. There are also several different versions of many weapons ("long range" Beretta 92s, for example, have a longer barrel for increased range, while "Sonic Assist" Benelli M3s are more likely to stun an enemy). There are also "Legendary" weapons, which are largely fictional guns, and two DLCs worth of guns and attachments.

The following weapons appear in the video game Resident Evil: Revelations:


Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is the primary sidearm of the BSAA agents in all Resident Evil games, and Revelations is no exception to that. It is used by Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and Keith Lumley. The starting capacity is ten rounds.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Jill holds her Beretta and shows a good trigger discipline - well, at least in the pre-rendered cutscenes. She will always use the 92FS in these cutscenes, even if the player has already swapped it away for a more powerful weapon, though as is series standard, a marksman can make steady, competent use of this weapon all the way through to the end game.
Chris reloads his 92FS. Like in Resident Evil 5, the game has two different reload animations for pistols, but only one for the "big" guns.
Chris and Jessica draw their Berettas while investigating an icy cave. This is likely a promo image, as in the actual game Jessica carries a Glock 18C or a Smith & Wesson 3566.
Chris takes aim with the 92FS.
Chris opens fire on a pack of mutated wolves while waiting for Jessica to get her "sweet ass" there and help him up.
Jill takes a look at her low-detail Beretta, which lacks the takedown lever, the majority of the slide release lever, and has a made-up logo on the grip. One would expect more from a HD remake...
DLC exclusive character Lady HUNK armed with a 92FS pistol.

Beretta M9A1 "Samurai Edge"

The Samurai Edge is available as a DLC weapon, called "Jill's Samurai Edge". It is basically Jill's old Beretta 92FS Brigadier Samurai Edge from Resident Evil (2002) and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis updated into an M9A1-based Samurai Edge. An official replica of the in-game model has been made by Tokyo Marui.

"Samurai Edge A1 Jill Valentine Model" airsoft pistol.
Jill's Samurai Edge.

Colt Government Model

The Colt Government Model is the primary handgun used by Jill's partner, Parker Luciani. It holds 7 rounds and shares ammo with the other handguns, such as the Beretta, despite this the weapon is otherwise depicted realistically, with marginally better stopping power and the lowest capacity of any weapon in the game other than the Pale Rider. It is also used by Jill briefly when Parker gets injured.

Colt Government Model - .45 ACP
FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission) Agent Parker Luciani fires his Government Model pistol during the flashback to Terragrigia.
Parker reloads the Government Model. Notice how the lower part of the slide does not move. It is possible that it is supposed to represent the guide rod, however that is also incorrect, as Colts do not have full-length guide rods, like Kimbers for example.
Parker holds his signature Government pistol.
When Parker gets wounded, Jill takes his Government Model and uses it for a brief time. During this segment, the Gov't will act as a fourth gun in Jill's inventory and will not replace any of her actual weapons. As an interesting side note, if Jill has her Beretta equipped, Parker's 1911 will have all of its attachments during this sequence.
Parker's customized Government pistol available as a DLC weapon.

Colt Python

The 4" Colt Python revolver appears in both Campaign and Raid Mode. It can be compared to the Desert Eagle in terms of firepower. A similar Python was featured in Code Veronica.

Colt Python with 4" barrel and black rubber combat grips - .357 Magnum
Jill discovers the Python revolver. Notice the missing vent holes.
Quint Cetcham demonstrates the (somewhat exaggerated) recoil of the Python.
Keith Lumley reloads the Python while his partner, Quint is operating the computer. As is standard for the series, he loads it round by round instead of using a speedloader.

Glock 18C

The Glock 18C is a buyable weapon in Raid Mode. Has an unrealistically slow rate of fire compared to the real G18 and the selector switch is always set to safe.

Glock 18C - 9x19mm
Keith "Grinder" Lumley examines a corpse while holding a Glock 18C machine pistol.
Chris' Glock cycles. Note that it's capacity is way too high for the standard-sized magazine that the weapon actually uses.
Jessica holds her Glock 18C pistol.
HUNK aims at an Aculeozzo hoping that it will finally grant a Muramasa rifle, while the player holds his head at the sheer number of absurd names present.
Jessica holds the "Jessica's G18", a pre-order bonus weapon. It is a two-tone Glock 18C with the FBC logo on the slide where the real ones have the Glock logo.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The "Lightning Hawk" is a Desert Eagle Mark XIX identical to the one in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 5. It has a non-fluted barrel, so it cannot be a "Magnum" weapon. It is similar to the Python but has a much faster firing speed. The "Long Range" variant adds an invisible variable zoom scope.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE
Airsoft version of Desert Eagle as seen in RE2
Parker Luciani holds a Desert Eagle pistol in Raid Mode.
Jill takes aim with the Desert Eagle. Notice that the hammer is not cocked - all pistols are shown to operate in incorrect DAO mode. An unusual mistake seeing that they got it right in Resident Evil 5.
Jessica fires the Desert Eagle.
Raymond reloads the Desert Eagle.
Jack Norman reloads his Desert Eagle.

Smith & Wesson 3566

The rare Smith & Wesson 3566 is another handgun for players to choose as their fallback weapon. It is used by Raymond and Jessica in the flashback level. The 3566 has the distinction of being the weakest weapon in the game but has the ability to take more attachments. The Model 3566 Performance Center chambers .356 Team Smith & Wesson rounds in real life - the one in the game uses "Handgun" ammo. The game refers to it as "PC356" - which is the airsoft version of the real 3566 by Tokyo Marui.

Smith & Wesson 3566 - .356 TSW
Raymond holds a S&W 3566 pistol. The cocked hammer is a rare sight in this RE game.
Jessica armed with a S&W 3566 during the Terragrigia chapter.
Keith reloads the 3566.

"Pale Rider"

The "Pale Rider" is one of the four Legendary Weapons that appear in Raid Mode. It is basically a Colt Python with a very long barrel. It lacks the vent holes, like the standard Python and is the most powerful small arm in the game. The weapon's name is a likely reference to the Biblical book of Revelation, specifically verse eight of chapter six: And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

Colt Python with 4" barrel and black rubber combat grips - .357 Magnum
Jill holds the Pale Rider as she poses for the picture definition of the phrase "over kill."
Chris reloads the Pale Rider. Note how it has a 6-round cylinder like the in-game Python.

Submachine Guns

FN P90

The FN P90 is used by Parker in the flashback level and is the primary automatic firearm of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. The P90 has a very high rate of fire, holds 60 rounds by default, and uses Machine Gun Ammo. Part of the P90's grip has been cut out, to facilitate the reuse of the draw animation for the MP5 and M3. The P90 is also the only automatic weapon in the game whose reload cycle doesn't feature the player clearing the chamber and then chambering a new round.

FN P90 - 5.7x28mm
Parker engages some Hunters with his P90. The subtitles could also say "Jesus Christ Jessica, shoot those mutants will you?!".
Parker struggles to reload the P90.
Jessica poses with a P90 submachine gun. Despite carrying a Beretta in her thigh holster, her sidearms in the game are the Glock 18C (present times) and the S&W 3566 (flashback levels).
FBC agents armed with P90s take over the BSAA headquarters.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The MP5A3 is similar to the one in Resident Evil 5, with a fore-grip added. The Campaign version holds 50 rounds in the magazine.

H&K MP5A3 - 9x19mm
Jill fires the MP5A3.
Raymond retracts the bolt handle before swapping magazines. As with Resident Evil 5, the player character always cycles the action (complete with mandatory HK-slap) when reloading.
Jack Norman reloads the MP5A3.


Benelli M3 Super 90

The Benelli M3 appears with a 6-shot capacity and limited to pump-action mode. It is used by Chris, Keith, and Parker.

Benelli M3 - 12 Gauge
Parker executes a Hunter with a Benelli M3 shotgun.
Chris reloads the M3.

"Drake" Sawn-Off Shotgun

The "Drake" is a sawed-off side-by-side double barrelled shotgun that can be unlocked in Raid Mode. It is one of the four Legendary weapons. Like the "Hydra", it can hold more shells than the number of barrels it has.

BSAA Director Clive R. O'Brian holds the Drake shotgun.
Jill Sparrow loads a shell into her Drake, then pauses, apparently unsure what to do next. As you can see, the Drake uses the same animations as the Hydra, right down to how it's held by certain characters.

"Hydra" Sawn-Off Shotgun

A fictional triple-barreled shotgun that first appeared in Resident Evil 5.

Keith blows away a blob with a Hydra shotgun.
Jill reloads the Hydra. As ever, the Hydra is capable of holding more than three shells, up to a maximum of about 5 or 6. Apparently the Hydra is on loan from an action film or something.
Jill aims the Hydra at a hideously mutated Rachael.

Mossberg 500

The "Windham" is a Mossberg 500 judging by the top mounted safety switch, tube cap and pump handle design. It is worth noting that the screw placement is wrong for the M500 series though.

Mossberg 500 Shotgun - 12 Gauge
Jill fires the Mossberg.
Jill reloads the M500.
Jill studies a Mossberg trapped in a wall bracket, a rather obvious reference back to the first Resident Evil game and it's "Jill Sandwich" line.

Assault Rifles


The gold-plated AK-74 appears as the "High Roller" and is only unlockable in Raid Mode. The High Roller is a Legendary weapon with no preset stats. The High Roller could possibly share the same title as Far Cry 2's golden AK-47 as "A golden weapon in a video game that serves more purpose than just tacky bragging rights", seeing as the High Roller could possibly excel in many areas depending on how it's stats are set.

AK-74 - 5.45x39mm
Quint reloads the High Roller.
Jill attempts to pull the charging handle of the AK-74, but pulls the wrong side instead.
A Valtro terrorist is armed with an AK-74 during a cutscene. That AK is from Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, as noted by the longer gas tube and misplaced gas block.

Heckler & Koch G36V

The Heckler & Koch G36V with a shortened barrel is the primary automatic firearm of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance.

H&K G36V - 5.56x45mm
Keith armed with a G36V rifle.
The devs realized that the game is much better if there aren't as many annoying boss battles as in RE5.
Rachael Foley reloads the G36V.

Steyr AUG A2

The Steyr AUG A2 features a conventional trigger guard and a unusable scope. Holds 42 rounds but it is clearly modelled with a 30-round magazine.

Steyr AUG Special Receiver - 5.56x45mm
Jill discovers the AUG.
Jill opens fire with the AUG A2 in Raid Mode.
Raymond reloads the AUG.

Sniper Rifles

Heckler & Koch PSG1

The PSG1 with a 5-shot magazine returns from Resident Evil 5 and is used by Chris' partner, Jessica Sherawat.

H&K PSG1 - 7.62x51mm
Jessica holds her PSG1 rifle.
Jill reloads the PSG1.


The Muramasa is a Legendary weapon usable in Raid Mode. It is a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle with an internal magazine.

After about seven million farming runs, the Muramasa gets unlocked. Weapon Lv. 1 FTW!
HUNK stops for a sec to load up the Muramasa.

Remington M40A1

Jill can acquire an M40A1 sniper rifle with a full black finish. The Campaign version holds 8 round by default instead of the correct five.

M40A1 - 7.62x51mm
Jill acquires the M40A1.
Raymond reloads the M40A1.
View through the scope of the M40A1.

Mounted Weapons

GE M134 Minigun

An M134 Minigun is first used by Chris and Jessica while they are approaching the Queen Semiramis. Later it is mounted on a chopper and is used by Jill and Chris.

M134 - 7.62x51mm
Chris uses the M134 Minigun.
Jill and Chris face the biggest B.O.W. of this Resident Evil game.



The RPG-7 appears in the later part of the Story Mode. It is the most powerful weapon but, as ever, cannot be reloaded.

RPG-7 with PGO-7 scope - 40mm
Jill acquires the "Rocket Launcher".
Jessica poses with an RPG-7 launcher.

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