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I'm just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.

Favorite Firearms


Colt M1911 - Best handgun ever made, PERIOD. Give me this weapon over any other handgun for personal defense or a combat situation. the M1911 is the PURE epitimy of sexiness in a handgun. It's like if a really hot woman were turned into a gun, then we would get the M1911... Maybe Jesus was reincarnated in John Browning...
Browning Hi-Power - Another favorite of mine from the imaginative mind of John Browning. Great design, great looks, a good, sturdy feel, and another cinema classic.
FN Five-seveN - Another great firearm that is manufactured by FN. As Justin Hammer says in Iron Man 2, the Belgians definitely make something better than waffles! And I would say the same thing for this gun as I stated for the M1911; It's as if someone took a really hot woman, turned it into a gun, and we got the FN Five-seveN!
Claridge Hi-Tec/Goncz GA - I like this pistol on the fact that despite the company differences between the original makers and the current makers of this pistol, it nails down that "space age" look that the overpriced and unwieldy Desert Eagle just doesn't cut out to be anymore, and both versions are finely finished and sturdy. Now it probably won't be long before Mr. Goncz sends me a threatening email asking me to remove this weapon from my user page, just like he has threatened this site before with legal action.
Colt Model 1903 - I absolutely love the look of this early Colt. And to think that it's overall look would be the look that the Colt M1911 would have later on! I love this firearm.
SIG-Sauer P220R - Perhaps the only other .45 handgun that I can honestly say, I enjoy the look and feel of. If I did not have an M1911 in a combat scenario where I need some serious knockdown power, then I would reach for the SIG P220R.
SIG-Sauer P229 - This is perhaps the ONLY 9mm handgun I would ever use. Why? One, because it is sexier than the Beretta 92, two, it is NOT an overrated weapon like the Glock pistols are, and three, the stainless look of the Sport model looks awesome!
Glock 21 - Ok, ok, I will admit that out of all the Glock pistols that have been manufactured, the Glock 21FS is pretty much the only Glock pistol that I can honestly say, I like the feel and the look that the pistol has. This would probably be my first choice in buying a pistol.
Mauser C96 - Elegant design if somewhat pricey. But if a gun was made to look good in film, the C96 is that gun (aside from the M1911)
Tokarev TT-33 - A nice design and overall look to it. The look and feel is very reminiscent of an M1911/Colt Hammerless hybrid. If I was ever dual-wielding handguns (a strongly discouraged tactic, but what the hell, it still looks pretty cool), then my choices would be this gun in my left hand, and an M1911 in my right hand.
Luger P08 - Pretty awesome handgun. You gotta respect the Germans for their exquisite firearms manufacturing.
Walther P38 - Yet another finely manufactured pistol by the Germans!
Jericho 941 - Gotta respect Israel's fine weapons manufacturing! And besides, this is more better to have at your side than an overpriced, unwieldy, heavy Desert Eagle.
CZ-75 - Another finely manufactured pistol!
Ruger Mk III - If I needed a naturally silenced, low caliber weapon that still packs a nasty punch when entering the brain of a zombie during an apocalypse of the Living Dead, then I would choose this weapon. I also like this pistol because it's look strongly resembles the German Luger P08, and that's cool.


Webly Mk VI - A great series of revolvers made by the British during both World Wars!
Colt Single Action Army - This gun only deserves one phrase: "Be not afraid of any man no matter what his size; when danger threatens, call on me, and I will equalize."
Smith & Wesson Schofield - This was another one of the greatest pistols in the West, too bad it was mostly overshadowed by Colt.
Smith & Wesson Model 29 - "Do I feel lucky? Well do ya... Punk?"
M1917 Revolver - Ah yes, another fine and exquisite piece of firearms manufacturing by Smith & Wesson... And perhaps the revolver competitor to the M1911 around the same time that both guns were manufactured.
Colt Anaconda - I just love the feel of this revolver. Plus, it's made by Colt, which is another reason why it's one of my personal favorites.
Smith & Wesson Model 500 - Yeah, yeah, I know, this gun is an overpowered beast. But when you are under attack from a savage wild animal when you are out hunting, wouldn't you reach for this revolver? Plus, if vampires or werewolves ever become a reality, then this gun would be the equivalent to Hellboy's Samaritan revolver! Along with the Desert Eagle!

Machine Pistols

Kimel AP-9 - While some might argue that the plastic magazine and pistol grip frame is prone to breaking when the gun is fired, this gun actually nailed down what the TEC-9 failed in. And besides, it's better looking than the TEC-9, and it apparently has a finer finish and fit than the TEC-9. So that makes it pretty awesome.
Uzi - Even though there are far more superior submachine guns that outclass the Uzi nowadays, you can never beat that eternal badass look that the Uzi has. Even though you might not take down your opponent with the 9mm, you will sure delay their advance when you lay down a crapton of cover-fire with this gun.
Steyr TMP - Another badass submachine gun that, just like the Uzi, has gathered an eternal badass look in cinema as being either the bad guy weapon, or the weapon of the good guys. Even though you might not be able to take out your opponents with the 9mm, you can still delay their advance with a barrage of cover-fire.
Beretta 93R "Auto 9" - If there was one weapon from any movie that I would love to own, it would have to be the Auto 9. Even though I am not a fan of Beretta pistols in general, I gotta admit, if it wasn't for the Robocop movies, then this highly customized pistol would have faded into obscurity. This is truly a badass pistol.


Kentucky Flintlock Rifle - Ok, ok, I can already hear you saying 'Josh! This rifle is SO outdated and no one uses it anymore!' Well guess what knuckleheads? If it wasn't for the Kentucky Flintlock then there would be no United States of America, now would there? That is why I love this rifle. She is a proud veteran of the American Revolution!
Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" - Yep, I am a fan of this rifle, and the other updated variants of it that have been showcased throughout the raw years of the old West.
Winchester Model 1873 - Slightly better than the Model 1866, but still just as good.
Winchester Model 1876 - Perhaps one of the last greatest rifles in the production line of Winchester rifles.
Ruger Mini-14 - I just like the overall feel of this rifle.
M14 Rifle - Wow... I just love this rifle. Give me this rifle, a crapton of ammunition, camouflage, rations, and put me in a wooded area where I can easily hide, and I would use this rifle to it's fullest extent!
M1A1 Carbine - The best friend of a paratrooper, and the best friend of a zombie killer (If you don't get the meaning behind this phrase, read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and you will know what I am talking about)
M1 Garand - The best friend of an infantryman... PERIOD. You can drag this baby through the most roughest combat scenarios for a week without servicing it and it will still work for you!
M1903 Springfield - Hell yeah, I love the look of the Springfield rifles. Sure, the bolt action can be a little bit clumsy if you are fighting in trenches, but if you are fighting underneath sufficient cover, you can still squeeze off your 5 rounds and put them on the targets.
Mosin-Nagant M91/30 - This is perhaps one of the best rifles that the former Soviet Union has ever manufactured. And I will admit this; whenever I'm playing a World War II-themed videogame and there's a Russian campaign, I usually pick this rifle for secondary use.
Karabiner 98k - Ah yes, another finely manufactured rifle by the Germans! Too bad this rifle is becoming rarer and rarer nowadays... (Well, that's mainly due to the fact that Hitler and his Third Reich is no longer making these weapons!)
SMLE - Another great World War II rifle built by the British, and would see service even beyond the end of WWII! This is another rifle that I would LOVE to own.

Assault Rifles

M16A4 - Perhaps the best M16 rifle to come out of the family of those types of rifles. It has an overall nice look, and it feels great when handled. So yes, I will definitely reach for this rifle if I was charging out into battle and needed a good gun.
AK-47 - If you need a medium-range assault rifle that wont foul up easily in rough combat conditions, then this is the gun for you! But I will also bite and say this, because this gun fires a heavier cartridge, that doesn't necessarily make it the superior weapon. After all, your enemy will end up living through the gunshot wound to fight another day.
Galil - If of course, you want an AK-based weapon that fires a round that will tear into your enemy and leave an ungodly, bloody mess, then the Galil is perhaps the better weapon for you. Besides, Israel makes some of the best weaponry in the world! So I suggest this weapon if you want a gun that looks alot like the AK, but fires a round that still packs a nasty punch.
FN SCAR - A pretty good rifle that will probably be seeing frontline service in the United States Army very soon.
Magpul Masada - Damn! Another assault rifle that you can shoot when it is waterlogged?!
FN F2000 - I absolutely love this bullpup rifle out all the other ones that are my current favorites. I just like the overall look and feel of the F2000. Then again, Belgium is known for 4 favorite pastimes: Good waffles, good chocolate, great beer, and kick-ass firearms!
FN FAL - Another finely manufactured weapon from the Belgians! Too bad there are WAY too many videogames out there that showcase these rifles firing in semi-auto only. Grrr!!! >:(
Steyr AUG - Why does this bullpup rifle get so much hate?
FAMAS - I like this rifle, it has such a good look to it and I also enjoy the feel and easy use of some bullpup rifles.
Tavor TAR-21 - Another finely manufactured bullpup rifle, and made in Israel nonetheless.

Submachine Guns

Thompson Submachine Gun - Perhaps the most famous American-made submachine gun that became famous in both real life as well as in the movies... the good old Thompson! Seriously, give me this gun over any other submachine gun any day of the week!
FN P90 - It may look like a toy, but this gun still packs a nasty punch when the going gets tough. There was a claim some time ago saying that the 5.7x28mm SS190 FN rounds could penetrate 40 layers of Kevlar from 200 yards away, but I don't know how much of that is true. But nevertheless, the FN P90 is being used by both SWAT and other law enforcement agencies in the United States. Along with the Navy SEALS and the U.S. Secret Service.
MP40 - Another great firearm manufactured by the Germans during World War II. And if I had to take a guess, the MP40 could have very well been a predecessor to the modern-day MP5 series of submachine guns!


Mossberg 500 - A great shotgun for those who want to get into shooting, and are looking for a good shotgun. I personally prefer the extended magazine tube version since I like to pack more rounds.
Mossberg 590 - A good shotgun in the Model 500 series of the Mossberg shotguns.
Winchester Model 1887 - I don't know why, but I like the look of a shotgun that has that old Western-style lever action mechanism that you would see in the rifles of that era. My reasons for liking this shotgun is because I saw it in action in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and it is also a film used weapon that I would LOVE to own.
Winchester Model 1897 - This is yet another one of my favorite shotguns in the Winchester family. I especially love the "trench gun" version of this shotgun.
Winchester Model 1300 Defender - I like the feel of this shotgun, especially the 'Defender' version with it's extended magazine tube... more rounds eh?
Remington 870 - Nothing speaks "American made, American proud" better than this shotgun. (Aside from the M1911)
Ithaca 37 - Another personal favorite shotgun that has had a long history of use by the United States.
Benelli M4 Super 90 - Ah yes... another favorite semi-auto shotgun of mine...
12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun - I just love the feel of another one of Browning's magnum opuses, a double barreled shotgun where the barrels are not side-by-side, but rather, one on top of the other! Plus, the over-and-under design makes it a hell of alot easier to aim down the sights to hit your target.
AA-12 - Talk about a shotgun designed for military use from the ground up! I would choose this is I needed to lay down some serious firepower for my buddies in a combat scenario. And talk about manufacturing and low-maintenance weapon as well!

Heavy Machineguns

Browning M2 - Ah... John Browning's magnum opus... You want to rip your enemy into tiny little bite sized pieces? Then this is the gun for you my friend...
MG42 - Oh yes... another great and finely manufactured machine gun. While it is not American-made, it still packs a nasty wallop and will definitely send the bad guys coming onto your position turning the heel and crying for mommy!

Miscellaneous Weaponry

CornerShot - It looks very cool and awesome to use, no?
Westinghouse M95A1 Phased Plasma Rifle - If there was one of many movie props that I would LOVE to own, this gun would be another one of those awesome prop weapons that I would proudly mount on my wall. It left a lasting impression upon me when I first saw it in action in Terminator 2, and I have always wanted to own one!

My airsoft guns

NOTE: Feel free to use my airsoft images to put onto the discussion pages of the firearms that they represent, under the 'additional variants' sections. But please notify me first before doing so. Thanks!

My airsoft guns are modeled after the following real-world firearms:

Colt M1911A1

My Colt M1911A1 'YT385' airsoft pistol. This one is my personal favorite out of my current airsoft armory, since it perfectly mimics the layout of the original M1911A1 that was manufactured from 1924 onwards to the present day. However, there are no company logos or a serial number on the slide of this pistol like what the original M1911A1 has. I will soon replace the orange barrel with a metal one and black out the 'Made in China' logo. This gun is manufactured by a company called Yu Teng.
The left side of my Colt M1911A1 'YT385' airsoft pistol. You can see that it is an almost-perfect replication of the original Colt M1911A1, everything from the grip safety, thumb safety, the 'S' and 'F' abbreviations for 'Safe' and 'Fire' on the thumb safety, and the 'G.H.D.' abbreviation below the slide lock when the pistol's slide locks back after it's magazine has been exhausted.

Detonics CombatMaster M1911

My latest addition to my airsoft armory, a new M1911 airsoft handgun that is a gas blowback airsoft gun like my S&W M&P .40 and Walther PPK/S are. This gun is manufactured by WE, a Taiwanese company known for making good, high-quality airsoft weapons that are sturdy, durable, and are built to last for YEARS as long as the owners keep them up to date and well-kept. This particular WE M1911 appears to mimic the Detonics CombatMaster M1911, which is why I chose that name for this image and the second one below. Oh, and the real name of the gun is called WE "Caspian Arms" M1911.
Here is my WE "Caspian Arms" M1911 with the magazine out and the slide locked back. It is a pretty impressive bit of machinery by WE. And the orange screw on the end of the barrel is for attaching additional parts to the gun such as suppressors or compensators, which I will probably do so a little later on down the line. But no guarantees.

Mauser C96/CM 712

My Mauser C96/CM712 airsoft pistol. This one, like my Colt M1911A1, is made out of an all-metal construction, and yes, the 'broomhandle' grip is made of ACTUAL WOOD. I thought it was plastic when I first opened the box, but to my surprise, the grips are made out of actual wood. Or rather, synthetic wood that perfectly resembles real wood. I took the orange plug off the end of the barrel for display purposes when I took this photo. This gun is manufactured by UK Arms.

AMT Hardballer Longslide 9mm Hybrid

My AMT Hardballer airsoft pistol, it is modeled after the Longslide version of the M1911. However, unlike the last 2 airsoft pistols, this one is an all-plastic construction, nothing really fancy about it, but surprisingly, it has lasted me for 3 years when I bought it back in 2008. Despite all the wear and tear on the gun I might have caused to it, it still functions properly. One odd thing about this airsoft gun, is that there are trademarks on the side that claims it's a Longslide model chambered in 9x19mm... but the real-life AMT Hardballer Longslides are not chambered in 9mm... are they? But don't ask me about the name of the company that made this pistol, because the box it came in did not describe a company name at all.

Walther PPK/S

My Walther PPK/S airsoft gun. This one, unlike the previous 3, is a CO2 gas-powered version that is manufactured by Umarex USA, and it's a very good airsoft pistol. It has an all metal construction with the exception of the grips and the magazine, and it fires METAL bbs instead of hard plastic ones. I just wish that Umarex didn't have to add that unnecessary twisting wrench built into the gun to tighten the CO2 canisters when you gas up this gun. Because it just makes it look a little bit too ugly. But in any case, this is a good airsoft handgun. But I would suggest getting a different Walther PPK pistol instead of this one if you don't want that ugly twisting wrench on the bottom.

Smith & Wesson MP .40S&W

My Smith & Wesson MP airsoft pistol. This one is just like my Walther PPK/S pistol. It is a simple gas-powered pistol that is made of sturdy abs plastic, and the magazine is all metal. This airsoft pistol is manufactured by KWC (You can see the KWC logo on the accessory rail on the bottom), and licensed by CyberGun. Both companies have made superior and high-quality airsoft firearms over the years, and I tip my hat to them for going out of their way to make such good firearms. This airsoft gun is another one of my personal favorites, and it is my backup sidearm in any airsoft game that I play.
The left side of my Smith & Wesson MP airsoft pistol. You can see that this pistol comes with the accessory rail on the bottom of the barrel of the handgun, and the trademarks on the front of the barrel that shows how this airsoft gun almost perfectly mimics the .40 caliber version of the S&W MP pistol, the S&W logo and where their manufacturing plant is located underneath the ejector port, and the "S&W Military & Police" logo is seen right before the slide ridges, and on the grips of the pistol. Pretty neat huh?

Mossberg 500/590

My Mossberg 500/590 airsoft shotgun. This is one of the many airsoft shotguns that does not rely on using shells for the bb's, but rather, relies on loading up the bbs through a small opening on the top of the shotgun (which saves players alot of trouble in trying to go around the battlefield trying to locate all the shells for their airsoft shotgun). And very much like my AMT M1911, this gun has lasted me for nearly 3 years when I bought it back in 2008. But like my other favorite M1911, I cannot tell you the name of the manufacturer of this shotgun, the box and the instruction manual didn't even name a company at all, all it gave be was a bunch of Asian gibberish that I could not understand.

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