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Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of air guns (including replicas of conventional firearms such as the Beretta Elite II), tear-gas and signal pistols, paintball markers under the RAM brand and airsoft guns, based in Arnsberg, Germany. The firm was founded in 1972 as UMA Mayer & Ussfeller GmbH; after acquiring of Reck Sportwaffenfabrik Karl Arndt the name was changed to UMARECK, and later to modern name. In 1993 the Walther Arms firm was acquired by Umarex of Arnsberg, who continued to manufacture under the Walther name in Ulm and Arnsberg.

Additionally, Umarex has license to produce essentially whatever they want to stick a Walther name on. This leads to a number of Walther P99 pistols in films actually being Umarex airsoft or BB guns. Consequently, this also led to the development of the "Walther MRS", an airsoft gun sight not at all connected to Walther; its misleading marketing has led to it being prominently featured in movies and video games, despite the fact that as an airsoft sight, the recoil impulse from a real gun firing it would either cause it to lose all zeroing or immediately destroy it.


Founded: 1972

Country: Germany

Products: Blank Firing Pistols, Blank Firing Revolvers, Air Guns


Blank Firing Pistols

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
Umarex Colt Government 1911 A1 9mm P.A.K. 8 ???? - ???? variant of M1911A1 Umarex 1911 blank firer.jpg
Reck Commander 8mm K ? late 1970s - ???? variant of Colt Commander Reck Commander.jpg
Umarex Colt Double Eagle 9mm P.A.K. 8 ???? - ???? variant of Colt Double Eagle Umarex Colt Double Eagle.jpg
Umarex GPDA9 8mm P.A.K.
9mm P.A.K.
9 ???? - ???? variant of Browning BDA BrowningGPDA9.jpg
Umarex Heckler & Koch P30 9mm P.A.K. 15 ???? - ???? variant of Heckler & Koch P30 Umarex-H&K30.jpg
Reck Miami 92F 9mm P.A.K. 11 ???? - ???? variant of Beretta 92 pistol series Reck miami 92F.jpg
Umarex Hämmerli P26 9mm P.A.K. ? ???? - ???? variant of SIG-Sauer P225 Umarex Hammerli P26.jpg
Umarex Walther mod. PPK 8mm P.A.K. ???? - ???? variant of Walther PPK Umarex Walther mod PPK.jpg
Umarex Walther P22 9mm P.A.K. ? ???? - ???? variant of Walther P22 Umarex P22 S black blank.jpg
Umarex Walther P88 Compact 8mm P.A.K. ? ???? - ???? variant of Walther P88 Compact Umarex8mmBlankWaltherP88C.jpg
Röhm RG300 6mm Flobert 10 ????-???? variant of SIG-Sauer P220 pistol series Rohm RG300.jpg

Air Pistols

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
Umarex Beretta 92FS .177 pellets ? ???? - ???? Umarex Beretta M 92 FS.jpg
Umarex Elite Force Racegun 6mm BB 16 ???? - ???? Elite-Force-Race-Gun-2279549-ls.jpg
Umarex RWS C225 Target .177 pellets ? ???? - ???? Umarex RWS C225 Target.jpg
Umarex Walther Red Hawk .177 pellets ? ???? - ???? Walther Red Hawk CO2.jpg
Umarex Tokyo Soldier TS2011 C .177 pellets ? ???? - ???? Umarex Tokyo Soldier 2011 C.jpg
Walther CP88 .177 pellets ? ???? - ???? Umarex Walther CP88 Nickel.jpg
Walther CP99 .177 pellets ? ???? - ???? Walther CP99.jpg
Walther CP99 Nighthawk .177 pellets ? ???? - ???? CP99 nighthawk.jpg
Umarex Walther PPK/S .177 pellets ? ???? - present Umarex Walther PPKS.jpg


Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
Umarex Brodax .177 pellets ? ???? - ???? Umarex Brodax Rev.jpg
Umarex Colt Single Action Army 45 .177 6 ???? - ???? Variant of Single Action Army Umarex Colt SAA Nickel.jpg
Umarex Smith & Wesson Chief's Special 9mm P.A.K. 5 ???? - ???? variant of Smith & Wesson Model 36 S&W-Umarex.jpg
Reck Python 9mm R.K. 6 ???? - ???? Variant of Colt Python Reck Python.jpg
Reck R14 .22LR 6 ???? - ???? Reck R14.jpg

Submachine Guns

Weapon Caliber(s) Capacity Produced Variants Image
Umarex 22 .22LR ? ???? - ???? Semi auto variant of Uzi Umarex Uzi.jpg

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