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The Walking Dead: Season Two

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The Walking Dead: Season 2 (2013)

The Walking Dead: Season Two is the continuation of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, now known by the subtitle Season One, and follows 9-year-old Clementine as she seeks to stay alive and find safety in the zombie apocalypse. Aside from the very beginning of Episode 1, the game picks up 16 months after the end of Season One. The first episode was released on December 17th for PC/Mac via Steam and on PlayStation Network. It was released for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network Europe, and Android iOS on December 18th. Other platform releases including PlayStation Vita and Ouya are yet to be announced.


The following weapons appear in the video game The Walking Dead: Season Two:


Glock 19

In "All That Remains," Clementine continues to carry the light gray Glock 19 that she acquired from the zombified security guard at the end of Season 1; Michelle takes the Glock from Clementine's backpack and uses it to kill Omid near the beginning of the episode. The Glock returns from the first season and remains the ubiquitously gun carried by everyone such as the scavengers, led by Winston, who attack Clementine and Christa in the woods later in the episode are armed with standard black Glock 19s. Sarah has one she claims to have found under the house, which she asks Clementine to teach her how to use during "A House Divided;" if Clementine agrees, she will instruct Sarah the same way Lee taught her during "Long Road Ahead" in Season 1. Luke carries a Glock 19 in his leather hip holster in "A House Divided" and "Amid the Ruins," though how he avoided having it confiscated by Carver's men in "In Harm's Way" is never explained, perhaps he instead obtains another Glock before leaving Howes. After having his Beretta Inox run dry, Carlos draws a Glock 19 before he loses it to Carver's men near the end of "A House Divided". Jane uses another one to castrate Troy and use him as walker bait at the end of "In Harm's Way." Clementine acquires another Glock 19 herself, and uses it during the standoff at the Civil War Museum during "Amid the Ruins." Oddly, during an optional segment of "Amid the Ruins," when the survivors attempt to defend a mortally wounded Sarah, Clementine and Mike's Glock 19s will have the same sound report as a shotgun. During a flashback to the Season One Episode "Long Road Ahead" in "No Going Back," Ben can also be seen holding a Glock 19. Later in the episode, Clementine can use the pistol to terminally break up a fight between two of her group members.

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm Parabellum
Clem checks a bathroom stall at Gil's Pitstop for danger with her light gray Glock 19 in hand at the beginning of "All That Remains."
Michelle holds Clementine's own Glock 19 at gunpoint on her.
Ralph, one of the scavengers holds his Glock 19 at Christa 16 months later during "All That Remains."
Winston with a Glock 19 while attacking Clementine.
Clementine teaches Sarah how to use the Glock 19 during "A House Divided." This gives the best view of the gun's shorter slide and frame
Luke with his holstered Glock 19 as Matthew confronts him and Clem.
Nick hands Clem a Glock 19.
Walter aiming a Glock 19 as Nick struggles with a walker.
Mike aiming a Glock 19 at a raccoon.
Kenny holds a Glock 19 on Arvo following the standoff on the road at the beginning of "No Going Back."

Colt Python

In "A House Divided," Carver (voiced by Michael Madsen) is armed with a Colt Python with a 4" barrel and wood grip. He draws it but does not fire while searching for Sarah inside the cabin early in "A House Divided;" later in the episode, he uses it to execute Walter, the owner of the Ski Lodge, at the end of the same episode. He will also use it to execute Alvin shortly after, unless Clementine intervenes, in which case he will gladly use her as a hostage instead. Depending on the choices the player makes, he may also use it to beat Kenny into unconsciousness during "In Harm's Way;" this is always shown in the preview at the end of "A House Divided" regardless of whether it actually happens in the next episode. After Kenny returns the favor, Rebecca takes the revolver from his body; she shows it to Jane to prove she can protect herself should Kenny lose it during "Amid the Ruins." Carver's use of the Python may be a reference to Rick Grimes in the TV show's own preference for the revolver, similarly to the constantly appearing crossbows based on Daryl Dixon's Horton Scout.

Colt Python with 4" Barrel and factory wood grips - .357 Magnum
Carver unholsters his Python while searching for Sarah during "A House Divided."
Carver aiming his Python during the same episode.
Carver putting his Python to Clem's head during the standoff with Kenny at the Ski Lodge at the end of "A House Divided." This scene only occurs if the player attempts to protect Alvin.
Rebecca with Carver's Colt Python.

Beretta 92FS Inox

A Beretta 92FS Inox is briefly seen used by Carlos during the walker attack on the Ski Lodge in "A House Divided." In "Amid the Ruins," Natasha, one of the Russians that ambush the group, has one and holds it on Bonnie in particular.

Beretta 92FS Inox - 9x19mm Parabellum
Carlos aiming the Beretta 92FS Inox.
And subsequently firing it. In reality, the Beretta should be cycling now, but apart from one scene in Season 1, none of The Walking Dead's handguns have moving slides.
Natasha drawing her Beretta 92FS Inox while Bonnie draws her Glock 19.
Natasha aiming her Beretta 92FS Inox at Bonnie.

Iver Johnson Eclipse Derringer

During "In Harm's Way," Alvin or Clementine (depending on player choice) finds an Iver Johnson Eclipse Derringer in Carver's desk drawer. It is used by Alvin to kill Hunk, one of Carver's men, or by Clementine to wound Carver. Alvin comments on the inherent unmanliness of the handgun, given how blustery Carver is otherwise.

Iver Johnson Eclipse Derringer - .32 Rimfire
Clementine find Carver's Iver Johnson Derringer from Carver's office.
Alvin with the Derringer.

High Standard Double-Nine Revolver

The High Standard Double Nine Revolver from the first game returns in Season 2, first appearing in "In Harm's Way," where Troy holds it on Clementine and Sarah at the beginning of the episode. In the same episode, Bonnie briefly holds a revolver at its base at Howe's Hardware. A member of Carver's group named Hank shoots Alvin with the same pistol. Another one appears in "Amid the Ruins," when Jane takes the revolver from Arvo and holds it on him, threatening to kill him if he returns.

High Standard Double-Nine - .22 LR
Troy threatens the girls with his Double-Nine during "In Harm's Way."
Hunk shoots at Alvin..
..but gets shot too.
Arvo with a High Standard Double-Nine Revolver before Jane grabs it out.
Jane holds Arvo's Double-Nine on him.
She clearly isn't looking to make any new friends.


Marlin Model 25

The Marlin Model 25 continues to be a prominent sight in Season 2, first seen in "All That Remains" in the hands of Omid outside Gil's Pitstop and shortly thereafter used by Christa to kill Michelle, a hostile scavenger. Nick and Pete both carry the rifles during their hunting trip with Clementine later in the episode; should the player go with Nick, he will fire it repeatedly in semi-automatic in a vain attempt to protect his uncle. One is also used to kill Matthew during "A House Divided." Clementine can also use the rifle later in the episode, though as Pete had predicted in "All That Remains" the recoil of the rifle is enough to knock her down, which is comically odd considering it fires .22 Long Rifle. Pete's group also has at least two in their possession. In "No Going Back," Arvo uses one to shoot Clementine.

Marlin Model 25 - .22 LR
Omid with the Marlin Model 25 at the beginning of "All That Remains."
A good view of the .22 Marlin in Pete's hands as he and Clementine trek through the woods.
Nick aiming the Marlin Model 25 on the bridge.
Kenny, Carlos, and Sarita with Marlin Model 25s.
Arvo holding the Marlin Model 25 after shooting Clementine during an argument in "No Going Back."

Springfield Armory M1A

In "A House Divided," Matthew is armed with a Springfield Armory M1A when he confronts Luke and Clementine on the train bridge. After he's shot, the rifle falls over the side of the bridge with his body. It can be distinguished from its military counterpart, the M14, by the lack of a fire selector switch on the right side of the stock between the rear sight and trigger.

Springfield Armory M1A - 7.62x51mm NATO
Matthew holding his M1A.
Matthew holds his M1A on Luke and Clem during "A House Divided" while negotiating for the right to cross his bridge.
A good shot of the receiver and rear sight.
Matthew tries to aim the M1A after being shot.


Marking the first appearance of an assault rifle in the Telltale game series, AK-47 rifles are used by Carver's group, including Troy and Johnny, Tavia, Wyatt, Russell, Bonnie, Vince, Hunk and Russel (characters from Season One's "400 Days") also carry the AK. After escaping, Luke carries one, presumably taken from Troy, although he doesn't have it when the player first encounters him and Sarah in the trailer park, and it doesn't appear until they return to the main camp in "Amid the Ruins." Luke carries it for the rest of the game. Vitaly and Buricko are armed with one AK-47 when a group of Russians attacks Clementine's group.

Oddly, in "In Harm's Way" the rifle is constantly held by the stock, rather than the grip, suggesting it is reusing the same holding animation from the FN SLP.

Type III AK-47 with cleaning rod removed - 7.62x39mm
Johnny in the background with an AK-47.
Carver's group massacres a pack of walkers with AK-47s.
Johnny leads the ski lodge survivors inside the ski lodge.
Troy aims his AK-47 out the window.
Bonnie holds her AK on Kenny and Clem. It seems to have no buttstock in this shot.
Bonnie holding her AK.
Luke holds AK-47 after escaping from the Howe's Hardware.



Vitali, one of the Russians that ambush the group at the end of "Amid the Ruins," is armed with an FN SLP. In "No Going Back," however, he is armed with an AK-47, while another of the Russians, Buricko, has the SLP.

Trivia: This gun is an anachronism since the outbreak started in 2003 and the SLP was introduced to the US market in 2008.

FN SLP - 12 gauge
Ready with the SLP.
The situation intensifies.
Buricko aiming the SLP one-handed after being shot. He fires it repeatedly throughout the opening shootout in "No Going Back," but does not manage to hit anyone, and promptly vanishes at its conclusion.


Horton Scout HD 125 Crossbow

Pete uses an Horton Scout HD 125 crossbow to take down three walkers when he and Luke find Clementine in the woods in "All that Remains;" he announces he's out of bolts and that crossbow is never seen again. Troy is briefly seen using one to quietly put down a walker attacking Clementine in "In Harm's Way" although he carries an AK-47 in every other scene.

Horton Scout HD 125
Pete with the crossbow in "All that Remains."
Troy with the crossbow in "In Harm's Way."

Gatling Gun

Among the display pieces at the Parker's Run Civil War Museum, the titular location of "Amid the Ruins" is a single Gatling Gun.

British M1865 Gatling Gun at the Royal Artillery Museum - .58 Rimfire / .50-70
The Gatling Gun on display in the lower-central portion of the image.


Situated atop the observation deck at Parker's Run is an old Civil War cannon. If Clementine examines it, Jane will comment the barrels on such canon are usually filled with cement, to prevent them from being fired.

Clementine finds a canon atop the Civil War memorial during "Amid the Ruins".


Some screenshots courtesy of the Walking Dead Wiki

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