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The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle (Der Würger von Schloß Blackmoor)

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The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle
(Der Würger von Schloß Blackmoor)
Der Wurger von Schloss Blackmoor Poster.jpg
Original German Poster
Country GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by Harald Reinl
Release Date 1963
Language German
Studio CCC Filmproduktion
Distributor Gloria Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Claridge Dorsett Karin Dor
Inspector Jeff Mitchell Harry Riebauer
Lucius Clark Rudolf Fernau
Tavish Hans Nielsen
Butler Anthony Dieter Eppler
Mike Pierce Hans Reiser
Barrister Tromby Richard Häussler
Lord Edgar Blackmoor Walter Giller

The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle (Der Würger von Schloß Blackmoor) is a 1963 German detective movie directed by Harald Reinl and loosely based on works of Bryan Edgar Wallace (son of better known Edgar Wallace). Lucius Clark (Rudolf Fernau) returns to England from South Africa and rents Blackmoor Castle from its impoverished owner. Soon, a masked strangler appears in the castle, and several people one by one fall victims. It turns out that the murders are connected to certain Charles Manning whom Clark allegedly robbed of precious diamonds and killed in Africa.

The film is the second installment in the CCC Filmproduktion studio film series (1962-1972), based on the works of Bryan Edgar Wallace.

SPOILERS.jpg WARNING! WARNING! Major spoilers ahead!

The following weapons were used in the film The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle (Der Würger von Schloß Blackmoor):


NHM Model 9

NHM Model 9 revolvers are seen in hands of the masked man (whose identity is revealed at last as (SPOILER! Highlight to see description)Mike Pierce (Hans Reiser)) and Lucius Clark (Rudolf Fernau).

NHM Model 9 Type 1 blank-firing revolver - 9mm K
The masked man threatens Lucius Clark. His revolver is NHM Model 9 Type 2 that slightly differs externally from Type 1.
Clark takes his revolver from a drawer. His revolver is Type 1.
He examines the revolver.

Enfield No. 2 Mk I*

When Lucius Clark (Rudolf Fernau) and the masked man exchange gunshots, Clark's revolver switches to an Enfield No. 2 Mk I*. During the shootout with the masked man on the bridge, Inspector Mitchell's aide Det. Watson (Gerhard Hartig) is armed with an Enfield.

Enfield No. 2 Mk. I* - .38 S&W
Clark fires at the masked man.
Watson fires his revolver. This is the Mk I* model with the bobbed hammer.
A good view of Watson's revolver.

Unidentified revolver

Det. Watson (Gerhard Hartig) holds a compact revolver when he tries to pursue the masked man (in following scenes Watson is armed with an Enfield No.2 revolver). In the final scene Judy (Ingmar Zeisberg) draws a similar revolver, very likely same prop reused. The general appearance of the revolver resembles the NHM Model 6 that is often seen in 1960s Krimi films but it still slightly differs.

For comparison: NHM Model 6 blank firing revolver - .22 blank and gas
Watson pursues the masked man. The shape of the extractor matches the NHM Model 6 but the gun seems to lack the spur on the front of the trigger guard that is a feature of Model 6.
Judy draws her revolver. Her revolver is seen only in distance.
She fires at police.
A constable disarms Judy. The slim barrel of the revolver is seen.


MAB Model D

Inspector Jeff Mitchell (Harry Riebauer) carries a MAB Model D pistol in several scenes.

MAB Model D Type II - .32 ACP
Mitchell enters Judy's apartments.
Mitchell holds his pistol in the climactic scene.
The lack of the latch under the slide allows to identify the pistol as Type II.

Howdah Pistol

When the boy Philip (Stephan Schwartz) explores the dungeons of the Blackmoor Castle, he finds a side-by-side Howdah Pistol. Inspector Jeff Mitchell (Harry Riebauer) takes the dangerous toy from the boy. In the climactic scene Lord Edgar Blackmoor (Walter Giller) holds a Howdah pistol together with a Percussion Dueling Pistol, then he gives the Howdah to Mitchell.

Holland & Holland Side by Side Howdah pistol
Mitchell takes the pistol from Philip after the boy fires the gun.
Mitchell holds the gun when he and Philip go to explore the tunnel, found by the curious boy.
The muzzles and the ramrod below the barrels are seen.
Lord Edgar holds the Howdah pistol and the percussion dueling pistol.
Lord Edgar hands the pistol to Mitchell.
Mitchell fires the pistol to break the lock.
Mitchell and Philip with the Howdah pistol on a promotional image.

Percussion Dueling Pistol

In the climactic scene Lord Edgar Blackmoor (Walter Giller) holds a Percussion Dueling Pistol together with a Howdah Pistol.

Modern replica of Lepage percussion dueling pistol.
Lord Edgar holds the Howdah pistol and the percussion dueling pistol.
Another view of the percussion pistol.
Lord Edgar waylays the masked man.

Submachine Guns

Fictional submachine gun

In several scenes the masked man is armed with a fictional submachine gun. It has the receiver similar to Sten but with more crude appearance, side mounted curved Sterling-like magazine (but curved in the opposite direction), skeleton stock, perforated barrel shroud with unusually positioned holes and multiple (four?) muzzles. Same looking guns can be seen in 1962 film Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse, also a CCC Films production.

For reference: Sten Mk II (Canadian) - 9x19mm
For reference: Sterling L2A3 (Mk.4) - 9x19mm
The masked man holds his submachine gun when he ambushes Tavish's courier.
The masked man ambushes Inspector Mitchell's car.
The gun fires. The flash appears from the "muzzle" at the right while previous flash appears from the "muzzle" on top.
The masked man fires at Mitchell. The curved magazine is seen.


Double Barreled Shotgun

A number of Double Barreled Shotguns are seen in the Castle Blackmoor.

Most long guns in Lucius Clark's gun cabinet are double barreled shotguns.
Another view of the gun cabinet. Two shotguns are seen at the left.
A pair of shotguns with exposed hammers on the wall.

Browning Auto-5

One of the guns in Lucius Clark's gun cabinet seems to be a Browning Auto-5 semi auto shotgun.

Browning Auto-5 (pre WWII) in Sporting/Field configuration - 12 gauge


Unidentified rifles

Two bolt action hunting/sporting rifles are seen in Lucius Clark's gun cabinet. One of them is fitted with a sniper scope.

Two rifles are seen in the gun cabinet. The one in center is fitted with a sniper scope.
Another view of the rifles in the gun cabinet. The rifle at the left has the straight bolt handle and the groove on the stock that are more common for military rifles, so it's supposed to be a sporterized battle rifle.

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