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The Snow Queen (Snezhnaya koroleva)

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The Snow Queen (Snezhnaya koroleva)
Snezhnaya koroleva Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Gennadiy Kazanskiy
Release Date 1967
Language Russian
Studio Lenfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Gerda Elena Proklova
Kai Vyacheslav Tsyupa
Storyteller Valeri Nikitenko
Snow Queen Natalya Klimova
Grandma Evgeniya Melnikova
Councillor Nikolay Boyarskiy
King Evgeniy Leonov
Robber Woman Olga Vikland
Little Robber Girl Era Ziganshina

The Snow Queen (Snezhnaya koroleva) is a Soviet 1967 (filmed 1966) screen adaptation of the play by Evgeny Schwartz, in turn based on most famous Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale.

The following weapons were used in the film The Snow Queen (Snezhnaya koroleva):


Blunderbuss Pistol

In several scenes Storyteller (Valeri Nikitenko) carries a blunderbuss pistol. This gun seems to be a mockup rather than a genuine gun, but it is fitted with a percussion cap lock from a real pistol (some elements of the lock allow to guess that it is a converted flintlock). Same prop is also seen among the guns of Robber Woman (Olga Vikland). This gun looks very similar to the blunderbuss pistol, seen in Tri tolstyaka, also a Lenfilm production of same years.

For comparison: Mid 17th century blunderbuss pistol
Storyteller "confronts" a snowman that depicts evil Councillor.
The grip of the pistol is too flat and simplified for a genuine gun.
Storyteller defends Gerda.
Snezhnaya koroleva-Tromblon-5.jpg
Storyteller confronts Councillor. The lock of the pistol appears to be percussion cap but has some details of flintlock.
Same pistol is seen on the wall among the weapons of Robber Woman.

Another blunderbuss pistol is hold by a bearded robber (Evgeniy Filatov).

Snezhnaya koroleva-Tromblon-8.jpg
A bearded robber (at the left) holds a blunderbuss pistol. Note that it is different from Storyteller's pistol, having a different lock and more curved grip.

Percussion Cap Pistol

A Percussion Cap Pistol, mostly used by Robber Woman (Olga Vikland), appears to be a genuine Russian M1848 soldier's model or one of French Chatellerault models.

For comparison: Russian M1848 Infantry soldier's percussion cap pistol - .71 caliber
A good view of the grip and percussion cap lock.
Robber Woman draws her pistol.
She carries the pistol during the ambush on the gold coach.
One more good view of the pistol.

Numerous Percussion Cap Pistols of different model are used by the robbers. They appear to be same props, reused in several scenes. Possibly these pistols are not original guns, but good mockups, fitted with some genuine parts, like locks. Only these pistols are seen firing (genuine historical guns of black powder era certainly doesn't fire on screen to avoid damage).

Italian (Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) Percussion cap pistol, converted from flintlock, circa mid-19th century - .69 caliber (17.7mm)
A tall robber on a bicycle (unexpectedly for a fairy tale!) holds a percussion cap pistol.
Little Robber Girl carries a percussion cap pistol in a makeshift holster. She also carries a percussion pocket pistol (see below).
Robber Woman fires in air. In this scene her pistol looks different from the one that she carried earlier; it resembles a mockup rather an original gun.
Snezhnaya koroleva-Percussion-11.jpg
Little Robber Girl fires two pistols in air. Again, these guns seem to be mockups.
Storyteller, disguised as a robber, carries a pistol with military-style grip.
Snezhnaya koroleva-Pocket-5.jpg
Little Robber Girl holds a pistol when she lets Storyteller to go free after getting news that Gerda saved Kai.

Percussion Pocket Pistol

A Percussion Pocket Pistol is seen among the guns of Little Robber Girl (Era Ziganshina). It appears to be the same prop, used in some other Lenfilm productions, like Tri tolstyaka.

Little Robber Girl carries a small percussion cap pistol tucked in her belt. She also carries a larger pistol in holster.
She threates Gerda with her pistol. This gun has military-style outlook and pocket size.
Snezhnaya koroleva-Pocket-3.jpg
Little Robber Girl threatens Gerda and Storyteller with small percussion cap pistol and a larger flintlock pistol (see below).
Little Robber Girl carries same small pistol in her belt when she lets Storyteller to go free after getting news that Gerda saved Kai.

Percussion Dueling Pistol

Percussion Dueling Pistols are seen in hands of several robbers, and of Little Robber Girl. At least two different pistols of this kind are seen.

Percussion Cap Ardesa 1871 Dueling Pistol - .45 inch
A robber in top hat (at the left) holds a long-barreled dueling pistol.
Little Robber Girl aims a long-barreled pistol at Storyteller.
Snezhnaya koroleva-Dueling-3.jpg
A good view of the grip and the percussion cap lock.
Modern replica of Lepage percussion dueling pistol.
A robber in center holds a long-barreled pistol.
The barrel of same pistol is seen at the right.
One more view of same pistol (second from the left man in hat with feather).

Flintlock Pistol

When Little Robber Girl finds out Storyteller, disguised as a robber, in the cave, she draws one more pistol, this time a flintlock one. This pistol with silvery inlay is also used in Tri tolstyaka. A robber (Zdislav Monkovskiy) holds same prop in another scene.

A robber (thrid from the left) carries a flintlock pistol with silvery inlay in his belt.
Same robber with same flintlock pistol is seen in center.
A good view of same pistol.
Little Robber Girl holds a flintlock pistol and a percussion pocket pistol (see above).

Wheellock Pistol

A very large pistol is seen in "apartments" of Little Robber Girl. It has massive pommel, like Matchlock and Wheellock pistols of 16th-17th century. The massive screw on the dog allow to identify this pistol as wheellock.

Wheellock pistol
A large pistol with pommel on grip is seen on chopping-block, next to hatchet.
The photoshopped (lightened) screenshot. Note the large screw on the dog, which is one of the typical features of wheellock guns (the matchlock weapons didn't need such massive bindings on the lock, while wheellock guns needs them to hold the flint or pyrites against the large tension of the spring).

"Knee Flintlock Pistol"

A robber (Anatoli Stolbov) carries a pistol with short buttstock. Such guns, not large enough for even shortest of carbines, are sometimes referred as "Knee Pistols". They were especially popular in Ottoman Empire, on Balkans and in North Africa. The gun seems to be the same prop, used in Tri tolstyaka.

Flintlock Knee Pistol, 17th century, Tunisia - 45mm (1.77 inch)
Second from the left robber (the one with several pocket watch on chain) carries a gun tucked in the belt. It has a small buttstock instead of grip.
The photoshopped (lightened) screenshot allow to identify this weapon as a flintock (note the lack af the flint in the jaws).
The short buttstock of this gun is seen (second from the left man).


Reichsrevolver M1879

While most robbers are armed with percussion cap and flintlock guns, one of the gang (Mikhail Vasilyev) holds a Reichsrevolver M1879. This revolver, wiped nearly to white, appears to be the same prop, used in numerous Lenfilm productions, notably Priklucheniya Sherlocka Holmsa i doktora Vatsona.

Reichsrevolver M1879 Revolver - 10.6x25R
Snezhnaya koroleva-Reichsrevolver-1.jpg
Snezhnaya koroleva-Reichsrevolver-2.jpg
Snezhnaya koroleva-Reichsrevolver-3.jpg


Flintlock Musket

A long gun is seen in the den of robbers. It seems to be flintlock musket with military style buttstock, like the muskets of Napoleonic era.

An example of flintlock muskets, Charleville Mle 1766 - .69 caliber
A long gun is seen at the left, near the stairs.
The photoshopped (lightened) screenshot. The frizzen, pan and spring can be seen.

Wheellock Musket

What looks like a kind of Wheellock Musket (doubtless a not very elaborated mockup) is seen in the den of robbers.

Wheellock Arquebus (17th Century)
A long gun is seen at the background. The shape of stock resembles wheellok long guns. The lock has rather primitive outlook which proves the gun to be a mockup.

Mockup Musket

One more robber holds a long gun that lacks any kind of lock, which allow to identify it as a simple mockup.

A robber in black cloak and dark red hat holds a long gun.
Another view of the same gun (in center).

Various long guns

An unidentified long gun is briefly seen in hands of a robber.

A robber in green cloak at the right holds some long gun.

Some kind of musket can be seen in the "apartments" of Little Robber Girl. The lock isn't seen, so sure identification isn't possible.

The photoshopped (lightened) screenshot. The gun is pointed by the red arrow.
A ditto.

Percussion Musket

When Little Robber Girl appears, returning from hunt, she carries a relatively small musket. The similar looking gun can be seen in the "apartments" of Little Robber Girl. Same looking gun is seen in another Lenfilm productions, Truffaldino iz Bergamo and Tsarevich Prosha, and that movies proves that the gun has percussion cap lock.

For comparison: 1860 Russian-made Single Barreled Percussion Shotgun, so-called "Shompolka"
Little Robber Girl carries a musket.
The lock lacks any kinds of screw and frizzen, that proves the gun to have percussion cap lock.
The ramrod under the barrel is seen.
The buttstock is seen very blurry due to fast motion.
The photoshopped (lightened) screenshot. The gun is pointed by the red arrow. Note it's short stock and long ramrod.


A tall robber (German Lupekin) is seen with a Blunderbuss. It's hard to say if this is a genuine gun or a mockup.

C. Ybarra Marked Percussion Blunderbuss
Snezhnaya koroleva-Blunderbuss-3.jpg
The robber holds his gun single-hand.
The robber holds his gun (second from the left).

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