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The Ninth

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The Ninth
Devyataya poster.jpg
Original poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Nikolay Khomeriki
Release Date 2019
Language Russian
Studio Non-Stop Productions
Distributor Central Partnership Sales House
Main Cast
Character Actor
Olivia Reed Daisy Head
Sergey Rostov Evgeniy Tsyganov
Fyodor Ganin Dmitriy Lysenkov
Vasiliy Golitsyn Yuri Kolokolnikov
James Reed Jonathan Salway
Pavlusha Evgeniy Tkachuk
Medical Examiner Igor Chernevich
Suslik Ivan Rashetnyak
Iskandar Maksim Al-Names
James' manservant Vilen Babichev

The Ninth (Russian: Девятая; Devyataya) is a 2019 Russian mystery thriller.

The following weapons were used in the film The Ninth:

SPOILERS.jpg WARNING! Major spoiler


Colt 1851 Navy

James Reed (Jonathan Salway) fires a Colt 1851 Navy at the film's beginning.

Colt 1851 Navy - .36 caliber.
James Reed draws his Colt...
...and fires it.
A great muzzle flash.
The Colt's grip is seen under the book of grimoires.
Olivia Reed (Daisy Head) grabs a book of grimoires, which gave a better view of the Colt.
The Colt's grip is seen during Ganin's animated tales.

Pettingill Revolver

Policeman Fyodor Ganin (Dmitriy Lysenkov) carries a Pettingill revolver as his duty sidearm throughout the movie.

Pettingill revolver - .34 caliber.
Ganin brandishes his revolver after firing it.
Ganin draws his revolver on Pavlusha's (Evgeniy Tkachuk) thugs.
The revolver's barrel is seen.
Ganin fires.
A close up.
The grip is partly seen.
Ganin fires the revolver.
Another view of the grip.

Smith & Wesson Schofield

Nearly all Russian policemen can be seen armed with the Smith & Wesson Schofield. Sergey Rostov (Evgeniy Tsyganov) grabs one at the film climax. This revolvers are airsoft guns by WinGun, a model named "Gun Heaven 1877 Major 3".

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 with blued finish - .45 Schofield (right side)
Policeman (in the background) with the holstered revolver.
Another policeman with the holstered revolver (pointed by the red arrow).
Policemen draws their S&W revolvers during the raid.
The S&W revolvers can be seen.
Sergey Rostov grabs the revolver from a policeman's holster...
...and raises it. Note the grip with the hole for the pressure key and the cover for the CO2 cylinder's compartment.
Sergey Rostov aims the S&W.
The another view of the same scene. Note the plugged barrel.


Percussion Dueling Pistol

Four Percussion Dueling Pistols can be seen hanging on the wall in Ganin's apartment.

Mang in Graz Match Percussion Dueling Pistol - .38 inch
Modern replica of Lepage percussion dueling pistol.
Two pistols and grip of the third one is seen to the left.
A slightly different view of the same guns.
A perfect view of the weaponry. Percussion dueling pistols are seen to the left and right parts of the decoration.

Pinfire Pistol

Two Pinfire Pistols can be seen hanging on the wall in Ganin's apartments. They may be the same props used in Duelyant, which was made by the same studio.

Actual screen guns used in Duelyant. Three Double barreled pinfire pistols are seen in center.
The pistols are seen in the background.
A perfect view of the weaponry. Pinfire pistols are seen at the center part of the decoration.

Long Guns

Unknown Long Gun

An unknown rifle or shotgun can be seen in the hands of policemen during the raid. It was seen very briefly and from a distance, but the ramrod and short stock can be seen.

Policeman holds the long gun (pointed by the red arrow).
Another view of the same scene.
Note the ramrod under the barrel.
The buttstock of the gun (pointed by the red arrow) is seen. Policeman at the right holds a S&W revolver.
Another view of this gun (pointed by the red arrow).


Cannon Style Ashtray

A cannon style ashtray can be seen in Ganin's apartments.

The ashtray is seen on the table (pointed by the red arrow).

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