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The Lost Letter (Propala hramota)

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The Lost Letter
(Propala hramota)
Propala hramota poster.jpg
Soviet Russian Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Boris Ivchenko
Release Date 1972
Language Ukrainian
Studio Dovzhenko Film Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Cossack Vasyl Ivan Mykolaichuk
Cossack Andriy Fyodor Strigun
Vasyl's Wife Lidiya Belozyorova
Odarka Zemfira Tsakhilova
The Good Devil Vladimir Glukhoy
Bad Man Mikhail Golubovich
Witch Mariya Kapnist
Petro Vladimir Shakalo
Ivan Anatoli Barchuk

The Lost Letter (Ukrainian: Пропала грамота; Propala hramota Russian: Пропавшая грамота; Propavshaya gramota) is a 1972 Soviet Ukrainian language fantstic comedy, loosely based on the Nikolai Gogol's novel with the same name. Among with the Chasing Two Hares (Za dvumya zaytsami), this movie were the two most popular Soviet movie, filmed complitely in Ukrainian language.

The following weapons were used in the film The Lost Letter (Propala hramota):


Flintlock Pistol

Genuine Flintlock Pistols is seen in the hands of several characters, include the main hero, cossack Vasyl (Ivan Mykolaichuk). Most of it's are anachronistic (for the Catherine the Great's era) Russian Cavalry M1809. No one of the pistols didn't fired onscreen due obviosly reason.

Russian Cavalry Pistol M1809 - .70 cal
Vasyl with the pistol on the belt.
Propala hramota pistol 1 2.jpg
Propala hramota pistol 1 3.jpg
Propala hramota pistol 1 4.jpg
Vasyl holds two pistols akimbo.
Propala hramota pistol 1 6.jpg
Propala hramota pistol 1 7.jpg

Wheellock Pistol

Antique genuine Wheellock Pistols can be seen in the hands of several characters, include the cossack Andriy (Fyodor Strigun) and the Good Devil (Vladimir Glukhoy). No one of it weren't fired onscreen as well.

Wheellock pistol
Propala hramota pistol 2 1.jpg
The Good Devil (at the left) holds wheellock pistol after firing it. In fact, seconds before, he fired different gun (see below). Andriy with a pair of wheellock pistol on the belt is seen at the right).
Andriy cocks his wheellock pistol.
Propala hramota pistol 2 4.jpg
Andriy (at the right) with the pair wheellock and Vasyl (at the left) with the pair of flintlock pistol on the belts,

Percussion Cap Pistol

Anachronistic genuine Percussion Cap Pistol can be seen hanged on the wall of Vasyl's home.

Russian M1848 Infantry soldier's percussion cap pistol - .71 caliber
Pistol is seen ath the top, left, between ther horn and shield.


IZh-18 (Sawn-Off, mocked as flintlock pistols)

Most of firing onscreen guns and all firing handguns actually is the sawn-off IZh-18s, mocked up as flintlock pistols.

Izhmekh IZh-17 single barreled Sawed Off shotgun - 16 gauge. The IZh-18 is the same, aside from not having an exposed hammer.
Cossack Vasyl draws his "pistol" to shot the Janissar. Note the spur on the trigger guard.
Cossack Ivan (Anatoli Barchuk) with the "pistol" on the belt. Note the spur on the trigger guard..
Petro (Vladimir Shakalo) with the similar "pistol" as well.
Andriy aims.
Vasyl fires.
Bad Man (Mikhail Golubovich) with the "pistol" on his belt.
Brigand fires his "pistol". Brigands at the left carry the similar "pistol on the belt.
The Good Devil fires the "pistol" tooked from Petro. A second later, this gun switches to wheeelock pistol.
Fat man (uncredited) in the Inn with the "pistol" on the belt. Note the spur on the trigger guard.
Cossacks Vasyl (at the left) and Andriy (at the right) fires their "pistols" at the brigands akimbo.


Cossack Petro fires Blunderbuss at the one moment. Althought, this gunshot was pyrotechnicaly produced, this is the only antique genuine firearm, that can be seen in action onscreen.

English Flintlock Blunderbuss
Petro with the blunderbuss.
Propala hramota shotgun 2 2.jpg
Petro aims.
Note the flintlock.
Petro fires.


Kabyle Musket

Cossacks Ivan and Petro carry Kabyle Muskets at the first part on the movie. Similar looking guns can be seen on the slings of several brigands. This guns didn't fired onscreen. Most likely, the same movie props later were used in the TV-series In Search for Captain Grant (V poiskakh kapitana Granta) and movie Cossacks Go (Kozaky Ydut)

Kabyle musket
Ivan and Petro with the muskets and "pistols" on the belts.
Ivan and Petro puts ther guns to the wall.
Barrels is seen.
Note the curved stock.
Propala hramota musket 5.jpg
Note the curved stock.
Note the very long barrels and curved stocks.
Brigand at the center with the musket.
Propala hramota musket 9.jpg

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