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Cossacks Go (Kozaky Ydut)

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Cossacks Go (Kozaky Ydut)
Kozaky poster.jpg
Film poster
Country UKR.jpg Ukraine
Directed by Serhiy Omelchuk
Release Date 1991
Language Ukrainian
Studio Ros
Main Cast
Character Actor
Maksym Trytuz Mikhail Golubovich
Overko Oleg Maslennikov
Som Yuriy Mazhuga

Cossacks Go (ukrainian title is Козаки йдуть; Kozaky Ydut) is a 1991 Ukrainian adventure film, one of the first of the independent Ukraine.

PS. This film was filmed in low definition and had never been restored.

The following weapons were used in the film Cossacks Go (Kozaky Ydut):


Wheellock Pistol

Cossack Maksym Trytuz (Mikhail Golubovich) carries Wheellock Pistols on his belt throughout the movie.

Wheellock pistol
Kozaky wheelock 1.jpg

Flintlock Pistol

Som (Yuriy Mazhuga) draws the Flintlock Pistol and gave it to Overko (Oleg Maslennikov).

Russian Cavalry Pistol M1809 - .70 cal
Som draws the flintlock pistol.
Overko fires his pistol.


Izhmekh IZh-18 (Mocked-Up as Kabyle Musket)

Cossacks, include a Som (Yuriy Mazhuga) and Overko (Oleg Maslennikov) uses the Kabyle Muskets. This firearms was used by Cossacks, who previously captured it of Ottoman soldiers, who in its turn captured it in African tribes. On closer examination, this, however, is actually a mocked-up IZh-18 shotguns. Looks like, that's the same movie props, one of it's that previously may be was used in TV-series In Search for Captain Grant (V poiskakh kapitana Granta).

Kabyle musket
A few musket on the ground. Overko (Oleg Maslennikov) loads one.
Som fires his musket. Flintlock is seen.
Kozaky matchlock 3.jpg


Swivel cannon

Cossacks uses a Swivel cannon.

Swivel gun - 18th century
Som (Yuriy Mazhuga) at the right of Swivel cannon.

Rotating Cannon Table

Cossacks uses an improvased Rotating Cannon Table.

Nartov Mortar System
Som (Yuriy Mazhuga) reloads his Cannon devise.
Rotating Cannon Table is a good seen.

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