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The Black Angels (Chernite angeli)

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The Black Angels (Chernite angeli)
Chernite angeli.jpg
Modern Poster
Country BUL-com.jpg Bulgaria
Directed by Vulo Radev
Release Date 1970
Language Bulgarian
Studio Boyana Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Georgi Mikhailov Argirov alias "Panther" Stefan Danailov
Katina Dorotea Toncheva
Iskra Violeta Gindeva
Andro Iossif Surchadzhiev
Racheto Dobrinka Stankova
Grafa Marin Mladenov
General Kiril Danev Lazarov Andrey Chaprazov
General von Taden Slavcho Mitev

The Black Angels (Chernite angeli) is a 1970 Bulgarian war drama directed by Vulo Radev. It depicts the activities of anti-Nazi resistance group in Bulgaria during World War II.

The following weapons were used in the film The Black Angels (Chernite angeli):


Luger P08

The leader of the combat group Katina (Dorotea Toncheva) and her comrades Panther (Stefan Danailov), Iskra (Violeta Gindeva), Racheto (Dobrinka Stankova) and Andro (Iossif Surchadzhiev) widely use Luger P08 pistols, often fitted with obviously fake sound suppressors. Lugers are also used by agents of security police.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Iskra fires at Gen. Kiril Danev Lazarov. Her Luger is fitted with a fake sound suppressor. Due to a continuity error, prior to the assassination and immediately after it Iskra holds a Walther P38 (see below).
Panther with a Luger.
Katina fires at a police agent.
A closeup of Katina's pistol. A fake sound suppressor is seen.
An agent of security police holds a Luger.
Racheto fires from a car.
Panther fires a "suppressed" Luger in the scene in restoraunt.
Andro fires from a tram.
Katina with a "suppressed" Luger during the shootout in the courthouse.
Katina loads her pistol with a last cartridge.

Walther P38

Another pistols, often used by Panther, Iskra, Andro and Grafa (Marin Mladenov), are Walther P38s. Walthers are also seen in hands by Bulgarian army officers and agents of security police.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
Panther loads Iskra's "suppressed" P38 before the assassination of Gen. Lazarov. During the assassination Iskra is seen with a Luger and later again with a Walther.
A fake sound suppressor is seen.
Iskra holds her "suppressed" P38 at the doors of Gen. Lazarev's apartments.
Iskra with a Walther and Panther with a Luger fire at pursuers.
An agent of security police holds a P38. In previous and following moments this character holds a P08.
Andro threatens a doorman who gives the alarm.
An army officer aims a P38 during the chase after Racheto and Grafa. Note that his holster is a Bulgarian pattern for P08 or CZ 38 pistols.
A police officer fires at Racheto during the shootout in the courthouse.
Another view of the same scene.
Grafa holds a P38 during the shootout in the courthouse.

Sauer 38H

Iskra uses a Sauer 38H in several scenes. Sauer pistols are also seen in hands of army and police officers. Probably the same nickel plated Sauer 38H was used in The Stolen Train (Otkradnatiyat vlak), filmed by same studio a year later.

Sauer 38H, war-time simplified version without decocker
Iskra holds the Sauer 38H during the attempt to assassinate the German Gen. von Taden, the commander-in-chief of German troops in Bulgaria.
Panther takes the pistol from Iskra.
A Bulgarian officer holds a Sauer 38H during the raid after the assassination attempt on police Colonel.
Another view of same pistol (bottom right).
Chernite angeli-Sauer38H-5.jpg
Iskra readies her pistol.
Iskra draws her pistol during the assassination attempt on procurator.
A police officer holds a Sauer 38H.

Femaru 37M

In one scene Racheto picks up a Femaru 37M of a killed agent of security police.

Femaru 37M - 9x17 Browning Short
Chernite angeli-FEG37M-1.jpg
Chernite angeli-FEG37M-2.jpg
Racheto takes the pistol from the shot agent.

Star Model B

Panther, Grafa and Racheto use Star Model B pistols. Some police officers are also seen with this pistols (probably a single prop is reused). Star Model B was issued to Bulgarian military and law enforcement agencies, as about 15,000 of these pistols was purchased in Spain in 1943-1944.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Star Model B - 9x19mm
An agent of security police fires his pistol during the chase after Panther and Iskra.
A closer view of police officer's pistol.
Panther fires at police Colonel.
Grafa fires his pistol, covering Panther.
Another view of firing Grafa.
Closer view of Grafa's pistol.
Racheto fires Grafa's pistol. The external extractor is seen, that proves this pistol to be Star rather than original M1911.
Grafa holds his pistol in the scene in courthouse.

Unidentified pistol

In one scene a Bulgarian army officer holds an unidentified pistol. It is a hammerless model with open-top barrel, slightly resembling Mauser pocket pistols or early models of Beretta but hardly any of them.

Chernite angeli-Pistol-1.jpg
Chernite angeli-Pistol-2.jpg
Chernite angeli-Pistol-3.jpg

Submachine Guns


German troops and Bulgarian police use MP40 SMGs. Of the members of combat group, Panther and Katina are seen with MP40s.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

MP40 - 9x19mm
German soldiers with MP40s stand in formation at the Sofia cathedral.
A Bulgarian policeman aims MP40 at Panther.
Panther disarms a policeman.
Panther fires from the car.
A policeman reloads MP40.
An agent of security police fires MP40 during the shootout in the courthouse.
Panther, disguised as a Bulgarian officer, fires MP40 in same scene.
Katina fires Panther's MP40.


Mannlicher M1896

Mannlicher M1896 carbines (Bulgarian-issued version of Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher M1895) are used by Bulgarian soldiers and police.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Steyr Repertier-Stutzen M1895 Carbine - 8x50mmR Mannlicher. Bulgarian Karabina Mannlicher Obrazetz 1896 g is nearly the same gun.
A policeman holds a Mannlicher carbine during the chase after Iskra and Panther.
The policeman fires.
A Mannlicher in hands of a policeman.
Chernite angeli-Mannlicher-6.jpg
Soldiers carry Mannlicher carbines with bayonets during the funeral of Gen. Lazarov.
A policeman fires at Racheto and Grafa.
Soldiers with Mannlicher carbines.
Chernite angeli-Mannlicher-13.jpg
Barrels of the carbines of policemen.
Policemen with Mannlicher carbines.


Side by Side Double Barreled Shotgun

During the shooting contest on Prince Simeon's prize the participants use Side by Side Double Barreled Shotguns.

A German Luftwaffe officer carries a shotgun.
Chernite angeli-Shotgun-8.jpg
Luftwaffe officer with a shotgun. His gun is called an FN (refers to Fabrique Nationale de Herstal).
A shooter with side by side shotgun.
Barrels of side by side shotgun.

Over and Under Double Barreled Shotgun

During the said shooting contest the participants also use Over and Under Shotguns.

Chernite angeli-Shotgun-4.jpg
A participant fires O/U shotgun. His gun is called a Holland & Holland.
Chernite angeli-Shotgun-6.jpg
Another shooter with O/U shotgun.
A female shooter with O/U shotgun. Her gun is called Simson (refers to Simson & Co.).

Machine Guns


A Madsen machine gun is mounted on police motorcycle during the chase after Andro.

Portuguese Madsen machine gun - 7.92x57mm. Bulgarian issued Madsen M1924 in 8x50mmR Mannlicher has similar appearance, except for more curved magazine and different buttstock.
Chernite angeli-Madsen-1.jpg
Chernite angeli-Madsen-2.jpg
Madsen on motorcycle.



Chernite angeli-Artillery-1.jpg
Chernite angeli-Artillery-2.jpg
10.5 cm leFH 18M (or leFH 18/40) field howitzers are transported on Sofia streets.


Chernite angeli-Tanks-1.jpg
T-34 tanks, standing for German Panzers, fastly move on Sofia streets.

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