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Sharpe's Sword

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Sharpe's Sword (1995)

Sharpe's Sword is the eighth episode of the Carlton UK series Sharpe, starring Sean Bean as Captain Richard Sharpe, the officer of a small Rifles detachment during the Napoleonic Wars. Sharpe and his men pursue Captain Leroux (Patrick Fierry), a French spy who takes refuge in a heavily defended fort after killing Sharpe's commanding officer.

The following weapons were used in the television series Sharpe's Sword:

Baker Rifle

The most prominently used weapon is the Baker Flintlock Rifle, issued to special units of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) and his "Chosen Men" – Sgt. Patrick Harper (Daragh O'Malley), Riflemen Cooper (Michael Mears), Harris (Jason Salkey), Hagman (John Tams) and Perkins (Lyndon Davies) all carry Bakers.

Baker Rifle (1801-1837), Caliber - 0.625 inch (15.9 mm)
Major Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) holds the Baker Rifle.
Both Harris (Jason Salkey) and Hagman (John Tams) carry Bakers.

Brown Bess Flintlock Musket

The standard long arm issued to "redcoat" British soldiers is the Brown Bess Flintlock Musket. In some scenes, French forces also use the weapon.

Original "India Pattern" Brown Bess musket made 1805-1840 - .75 caliber
"Halt! Make ready!"'
At Sharpe's command, the redcoats aim their muskets and fire a volley before charging the fort.
Two French soldiers aim their muskets.
French soldiers defending the fort fire at the approaching British.


Some of the muskets in this episode are actually dressed up Mosin Nagant rifles. The Mosins were likely quite easy to source due to filming in Ukraine, and were modified lightly to blend in with the other muskets.

Full-length, Soviet Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Seen in this screenshot a couple muskets back. Note: the front sight, sling escutcheons and finger-grooves in the stock.

Nock Gun

Harper (Daragh O'Malley) continues to use the fearsome seven-barrelled Nock Gun

Nock Gun - .52 Caliber.
Harper leads the advance against the French fort with his Nock Gun in hand.

New Land Pattern Flintlock Pistol

Lass (Emily Mortimer) uses a New Land Pattern Flintlock Pistol, plucked from the belt of Sir Henry Simmerson (Michael Cochrane). Captain Jack Spears (James Purefoy) also carries one in his doomed, one-man assault on the fort.

New Land Pattern Flintlock Pistol - .65 caliber
Lass pinches Simmerson's nose, forcing him to swallow the coin he offered her in exchange for sex...
...then marches him out at gunpoint.
Lass (Emily Mortimer) holds the New Land Pattern Flintlock Pistol on Simmerson.

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