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Shanghai Knights

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Shanghai Knights (2003)

Shanghai Knights is a 2003 sequel to 2000's Shanghai Noon. In this film, Chon Wang (Jackie Chan), Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) and Chon's younger sister Chon Lin (Fann Wong) travel to the United Kingdom to prevent an assassination plot aimed at Queen Victoria planned by Lord Nelson Rathbone (Aidan Gillen) and Wu Chow (Donnie Yen).

The following weapons were used in the film Shanghai Knights:

Colt Single Action Army

At the beginning of the film, Sheriff Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) is seen giving a Colt Single Action Army to his deputy (Matt Hill).

Colt Single Action Army with 4.75" barrel, referred to as "Quick Draw" or "Civilian" model, custom engraved with ivory grips - .45 Long Colt
Sheriff Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) gives his badge and his Colt Single Action Army to his deputy (Matt Hill).

Remington 1866 Derringer

Lord Nelson Rathbone (Aidan Gillen) carries a Remington 1866 Derringer via an arm anchor hidden up his right sleeve.

Remington 1866 Derringer - .41 R.F.
Lord Nelson Rathbone (Aidan Gillen) pulls out his Remington 1866 Derringer.

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I rifles are seen in the hands of the Royal Guards in front of Buckingham Palace. They are very anachronistic since this film took place in 1887 and the earliest Lee-Enfield model was made in 1888. Buckingham Palace guards should be carrying Martini-Henry Mk.III rifles at this time. There is a good possibility that the WW2-era Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifle was used as a "stand-in" for the original Lee-Metford of 1888.

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I - .303 British
A Lee-Enfield in the hands of the Royal Guard. Note the guard in the background also has a Lee-Enfield.

The "Machine Gun"

Lord Nelson Rathbone (Aidan Gillen) reveals to Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) and Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) a new weapon that he calls the "Machine Gun", capable of firing 200 rounds a minute and that it was British in origins. This weapon is a belt fed Gatling-type firearm that automatically rotating barrels. According to the Long Mountain Outfitters, this prop was a Vickers gun combined with a Browning M1917 receiver synced to a motor-driven rotating barrel assembly. Wu Chow (Donnie Yen) is seen using this weapon.

Browning M1917 receiver appears to be the base for the weapon.
The "Machine Gun" is revealed. In reality, this weapon is a Browning machine gun mockup with revolving barrels created by Long Mountain Outfitters.
The Machine Gun is loaded.
The Machine Gun is fired by Wu Chow (Donnie Yen).

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