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Overdose 2 (El pico 2)

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Overdose 2
(El pico 2)
El pico 2 Poster.jpg
Original Spanish Poster
Country ESP.jpg Spain
Directed by Eloy de la Iglesia
Release Date 1984
Language Spanish
Studio Opalo Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Paco José Luis Manzano
Comandante Evaristo Torrecuadrada Fernando Guillén
Betty Andrea Albani
El Lehendakari Jaume Valls
El Pirri José Luis Fernández
El Tejas Valentín Paredes
Miguel Caballero Fermín Cabal
Lt. Alcántara Pedro Nieva Parola

Overdose 2 (El pico 2) is a 1984 Spanish drama movie directed by Eloy de la Iglesia, a sequel to El pico (1983). The main character of the first film, young heroin addict Paco relocate from Bilbao to Madrid together with his father, a high rank officer of Guardia Civil. Paco is trying to get drug treatment, but after his involvement in a murder in Bilbao comes to light, he is arrested. In prison, Paco returns to drug use. His father, using illegal methods, seeks the release of his son, but upon the release from prison Paco joins a gang engaged in robberies.

The following weapons were used in the film Overdose 2 (El pico 2):


Llama Comanche

In the scene of the robbery of a jewelry store, committed by Paco and his friends, a store manager (Paco Racionero) fires a Llama Comanche revolver after the getaway car. This is a version with 4" barrel and duty sights. Judging by the gap between the front side of the cylinder and the frame, it is chambered in .38 Special rather than in .357 Magnum, so the revolver may be Llama Martial but the shape of the front sight is more common for Comanche.

Llama Comanche with 4" barrel and adjustable sights - .357 Magnum
The store manager fires after the robbers' car.
A view from the muzzle.
A very good view of the revolver. Note the large gap between the cylinder and the frame.

Snub nose revolver

When the gang leader "El Lehendakari" (Basque for "The President", commonly in meaning of a leader of some group or organisation) (Jaume Valls) demostrates his guns to Paco and Betty, a snub nose revolver is seen. It is a 6-shot Smith & Wesson style gun. Among the Spanish produced revolvers, Ruby Extra or Llama Scorpio have a similar appearance.

For reference: Ruby Extra with 2.5" barrel - .38 Special
El Lehendakari puts the revolver on the table.
The revolver lies on the table.

Unknown revolver

During the robbery of the bank van, a revolver is seen in the security guard's holster. This is a large frame gun, supposedly with a 4" barrel. A number of Llama and Astra revolvers have a similar appearance.

The securuty guard carries a revolver in holster when fake Guardia Civil patrolmen stop the van.
Another view of the holstered revolver.


Llama I

When El Lehendakari (Jaume Valls) acts under the disguise of a Guardia Civil motorcycle patrolman during the robbery of the bank van, he carries a compact pistol, supposedly a Llama I.

Llama I - .32 ACP (7.65mm Corto)
El Lehendakari carries the pistol in holster.
He covertly draws the gun. The magazine heel is seen.
A blurry, due to fast motion, view of the pistol. The external extractor can be seen.
El Lehendakari threatens the security guard.

Star Model S

In the final scene Comandante Evaristo Torrecuadrada (Fernando Guillén) is armed with a Star Model S pistol. A similar pistol is used by Lt. Alcántara (Pedro Nieva Parola).

Star Model S, mfg 1975 - .380 ACP (9mm Corto)
Torrecuadrada loads his pistol when he prepares to meet with Paco in an abandoned house.
Torrecuadrada confronts Paco.
Torrecuadrada holds the pistol.
Lt. Alcántara, in charge of the Guardia Civil squad, holds his pistol.
Alcántara holds the pistol prior entering the gang's hideout.

Star Model A Super

Paco (José Luis Manzano) holds a Star Model A Super in a flashback scene (a footage from the previous movie). A Star Model A Super is also used by Paco during the robbery of the jewelry store and during the final confrontation with his father.

Star Model A Super - 9x23mm (9mm Largo)
Paco holds a Star pistol in the flashback scene.
The pistol lies on the floor in the same scene.
El Lehendakari (Jaume Valls) holds a Star Model A Super when he shows his guns to Paco and Betty.
Close-ups of the pistol.
Paco holds the pistol during the robbery.
Paco holds the pistol in the climactic scene.
A close-up of the pistol. The marking "Model Super" is seen.
Paco aims the pistol at his father.
Paco fires at El Lehendakari.

Walther P1

A Walther P1 is one of El Lehendakari's guns.

Walther P1 - 9x19mm
Betty (Andrea Albani) takes the Walther.
Paco takes the Walther from Betty.
Paco with a Star Model A Super and El Lehendakari with a Walther P1 capture two Guardia Civil patrolmen in order to use their uniform for the robbery of the bank van.
A close-up of the Walther.
El Lehendakari demonstrates his pistol to a police agent.
El Lehendakari holds his pistol during the robbery of the jewelry store.
El Lehendakari holds the Walther in the climactic scene.
He tries to escape through the window.

Unknown pistols

A pistol is partially seen in holster of a Guardia Civil patrolman.

The pistol in holster. This is definitly a compact model, possibly a Llama or a Star.
Betty unfastens the holster from the belt of the patrolman.

In the climactic scene, the pistol in hands of Torrecuadrada (Fernando Guillén) switches from a compact Star Model S to a different, full size pistol due to a continuity error. Possibly this gun is a reused Star Model A Super or another large frame Star pistol.

Deadly wounded Torrecuadrada holds the gun. It is larger and looks somewhat different from the previously seen Star Model S.

Submachine Guns

Star Z-62/Z-70

The prison guards and the Guardia Civil personnel are armed with Star Z-62 or Star Z-70 submachine guns (or maybe a mix of both models).

Star Z-62 - 9x23mm (9mm Largo)
Star Z-70 - 9x19mm (9mm Largo)
A prison guard with a Star Z-62 or Z-70 SMG.
Lt. Alcántara's subordinates hold submachine guns when the squad readies to storm the gang's hideout.
A submachine gun at the right seems to be a Z-70 as the magazine release lever can be seen below the trigger guard (Z-62 lacks such feature).
Lt. Alcántara (Pedro Nieva Parola) takes the submachine gun from a Sergeant and fires at the door lock.
Close-ups of firing submachine gun in hands of Lt. Alcántara. This gun seems to be a Z-62 as no magazine release lever under the trigger guard is seen.
Lt. Alcántara breaks into the house.
Guardia Civil with submachine guns in hands inside the house.

Sten Mk II

A flashback scene (a footage from the first film) shows the assassination attempt on Comandante Torrecuadrada, when one of the Basque terrorists is armed with a Sten Mk II.

Sten Mk II (Canadian) - 9x19mm
A terrorist fires a Sten from a car.

Assault Rifles


The final of the film shows Paco serving in Spanish Army. He holds a CETME Model C assault rifle.

CETME Model C - 7.62x51mm NATO
Paco with a CETME Model C.
Paco and other soldiers with CETME rifles stand in formation.
CETME rifles without magazines are seen during the military oath ceremony.

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