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Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS, 1st Season (2015-16).
Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS, 2nd Season (2016-17).

Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS is the fourteenth mainline TV series in the Gundam franchise, and the first to receive a non-Asian-English English dub while the series was still airing in Japan. Like most Gundam series that aren't direct sequels, it introduces a new self contained continuity with its own era name: Post Disaster. 323 years after out of control, autonomous, self-sustaining weapons brought about the apocalypse, small time mercenary organization Chryse Guard Security's expendable Third Group, staffed by enslaved child soldiers, is hired to escort a Martian revolutionary. This escort mission quickly spirals into the group coming into conflict with other powers.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS:


Brewers Pistol

A fictional pistol is used by Brewers child soldiers throughout "Funeral Rites".

A Brewers child soldier opens fire at an armed Tekkadan contractor in "Funeral Rites".

Flintlock Pistol

A Flintlock Pistol is seen on a display case inside the office of Chryse Guard Security President Maruba Arkley in the episode "Iron and Blood...".

Screen-used flintlock pistol, image contributed by User:MoviePropMaster2008
The flintlock pistol is seen below the Miquelot Lock pistol in the display case in "Iron and Blood...".

Flintlock Pocket Pistol

A Flintlock pocket pistol is seen on a display case inside the office of CGS President Maruba Arkley in the episode "Iron and Blood...".

Pocket-sized Flintlock Pistols. Because Flintlock Pistols were occasionally carried in multiples to bypass their lengthy reload times, they allowed for possibly the earliest form of Akimbo shooting and/or the "New York Reload" technique.
The flintlock pocket pistol in the lower left side of the display case in "Iron and Blood...".

Gjallarhorn Pistol

McGillis Fareed infiltrates the Skipjack-class class used by Rustal Eion in "McGillis Fareed".
Gaelio Bauduin aims his sidearm at McGillis.
Good shot of the floating pistols.

Hybrid Pistol

A hybrid pistol, consisting of parts from the Glock 17, Smith & Wesson 5900 and the Taurus PT99 pistols, is first seen in the hands a young Mikazuki Augus during a flashback in the episode "Iron and Blood...". Orga gives one to him in "Barabatos". Takaki Uno uses Mikazuki's pistol at the end of "My Friend" to execute Radiche Riloto for being a traitor. Ride Mass uses it in "Their Place" to assassinate Nobliss Gordon for setting up Orga.

4th Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm.
Smith & Wesson 5944 - 9x19mm
Blued Taurus PT99 (current production model with rails) - 9x19mm.
Mikazuki fires the hybrid pistol in the flashback in "Iron and Blood...".
The discarded pistol next to Mikazuki.
Orga hands the pistol to Mikazuki near the end of "Barbatos".
Mikazuki reaches for the loaded pistol at the start of "Glorious Demise". Note the Smith & Wesson 5900-style pistol grip.
A good shot of the hybrid pistol used by Mikazuki in "Trail of Footprints".
Mikazuki's "face" after he rescues Atra and Biscuit.
The pistol drawn out from Mikazuki's "hiding place" in "New Blood".
The pistol fired at Allium Gyojan due to lack of payment in "The Trigger of Success".
Takaki takes aim at Radiche after being forced down on his knees in "My Friend". Note that the barrel is somehow much longer than how it's portrayed.
In "Promise", Mikazuki hands his personal sidearm to Orga.
Orga uses Mikazuki's sidearm to take out armed men doing a drive-by, while he's being shot with multiple gunshots to the back.
Orga's moment...
Ride uses the pistol, last used by Orga, to take out Gordon while he's taking a crapper in "Their Place".


A pistol that appears to be the M1911A1 is used by Arbau and Gjallarhorn military forces in the show, first seen in "As for Them".

The actual M1911A1 Pierce Brosnan used in The World Is Not Enough - .45 ACP
Arbau soldiers publicly execute anti-Arbau dissidents in the streets of Chryse in "As for Them" via flashback when Kudelia explains why she's seeking Martian independence. The grainy appearance of the photo illustrate its flashback sequence.
A Gjallarhorn soldier open fires on the Tekkadan-commandered truck at the end of "Trail of Footprints".

Miquelet Lock Pistol

A Miquelet Lock Pistol is seen on a display case inside the office of CGS President Maruba Arkley in the episode "Iron and Blood...".

Replica Spanish Miqulet Flintlock Pistol similar to one used in Predator 2.
The Miquelet Lock pistol on top of the display case in "Iron and Blood...".

Tanegashima Pistol

A Tanegashima-type pistol is seen on a display case inside the office of CGS President Maruba Arkley in the episode "Iron and Blood...".

Japanese "Tanegashima" matchlock pistol.
The Tanegashima pistol in the middle of the display case in "Iron and Blood...".


Chiappa Rhino 20DS

What appears to be a Chiappa Rhino 20DS is seen in the Navona residence in "Trail of Footprints".

Chiappa Rhino 20DS (2" barrel version) in brushed nickel finish - .357 Magnum.
The revolver as seen in the middle of "Trail of Footprints". It appears to have a different rubber grip than the one used by actual Chiappa Rhinos.

Assault Rifles

Bullpup Assault Rifle

A fictional bullpup assault rifle is seen throughout the show in the hands of CGS contractors. It's briefly seen with other child soldiers and various guerrilla fighters in the show.

Eugene Stark and the other CGS contractors posing with the bullpup assault rifle in the OP sequence, "Raise your Flag".
A good shot of the bullpup assault rifle in "Iron and Blood...". Its shape appears to be based on the FAMAS, but with a different carry handle on top and flash hider.
One of the helmet-wearing child soldiers wield the assault rifle in a sequence in "Barabotos" when Kudelia gives a speech about the inhumane conditions on Mars.
A good profile of the assault rifle next to Dante after Orga and his Tekkadan team storm the Hammerhead at the start of "Form of Closeness".
Orga and the team with the bullpup rifle when they assault the bridge of the Hammerhead. You can see the integrated underbarrel grenade launcher.
The assault rifle placed inside the space coffin of a Tekkadan member killed fighting Brewers forces in "Funeral Rites".
Takaki (Left) and Ride (Right) with the bullpup rifles while providing close protection to Kudelia and other VIPs near the end of "To the Place of Return".
Guerrilla fighters watch mobile workers launch an artillery strike in "New Blood".
Akihiro (Left), Ride (Middle) and Hush (Right) detain a Terra Liberionis member during a raid in "The Trigger of Success".
Closeup of the assault rifles in the middle of "Silent War".

Another variant is seen in "Vessel of Hope" when they're smuggled into the Dort colonies.

Rogue Dort colonists secure the smuggled weapons in "Vessel of Hope".
The unused rifle tossed to the ground. Note the magazine inserted, which suggests that the weapon is chambered with a battle rifle-type round.
Rogue Dort colonists cease fire after their vision was obscured by smoke grenades at the end of "Fumitan Admoss".


What appears to be the M72A1 bullpup rifle, a fictional rifle used in the franchise's primary timeline Universal Century, is used by soldiers of the Arbrau Defense Forces (ADF) as their assault rifle in the 2nd season.

M72A1 assault rifle - 4.8mm caliber.
ADF soldiers stationed outside the Arbrau Parliament building in "Inauguration of the Arbrau Defense Forces".

Conventional Assault Rifle

A fictional conventional assault rifle, which has the appearance based on the AK-type assault rifles, is used by a guerrilla fighter in "New Blood".

The guerrilla fighter with the assault rifle placed on his shoulders in "New Blood".

Gjallarhorn Assault Rifle

A fictional conventional assault rifle is used by Gjallarhorn security forces in the show.

Armed Gjallarhorn soldiers break up a supposed arms deal in "Vessel of Hope".
Gjallarhorn soldiers form a protective cordon around Dort Colony headquarters near the end of "Fumitan Admoss".
Gjallarhorn soldiers keep an eye on the battle near the downtown core of Edmonton in "Tekkadan".
A good shot of the assault rifle used by Gjallarhon. Note that the magazine's shape is similar to actual magazines used for 5.56 NATO ammo.
Gjallarhon soldiers surround the Terra Liberionis office at the end of "The Trigger of Success".
Pro-McGillis soldiers arrest loyalist Gjallarhon officers in "Revealed Intentions".

Heckler & Koch G36

Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifles are used by armed pirates in a flashback in "A Letter from Tomorrow".

H&K G36 - 5.56x45mm
Armed pirates open fire on civilians in Akihiro Altland's flashback in a "A Letter from Tomorrow".

Ruger Mini-14 Muzzelite

Nobliss Gordon's soldiers are sent to conduct an assassination in Chryse in "Promise" armed with the Ruger Mini-14 Muzzelite.

Ruger Mini-14 Muzzelite -.223 Remington
The ARs fired at Orga, Ride and Chryse in "Promise".

Sniper Rifle

Unknown Sniper Rifle

An unknown sniper rifle is seen with Gjallarhorn snipers near the end of "Iron and Blood...".

Gjallarhon snipers take out CGS contractors from a sniping position in the hills near the end of "Iron and Blood...".

Walther WA2000

A futurized Walther WA2000 with a long barrel and bipod is used by an assassin to take out Kudelia at the end of "Fumitan Admoss".

Walther WA 2000 second variant
The assassin takes aim at Kudelia via the riflescope in "Fumitan Admoss".
In this shot, you can see the WA2000's buttstock and attached scope.

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