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Innerspace (1987)

Innerspace is a 1987 science fiction comedy directed by Joe Dante and starring Dennis Quaid as Tuck Pendleton, a test pilot who participates in a scientific experiment to command a special pod that can been miniaturized to the point where it and the pilot can be injected into the bloodstream of a living being. After a botched robbery, Tuck finds himself injected into the body of Jack Putter (Martin Short), a mild-mannered grocery store employee. The film's cast included Meg Ryan, Vernon Wells, and Kevin McCarthy in addition to frequent Joe Dante collaborators Robert Picardo, Kathleen Freeman, Dick Miller and Kenneth Tobey.

The following weapons were used in the film Innerspace:

Submachine Guns


Several of the operatives who raid Vectorscope Labs are armed with Micro-Uzi machine pistols, but instead subdue the scientists with knockout gas cannisters.

Micro Uzi with 15 round magazine - 9x19mm
One of Scrimshaw's operatives at the bottom of the picture has a Micro-Uzi. Note it apparently has pearl grips.


Prosthetic "Gun Hand"

Assassin Mr. Igoe (Vernon Wells) is missing his right hand, and so has it replaced with a high-tech prosthesis system that lets him swap out his ordinary cosmetic hand for a variety of different weapons (a blowtorch, a drill, etc.). One of these is a suppressed weapon disguised as a gloved cosmetic hand with a pointing index finger that acts as the barrel.

The "gun hand" at Igoe's side.
Igoe raises his arm and takes aim at scientist Ozzie Wexler.
The "gun hand" is fired.
Igoe shows off to a frightened little boy who witnessed the shooting, blowing the smoke of the tip of the finger/gun barrel.

Beretta 92SB-C

A henchman posing as a messenger (Archie Hahn) pulls a Beretta 92SB-C with wood grips after gaining entry into Jack Putter's apartment. Later, Scrimshaw's blonde henchman (Jason Laskay) has a Beretta 92SB-C in a shoulder holster. Lydia steals it from him after knocking him out. Apparently, he fired it several times prior as the weapon runs empty after being fired only twice (once in the air to get the villains' attention, and a second time accidentally while gesturing with the weapon).

Beretta 92SB-C with wood grips - 9x19mm
The fake messenger (Archie Hahn) pulls the Beretta 92SB-C on Jack.
Jack (Martin Short) struggles with the messenger for the Beretta 92SB-C.
Lydia, on the phone with her reporter friend, checks the Beretta 92SB-C after taking it from the blond henchman.
Lydia (Meg Ryan) points the henchman's Beretta 92SB-C at Scrimshaw.
Reverse-angle with the Beretta 92SB-C held on Scrimshaw (Kevin McCarthy).
Lydia tries to prove that the Beretta isn't loaded.
Lydia makes an unfortunate discovery about the Beretta 92SB-C.

Police Revolvers

SFPD officers are seen with holstered handguns when encountering Scrimshaw.

The SFPD officer on the left has his hand on his sidearm, which appears to have a hammer of a revolver.


Jack Putter (Martin Short) has a recurring nightmare wherein an unpleasant woman at a supermarket checkout counter pulls what he describes as a "little, pearl-handled pistol" (resembling a Derringer) and shoots him. Jack then encounters this Dream Lady (Kathleen Freeman) in real life, who proceeds to pull out the Derringer-type pistol.

In his Jack's nightmare, the Dream Lady (Kathleen Freeman) pulls out the Derringer.
Closeup of the pistol out of the purse of the Dream Lady (Kathleen Freeman).
Lighting her cigarette.


M16 (Toy Replica)

The little boy who witnesses Igoe shooting Ozzie Wexler at the mall is shown to be dressed up like Rambo (Rambo: First Blood Part II was a popular movie on video at the time) and holding a toy version of an M16-type rifle.

The boy stares in terror at Igoe's "gun hand" whilst clutching his plastic M16.

Taser Gun

Lydia Maxwell (Meg Ryan) at one point pulls a Taser gun on Mr. Igoe when he attempts to kidnap Jack. She claims it shoots up to "20,000 volts." She fires it, but it doesn't work as planned. Later, Scrimshaw's blond henchman accidentally knocks himself out when he touches the taser while rifling through Lydia's purse.

Lydia points the taser at the kidnapper.
Lydia points the taser at the kidnapper.
Lydia fires, but Igoe uses Jack as a human shield and Jack is electrocuted instead.

Trivia Section

  • The shooting script for Innerspace was much more violent and less comedic, featuring many deaths and consequently more gunplay. In particular, when the robbers break into Vectorscope, in the script, they are all armed with machine guns and shoot the scientists. Also, later, Scrimshaw's blond henchman shoots at Meg and Jack with an M16.

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