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Forbidden Empire

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Forbidden Empire
Viy poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Country RUS.jpg Russia
UKR.jpg Ukraine
CZE.jpg Czech Republic
Directed by Oleg Stepchenko
Release Date 2014
Language Russian
Studio Ankor-Film
Galaxy Vision
Marins Group Entertaiment
Distributor NBC Universal Russia
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jonathan Green Jason Flemyng
Petrus Aleksey Chadov
Lord Dudley Charles Dance
Paisiy Andrey Smolyakov
Sotnik Yuriy Tsurilo
Dorosh Igor Jijikine
Overko Aleksandr Yakovlev
Yavtukh Valeriy Zolotukhin
Nastusya Agnia Ditkovskite
Miss Dudley Anna Churina

Forbidden Empire (Original title Вий; Viy) is a 2014 joint Russian/Ukrainian/Czech fantasy thriller, very loosely based on Nikolai Gogol's novel Viy. This is the seventh ecranisation of Gogol's novel. The first (1909), second (1912) and third (1916) are believed to be lost; the fourth is the well-known 1967 film Viy, a.k.a. Viy: Spirit of Evil) (which is very close to the original text); the fifth is A Holy Place (Sveto mesto) (1990), and the sixth is The Power of Fear (Vedma) (2006) (although the 1990, 2006 and 2014 films are very loosely based on the original novel). The second part of the story was adapted to the subsequent film Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask.

N.B. Viy is the evil god of East Slavic, pre-Christian mythology.

The following weapons were used in the film Forbidden Empire:


Flintlock Pistol

Several characters, include Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng), Sotnik (Yuriy Tsurilo), Dorosh (Igor Jijikine), Overko (Aleksandr Yakovlev) uses varios types of Flintlock Pistols.

British Heavy Dragoon Pistol - .62 caliber
Overko (Aleksandr Yakovlev) with the pistol on his belt.
Viy pistol 1 2.jpg
Sotnik (Yuriy Tsurilo) with the pistol. Only grip can be seen.
Taras (Viktor Bychkov) with the pistol on the belt.
Viy pistol 1 5.jpg
Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) grabs the pistol.
Viy pistol 1 7.jpg
Sotnik (Yuriy Tsurilo) with the pistol on the belt.

Hadley of London 1760 Flintlock Pistol (replica)

The Kolser S.A. made replica of Hadley of London 1760 Flintlock Pistol is used by Dorosh.

Kolser S.A. made replica of Hadley of London 1760 flintlock pistol.
Dorosh (Igor Jijikine) aims his pistol.

Augsburg Multibarrel Turnover Flintlock Pistol

Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) owns a three barrel Flintlock Pepperbox (with a three frizzen for each barrel). The gun is the Kolser S.A. made replica of a three-barrel turnover pistol made in Augsburg allegedly in 1775. At one point, this gun was taken from him by Gorobets (Anatoliy Gushchin).

Kolser S.A. made replica of a three barrel turnover flintlock pistol, made in Augsburg in 1775 (hand-rotated).
Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) threatens Gorobets (Anatoliy Gushchin) by his Flintlock Pepperbox.
Another view of the same scene.
Viy pistol 2 3.jpg
Viy pistol 2 4.jpg
Viy pistol 2 8.jpg
Flintlock Pepperbox on the table. Multiple frizzens are good seen.
Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) fires.
Viy pistol 2 6.jpg
Viy pistol 2 7.jpg

Wheellock Pistol

Two Wheellock Pistols (different types) can be seen hanged on the wall of Sotnik's home.

Wheellock pistol
Wheellock riding pistol
Pistol at the right.
Two pistol on the wall.
Viy pistol 3 3.jpg

Percussion Cap Pistol

Panas (Aleksandr Karpov) fires an anachronistic Percussion Cap Pistol.

Russian M1848 Infantry soldier's percussion cap pistol - .71 caliber
Panas (Aleksandr Karpov) aims his pistol. Typical percussian cap hammer is a good seen.
Viy pistol 4 4.jpg
Panas (Aleksandr Karpov) fires his pistol in air.

Long Guns

Nock Gun

Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) fires an anachronistic Nock Gun at the one point.

Nock Gun - .52 Caliber
Viy musket 1 1.jpg
Viy musket 1 2.jpg
Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) fires.
Viy musket 1 4.jpg

Matchlock Musket

Panas (Aleksandr Karpov) and Gritsko (Oleg Taktarov) owns a Matchlock Muskets. Yavtukh (Valeriy Zolotukhin) briefly holds one. Another Matchlock Musket can be seen hanged on the wall of Sotnik's home.

European Matchlock musket.
Gritsko (Oleg Taktarov ) with the musket. Matchlock is seen.
Viy musket 2 2.jpg
Gritsko (Oleg Taktarov ) on the watchtower.
Matchlock Musket is seen on the wall.
Matchlock is a good seen.
Panas (Aleksandr Karpov) carry the musket. Matchlock is seen.
Panas (Aleksandr Karpov) gave his musket to Yavtukh (Valeriy Zolotukhin). Matchlock is seen.
Yavtukh (Valeriy Zolotukhin) with the musket.

Flintlock Fowler

Lord Dudley (Charles Dance) fires a Flintlock Fowler at the post pigeon.

British-Style Flintlock Fowler
Lord Dudley (Charles Dance) fires.
Viy musket 3 2.jpg
Viy musket 3 3.jpg

Infantry Musket M1845 (mocked up as flintlock)

Ostap (Ruslan Ustinov) carry an anachronistic Infantry Musket M1845 (with a fake flint lock) durng the final credit.

Russian percussion cap musket M1845 - .70
Typical barrel bands...
...and muzzle shape is a good seen.



Cannon can be seen in the Ostap's workshop.

Viy cannon 1.jpg

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