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Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask

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Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask
JtCTMoIM poster.jpg
Movie poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
CHN.jpg China
Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Oleg Stepchenko
Release Date 2019
Language English
Chinese (three versions)
Studio Buffalo 8 Productions
CTB Film Company
China Film Group Corporation (CFGC)
Distributor Universal Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jonathan Green Jason Flemyng
Cheng Lan Xingtong Yao
Miss Dudley Anna Churina
Master Jackie Chan
James Hook Arnold Schwarzenegger
Lord Dudley Charles Dance
Commandant Milbridge Paul Allica
Li Hong Mengmeng Li
The Witch Li Ma
Captain Martin Klebba

Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask (Russian title: Тайна печати дракона; Tayna pechati drakona, Chinese title: 龙牌之谜; Lóng pái zhī mí) is a 2019 cooperative Chinese/Russian/USA fantasy thriller, sequel of Forbidden Empire.

Note: This movie exists in three versions - English, Chinese and Russian. The Russian one is used for the screencaps.

The following weapons were used in the film Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask:


The movie is set in an ambiguous "18th century". However, considering that the British troops wear pattern 1742 uniforms, it is safe to assume that it takes place somewhere around the mid-18th century, the Seven Years' War period most likely. This would be considered when determining whether or not a particular weapon is anachronistic.


Austrian Model 1798 Flintlock Pistol

Miss Dudley (Anna Churina) uses an Austrian Model 1798 Flintlock Pistol during shooting training. The weapon is most likely anachronistic as the movie is set in an ambiguous "18th century" as mentioned above.

Austrian Model 1798 Military Flintlock Pistol. Barrel length 10 ½” and overall length 17”.
Miss Dudley aims the Austrian pistol...
...and fires it.

Flintlock Pistol

Several characters use various types of Flintlock Pistols.

British Heavy Dragoon Pistol - .62 caliber
Brigand chief (Vilen Babichev) with the pistol tucked into his belt.
Russian sailor draws the pistol.
...and fires it.
The same character (at the center) aims the unloaded pistol.

French Style Flintlock Pistol

While dressed as a sailor, Miss Dudley wields what appears to be a French-made flintlock pistol. It resembles the pistolet modèle An XIII or modèle 1822, though the plate on the left side doesn't match so it might be some kind of generic replica.

Pistolet modèle An IX - .69 caliber
Miss Dudley (dressed as a sailor) with the flintlock pistol, tucked into her belt. Note the bulky ramrod resembling the one found on the pistolet modèle 1822.
A slightly different view of her sidearm.
Miss Dudley a second before drawing the pistol.
Miss Dudley threatens the ship's crew with the flintlock pistol.

British Style Flintlock Pistol

A flintlock pistol with a British style grip nut is seen tucked into the belts of Russian sailors.

British 1756 Light Dragoon Pistol - .68 caliber
Tower Sea Service Pistol used by the British Royal Navy
The Russian sailor (at the center) with the pistol in his belt.
The same character a few seconds later.

Kolser "Antique Pistol" (Lucknow 1776 Flintlock Pistol Replica)

The Kolser "Antique Pistol" which is actually a replica of the Indian flintlock pistols from Lucknow made circa 1776 is used by Miss Dudley and is later taken from her by Li Hong. A similar pistol is seen being used by a Russian sailor.

Non-firing Kolser made replica of Indian Flintlock Pistol (mismarketed as "Antique Pistol") from Lucknow, India circa 1776. It features a 8" engraved barrel, fittings and a deluxe resin stock. It comes in either antique grey or brass finish. L:13.25", Wt: 3 lbs.
Miss Dudley raises her Indian pistol at Cheng Lan (Xingtong Yao).
Cheng Lan (Xingtong Yao) at the business end of Miss Dudley's Indian pistol.
Li Hong (Mengmeng Li) holds the pistol, taken from Miss Dudley.
Russian sailor (at the right) raises his pistol...
...and fires it.

Wheellock Pistol

A Cossack-looking sailor has what appears to be a Wheellock Pistol tucked into his belt.

Wheellock pistol. Italy, circa 1700-1720. Length: 54 cm (21-1/4 in.).
The sailor climbs to the berth, pistol in his belt visible.
Pistol's grip...
...and lock is partly seen.
The pistol tucked into the belt of a Russian sailor.

Augsburg Multibarrel Turnover Flintlock Pistol

Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) continues to use his Kolser Augsburg 3-barrel turnover Flintlock Pepperbox replica, until it is taken from him by the brigands. At the film's climax, this gun can be seen tucked intothe belt of a Russian sailor.

Kolser S.A. made replica of a three barrel turnover flintlock pistol, made in Augsburg in 1775 (hand-rotated).
Jonathan Green holds the Pepperbox.
Pepperbox (pointed by the red arrow) is seen tucked into the belt of a Russia sailor.

Flintlock Boxlock Pocket Pistol

The Flintlock Pocket Pistol is the personal sidearm of the captain (Martin Klebba).

Pocket-sized Flintlock Pistols. Because Flintlock Pistols were occasionally carried in multiples to bypass their lengthy reload times, they allowed for possibly the earliest form of Akimbo shooting and/or the "New York Reload" technique.
The captain (far right) with the pistol in his the belt.
A better view of the captain's pistol.

Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol

Several Russian sailors can be seen armed with Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistols. Both over-under and side by side handguns appear.

Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol by Durs Egg 18th Century .55 Calibre FirearmSold.
Irish Twin Flintlock, among the earliest multi-barrelled handguns.
Two pistols seen attached to the hat of a sailor.
The grip of the one of the pistols is seen. Note that this pistol has over-under barrels.
Another view of the same scene.
The second pistol is seen better. Note that this one is side by side.

Long Guns

Denix Charleville Musket Replica

Charleville Musket replicas made by Denix are used by British and Russian soldiers. The use of the French muskets by both the British and Russian troops is historically inappropriate. While later Russian muskets such as the M1808 were based on the French M1777 pattern, they would be anachronistic for the mid-18th century setting. Russians of this period would be armed with either M1753 or M1763 Russian muskets.

Charleville Musket (Denix reproduction) - 69 caliber
British soldier with the musket on a sling.
Russian soldier aims his musket at the prisoners.
An injured British soldier drops the musket after firing it at the prisoners.
A British soldier hits the escaping prisoners with the buttstock of his musket.
British soldiers raises their muskets...
...and fire them.
Numerous Russian soldiers are seen armed with the muskets.
The musket is seen in Jonathan Green's carriage.

Brown Bess Flintlock Musket

At least one Russian soldier is armed with the historically inappropriate for 18th century Russians Brown Bess Flintlock Musket.

Modern reproduction "Long Land Pattern" Brown Bess Infantry musket made from 1722-1768 - .75 caliber.
Russian soldier (third man from the left) holds the bayonet attached musket which makes one wonder why the production didn't arm its British troops with the Brown Bess.

Nock Gun

A Nock Gun is seen at one point. The weapon might be anachronistic for the mid-18th century setting as it was designed in 1779 in reality.

Nock Gun - .52 Caliber
A Nock Gun is seen at the background.

Flintlock Carbine

Miss Dudley briefly holds what looks like either a French Model 1777/1786/1806 flintlock carbine or the extremely rare Russian M1809 musketoon, but she never fires it. The carbine is fitted with a barrel clamp similar to the one on the Austrian pistol listed above, so this might be some kind of a replica like the Denix replica of the French Flintlock Carbine Model 1806.

Denix replica of the French 1806 Flintlock Carbine.
Miss Dudley with the anachronistic carbine.



Several guns can be seen during the prologue from the first movie.

Jonathan Green fires the Nock Gun.
Dorosh (Igor Jijikine) when he appeared to be a monster with the flintlock pistol tucked into his belt.
The flintlock pistol is seen on the floor.

Naval Cannon

Numerous naval cannons can be seen several times.

3-inch Naval Cannon
A naval cannon is seen at the center during the scene in London's port.
Numerous naval cannons are seen on the ship.
The naval cannon is seen at the right.
Two cannons is seen on the ship.

Cartoon Guns

Several cartoon guns are seen during the animated scene at the opening and during the end credits.

Cartoon soldiers holds the muskets.
A slightly better view of their muskets.
Miss Dudley aims the flintlock pistol during the end credits.

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