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Dying Light

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Dying Light
Dying light.jpg
Offical Boxart
Release Date: 2015
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Series: Dying Light
Platforms: PC
Xbox One
Playstation 4
Genre: Survival Horror

Dying Light is is a 2015 survival horror video game developed by Polish video game developer Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game revolves around an undercover operative sent to infiltrate an infected-filled quarantine zone in the fictional city-state of Harran. Firearms in game are rare in the game, but there are a few to find. In game, the models are detailed enough to have fictional engraved trades.

The following weapons are featured in the video game Dying Light:


"German 9mm Pistol"

The "German 9mm Pistol" resembles a hybrid of the Heckler & Koch USP and SIG-Sauer P228 with the addition of a slide mounted safety and Heckler & Koch USP Tactical adjustable sights, it has an 8-round magazine capacity. In the opening cutscene, Kyle Crane uses one by shooting one of Rais' men after being attacked by them. A unique version of the pistol called "Rais's Gun" can be also found in the game, which functions as a three-round burst pistol instead of the default semi-automatic variant.

Heckler & Koch USP - 9x19mm
SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
The German 9mm Pistol
Rais's Gun
Crane holding the "German 9mm Pistol".
World model of the "German 9mm Pistol". Note the Beretta logo on the grip
Crane wields Rais's pistol. This variant holds 24 rounds and is classified as an "orange" item, which is a pretty high quality.

"American 9mm Pistol"

The "American 9mm Pistol" appears to be loosely based on the Browning BDA 380 with elements of a Bersa Thunder 9, it has a 15-round capacity.

Browning BDA 380 - .380 ACP (Years of production: 1980-1997)
Bersa Thunder 9 - 9x19mm
The American 9mm Pistol
Crane holding the "American 9mm Pistol".
World model of an "American 9mm Pistol".

Colt 1851 Navy (Cartridge Conversion)

The Colt 1851 Navy appears as the "Ranger" in the game, exclusive to The Following expansion pack. It is essentially the same gun from Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, another game developed by Techland. Unlike that game, it's somehow fired in double action while aiming down sights.

Colt 1851 Navy with a cartridge conversion. This is a reproduction imported by Cimmaron Arms.
Crane explores Old Town armed with a "Ranger" revolver.
Crane reloads the customized 1851 Navy.
Crane wields the "Last Wish", a unique version of the 1851 added in Content Drop #1. Consecutive headshots increase the damage of this variant. With 5 headshots in a row, the last bullet in the cylinder will kill anything with a massive explosion.
The Last Wish dropped on the ground.

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3

The Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 revolver with golden engravings, gold plated parts, and pearl grips appears as the "Quickshooter" and is a special quest reward in The Following. Like the "Ranger," it can inaccurately fire in double action while aiming down sights.

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 - .45 Schofield
Crane wields the unique revolver. This gun, just like all the other revolvers, is a reference to Techland's previous game; Call of Juarez: Gunslinger.
Crane reloads the "Quickshooter" with a speed-loader.
The "Quickshooter" dropped on the ground.

Remington 1890

A unique Remington 1890 revolver with engravings, gold plated parts, and ivory grips can be found in The Following, appearing as the "Six-shooter". Like the other two revolvers, it can inaccurately fire in double action while aiming down sights.

Uberti replica of a Remington 1890 - .45 Long Colt
Crane discovers the "Six-shooter" in a chest deep in a booby trapped cave.
After each shot, Crane cocks the hammer of his single-action piece.
Crane with the "Six-shooter" revolver.

Submachine Guns

"Flea SMG"

The "Flea SMG" appears to be mainly resembled to be an IMI Uzi with elements of an Heckler & Koch MP7, such as its stock. It appears in the DLC entitled The Following in full-automatic and can hold 40 rounds. The SMG also appears with golden and camouflage variants.

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
Heckler & Koch MP7A1 - 4.6x30mm

"Barrel SMG"

The "SMG" appears as a resembled hybrid of a Intratec TEC-9 and a M3 "Grease Gun". Also appearing in The Following, it fires in full-automatic and holds a 45 round capacity. Additional variants of the weapons include in gold, spray-paint, and engraved.

M3 "Grease Gun" - .45 ACP.
Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm


Double Barreled Shotgun

A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun appears in the game as the "Double-Barrel Shotgun", it has the expected 2 shell capacity and prior to The Following DLC, was the only shotgun available in the game at the time. It has the highest amount of firepower per shot of any other gun, but has a very large spread, making it only effective at close range.

Winchester Model 21 - 12 gauge
The Double-Barrel Shotgun
Crane holding a Double-Barrel Shotgun.
Crane approaches his buggy while wielding a gold plated shotgun in The Following expansion.

"Hunting Shotgun"

The "Hunting Shotgun" appears in The Following DLC, mainly resembling a Remington 870 with a ribbed barrel and ghost ring-styled sights. It holds 6 rounds, functions as a pump shotgun, and is effective at medium range.

Remington 870 Express - 12 gauge

"Semi Automatic Shotgun"

The "Semi Automatic Shotgun" also appears in The Following DLC, mostly resembling a Benelli M3 Super 90 with hybrid elements of a SPAS-12. It holds 8 rounds, fires in semi-automatic, and is effective at close range.

Benelli M3 Super 90 - 12 gauge
Franchi SPAS-12 with stock removed – 12 gauge
Crane about to accept the reward for rescuing a survivor from the GRE elite soldiers. He's wielding the "Rusty Spine", which was added as a craftable skin for the semi auto shotgun in a free Halloween (2017) update. While the reward is pretty much worthless at this point, Crane is happy he only needs a few more Requisition Packs to unlock the costume and finally be able to cosplay as these goons...
The sights of the shotgun are slightly misaligned. Silhouettes of an MP5, M16, Glock, and Desert Eagle are pictured on the gun store sign.

Assault Rifles

"Police Rifle"

The "Police Rifle" in-game appears to mainly resemble a Bushmaster ACR receiver with incorporated elements of a SIG-Sauer SIG556, such as the SIG556's foregrip, iron sights, pistol grip, and charging handle/ejection port. It is semi-automatic and holds 20 rounds, in addition it features a Heckler & Koch-styled fixed stock and a 20-round STANAG magazine.

Remington ACR 2012 ver with 16.5" barrel, tan finish - 5.56x45mm NATO
SIG-Sauer SIG556 Classic - 5.56x45mm
Crane holding the "Police Rifle".
One of the Tower's survivors holding the "Police Rifle".

"Military Rifle"

The "Military Rifle" appears to resemble a Bushmaster ACR much more, it is fully-automatic and uses a 30-round STANAG magazine along with a Heckler & Koch MP5-styled retractable stock and a different foregrip.

Remington ACR 2012 ver with 16.5" barrel, tan finish - 5.56x45mm NATO
Crane holding the "Military Rifle".
World models of "Police Rifles" and a "Military Rifle".
Rais holding a "Military Rifle" (with stock and sights of a Police Rifle) at Crane.
Two Turkish Soldiers in the intro holding "Military Rifles". Note that the one on the right has an under-barrel attachment resembling a FN 40GL grenade launcher.
Crane armed with a "Harran Military Rifle". The blueprint for this weapon skin was added in Content Drop #0.

Mounted Weapons

DShK Machine Gun

A DShK heavy machine gun can be seen on a photo in Rais's hotel room.

DShKM on tripod - 12.7x108mm
Photo of Rais and his team.

PKT Machine Gun

T90s are shown as Harran military tanks in the game's introduction, most likely fitted with PKT machine guns.

PKT machine gun with 250-round ammo drum - 7.62x54mm R

Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1

Mig 29s most likely fitted with with Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1s regularly patrol the skies above Sector 0.

Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 with ammo belt - 30mm

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