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Case Closed - Season 27

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Case Closed - Season 27 (April 29, 2017 – March 24, 2018).

The following weapons were used in Season 27 of the anime series Case Closed:


Beretta 92F

A Beretta 92F-type pistol is seen on a mystery magazine cover in "The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (Part One)" and "The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (Part Two)".

Beretta 92F (Early Model) - 9x19mm.
Slight shot of the pistol's slide is seen in the episode's Next Conan Hint at the end of "The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (Part One)".
Full shot of the pistol as seen in "The Shifting Mystery of Beika City (Part Two)". Note that unlike the actual 92F/FS, the pistol on the magazine cover doesn't have the decocking/safety lever. The barrel is also animated to be very long than the usual and the hammer is different.


Colt Dragoon

A Colt Dragoon in a gold finish is seen in "Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Yamaguchi Arc)" and "Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Hagi Arc)".

Gold Plated Colt Dragoon (Right Side) - .44 Cal.
Inspector Tetsuya Takajo of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Police explains that a suspect used the golden Dragoon to shoot at Akihito Takarada in a heist in "Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Yamaguchi Arc)".
Asuka Natsume explains to Kogoro Mori that an e-mail was sent to Yuichi Fukuhara to have him recreate the Colt Dragoon. It was explained that the recreation itself is a violation of the Sword and Firearms Control Law.
Full shot of the gold plated Dragoon.
A web camera shot of Kurataya Komakichi carrying the gold Dragoon.
Conan Edogawa using the Telescope Lenses on his glasses to spot the suspect aiming the Dragoon.
Kogoro (as usual) makes the assumption that Inspector Takajo is the suspect who tried to assassinate him in "Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Hagi Arc)".
The Dragoon left behind after Takajo intervenes in a shooting.
Takajo suggests that Takarada would have staged a fake robbery by shooting himself.

Nambu Model 60

The Nambu Model 60 is seen in an imagine spot in "The Blind Spot in the Changing Room (Part One)". In "Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Hagi Arc)", Inspector Takajo uses it as his sidearm.

Snub Nose New Nambu Model 60.
A full shot of the Model 60 when Masumi Sera suggests that one of the suspects involved in a murder is Reia Nanbu, a store employee, just because her surname is the same as the revolver's name in "The Blind Spot in the Changing Room (Part One)". This turns out to be wrong in a dark way. Note the buckle on the grip, which was installed in order to prevent anyone with ulterior motives to disarm an officer to steal the revolver and using it to kill said person or commit a crime with it, which is a growing law enforcement concern.
Inspector Takajo with his revolver out in Bakumatsu Revolution Mystery Tour (Hagi Arc)".

Smith & Wesson Model 29

A Smith & Wesson Model 29 is seen throughout "The Traitor's Stage (Part One)" and "The Traitor's Stage (Part Two)" with Dai Moroboshi aka Rye aka Shuichi Akai and Scotch aka Hiromitsu Morofushi.

Pre-Model 29 with 4" barrel.
A good shot of the Model 29's adjustable rear sights in "The Traitor's Stage (Part One)".
Bourbon aka Tooru Amuro aka Rei Furuya recalls seeing the Model 29 fired at Hiromitsu's chest in "The Traitor's Stage (Part Two)".
Hiromitsu takes out his revolver after he gets cornered.
Akai criticizes Hiromitsu for aiming the revolver at himself without considering that he blocked the cylinder.
The Model 29 being handed over.

Assault Rifles

Howa Type 89

The Howa Type 89 is seen with Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces (JASDF) airmen deployed from JASDF Hamamatsu Base at the end of "Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Resolution Chapter)".

Howa Type 89 with integral bipod - 5.56x45mm.
JASDF Airmen wiht the Type 89 in their digital grey camos in "Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend (Resolution Chapter)". Howver, the animation makes them look generic.
Conan and Ran watch the JASDF airmen disembark from the Mitsubishi UH-60JA.



A Tanegashima is seen in "The Nobunaga 450 Case" at the statue of Oda Nobunaga outside Gifu Station.

Fully stocked long barreled Tanegashima.
Nobunaga's statue outside Gifu Station in "The Nobunaga 450 Case". He's known to promote the use of the tanegashima during the Warring States era.


Smoke Grenade

A generic smoke grenade is used by Go Mizorogi in "Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (Part Two)".

Mizorogi tosses the smoke grenade inside an exhibition room in "Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (Part Two)".



A crossbow is used by Mizorogi in "Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (Part One)" and "Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (Part Two)".

Mizorogi with the crossbow in "Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (Part One)".
Another shot of Mizorogi aiming the crossbow at Yuji Isehara.
Front shot of the crossbow.
Mizorogi sneaks into the exhibition hall in "Conan Disappears Over a Cliff (Part Two)".

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