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Breaking Bad - Season 2

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Breaking Bad - Season 2
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Language English
Channel AMC
Creator Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould
Genre Crime
Broadcast 2009
No. of Episodes 13
Main Cast
Character Actor
Walter Hartwell White / Heisenberg Bryan Cranston
Skyler White Anna Gunn
Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul
DEA Agent Hank Schrader Dean Norris
Marie Schrader Betsy Brandt
Walter White Jr. RJ Mitte

In the second season, Walter and Jesse still have to deal with the unpredictable Tuco. The partners start acting alone, selling the product through Jesse's friends, which leads to a series of new problems. After an incident, Walter realizes they need a big distributor and gets contacted by the team's new lawyer, Saul Goodman. Meanwhile, Jesse develops a relationship with tattoo artist Jane Margolis, which also leads to no good. The season premiered on March 8, 2009.

The following weapons were used in Season 2 of the television series Breaking Bad:



Beretta 92FS Inox

One of Jesse's friends and dealers named Christian "Combo" Ortega (Rodney Rush) carries a Beretta 92FS Inox with a pearl grips tucked into his pants at the beginning of "Mandala" (S2E11).

Beretta 92FS Inox with pearl grips - 9x19mm Parabellum
Combo shows the gun to rival dealers.

Jericho 941 R

Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz) uses a two-tone Jericho 941 R as his primary sidearm for the season. He threatens Walter and Jesse with the gun at the end of "Seven Thirty-Seven" (S2E01), forcing them to get into a car and drive away. Tuco pulls out the Jericho in "Grilled" (S2E02), threatening Walter. During the beating, Jesse (Aaron Paul) snatches the gun tucked into his pants and shoots Tuco in the stomach. At the beginning of "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03), Jesse buries the pistol in the desert.

Jericho 941 R (two tone early model) - 9x19mm Parabellum
Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz) pulls the two-tone Jericho 941 R in Jesse's car in Season 2's premiere "Seven Thirty-Seven" (S2E01).
He threatens both of them and orders them out of town.
Taking Walter's meth Tuco snatches and chambers the gun in "Grilled" (S2E02).
He points his Jericho at Walt.
Close-up before Jesse snatches it. Note that in this scene the magazine catch is light colored, while before it was black.
Jesse holds the pistol while hiding with Walt during the shootout.
The pistol is buried in the desert in "Bit By a Dead Bee" (S2E03).

Glock 17

An APD officer walks into the convenience store at the beginning of "Down" (S2E04), carrying a Glock 17 in a holster.

Glock 17 (3rd Gen) - 9x19mm Parabellum
Jesse notices the police officer, becoming silent.

Glock 19

APD Detective Getz (DJ Qualls) pulls what appears to be a Glock 19 out from his ankle and arrests Badger who sold him meth at the beginning of "Better Call Saul" (S2E08).

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm Parabellum
Getz's Glock is seen on the top right.

Glock 22

Severals DEA agents at the office are seen with holstered Glock 22 pistols in "Grilled" (S2E02). DEA Agent Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) continues to carry his service Glock in the season. When he meets Tuco in "Grilled" (S2E02), he snatches the gun and engages in a gunfight. At least one DEA Tactical Team agent (David Priemazon) is armed with the Glock 22 during the raid on the motel and Jesse's arrest in "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03). Hank also carries the pistol during Jesse's interrogation. Hearing gunshots in the middle of the night in "Breakage" (S2E05) Hank grabs his gun and surveys the house, but it turns out to be beer bottles exploding due to excessive pressure. Several DEA agents in El Paso including Special Agent Austin Ramey (Todd Terry) and Agent Vanco (J.D. Garfield) and a Mexican federale (Rio Alexander) carry holstered pistols in "Negro y Azul" (S2E07). Another DEA agent at the office carries the holstered Glock in "ABQ" (S2E13).

Glock 22 (3rd Gen) - .40 S&W
The agent's gun holster is seen in "Grilled" (S2E02).
A good close-up of the Glock 22 as Hank fires at Tuco. The "22" stamp is faintly visible on the slide.
Shooting from the ground, Hank fires a full magazine.
Concentrating, Agent Schrader (Dean Norris) fires the final shot.
Agent Schrader's holstered pistol is seen in "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03).
He checks his house with the pistol at ready in "Breakage" (S2E05).
Hank (Dean Norris) also briefly points the Glock at Marie, who suddenly opens the door to the garage.
Special Agent Austin Ramey (Todd Terry) carries the holstered Glock 22 in "Negro y Azul" (S2E07).
Agent Vanco (J.D. Garfield) in the center and Mexican federale (Rio Alexander) at the left also carry the pistols.
The holster with the Glock is seen in "ABQ" (S2E13).
Glock 22 (2nd Gen) - .40 S&W
An agent (David Priemazon) with the pistol approaches the motel in "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03).

Glock 27

DEA Agent Steven Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) carries what appears to be a Glock 27 as his service pistol in a holster during an investigation at a junkyard in "Seven Thirty-Seven" (S2E01). He also carries the gun in "Grilled" (S2E02) and "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03). Another DEA agent in El Paso carries the Glock in a holster in "Negro y Azul" (S2E07).

Glock 27 - .40 S&W
Agent Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) is seen with the holstered Glock in "Seven Thirty-Seven" (S2E01).
His holstered pistol is seen in "Grilled" (S2E02).
Steven is involved in Jesse's interrogation in "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03).
The holstered pistol of the El Paso DEA agent is seen in "Negro y Azul" (S2E07).

Pocket Pistol Non Gun

Young dealer Tomás Cantillo (Angelo Martinez) uses a Pocket Pistol Non Gun pistol to execute the rival dealer in "Mandala" (S2E11).

Non Descript Pocket Pistol
Tomás Cantillo (Angelo Martinez) shoots a man with the Non Gun.


Ruger SP101

Afraid for his life, Jesse (Aaron Paul) buys a Ruger SP101 revolver for self-defense from a street dealer in "Seven Thirty-Seven" (S2E01). However, Walter (Bryan Cranston) takes the gun away, doubting that Jesse will be able to shoot Tuco since he didn't know how to operate the gun properly. Walter hides the revolver in the vent in "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03), which is later seen hidden in "Down" (S2E04). In "Breakage" (S2E05), he pulls out the revolver and gives it to Jesse to solve the problem with the stolen product. Jesse uses the revolver in "Peekaboo" (S2E06) and goes to the house of the junkies who stole some of the product. Drug addict called Spooge (David Ury) and his wife (Dale Dickey) briefly hold the revolver after stunning Jesse, but Pinkman eventually returns it. Walt briefly holds the revolver in "Negro Y Azul" (S2E07) and later uses it to threaten lawyer Saul Goodman in "Better Call Saul" (S2E08).

Ruger SP101 - .357 Magnum
Jesse opens the package with the revolver right after buying it in "Seven Thirty-Seven" (S2E01).
"Look, it's got five bullets."
Jesse (Aaron Paul) shows the gun to Walt.
Walt briefly holds Jesse's Ruger.
Walter places the revolver on duct tape in the vent in "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03).
The hidden revolver is also seen in "Down" (S2E04).
He takes the Ruger out of the vent in "Breakage" (S2E05).
"I want you to handle it."
Walter returns it to Jesse, ordering him to find the thieves.
In "Peekaboo" (S2E06), Jesse holds the gun before breaking into the house.
He goes around the house with his SP101 at the ready.
Spooge's Lady (Dale Dickey) points the gun at Jesse.
Jesse notices the gun tucked into Spooge's (David Ury) pants.
In "Negro Y Azul" (S2E07), Walt unloads the revolver showing the five cartridges.
In "Better Call Saul" (S2E08), masked Walter points the SP101 at Saul.
Finally, Saul identifies Walter as "Mr. Matthews" because of his cough, causing Jesse to scold Walter.

Assault Rifles

Colt M4A1

After taking Walt and Jesse to a shack in the desert in "Grilled" (S2E02), Tuco (Raymond Cruz) takes along an M4A1 Carbine with two taped magazines, which he uses to hunt a cow (putting an ACOG scope on the carry handle). As the situation escalates, Walter (Bryan Cranston) manages to take possession of the rifle. Later, Tuco retrieves the rifle from Jesse's Monte Carlo and shoots the arriving Hank. DEA Tactical Team agents use M4A1s with Aimpoint sights, flashlights and grips during the raid on the motel and Jesse's arrest in "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03).

Colt M4A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Tuco throws away Jesse and Walt's phones at the beginning "Grilled" (S2E02). Note the dual magazines.
Tuco (Raymond Cruz) points the M4A1 at Jesse who's in the trunk
The rifle hangs on the wall when not in use by Tuco.
Tuco fires a burst of shots at the cow, putting an ACOG scope on it
Walt (Bryan Cranston) aims the M4A1 on Tuco and Jesse as they fight.
The rifle is seen in Jesse's car before Tuco takes it.
Salamanca fires the M4 at Hank.
M4A1 Carbine - 5.56x45mm NATO
An agent with the rifle approaches the motel in "Bit by a Dead Bee" (S2E03).
Agents break into Jesse's room.

Colt M16A2

Several Mexican federales carry M16A2 rifles in "Negro y Azul" (S2E07).

Colt M16A2 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Federale gets out of the car with the rifle after arriving at the meeting place.
A few more armed Federals taunt Hank.


Mossberg 500

Badger's cousin and junkyard owner Clovis (Tom Kiesche) takes a shortened Mossberg 500 threaten an intruder sleeping in Jesse's RV in "Down" (S2E04), but lowers the shotgun when the intruder turns out to be Jesse himself.

Specifically, the weapon appears to be a cut down 500AT; the stock has either been shortened to, or replaced with, a pistol grip, but the barrel appears to be original as it has the original bead sight (thereby narrowly escaping being a "short-barreled shotgun" for purposes of the 1934 National Firearms Act).

Mossberg 500AT - 12 gauge
Clovis (Tom Kiesche) holds the shotgun on someone who invaded the junkyard. Note the bead sight atop the muzzle.
Clovis shoulders the shotgun, displaying the pistol grip.


Guns Leaflet

A leaflet with assault rifles is seen on a board during the DEA briefing at the beginning of "Grilled" (S2E02). The same leaflet is also seen in several other episodes.

As Hank hangs Tuco's mugshot on the board, the AK-47 and two Heckler & Koch G36C are seen.

"Negro Y Azul" Guns

Several guns are seen in a music video appears as the intro to "Negro y Azul" (S2E07).

What appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 686 laying next to some Pesos and Walt's blue meth.
An airsoft replica of Heckler & Koch MP5K, an FN P90, an IMI Uzi, an IMI Micro Uzi, an Ingram MAC-10, a Colt M4A1, a Heckler & Koch UMP and a SIG SG 552 are seen.
Another view where UMP and M4A1 are seen better.
An AK-47, another scoped M4A1 and a Heckler & Koch MP7 are also seen. It is clearly an airsoft gun, distinguished by the flashy wood, plastic-looking receiver, and the two screws holding the gun together.

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