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The A-Team - Season 3

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The A-Team - Season 3
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Channel NBC
Genre Action
Broadcast 1984-1985
Main Cast
Character Actor
John "Hannibal" Smith George Peppard
Templeton "Faceman" Peck Dirk Benedict
B. A. Barracus Mr. T
H. M. Murdock Dwight Schultz

The following weapons were used in Season 3 of the television series The A-Team:


Browning Hi-Power

The Browning Hi-Power is one of the handguns frequently used by Col. John "Hannibal" Smith (George Peppard), notably in Season 1's "Black Day at Bad Rock". During Season 3, it becomes H. M. Murdock's (Dwight Schultz) sidearm of choice.

Browning Hi-Power - 9x19mm.
Col. Lynch (William Lucking) holds his Browning Hi-Power in "Showdown!" (S3E09).

Colt M1911

The M1911 and many variants are carried at various times by A-Team members, U.S. Military Police pursuing the A-Team, and various bad guys. A nickel plated version is seen through Seasons 4 and 5.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Dr. Fallone's (James T. Callahan) M1911 lands in the sand in "The Island" (S3E08).

Colt Government Model

Seen on multiple occasions in Season 3. Absolute confirmation on the exact model is not possible, since the original Colt Government Model, Colt MK IV Series 70 and Colt MK IV Series 80 were all available at the time of filming (1983 to 1987).

Colt Government Model (Pre-Series 70 Commercial M1911A1) blued with stainless hammer - .45 ACP
Colt MK IV Series 70 - .45 ACP
Bobbi Cardina (Marta DuBois) holds her Colt Government in the Season 3 two-parter "The Bend in the River". This weapon was also wielded by Hannibal.

Smith & Wesson 639

Col. John "Hannibal" Smith (George Peppard). During Season 3, he can at times be seen carrying the Smith & Wesson 639.

Smith & Wesson 639, early model with fixed sights - 9x19mm
Hannibal (George Peppard) loads his Smith & Wesson 39 in "The Big Squeeze" (S3E15).

Star Model 28

The Star Model 28 has its first appearance as the sidearm of Jack Lane (Wings Hauser) in "The Big Squeeze" (S3E15).

Star Model 28 - 9mm
Lane (Wings Hauser) aims his Star M28 in "The Big Squeeze" (S3E15).

Walther P38

A Walther P38 is used in "The Bend in the River (Part 2)" (S1E03).

Walther P38 - 9x19mm
In "The Bend in the River (Part 2)" (S1E03), the pistol is used.


Colt Trooper Mk III

The Colt Trooper Mk III is another revolver often carried by various characters throughout the show.

Colt Trooper Mark III with 4" barrel - .357 Magnum
A thug holds his Colt Trooper Mk III in "Road Games" (S3E18).

Colt Lawman MK III

A nickel plated Colt Lawman MK III is used primarily by Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck (Dirk Benedict). It is correctly referred to as a ".357 magnum" in "Skins" (S3E17).

Colt Lawman MK III. - .357 magnum

Single Action Army

A Single Action Army is used in the Wild West show. General Fulbright also carries two SAA in crossdraw holsters in "The A-Team Is Coming, the A-Team Is Coming", Season 4.

The Custom engraved Colt Single Action army used by Lance Henriksen in The Quick and the Dead (1995) - .45 LC.
Carrie (D. D. Howard) with her Single Action Army in S3's "Showdown!".
A close-up of the same Single Action Army.

Smith & Wesson Model 10

Among the vast arsenal of revolvers featured on The A-Team, is the Smith & Wesson Model 10.

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver - .38 Special
One of the thugs loading his Smith & Wesson Model 10 in the Season 3 episode "Breakout!".
Murdock (Dwight Schultz) and Faceman (Dirk Benedict) hold Smith & Wesson Model 10 in "Skins", Season 3.

Smith & Wesson Model 13

This revolver is among those primarily used by the bad guys on the show.

Original Smith & Wesson Model 13 Lightweight Revolver, marked "Property of U.S. Air Force" on the backstrap and "Revolver, Lightweight, M13" on the left - .38 Special
Patty (Tawny Moyer) holds the Smith & Wesson Model 13 in "Breakout!".

Submachine Guns & Semi-Auto Carbines


The A3 model of the Heckler & Koch HK94 are featured throughout the series. They appear to have the early "Slimline" forearms featured on older versions of the MP5.

Heckler & Koch HK94 - 9mm.
A close-up of the receiver in "Moving Targets". Note the Diopter Sighting System and the firing mode switch, which only offers semi-firing mode.

Intratec TEC-9

The Intratec TEC-9 appears on numerous occasions throughout The A-Team, being among the favourite weapons of the show's bad guys.

Intratec TEC-9. - 9x19mm.
Boyle (Robert Davi) opening up with his Intratec TEC-9 in Season 3's "Sheriffs of Rivertown".

Micro Uzi

The Micro Uzi is used throughout the series by both the A-Team and bad guys.

Micro Uzi - 9mm.
Hannibal Smith (George Peppard) aims a Micro Uzi after doing a forward flip through a window in "Moving Targets", Season 3.


Ruger Mini 14 Stainless version with Folding stock

When the show began its full run in 1984, the producers decided not to have the team use different weapons every week, primarily due to budget concerns. Beginning with its second season, the A-Team favored the Ruger Mini-14 with a factory folding stock in Stainless steel. Contrary to popular belief, these were not the fully automatic Ruger AC556 rifles, but the Semi auto only Ruger Mini 14 with folding stocks. Close examination of the show reveals that the actors are pulling the triggers quickly and only a few spent brass casing as flying out, despite the sound effects of full auto fire. Also the cuts in editing, showing bullet squibs and 'dust hits' against the ground and buildings, created the illusion of full auto firing Ruger rifles. Since Americans had not yet been exposed to 'assault weapon bans' being that this was the mid 1980s, the title 1 classified Ruger rifles were easy to transport across state and local lines with no paperwork hassles. The rifles were actually purchased for the show and were kept on permanent storage in the show's props containers during the show's run.

Stainless Steel Ruger Mini-14 GB-F ("Government Barrel, Folding Stock") - 5.56x45mm
Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict) charges his Ruger Mini-14 in "The Bells Of St. Mary's", Season 3. Notice that this rifle lacks a selector switch, proving that it is a semi-automatic Mini-14 and NOT, contrary to popular-belief, the select-fire AC556.
H. M. Murdock (Dwight Schultz) and Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict) hold their Ruger Mini-14 in "Skins", Season 3.
Hannibal Smith (George Peppard) holds his Ruger Mini-14 in "Timber!", Season 3. Note the folding stock unfolded, rare scene in the show.

M16/SP1 with fake M203 Grenade Launcher

The first appearance of the Faux M203 is during the Season 3 episode "Timber", in the hands of H. M. Murdock (Dwight Schultz).

Screen-used Faux M203 launcher attached to M16/SP1 - 39mm/5.56x45mm
Murdock (Dwight Schultz) holds a scoped M16/SP1 with a mock-up M203 in Season 3's "Timber".

Ruger Mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14 is used mostly by bad guys in a multitude of episodes.

Ruger Mini-14 - 5.56x45mm.
Parker (John Carter (IV)) as a fake Hannibal Smith opens fire with his Ruger Mini-14 in "Showdown!", Season 3.

Winchester Model 1892

A wide variety of lever action rifles can be seen in The A-Team, including a Winchester Model 1892.

Winchester Model 1892
The main Villain Deke Logan (Steve Sandor) in "Breakout!", Season 3, holds his Winchester Model 1892.
A thug in the Season 3 episode "Timber" fires his Winchester Model 1892.

(Fake) XM177

Only seen during "The Bells Of St. Mary's", Season 3.

Commercial CAR-15 - 5.56x45mm.
The leader of the raid squad carries his fake XM177 in "The Bells Of St. Mary's".

Arisaka Type 99 sporterized

Used only when the script calls for a trained assassin is a Arisaka Type 99 rifle. Specifically, the Type 2 takedown paratrooper variant.

Arisaka Type 02 Takedown paratrooper rifle - 7.7x58mm
The disassembled Arisaka in. In the series is it usually only separated into two parts, not counting the scope. This makes assembly fast and unproblematic. This weapon was also prominently featured in the film Dirty Harry.

Winchester Model 70

The Winchester Model 70 is used in various episodes.

Winchester Model 70. - .30-06.
Madrid (John Calvin) holds his Winchester Model 70 in "Skins" (S3E17), .
In "Skins" (S3E17), Madrid loads the Winchester Model 70.


A Galil ARM mounted on a Sherman tank is commandeered by Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict) during the Season 3 episode "The Island" .

IMI Galil ARM with wood handguard - 5.56x45mm NATO
Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict) commandeers a mounted Galil on from atop a Sherman tank in "The Island", Season 3.
A first person POV of Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict) commandeering a mounted Galil on from atop a Sherman tank in "The Island", Season 3.
"Any Questions?", Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict) points a mounted Galil on Vescari from atop a Sherman tank in "The Island", Season 3.


Remington 870

Hannibal (George Peppard) is seen holding a Remington 870 in "Sheriffs Of Rivertown" (S3E10). Folding stock versions of this shotgun can be seen in "Bullets and Bikinis" (S3E01), "Knights Of The Road" (S3E20, and "Breakout!" (S3E13). A Remington 870 folding stock with the stock removed and extended magazine tube appears in the hands of Templeton Peck in "The Big Squeeze", Season 3.

Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun - 12 Gauge
Hannibal (George Peppard) holding a Remington 870 while breaking up a card game in "Sheriffs Of Rivertown" (S3E10).
A close-up of the Remington 870's pump action in "Breakout!" (S3E13).
Remington 870 Police Magnum with stock folded - 12 gauge
A thug armed with the shotgun in "Bullets and Bikinis" (S3E01).
A thug carrying a Remington 870 with folding stock in "Knights Of The Road" (S3E20).

Double Barreled Shotgun

A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun with both barrels and stock shortened is hidden away in the prosthetic leg of El Cajon (Sergio Calderón) in the Season 3 two-parter "The Bend in the River".

A Sawed-off Stevens 1960s SBS with very short barrels - 12 gauge (Photoshopped). Made from one of MPM's pictures.
In "The Bend in the River (Part 1)" (S1E02), the Double barreled shotgun is hidden away in the prosthetic leg of El Cajon (Sergio Calderón).

Machine Guns


The M60 was the regular squad support weapon in the series, always used by Hannibal Smith (George Peppard) and rarely by B.A. Baracus (Mr. T) even though he would have been the obvious choice but was more often relegated to using a nickel plated Star Model BM with ivory grips.

M60 - 7.62x51mm NATO.
In "The Bend in the River (Part 1)" (S3E02), B.A. Baracus (Mr. T) bursts into a bar with the M60. This is one of two instances where we can see B. A. fire the weapon.
In "The Bend in the River (Part 1)" (S3E02), the M60 is used by Hannibal.


The M60D can be seen as door guns on the UH-1, seen in stock footage used in the opening credit sequence.

The M60D can be seen as door guns on the UH-1, seen in stock footage used in the opening credit sequence.


M1 Rocket Launcher

In "The Island" (S3E08), the M1 "Bazooka" is used by henchmen.

M1 "Bazooka"
In "The Island" (S3E08), two henchmen prepare to fire a M1 "Bazooka".

Federal Gas Riot Gun

Murdock uses a Federal L-5 Gas Riot Gun modified as a grenade launcher in "Waste 'Em"

Federal L-5 Gas Riot Gun - 37mm
Murdock fires a Federal L-5 Gas Riot Gun in "Waste 'Em".
Murdock fires a Federal L-5 Gas Riot Gun in "Waste 'Em".

M72 Light Anti Tank Weapon (LAW)

In "Bounty" (S3E22), the bounty hunters have two M72 lying in their hideout.

In "Bounty" (S3E22), bounty hunters have two M72 lying in their hideout. Other weapons include a Winchester Model 70 (obscured by the hat), a M16/SP1 and one of the Remington 870's used throughout the show.


Mk 2 Fragmentation Grenade

Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict) and H. M. Murdock (Dwight Schultz) also come across a box full of Mk 2 fragmentation grenades in "Moving Targets" (S3E19). Hannibal also uses one to demolish Johnny Turian's yacht in "Hot Styles" (S3E12).

Mk 2 training grenade
Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict) and H. M. Murdock (Dwight Schultz) come across a box full of Mk 2 fragmentation grenades in "Moving Targets" (S3E19).
Hannibal: "And I'm sorry for the hole in your boat." Turian: "What hole?" Hannibal: "The one that this is going to make!" The grenade is seen held by Hannibal in "Hot Styles" (S3E12).

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