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Shaft's Big Score!

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Shaft's Big Score!
Shafts big score poster 01.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpgUnited States
Directed by Gordon Parks
Release Date 1972
Studio Shaft Productions
Distributor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Main Cast
Character Actor
John Shaft Richard Roundtree
Pascal Joe Santos
Capt. Bollin Julius Harris
Rip Frank Adonis
Bumpy Jonas Moses Gunn
Rita Kathy Imrie

Shaft's Big Score! is the 1972 sequel to 1971's Shaft. The sequel was directed by Gordon Parks and Richard Roundtree returns as John Shaft, who has to deal with large sum of missing mob money and the murder of a personal friend. Roundtree would then return in 1973's Shaft in Africa and then in the 2000 and 2019 sequels.

The following weapons were used in the film Shaft's Big Score!:

Smith & Wesson Model 36

Instead of using a Colt Detective Special like in the previous film, John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) uses a nickel Smith & Wesson Model 36 with pearl grips throughout this film.

Nickel plated Smith & Wesson Model 36, but with wood grips as opposed to the pearl grips like the one in the film .38 Special
Shaft searches Johnny Kelly's (Wally Taylor) house with his Smith & Wesson
Shaft holds his revolver on a numbers runner
Shaft draws his revolver and fires at one of Mascola's assassins. In his other hand, he has his High Standard Model 10

Colt Detective Special

Some of Gus Mascola's (Joseph Mascolo) thugs carry blued Colt Detective Specials. They are also used by the hitmen disguised as flowermen sent to kill Shaft.

Colt Detective Special 1st Generation .38 Special
A hitman fires his Detective Special, accidentally hitting his partner
The hitman's partner collapses onto Shaft, Detective Special in hand

High Standard Model 10

During the finale, Shaft uses a High Standard Model 10 shotgun with a shoulder strap, which he keeps behind a row of fake books in his apartment.

High Standard Model 10B Shotgun 12 Gauge
Shaft takes the High Standard shotgun from behind a row of fake books. It should also be worth noting that he keeps the shells in a hollowed out bible
Shaft breaks up the deal between Mascola and Kelly with his High Standard
Shaft holds his shotgun on Mascola
Shaft with his shotgun during the car chase
Shaft fires at the helicopter


One of the gangsters chasing Shaft in the helicopter carries an original M16 assault rifle.

M16 Assault Rifle with 30 round magazine and A1 'Birdcage' flash hider 5.56x45mm
One of Mascola's gangsters with an M16 during the deal
The gangster holds his M16 while chasing Shaft
Shaft M16 3.jpg

Smith & Wesson M76

While the helicopter is chasing Shaft, The gangster's M16 Assault Rifle changes to a Smith & Wesson M76 Submachine gun.

Smith & Wesson M76 9x19mm
Shaft S&W m76 1.jpg

Colt Model 1903 Hammerless

Pascal (Joe Santos) shoots Kelly during the deal and pursues Shaft through the shipyard with a Colt Model 1903.

Colt Model 1903 Hammerless Semiautomatic Pistol .32 ACP
Pascal (Joe Santos) prepares to shoot Kelly
Pascal (Joe Santos) pursues Shaft (Richard Roundtree)

Smith & Wesson Escort

Kelly carries a Smith & Wesson Escort when meeting Mescola, which Pascal (Joe Santos) calls "A lousy .25". Rita (Kathy Imrie) also uses this pistol to fire at Capt. Bollin (Julius Harris).

Smith & Wesson Escort .22 Long Rifle, not .25 as stated in the movie
Pascal (Joe Santos) cocks Kelly's Smith & Wesson
Shaft S&W escort 2.jpg
Rita shoots at Capt. Bollin (Her version has ivory grips)

Colt Woodsman

One of Willy's (Drew Bundini Brown) men is briefly seen with a Colt Woodsman holstered in his pants.

Colt Woodsman .22lr
Shaft S&W woodsman 1.jpg

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