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Zastava CZ99

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Zastava CZ99 - 9x19mm
Zastava CZ99, right side. This appears to be a late model CZ99 because of the wider slide serrations that would be used on the CZ999. - 9x19mm

The Zastava CZ99 was designed in former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, by Zastava.


The Serbian Zastava CZ99 is not to be confused with the Czech manufacturer Česká Zbrojovka. The CZ in CZ99 stands for "Crvena Zastava", meaning "Red Flag", unlike Česká Zbrojovka, which means "Czech Arms". As a result, the name "Zastava CZ99" is redundant, but necessary to distinguish the CZ99 as a Serbian design. The CZ99 was designed by Božidar Blagojević in the late 1980s to replace the Zastava M57 in Yugoslavian military service. The frame is made from an aluminum alloy and the slide is made from machined and blued carbon steel. As a result, it has about twice the capacity as the single-stack M57 and is more durable and reliable due to it being a stronger, more modern design and having new features like a fully chromed barrel, tritium night sights, an indicator for the last three rounds remaining in the magazine and a loaded chamber indicator. Because of the shape of its slide and the internal extractor, the CZ99 appears at first glance to be a copy of the SIG-Sauer P226. However, in reality, the design is far more similar to a Walther P88, and this is particularly noticeable in the grips, takedown lever, slide serrations, trigger guard, magazine, magazine release, ambidextrous combined safety-decocker and machined slide (the P226s at the time used a stamped slide, and some have even argued that SIG ironically copied Zastava's milled slide on their post-1996 models). The CZ99 will also not fit holsters made for the SIG-Sauer P220 series of handguns. Because the CZ99 was released in 1989, it was meant to be called the "CZ89", but the first guns were accidentally stamped "CZ99". Because the damage had been done and the problem would have been costly to fix, the name was simply changed to "CZ99". Variants of the design chambered in .40 S&W for export have also been produced. In 2005, Zastava discontinued the CZ99 and replaced it with the CZ999, a newer version of the design with some improvements, such as a slightly slimmer grip, different grip panels, wider slide serrations, curved trigger, serrated backstrap, squared trigger guard and a longer hammer spur. The CZ999 and EZ9 do accept standard CZ99 magazines and most CZ99 parts, however some parts, like grip panels, will not interchange. The Arex REX pistol series will also accept CZ99 magazines.


(1989 - Present)

  • Country of origin: Yugoslavia (Serbia)
  • Type: Pistol
  • Caliber: 9x19mm, .40 Smith & Wesson
  • Weight: 970 grams (2.1 lb)
  • Length: 190 mm (7.5 in)
  • Barrel length: 108 mm (4.3 in)
  • Capacity: 15, 10
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Auto

The Zastava CZ99 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Black Cat, White Cat (Crna macka, beli macor) Srdjan Todorovic Dadan Karambolo 1998
Zdena Hurtocakova Black Obelisk
The Matrix Julian Arahanga Apoc 1999
The Matrix Keanu Reeves Neo 1999
Strawberries in the Supermarket (Jagoda u supermarketu) Srdjan Todorovic Marko Kraljevic 2003
Strawberries in the Supermarket (Jagoda u supermarketu) Bozidar Stosic Old Policeman 2003
Strawberries in the Supermarket (Jagoda u supermarketu) Djordje Brankovic Young Policeman 2003
Strawberries in the Supermarket (Jagoda u supermarketu) Danilo Lazovic SWAT commander 2003
Saw Danny Glover Detective David Tapp 2004
A Serbian Film (Srpski film) Srdjan Todorovic Miloš 2010
A Serbian Film (Srpski film) Nenad Herakovic Čuvar 1 2010
A Serbian Film (Srpski film) Carni Deric Čuvar 2 2010
The November Man Pierce Brosnan Peter Devereaux 2014
Everly Salma Hayek Everly 2014
Everly Taiko's killer 2014


Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Alarm für Cobra 11 Season 7 1999 - 2000
Top Shot Tressitu TZ99 (S01E04) 2010
NCIS: New Orleans - Season 4 Seen on Sebastian's computer screen (S4E20) 2017

Video Games

Game Title Appears as Note Release Date
ObsCure: The Aftermath "Pistol" 2008

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