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Warlords of Atlantis

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Warlords of Atlantis
Warlords of Atlantis Poster.jpg
Cinema Poster
Country UKD.jpg UK
Directed by Kevin Connor
Release Date 1978
Studio EMI Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Charles Aitken Peter Gilmore
Greg Collinson Doug McClure
Professor Aitken Donald Bisset
Captain Daniels Shane Rimmer
Delphine Lea Brodie
Grogan Hal Galili
Fenn John Ratzenberger
Jacko Derry Power
Sandy Ashley Knight
Atmir Michael Gothard

Warlords of Atlantis is a 1978 British science fiction movie directed by Kevin Connor about a trip to the lost world of Atlantis. In USA it was released as Warlords of the Deep.

The following weapons were used in the film Warlords of Atlantis:


In the final scene the cabin boy Sandy (Ashley Knight) appeared with two revolvers of different models (on the first screenshot they are marked as No 1 and No 2). He tried to hold the mutineers but was disarmed. Revolver No 1 is most likely some version of Webley RIC in .442 or .455 caliber while the second revolver appears to be a Colt Official Police, possibly a version in .41 Long Colt caliber.

Webley RIC

Webley RIC - .442 Webley.
Sandy with Webley RIC (No 1) and Colt OP (No 2).
The same scene, close view.
Side-view on the Webley.
Sailor Grogan (Hal Galili) with the Webley (at the right).

Colt Official Police

Colt Official Police - 5" Barrel - .38 Special
Sandy with Webley RIC (No 1) and Colt OP (No 2).
The same scene, close view.
Captain Daniels (Shane Rimmer) with the Colt (in center).
Sailor Fenn (John Ratzenberger) with the Colt. Colt-style cylinder release is seen.


The elite guards of Atlantis were armed with lever-action rifles. After the guards were disarmed, all the main characters armed themselves with these rifles and used them against monsters and guards during their escape. One of the characters identified the rifles as fictional "Winchester 1888"; in reality these are Winchester Model 1873 and Winchester Model 1892 rifles that constantly switch to each other due to continuity errors.

Winchester Model 1873

The 1873 "Short Rifle" model with octagon barrel
Greg Collinson (Doug McClure) and Charles Aitken (Peter Gilmore) fire at the monster.
The main characters encouter the monster. Sailor Jacko (Derry Power) (at the left) holds the Winchester 1873 with octagonal barrel.
Captain Daniels (Shane Rimmer) with his rifle.

Winchester Model 1892

Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine - .32WCF/.38-40/.44-40/.25-20.
Charles Aitken (Peter Gilmore) holds a Winchester 1892 at the left.
Aitken and Grogan (Hal Galili) hold Winchester 1892 rifles in center.
A good view on the rifle in hands of Greg Collinson (Doug McClure).
Jacko (Derry Power) holds Model 1892 at the left.
Greg Collinson fires his rifle at Atlantis guards.
Charles Aitken and Delphine (Lea Brodie) fire their rifles at Atlantis guards. Note that the underbarrel tube of Delphine's rifle is not parellel to the barrel.
Delphine fires her rifle.

Other weapons


Most of the guards of Atlantis are armed with blunderbuss guns. Unlike real blunderbuss these guns fire not shots but explosive shells, acting more like grenade launchers.

Modern replica of English 1766 Blunderbuss Flintlock.
Guards with blunderbuss guns.
A flintlock is seen.
Guard fires his blunderbuss.


Smoothbore cannons

The humans of Atlantis use smoothbore muzzle-loading cannons against monsters.


Сartridges in bandoliers

Сartridges in bandoliers, carries by various characters, doesn't fit for their Winchester rifles as they appear to be .30-06 (or some similar looking model).


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