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Topkapi Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Jules Dassin
Release Date 1964
Language English
Studio Filmways
Distributor United Artists
Main Cast
Character Actor
Elizabeth Lipp Melina Mercouri
Arthur Simon Simpson Peter Ustinov
Walter Harper Maximilian Schell
Cedric Page Robert Morley
Hans Fisher Jess Hahn
Giulio Gilles Ségal
Gerven Akim Tamiroff
Major Ali Tufan Ege Ernart

Topkapi is a 1964 American crime comedy directed by Jules Dassin and based on Eric Ambler's novel "The Light of Day" (1962). The film stars Melina Mercouri, Maximilian Schell, Peter Ustinov, Robert Morley, and Akim Tamiroff. Master criminals Elizabeth Lipp (Mercouri) and Walter Harper (Schell) plan to steal the emerald encrusted dagger from the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. They enlist a group of specialists and then hire small-time hustler Arthur Simon Simpson (Ustinov) to smuggle explosives and firearms needed for the burglary. But Turkish Customs find the gun, hidden in a car, and Simpson is accused of terrorism and has to spy for the police.

The film won a 1965 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (Peter Ustinov).

The following weapons were used in the film Topkapi:


Star Model 1

In the opening scene in, Paris Walter Harper (Maximilian Schell) holds a Star Model 1 pistol (this scene, set on a misty night, is very grainy, unlike most of the film).

Star Model 1 - 7.65x17mm (.32 ACP)
Harper holds an uncredited person at gunpoint.
Another view of the pistol.
Harper orders the man to get into the car...
...and blocks the door with the pistol.

FN Model 1903

Turkish police officers at the border checkpoint and in the Topkapi museum carry FN Model 1903 pistols. The FN 1903 was adopted for use by the police in the Ottoman Empire in 1908, but it's unknown if these pistols were really still in service in the 1960s.

FN Model 1903 - 9x20mm Browning Long
A police officer at the border checkpoint carries his pistol in a holster. The grip and the barrel are seen.
A better view of the grip and the rear part of the slide.
The police officer aims at Simpson.
Police officers on guard at Topkapi carry similar looking pistols in holsters.

FN Model 1922

What appears to be an FN Model 1922 is held by a Turkish police officer during the arrest of Joseph (Joe Dassin).

FN Model 1922 - .32 ACP
A police officer aims his pistol at Joseph.


Winchester Model 59

A Winchester Model 59 with a sniper scope is smuggled into Turkey via car.

Winchester Model 59 - 12 gauge
The disassembled Winchester and a number of smoke grenades are hidden in the door of the car.


Remington Model 742

Due to a continuity error, the Winchester Model 59 that is seen hidden in the car switches to a Remington Model 742 during Simpson's interrogation.

Remington 742 with a Scope - .308 Winchester
Turkish police officer Major Ali Tufan (Ege Ernart) holds the gun during Simpson's interrogation.
Another view of the Remington in the hands of Maj. Tufan.


A Turkish soldier holds a MAS-36 rifle during the arrest of Joseph (Joe Dassin).

MAS-36 - 7.5x54mm French
A soldier at the foreground holds a MAS-36.

Unidentified Rifles

Turkish soldiers on the border checkpoint are armed with full-length rifles. These may be M1903/30 Turkish Mausers or similar Mauser rifles.

For comparison: Turkish standardized "Kirikkale" Mauser - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Turkish soldiers with rifles at the border checkpoint.
A soldier at the background holds a rifle with a bayonet.

Other Weapons

Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades are smuggled in the car together with the Winchester shotgun. These grenades resemble AN/M8 HC smoke grenades but the fuze and the safety lever look somewhat different. They may be props built for the film.

For comparison: AN/M8 HC smoke grenade
The disassembled Winchester and a number of smoke bombs are hidden in the door of the car.
Simpson takes one of the grenades...
...and accidentally activates it.

Pneumatic BB Gallery Gun

Walter Harper shoots a pneumatic BB gallery gun at a shooting gallery in a traveling fair.

Harper shoots a BB gun.

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