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The Weapon

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The Weapon
The Weapon Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country UKD.jpg UK
Directed by Val Guest
Release Date 1956
Studio Periclean Productions
Main Cast
Character Actor
Capt. Mark Andrews Steve Cochran
Elsa Jenner Lizabeth Scott
Erik Jenner Jon Whiteley
Joshua Henry George Cole
Supt. Mackenzie Herbert Marshall
Vivienne Nicole Maurey

The Weapon is a British 1956 crime thriller directed by Val Guest. Street urchins find a pistol in the rubble of a destroyed building in post-war London. A boy accidentally kills another one and goes on the run. This gun turns out to be a clue in a a ten-year-old murder case.

The following weapons were used in the film The Weapon:


Mauser Model 1910

A pocket Mauser Model 1910 is a gun, found by Erik Jenner (Jon Whiteley).

1910 Mauser Pocket Pistol, pre-1914 version - 6.35x16mmSR
The pistol is found.
Eric holds the pistol, partially immured in a piece of concrete.
The Weapon-Mauser1910-3.jpg
Eric with the gun.
The grip is seen when Eric carries the pistol in his pocket. The slide serration and the logo on grip match the original 1910 model of pre-1914 manufacture.
Another view of the pistol in Eric's hand.
Mark Andrews (Steve Cochran) takes the pistol from Eric.
A promotional image shows Erik Jenner holding the pistol.


Webley RIC

US Army Capt. Mark Andrews (Steve Cochran) owns a nickel plated compact Webley RIC.

Webley RIC "Model 86" - .455 Webley. This version of RIC is very similar to the screen gun.
The Weapon-Webley-1.jpg
The Weapon-Webley-3.jpg
The Weapon-Webley-4.jpg
Mark Andrews holds his revolver in the night scene.

Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Hammerless

When a criminal Joshua Henry (George Cole) pursues Erik Jenner in search of the pistol, he is armed with a hammerless top-break revolver. Iver Johnson Safety Automatic seems to be a best guess, based on the form of the frame.

Iver Johnson 3rd Model Safety Automatic Hammerless revolver - .38 S&W
Joshua Henry holds his revovler in the night scene.
The Weapon-Revolver-3.jpg
The Weapon-Revolver-4.jpg
Joshua Henry pistol-whips Mark Andrews.


M1 Carbine

In the scene on the shooting range Capt. Mark Andrews (Steve Cochran) and his soldiers are armed with M1 Carbines.

Korean War Era M1 Carbine, with Birch Stock, Adjustable sight, bayonet lug, and twin magazine pouch - .30 Carbine
Soldiers on shooting range.
The Weapon-M1Carbine-2.jpg
Mark Andrews with an M1 Carbine.
The Weapon-M1Carbine-4.jpg
Soldiers on shooting range.

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