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The Tomorrow War

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:The Tomorrow War for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

The Tomorrow War
TheTomorrowWar Poster.jpg
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Chris McKay
Release Date 2021
Language English
Studio Amazon Studios
Distributor Amazon Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
James Daniel "Dan" Forester Jr. Chris Pratt
Muri Forester Yvonne Strahovski
James Daniel Forester Sr. J.K. Simmons
Emmy Forester Betty Gilpin
Charlie Sam Richardson
Dorian Edwin Hodge
Lt. Hart Jasmine Mathews
Sergeant Diaz Seychelle Gabriel

The Tomorrow War is a 2021 Amazon Prime science fiction action film directed by Chris McKay and produced by David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, David S. Goyer, Jules Daly, and Adam Kolbrenner from a script written by Zach Dean. The film stars Chris Pratt as James Daniel "Dan" Forester Jr., a teacher and former Special Forces soldier who along with a mix of present-day military personnel and civilians, are sent 30 years into the future to fight an alien species that threatens the human race with extinction. The cast includes Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge, Jasmine Mathews, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Keith Powers, and Seychelle Gabriel. The film was originally scheduled by Paramount Pictures for a theatrical release in December of 2020, but premiered on the Amazon Prime streaming service on July 2, 2021.

The following weapons were used in the film The Tomorrow War:


IWI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

James Forester Sr. (J.K. Simmons) carries a .50 AE Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistol as his sidearm, which he uses against the alien queen in the climactic battle.

IWI/Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE
James Forester Sr. (J.K. Simmons) holding the .50 AE Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistol.
James Forester Sr. (J.K. Simmons) firing his .50 AE Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistol at the queen.
From another angle.

Kimber Warrior SOC

Dan Forester Jr. (Chris Pratt) brings his personal Kimber Warrior SOC fitted with a Surefire X300 and extended magazine release when he is drafted and uses it as his sidearm throughout the film. He uses it most prominently during the first encounter with the Whitespikes in Miami Beach and during the climax in the Russian Arctic.

Kimber Warrior SOC (TFS) - .45 ACP
Dan (Chris Pratt) retrieves the gun from his safe in his home.
Dan does a brass check on his Kimber.
Dan is seen removing the magazine and emptying the chamber when he reports for duty.

Walther PPQ M2

Charlie (Sam Richardson) carries a Walther PPQ M2 as his sidearm.

Walther PPQ M2 - 9x19mm
Charlie (Sam Richardson) dramatically dropping the slide on his Walther PPQ M2 pistol on the C-130 in flight to the final battle in the Arctic. In this scene he is deliberately NOT loading his sidearm due to being concerned with a negligent discharge in the pressurized cabin he and the rest of the characters are in.


Muri Forester (Yvonne Strahovski), as well as several soldiers from the future can be seen armed with an unknown Glock-type handgun, likely Glock 19s, though there is rarely a good look given at any.

Tomorrow War 11.jpg


BCM rifles (as the "MK III" and "MK IV")

The main rifles issued to conscripted soldiers sent forward in time are modified BCM carbines with HERA Arms CQR furniture. They are seen with various accessories, including Trijicon ACOG scopes, Trijicon SRO reflex sights in offset mounts, V Seven Helios linear compensators, Mission First Tactical 30-round magazines, and Inforce Gen2 WMLs. As seen in the image below, Xtreme Props, which supplied the weapons for the production, built two different BCM rifle designs: the "MK III", which has an 8" barrel, and the "MK IV", which has a 14.5" barrel. Since the weapons' rail handguards are completely covered by BCM rail cover sections, it is not clear whether they are BCM KMR (KeyMod) or MCMR (M-LOK) rails.

BCM rifles with HERA Arms CQR furniture used in the movie - 5.56x45mm NATO. Image courtesy of Xtreme Props.
A promotional image. From left to right: Diablo (Alexis Louder) with BCM, Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) with BCM, Dorian (Edwin Hodge) with Beretta 1301 Tactical, Charlie (Sam Richardson) with BCM.
"I'm Sgt. Diaz. I am not your friend. This is."
Sgt. Diaz (Seychelle Gabriel) shows off the "MK III" at the base.
Sgt. Diaz demonstrates the rifle on the range.
Dan (Chris Pratt) fires his 8" barreled BCM at an alien.
Dan scans the area ahead as he moves forward with the group.
Cowan (Mike Mitchell) and Norah (Mary Lynn Rajskub) take up a defensive position outside the lab.
Dorian (Edwin Hodge) fires a long-barreled "Mk IV" at an alien. Note his right-handed hand positioning but left-handed shouldering position.
Colonel Muri Forester (Yvonne Strahovski) points her BCM rifle at alien queen.

Bravo Company BCM4 / Geissele URG-I

Different BCM rifles are used by the team at the end of the movie during the mission in the Arctic. These rifles are 10.3" Geissele URG-I upper receiver groups with the MK16 Rail, fitted to Bravo Company BCM4 lower receiver groups with the BCM Gunfighter Mod 1 SOPMOD stock. The rifles are also equipped with Trijicon MRO red dot sights on Geissele super precision mounts, a Streamlight Protac weaponlights, Magpul PMAGs, MS3 strap slings, Insight AN/PEQ-15, and Rugged Micro 30 7.62 suppressors.

A cache of Geissele URG-I / BCM4 10.3" rifles as used in the movie. Image courtesy of Xtreme Props.
Charlie (Sam Richardson) holding the hybrid Geissele URG-I/BCM rifle. In this image, it is clear that the film has been reversed, as the ejection port is on the left side.
Dan holding the rifle.
Charlie (Sam Richardson) aiming his rifle.
Dan performs a brass check.
Dan (Chris Pratt) searches for queen.


US military personnel (including Shane Berengue) at the present-day base are seen armed with M4A1 carbines.

Colt M4A1 with 4 position collapsible stock, RIS foregrip, folding rear sight, and ACOG scope - 5.56x45mm NATO
A soldier with an M4A1 looks on as Dorian shows that his shotgun has no shell chambered.

Sniper Rifles

F&D Defense FD338

An F&D Defense FD338 is used by James Forester Sr. (J.K. Simmons) at the end of the movie.

F&D Defense FD338 - .338 Lapua Magnum
James Forester Sr aiming the F&D Defense FD338.
"Surprise, dumbass."
James Forester Sr. (J.K. Simmons) fires his rifle at an alien queen.
James Sr. (J.K. Simmons) firing at an alien during the final battle.
A closer look at the rifle.
searches for queen.
James Forester Sr holding the rifle.


Beretta 1301 Tactical

A custom Beretta 1301 Tactical is used by Dorian (Edwin Hodge) as his primary weapon throughout the film.

Custom Beretta 1301 fitted with Aridus Industries stock adaptor, Magpul SGA stock, Aridus Industries YT-1301 bolt release, Primary Arms Microdot on an Aridus CROM, Aridus 1301 Zhukov Handguard Assembly, Inforce WML light, and Nordic Components mag tube extension - 12 gauge. Image courtesy of Xtreme Props
A promotional image. From left to right: Diablo (Alexis Louder) with BCM, Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) with BCM, Dorian (Edwin Hodge) with Beretta 1301 Tactical, Charlie (Sam Richardson) with BCM.
Dorian demonstrates that his shotgun has no shell in the chamber.
Dorian aims while advancing.
Dorian (Edwin Hodge) searches with his Beretta 1301.


X Products Can Cannon/Fightlite Raider

Soldiers are seen using AR-15 style launchers to subdue the alien queen. These are X Products Can Cannons, blank-fired, projectile-launching AR-15 uppers designed to fire 12 oz soda cans. The lower receivers of these launchers appear to be FightLite Raider lowers as shown by their "traditional stock" grips and their shortened magazine wells. The magazines used in these launchers are X Products X-15 skeletonized drum magazines, standing in for a spool of cable for the harpoons they fire in the movie.

X Products Can Cannon - 5.56x45mm NATO blanks & 12 oz. can
FightLite Raider - 5.56x45mm NATO / .300 Blackout
Lt. Ikemba (Chibuikem Uche) points his X Products Can Cannon at alien queen.
Tomorrow War 19.jpg

Machine Guns

Browning M2HB

The HMMWVs used by soldiers in the future are fitted with Browning M2HBs mounted on top.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
Colonel Muri Forester (Yvonne Strahovski) mans the .50 cal atop an HMMWV as the aliens close in.

General Electric M61A2

F-22 Raptors are seen with General Electric M61A2 cannons. The film uses actual footage, including cockpit shots via GoPro, of the US Air Force's F-22 Demonstration and Heritage Flight Team for both takeoff and some flight sequences.

GE M61A1 Vulcan Cannon - 20x102mm. The M61A2 is identical in function and reliability, but 20% lighter.

General Dynamics GAU-17/A

Modified UH-60 Black Hawks in 2059 are seen with door-mounted General Dynamics GAU-17/A miniguns as their defensive armament.

General Dynamics GAU-17/A, US Air Force version of the M134 Minigun - 7.62x51mm NATO

General Dynamics GAU-19/A

Drones in 2059 are armed with General Dynamics GAU-19/A rotary cannons.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A - .50 BMG. Here pictured with fighter pilot, helicopter pilot, and PASGT helmets, and belt of .50 BMG ammo.
A GAU-19/A firing.

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