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The Limey

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The Limey
Movie Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Release Date 1999
Language English
Studio Wildwood Enterprises
Distributor Artisan Entertainment
Main Cast
Character Actor
Wilson Terence Stamp
Terry Valentine Peter Fonda
Eduardo Roel Luis Guzmán
Jim Avery Barry Newman
DEA Agent Bill Duke
Warehouse foreman William Lucking
Uncle John Joe Dallesandro
Stacey the Hitman Nicky Katt
Elaine Lesley Ann Warren
Jennifer Wilson Melissa George

The following weapons were used in the film The Limey:


Smith & Wesson Model 686

Wilson (Terence Stamp) buys a stainless steel Smith & Wesson Model 686 with a 2.5" barrel along with a Colt Mustang from two Spanish kids. Though Smith & Wesson did make a special run of the Smith & Wesson Model 586 with the 2.5" barrel in 1993 for the Brazilian government it was blue steel only. According to the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson by Jim Nahas and Richard Supica there has never been a nickel plated 586 with the 2.5" barrel manufactured by S&W. In the 90's Smith & Wesson produced the stainless steel model with both a high gloss finish and a dull satin finish.

Smith & Wesson Model 686 with 2 1/2" Barrel - .357 Magnum
One of the Spanish kids hands the Model 686 to Wilson.
Wilson loads up his gun.
Wilson is disarmed when he checks the warehouse by one of the guards (Carl Ciarfalio).
A workers holds the Model 686 to Wilson's head.
Great side view of the gun as Wilson gets ready to shoot Tony Valentine (Peter Fonda) in his mind.
Wilson aims his Model 686 at Tony.
Wilson shoots Tony.

Smith & Wesson Model 642

Stacy the Hitman (Nicky Katt) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 642 at the end of the film. Jim Avery (Barry Newman) takes it off him after mistaking him for Wilson.

Smith & Wesson Model 642 .38 Special
Stacy holding the S&W after being shot by Avery
Avery attempts to shoot Wilson...
but gives up.

Colt Python

One of Valentine's bodyguards carries a 4" Colt Python at the end of the film.

Colt Python with 4" Barrel and factory wood grips - .357 Magnum
The bodyguard with his Python drawn.

Colt Mustang

Wilson buys a Colt Mustang along with a Smith & Wesson Model 586 from two Spanish kids.

Wilson gets handed the Colt Mustang.
Since the workers failed to thoroughly to search him, Wilson goes back into the warehouse that he now knows the layout to.
Wilson get his other gun back.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser

Jim Avery (Barry Newman) wields a Mossberg 500 Cruiser after a high speed chase with Eduardo Roel (Luis Guzmán) and Wilson.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser
Avery chambers the Mossberg.
Avery takes aim at the Taurus that Roel and Wilson are driving.
Avery fires the Mossberg. Director Steven Soderbergh noted that Barry Newman did his own stunt driving during the chase, attributing the experience gained on the film Vanishing Point.

Colt Commander

Jim Avery (Barry Newman) uses a Colt Commander at the end of the film. Terry Valentine (Peter Fonda) takes it from him after most of his bodyguards are killed.

Colt Combat Commander - .45 ACP
Avery with his Colt Commander drawn after being shot by Uncle John (Joe Dallesandro).
Valentine picks up the Commander.
Valentine fires as Wilson continues to calmly approach him.

Glock 19

Uncle John (Joe Dallesandro) carries a Glock 19 at the end of the film.

Glock 19 9mm
Uncle John with his Glock drawn.

Ruger SP101

Stacy the Hitman (Nicky Katt) uses a Ruger SP101 when he attempts to kill Wilson the first time, but it's foiled by DEA agents.

Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum
Stacy takes aim at Wilson.
Side view of the SP101, as DEA agents surround the parking lot.

Beretta 84FS

Wilson is seen loading up a Beretta 84FS before going to where Terry Valentine is hiding out at. He is never seen with it again.

Beretta 84FS - .380
Wilson unwraps the Beretta.
Wilson loads up the Beretta.

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