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The Departed (Gorod)

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The Departed (Gorod)
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Language Russian
Creator Dmitriy Konstantinov
Broadcast 2017
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 8
Main Cast
Character Actor
Militsiya Sr. Lieutenant Rodion Ilyich Stotskiy Pyotr Fyodorov
Militsiya Sgt. Taras Zaytsev Evgeniy Antropov
Egor Chashchin Vladislav Abashin
Yuriy Borisovich Voloshin Sergey Zhuravel
Liza Voloshina Yana Gladkikh
Militsiya Starshina Nazar Akimovich Barsukov Vladimir Yumatov
Militsiya Capt. Ivan Zakharovich Liznyuk Igor Chernevich
Marta Svetlana Kolpakova

The Departed (original title Gorod ("The Town")) is a 2017 (filmed 2015) Russian crime TV series. The plot is set in 1961 in a small Soviet town of Strunyovo. The crime rate in the town is very low, unlike the neighboring towns and villages. While investigating a murder, the detective of local Ugolovny Rozysk (criminal investigation department) Rodion Stotskiy finds out the the reason of the serenity in Strunyovo is that the town is the center of the wide crime web, headed by the legendary crime boss Papa ("Dad"). Numerous criminals pose as ordinary, innocent townspersons, but when Stotskiy finally uncovers Papa, he has to withstand in the war against the ruthless and well-organised gang.

In 2018 the series was followed by the sequel Gurzuf (English release title The Departed - Season 2).

The following weapons were used in the television series The Departed (Gorod):



TT-33 pistols are used by Militsiya personnel, notably the detective of Ugolovny Rozysk Sr. Lieutenant Rodion Ilyich Stotskiy (Pyotr Fyodorov), Sgt. Taras Zaytsev (Evgeniy Antropov), nicknamed "Tarasik" (a diminutive from Taras), and the head of local Militsiya Capt. Ivan Zakharovich Liznyuk (Igor Chernevich), and also by numerous criminals. Both pre- and post-1947 versions are seen.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Pre-1947 version.
Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Post-1947 version.
Tarasik draws a TT to threaten a criminal.
A close-up of Tarasik's TT.
Stotskiy and Tarasik hold their pistols during the mock execution of Yashka Ilyin aka Yashka the Gypsy. After a single shot, Stotskiy's pistol jams.
A criminal Vovchik Potapov (Denis Bespalyy) fires at Stotskiy during the Militsiya operation against money counterfeiters.
Crime boss Pyotr Gavrilovich Shunin aka Zmey ("Snake") (Sergey Sosnovskiy) holds a TT in the scene on the sawmill.
A close-up of Stotskiy's TT in the same scene.
Stotskiy with a TT in hand arrests Yashka the Gypsy (Vyacheslav Chepurchenko) who carries a lot of weapons: a Karabiner 98k rifles, three TT pistols and a Makarov PM pistol. A TT in Yashka's right hand is a CO2 Gletcher replica (see below), TT pistols in his left hand and in his belt appear to be genuine guns.
Tarasik holds a TT of post-1947 version; in previous scenes he had a pre-1947 pistol.
Capt. Liznyuk holds a TT.
Criminal Genych (Vitaliy Moskovoy) holds a TT. A strange pin is seen in the back part of frame below the slide. Possibly it has something with the deactivating of the pistol.
Criminal Grisha Ivolgin aka Drozd ("Thrush") (Mikhail Gorskiy) fires his TT during the bandits' attack on the Militsiya percinct.
Stotskiy fires at bandits. In this scene he has a different pistol, with differently blued frame and slide.

Gletcher TT

In the scene on the sawmill, CO2 Gletcher TT pistols are used instead of real guns that are mostly seen throughout the series.

Gletcher TT-P - .177
An unnamed Militsioner aims a TT. Note the white inscription on the slide.
Yashka the Gypsy (Vyacheslav Chepurchenko) holds a Gletcher TT in his right hand (this pistol is seen better on the next screenshot). TT pistols in his left hand and in his belt appear to be genuine guns.
Sgt. Taras Zaytsev ("Tarasik") takes the Gletcher from Yashka. Again the white inscription on the slide is seen.
Tarasik with Yashka's pistol and Militsioner Renat Galimov (Azamat Nigmanov) (at the right). Galimov's TT is also a Gletcher.

Makarov PM

Militsiya personnel also use Makarov PM pistols, notably seen in hands of Starshina Nazar Akimovich Barsukov (Vladimir Yumatov) and Kostya Nilin (Daniil Islamov), and of Egor Chashchin (Vladislav Abashin) who helps Militsiya during the climactic battle. PMs are also by some criminals. All PMs in the series turn out to be blank- or gas-firing versions and airsoft replicas of several models. While they are not identified for sure, some guesses are possible.

For comparison: MP-371 blank-firing pistol.
For comparison: MP-654K, early version - .177. Note the lack of the external extractor. Late version of MP-654K have the extractor on place.
Nilin holds a PM during the raid on a brothel, revealed in a women's hostel. This pistol with the narrowed front part is possibly a blank-firing MP-371.
Barsukov holds a similar PM in the same scene.
A criminal holds a PM in the scene on the sawmill. This gun lacks any kind of extractor; such feature allows to make a guess that this is a CO2 replica MP-654K of early version.
The grip of a PM is in the belt of Yashka the Gypsy (Vyacheslav Chepurchenko). This pistol seems to be a blank-firing version rather than an airsoft one.
A good view of Galimov's PM holster that looks empty. Galimov is seen only with a TT that wouldn't fit in PM holster.
Egor Chashchin holds a PM that was given to him by Stotskiy before the bandits' attack.
Crime boss Uncle Pasha (Pavel Poymalov) hands a PM to one of his henchmen during the attack on the Militsiya percinct. This pistol is possibly the MP-371.
A bandit fires the PM. This pistol is possibly the MP-371.
Chashchin fires at attacking bandits.

Rifles and Assault Rifles


During the climactic battle two bandits are armed with AK-47s (possibly a single prop is reused).

Type II AK-47 (note the stock mounting bracket) with prototype slab sided magazine - 7.62x39mm
A bandit fires the AK.
Another view of the AK.
The bandit is gunned down by Stotskiy.
Another bandit fires an AK.

Mosin Nagant M1944 Carbine

Two bandits are armed with Mosin Nagant M1944 Carbines (possibly a single prop is reused).

Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine, with attached side-folding bayonet - 7.62x54mm R
A carbine is seen in the trunk of Uncle Pasha's car.
A bandit aims the carbine.
He is gunned down and drops the gun. The bracket of the removed folding bayonet can be seen.
Another bandit with a carbine.
Again the bracket of the removed folding bayonet can be seen.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 Sniper Rifle

Local woman Zoya Bashaeva (Olga Demidova), who was a sniper during the war, fires a Mosin Nagant M1891/30 Sniper Rifle at bandit Drozd.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30 Sniper Rifle with PU 3.5x sniper scope and down turned bolt handle - 7.62x54mm R
A closeup of the rifle.
Zoya Bashaeva works the bolt.
Zoya Bashaeva with the sniper rifle.

Karabiner 98k

A Karabiner 98k rifle is seen among the weapons of Yashka the Gypsy (Vyacheslav Chepurchenko). This rifle is most likely a non-firing Denix replica. During the climactic battle two rifles that also seem to be 98k are seen in Uncle Pasha's car.

Karabiner 98k - 7.92x57mm Mauser. Manufactured in Germany, 1937.
A 98k is one of Yashka's weapons. The wooden parts look somewhat unnatural, allowing to guess that the rifle is a replica.
A close view of the barrel. The rifle has late, simplified version of the barrel bands.
Uncle Pasha takes a rifle from the trunk of his car and hands it to his henchman. This rifle has standard Mauser 98-style barrel bands.
Another rifle in the trunk. It also appears to be a Kar 98k.

Izhmash PSR

Izhmash PSR air rifles are seen in the scene in the shooting gallery, used by the supervisor of the gallery Musa (Fyodor Lavrov), Yegor Chashchin (Vladislav Abashin), Zoya Bashaeva (Olga Demidova), Vovchik Potapov (Denis Bespalyy), Uncle Pasha (Pavel Poymalov), Drozd (Mikhail Gorskiy) and Genych (Vitaliy Moskovoy).

Diana Model 25 Air Rifle - .177. PSR is the license-manufactured version of Diana 25 and looks nearly same.
The rifle on the stand.
Yegor Chashchin aims.
The gallery superviser Musa aims.
Musa loads the gun. Another gun is seen on the stand.
Zoya Bashaeva loads the rifle.
Vovchik Potapov with the rifle.
Uncle Pasha aims.
Drozd loads the rifle.
Genych with the rifle.


Double Barreled Shotgun

A Double Barreled Shotgun is a weapon of the watchman of a warehouse. Only barrels are seen, so the exact model cannot be identified.

A shotgun next to sleeping watchman.

Sawed-Off Double Barreled Shotgun

A Sawed-Off Double Barreled Shotgun with exposed hammers is used by a local scum Tolya Karyakin (Igor Bityutskiy). The base gun is very likely a TOZ-B or TOZ-BM.

The sawed-off shotgun is seen in the trunk of Uncle Pasha's car.
Uncle Pasha hands the sawed-off shotgun to Tolya.
Tolya takes the gun.
A good view of the shotgun.
Starshina Nazar Akimovich Barsukov (Vladimir Yumatov) holds the gun, confiscated from Tolya.

Other Weapons

F-1 Hand Grenade

During the climactic battle, Drozd (Mikhail Gorskiy) carries a pair of F-1 hand grenades. The traces of the pink painting on the fuze indicates that this is an URG practice grenade.

URG practice grenade
Uncle Pasha gives two grenades to Drozd.
Drozd readies a grenade...
...but has no chance to throw it, being gunned down by Zoya's well aimed shot.


In one scene the audience is watching the classic 1934 Chapaev film. Some briefly seen scenes show weapons.

On the cinema screen (at the background) Pet'ka (Leonid Kmit) holds an RG-14 hand grenade.
On screen (at the far right) the Maxim machine gun is seen.

English Poster

English language release poster

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