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The Animatrix

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The Animatrix (2003)

The following weapons were used in the anime film The Animatrix:

Heckler & Koch Mark 23 "SOCOM"

A human soldier can be seen aiming a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 "SOCOM" at the cyborgs in "The Second Renaissance, Part I".

Heckler & Koch Mark 23 Mod 0 - .45 ACP.
A soldier aims his Heckler & Koch Mark 23 "SOCOM".

Mossberg 500 "Cruiser"

A human uses a Mossberg 500 "Cruiser" to kill a cyborg after a crowd attempts to beat it to death in "The Second Renaissance, Part 1".

Mossberg 500 "Cruiser" - 12 Gauge.
A human destroys a cyborg with his Mossberg 500 "Cruiser".


Soldiers are seen executing Cyborgs with FAMAS F1 rifles during "The Second Renaissance, Part 1".

FAMAS F1 - 5.56x45mm.
Soldiers execute cyborgs with FAMAS F1s.

Steyr AUG

A cyborg is seen using a Steyr AUG during "The Second Renaissance, Part 2".

Steyr AUG - 5.56x45mm.
A cyborg armed with a Steyr AUG. The cyborgs in the background have fictional weapons.

Browning M3

A Browning M3 heavy machine gun is seen mounted on a human tank during "The Second Renaissance, Part 2".

Browning M3 - .50 BMG.
A Browning M3 pintle-mounted on the gunner's hatch.


A cyborg destroyed by an electronic pulse is seen using an M1911A1 during "The Second Renaissance, Part 2".

M1911A1 - .45 ACP.
A cyborg using an M1911A1.

Colt Police Positive

The sign outside the private eye office of Ash (voice of James Arnold Taylor) is a Colt Police Positive revolver in "Detective Story".

Colt Police Positive - .38spl.
A Colt Police Positive is the basis of Ash's sign.

Colt Detective Special

Ash (James Arnold Taylor) carries a Colt Detective Special in "Detective Story".

Colt Detective Special - .38spl.
Ash holds his Colt Detective Special on Trinity.
Ash knocks the shells out of his Colt Detective Special.
Ash with his Colt Detective Special at the ready.
Ash aims at the Agents on the train.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Agents are seen using IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistols to shoot at Ash (James Arnold Taylor) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) on the train in "Detective Story". Agents are also seen using Desert Eagles in "A Kid's Story", but they are never seen clearly.

IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .50 AE.
Agents fire their Desert Eagles on the train.

Beretta 92FS Compact

Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) is seen using a Beretta 92FS Compact in "Detective Story".

Beretta 92FS Compact 9x19mm
Trinity armed with her Beretta 92FS Compact.
Trinity is forced to shoot Ash when an Agent tries to copy over him.
Trinity shoots out the window on the train.

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