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The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

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The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (1993)

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. was a 1993 television Western fantasy series that starred Bruce Campbell as a Harvard-educated lawyer who makes a living as a bounty hunter in the Wild West. The series mixed the setting of a typical Western with some science-fiction fantasy elements. There were high expectations for this series when it premiered on the FOX network, but it only lasted for one season, but the show that followed it (The X-Files) turned out to be a tremendous hit.

The following guns were used in the series The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.:


Single Action Army

Brisco County, Jr. (Bruce Campbell) carries a Single Action Army revolver, a 5 1/2" Artillery model with custom carved grips that once belonged to his father (R. Lee Ermey). Other characters throughout the series as well carry SAA revolvers.

Colt Single Action 5 1/2" Artillery - .45 Long Colt.
Colt Single Action 7 1/2" Cavalry - .45 Long Colt.
Brisco County, Jr. (Bruce Campbell) carries a Single Action Army revolver, a 5 1/2" Artillery model with custom carved grips as his sidearm in "Crystal Hawks" (S1E12).
In "Pilot" (S1E01), Brisco County, Sr. (R. Lee Ermey) draws his custom SAA.
In "Pilot" (S1E01), Brisco's SAA with the custom grips.
In "Pilot" (S1E01), the SAA is handed back to Brisco.
Brisco County, Jr. (Bruce Campbell) fires the SAA.
Closeup of the SAA mockup. The barrel and cylinder are made of resin, as the revolver will be seen exploding a moment later.
In "Pilot" (S1E01), outlaw Peter Hutter (John Pyper-Ferguson) holds the SAA.


12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun is used by several characters in the series.

Charles Parker 1878 shotgun - 12 Gauge.
Brisco 14.jpg
Brisco 20.jpg

Meteor 10 Gauge side-by-side shotgun

A Meteor 10-gauge sawed off side by side shotgun appears to be the main firearm carried by Lord Bowler (Julius Carry) in the series. He carries the shotgun in a holster that he carries on his back.

Belgian made 10 gauge Meteor used by Val Kilmer in the film Tombstone. From the personal collection of the film's armorer Peter Sherayko.
Brisco 19.jpg


Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle

A Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle is used by a member of the gang in the Pilot episode.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle - .44 RF.
Brisco 13.jpg

Winchester 1873

The Winchester 1873 is also used by members of the gang.

Winchester 1873 "Short Rifle" with 20" octagonal barrel - .44-40.
Brisco 04.jpg

Winchester Model 1892 Saddle ring

Brisco often relies on his Winchester Model 1892 lever-action rifle, faithfully carried by Comet in a rifle scabbard. Prominently featured in "Socrates' Sister" (S1E02), where Pete Hutter rigs it using wet rawhide to cut them down after "suitable torture".

Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring
Pete Hutter prepares to kill Brisco with his own Winchester 1892 (S1E02).

Winchester Model 1892 "Mare's Leg"

The Winchester Model 1892 Mare's Leg, a carbine cut down to pistol length, is notably used by the bounty hunter Crystal Hawks (Sheena Easton) in "Crystal Hawks" (S1E12). The piece is similar to the one popularized by Steve McQueen in the western TV series Wanted: Dead or Alive. This particular rifle was later used in the series Firefly and the subsequent film Serenity.

Modern replica of Winchester 1892 Mare's Leg - .44-40
Crystal Hawks keeps her Mare's Leg holstered to her right leg in "Crystal Hawks" (S1E12).
Crystal holds her Mare's Leg rifle in "Crystal Hawks" (S1E12).
Crystal Hawks (Sheena Easton) holds the Mare's Leg on Brisco in "Crystal Hawks" (S1E12).

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