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Talk:Last Man Standing (1996)

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Health Warning

People who have epilepsy beware, the rapid amount of bright muzzle flashes in this film are bewildering. The director seems to have an obsession with them. Sometimes, the screen just goes white instead of showing the actually muzzle flash.


Sorry I took so many .45 shots, too many to pass up. -GM

How's it look?

Giorgio's gun

I was watching this today and I noticed Giorgio (Michael Imperioli) drawing a snubnose that looks like a Colt Detective Special in the scene where Smith tells Strozzi's gang he was leaving (maybe a half hour into it?). Can anyone confirm this? Speakeasy804

Colt Monitor

I think it's no FN but a Colt Monitor which would be correct for the time!

Looks to me like a Colt Monitor with the Cutts Compensator removed--that would make the gun shorter, but more difficukt to keep on target.--Carl N. Brown (talk) 16:27, 27 December 2013 (EST)


Isn't this film based on the plot of Yojimbo? -Anonymous

  • Yes, and Ryuzo Kikushima and Akira Kurosawa are duly credited. And if anyone who hasn't seen Yojimbo but has seen A Fistful of Dollars thinks the story is remarkably familiar, that because the latter was based on the former. --Euromutt 04:18, 23 December 2011 (CST)

A1 or not A1?

Given the presence of "double diamond" grips on Smith's pistols, it's possible they're meant to be M1911s rather than M1911A1s. Indeed, given that the story takes place sometime during Prohibition, it's entirely likely Smith's guns would be M1911s, as the M1911A1 only started to enter service after 1924. Other features on the pistols, such as the rounded mainspring housings, betray them as actually being M1911A1s, but then, since the modifications that went into the A1 were done for good reasons, it's probably very difficult to get hold of two M1911s that conform to the original design. --Euromutt 06:39, 23 December 2011 (CST)

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